Most Popular App Categories 2024

By RisingMax

January 09, 2024

Most Popular App Categories 2024

By 2027, the app development revenue size is predicted to reach $218.80bn and rise at an annual rate of 7.89%. Currently speaking there are around 5.7mn apps combined on Google Play and Apple App Store. With the rapid tech advancements, the craze of smart devices is on the rise right now which has resulted in massive opportunities. Businesses are finding it convenient to popularize their brand and gain huge profits through app development. Want to invest in this domain?

If you are a novice and want to venture into a profitable app then go through this article. Here, we have discussed the most popular app categories of 2024. Moreover, we have even illustrated the most in-demand applications in every category. 

So, without much delay, let’s begin!

Most Popular App Categories 

  1. AI Apps
  2. Blockchain Apps
  3. IoT Apps
  4. Gaming Apps
  5. Web3 Apps
  6. Metaverse Apps
  7. AR/VR Apps
  8. On-Demand Apps

1. AI Apps

AI apps have completely overpowered the tech space right now. Most businesses are looking forward to using AI as a fundamental technology in their applications. Such apps actually streamline business operations and make accurate decisions through predictive analytics. Even for the users, AI has proved to be advantageous as it solves all their problems instantly and offers solutions. 

There is a diverse set of apps that are available under this contemporary AI technology. It encompasses an app as simple as photo editing to AI in finance, astronomy, data security, etc. By 2032, the worldwide AI market size is anticipated to be $2575.16bn and the CAGR growth rate will be around 19% (from 2023 to 2032).

Most Popular AI Apps In Demand

Here is the list of few of the AI apps which are famous and most used.

1.1 AI Chatbot Apps

AI-powered chatbbot offers instant assistance and provides accurate responses to the users. It includes the AI CEO, NSFW, Healthcare, AI paralegal assistant, etc which solves the queries. Also, it enhances customer service, improves customer engagement, boosts lead generation, and most importantly streamlines services.

1.2 AI Decision-Making Apps

Such apps help in problem-solving, mitigate biases, offer recommendations, and much more. Public decision-making solutions are offered in fields like investment planning, task management, trip planning, etc. AI Decision-making apps improve efficiency, accuracy, cost savings, personalization, automation, and predictions.

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1.3 AI ChatGPT

The most talked about AI app of today’s time is ChatGPT which generates error-free content for the users. It amplifies conversational experience, offers accurate and personalized responses and precisely gives solutions to problems. Almost all the tasks are automated and have produced ideas, strategies, sales pitches, and art(videos, music, images). Witnessing the potential, different industries now want to explore this innovative technology be it education, transportation, healthcare, education, government services, security, and so on.

1.4 AI Hairstyle Apps

Fashion as a business is never out of style because of the popularity it enjoys among the people. The AI hairstyle apps come with extraordinary features like try-on, hair color simulation, etc, keeping the facial features in mind. The user can view different forms of hairstyles, textures, and colors and choose the one that suits their face cut.

2. Blockchain Apps

Transparency and security are the No.1 choice of businesses right now. With the inclusion of smart contract development, the operations are executed automatically leaving no place for human error. Blockchain-based apps are absolutely decentralized and introduce a high level of trust and traceability. Several industries are using blockchain technology to offer amazing user experiences. By 2030, the worldwide blockchain technology market size is predicted to be around $469.49 billion and the CAGR will grow at a rate of 68% (From 2022 to 2030).

Most Popular Blockchain Apps In Demand

Here is the list of few of the Blockchain apps which are famous and most used.

2.1 Crypto Wallet Apps

Such apps are able to store and manage cryptocurrencies securely. These act as the best platform to transfer virtual assets while maintaining scalability and robustness. These include features like multi-currency support, automated conversion rate updates, automatic session logout, transaction history, yield farming, swapping, etc.

2.2 Crypto Exchange Apps

These apps help users make accurate decisions about the trading of cryptos. The transaction is supported via different payment methods like credit, debit, wallets, etc. There is also a provision for cryptocurrency conversion into fiat currencies, i.e. is great. Some of the popular crypto exchange ones include Kraken, eToro, Robinhood, CashApp, Bitstamp, etc.

2.3 Blockchain Gaming Apps

Blockchain gaming apps offer phenomenal gaming options to gaming enthusiasts. The different blockchain-powered apps include P2E, M2E, betting games, role-playing, crypto breeding, etc. The growing importance of blockchain games is due to the provision of allowing gamers to earn virtual assets and generate a lucrative income out of it. 

2.4 Blockchain Migration & Upgrade

This type of app helps in the smooth transition of any specific project from one blockchain platform to another. During the entire process, there is no loss of data and every detail is kept intact. Moreover, another facility of updation is offered that elevates the performance, and integrates the latest features, at lower costs.

3. IoT

IoT apps are rightfully enjoying the attention of businesses and end-users. These offer real-time visibility, increased operational efficiency, enhanced use of AI and ML, amplified end-customer experience, top-notch security, and much more.

The fantastic IoT solutions are feasible across diverse industry verticals such as automobile, smart logistics, retail, fleet management, healthcare, energy management, etc. By 2027, the universal IoT market size is predicted to be around $13557.4 Mn and that too at a CAGR of 29.03%.

Most Popular IoT Apps In Demand

Here is the list of few of the IoT apps which are famous and most used.

3.1 IoT Apps For Smart Cities

IoT-based smart city apps are the next big thing as they help in enhanced public safety, citizen engagement, traffic management, waste management, wireless parking, remote healthcare, etc. The innovative smart city solutions provided by such apps help build smart communities eventually paving the way for a sustainable future. 

3.2 IoT Apps For Supply Chain Management

The specific IoT-powered app for supply chain management solves immense problems and offers precise demand predictions. For businesses, it facilitates real-time tracking, business insights,swift information sharing, reduced downtime, etc. Furthermore, it also manages inventory, eliminates over-stocking issues, and allows precise demand forecasting, etc.

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3.3 IoT Smart Parking

These IoT-based smart parking apps help in looking out for parking spots in real-time. It's an extremely helpful app and has a wider scope in the upcoming times. The spectacular features include advanced booking, parking navigation, parking management, count vehicles, quick check-in and check-out, sensor data collection, multi-payment options, etc. From business perspective, the money generation takes place from bookings, subscription plans, and reward points.

3.4 IoT Fleet Management Software

Fleet business apps powered by IoT help fleet owners in real-time management through advanced monitoring, and proactive business alerts with meaningful reports & analytics. The spectacular features include route optimization, tracking assets, driver communication, system checks, tracking working hours, geofencing, tracking downtime, and checking mileage per truck. These apps are suitable for "n" no. of business types i.e transportation and logistics companies, delivery services providers, waste management companies, rental car companies, construction companies, and public transportation.

 3.5 IoT In Construction

IoT-powered construction apps are an absolute fit for businesses. These are applicable in site monitoring, improving safety, equipment management, streamlining communication, and optimizing the supply chain. Such apps provide solutions for ample no. of problems existing like secure working environment, monitoring project activities and progress, assets & resources management, monitoring construction site 24/7, waste management, and monitoring daily tasks. It offers business perks like boosted efficiency, enhanced safety, data-driven decisions, long-term building management, documentation, and reporting.

3.6 IoT In  Oil & Gas

The ongoing demand for oil & gas is picking pace and with each passing day, it will continue to rise. With IoT, the downtown time is reduced, operations are automated and efficiency is improved at all levels. These apps boost data collection, offer virtual control, and provide access to data to make well-informed decisions. Embracing IoT offers real-time visibility, hazard management, inventory management, and improved environmental monitoring at reduced maintenance costs.

4. Gaming Apps

Games have always been the talk of the town and people of all genres and age groups have a fondness for them. The concept of online games has changed the outlook due to the accessibility it provides to large no. of users. The global mobile gaming market size is estimated to rise from $91.08 bn in 2023 to USD 149.30 bn by 2028.

Taking things to another level, the decentralized games have transformed the way games are viewed now. There is no control of any central authority and all the powers are within the hands of the players. These even allow gamers to store data/assets in the blockchain network.

Most Popular Gaming Apps In Demand

4.1 NFT Games

NFT games are responsible for reinventing the gaming realm because of the diverse genres such as PvP battle games, card games, action games, simulation games, adventure games, casino games, racing cars, etc. From the business point of view, they act as the high-revenue generation model.

4.2 Web3 Games

Web3 games are new entrants in the futuristic games that are decentralized and therefore offer power in the player's hand. Web3 apps exhibit world-class business perks like in-game asset management, an attractive rewards system, flawless payment gateways, NFTs & crypto collectibles, etc.

4.3 Unreal Engine Games

Unreal engine games have captivated the market because of immersive and custom-fit gaming solutions at cost-effective prices. Their services include hyperrealistic 3D games, AR/VR-based games, gameplay & interactive design, metaverse games, simulation & effects, etc.

4.4 Unity 3D Games

Unity 3D games provide mesmerizing 3D experiences to the players while playing. This gaming engine creates both 2D/3D games, AR/VR games, multiplayer games, sleep-to-earn games etc. These also cater to different platforms like Android, iOS, and PC and support unlimited players at a single time.

4.5 VR Games

VR games provide an engaging experience while gaming by infusing interactivity, comfort, and dynamicity. It has fabulous features like an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop attributes, an asset store offering assets, textures, 3D models & animation tools controlling objects, props, and characters.

4.6 Oculus Games

Oculus gaming apps use dynamic tools that help develop immersive gaming experiences with unique backgrounds. These tend to create a much more realistic experience through VR headsets. Its features include voice commands, powerful controllers, oculus link & air link, hand tracking, keyboard and mouse support, etc.

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5. Web3 Apps

These apps are the hot favorites of businesses as they have shown the potential to transform multiple industries. Even the already operationalized business platforms in Web2 now want to get migrated into Web3. The Web3 apps are integrated with contemporary tech stacks, cutting-edge tools & methodologies. By 2030, the Web3 market size will grow at a CAGR of 46.7% and is predicted to reach 46.7% (From 2023 to 2030). There is a wide scope surrounding Web3 technology as it elevates business operations for a profitable outcome.

Most Popular Web3 Apps In Demand

5.1 Web3 eCommerce

Web3 ecommerce apps have the capability to cater to an extensive user base and boost brand awareness. It provides amazing services like virtual stores, B2B/ B2C platforms, e-commerce aggregators, cryptocurrency wallets, etc. It facilitates features such as AR-based shopping, voice search, automated repayments, product video, and product traceability.

5.2 Web3 Social Media

Web3 social media applications are supported with a decentralized environment that provides data ownership, security, token rewards, user-centric experiences, enhanced collaborations, etc. These also help in organizing events, virtual meetings, and training sessions that help in an engaging work conversation, healthy connections, and sharing views on pivotal management decisions.

5.3 Web3 Education

These applications help in fostering various educational startups helping billions of students across the globe. It presents a highly advanced and student-centric platform that amplifies a new form of learning experience that is enjoyable for learners and teachers. It provides advantages like distinctive learning, efficient and affordable learning, and improved art of teaching.

5.4 Web3 Real Estate

With these apps, the real estate domain has seen a significant surge due to its ability to trade and rent virtual assets without interference from any intermediaries. Its alluring features encompass 2-factor authentication, minting, bidding, advanced search filters, upfront store, staking, rewards, etc.

5.5 Web3 Event

Web3 event apps play a pivotal role in generating massive leads, driving higher engagement among customers, and creating a loyal customer base. It organizes various events such as corporate business meetings, Virtual eLearning, live music concerts, festive celebrations, and so on. There are huge monetization opportunities that help in money-making through event tickets, premium facilities, in-app ads, and VIP entry passes. It offers attributes like share screen, hand raising, mute attendees, hand raising, record event, etc.

6. Metaverse

Metaverse apps leverage the power of next-gen technologies such as AI, blockchain, AR/ VR, machine learning, etc. The use cases of such apps are in real estate, social media, education, events, games, and so on. There is a bright future surrounding these applications as they offer a wide spectrum of metaverse services across e-commerce, gaming, eLearning, real estate, event organizing, NFT, cinematography, virtual office, tourism, etc. By 2028, the global metaverse market size is estimated to reach $432284.41 Mn at a CAGR of 46.35%.

Most Popular Metaverse Apps In Demand

6.1 Banking App

With these apps, banks perform their financial transactions in the virtual ecosystem. There are unlimited opportunities in the metaverse depicting enhanced customer journeys and effectual marketing of financial products. These truly redefine the relationships between customers and banks. The advantages offered are optimized customer experiences, revamped employee experiences, personalized engagement, etc.

6.2 Event Management App

Organizing business events, webinars, video conferences, and on-demand fitness classes in the 3D virtual world are the ultimate elements of the metaverse event apps. Hosting events on the metaverse is more accessible, cost-effective, and flexible. Such apps drive huge leads, revenue, a loyal customer base, in-person interactions, and engagements.

6.3 Casino Game App

The Metaverse casino gaming apps have great potential when it comes to attracting massive audiences and captivating business opportunities. The magnificent features of Metaverse casino apps are multiple screen plots, multiple language support, 3D video games, and the progressive jackpot.

6.4 Concert App

The concert streaming app is built with top tools and technologies with stupendous attributes like gamification, advertisement banners, event registration, etc. Even the monetization opportunities in such apps are through limited edition tickets, advertisements, and charges from the performer.

7. AR/VR Apps

AR/VR apps have successfully turned dreams into realistic experiences through advanced technologies. They develop 360-degree videos to demonstrate products in an incredible way. The AR/VR market size is predicted to be around $142.5 bn by 2032 with a growing CAGR of 38.12% (From 2022-2028). AR/VR solutions are quite popular due to reasons like multiple device compatibility, location-based augmented reality services, face recognition, visual recognition, object recognition, gesture recognition, etc.

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Most Popular AR/VR Apps In Demand

7.1 Furniture Apps

These apps use AR/VR/MR to help users exchange information regarding furniture items in a 3D environment. It offers all the facilities to the customers just like they experience in real-world showrooms. The features comprise virtual presenter, visitor analytics, multimedia content,3D replicas, etc. These offer benefits like global reach, better product visualization, better user engagement, and much more.

7.2 VR Therapy

VR Therapy apps are helpful in sorting out mental health issues with massive patient participation due to fantastic treatment facilities. Due to the presence of motion sensors, VR headsets, and haptic feedback, the therapeutic requirements are fulfilled resulting in enhanced patient engagement while offering real-time feedback.

7.3 Interior Designing

AR and VR have literally transformed the interior design sector due to mind-blowing architectural design comprising interesting virtual 3D designs of the rooms. It is useful in realistic interiors, landscaping and exteriors, AR/VR shops, designing interior architecture, and panoramic virtual tours. The top features are a virtual walk-through, a light management system, efficient floor planning, and much more.

7.4 Fitting Room

In the fashion business, AR/VR fitting rooms play a significant role as it has changed the way with which shoppers interact with fashion elements. Customers are able to check out how apparels look on them by virtually trying them. The availability of virtual mirrors allows for exploring different styles. Moreover, the user input in terms of body size and style choices along with the advanced algorithms helps make accurate decisions for shopping online.

8. On-Demand Apps

By 2027, the on-demand market volume is predicted to be $673.80bn with total revenue growing at a CAGR of 9.59%. These apps have captured the market in full swing due to the sheer reason of offering quick, convenient, and customized service. These apps have found their applications in all possible industries like taxis, flowers, medicine, liquor, food delivery, etc. These allow users to draw a comparison among diverse products and finally make the best decision.

Most Popular On Demand Apps

8.1 Taxi Booking

With a ready-to-go taxi app, customers can book a ride of their choice for themselves instantly. By 2030, the global taxi market is predicted to grow to $599.87 billion with a CAGR of 13.16% (From 2023 to 2030). The opportunities surrounding readymade taxi apps are hiring/renting vehicles, VIP corporate cabs, air taxis, paratransit taxis, etc.

8.2 Grocery Delivery

These apps help deliver groceries like fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc to the customers instantly. The most common benefits include quick delivery, an intuitive dashboard, personalized user experience, and real-time monitoring. The notable features are live trackers, chat support, payment management, ratings and reviews, etc.

8.3 Food Delivery

Another great on-demand app that provides convenience and swift fast-around times is the food delivery app. It has four different panels and each one of them serves a different purpose. These are customer, driver, restaurant, and admin panels with unique features and functionalities. Some of them are order trackers, in-build navigation, rewards management, delivery radius, advanced analytics, etc.

Most Popular App Categories

What Kind Of Apps Are In Demand?

There are a gazillion ways to earn money but if you want to venture into app development, then we have enlisted some of the most popular app categories. It's important to target those that are in trend right now as it helps rake in massive money and profit. We have enlisted this list based on certain facts and statistics, so it's perfect to cash on the opportunities and invest in highly-rated and trending applications.

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