Transportation & Logistics Segments We Work With

Let our Logistics software development company in NYC apply its vast technological expertise to modernize your transport logistics company. Our main goal is to build solutions that resolve your challenges in the supply chain and other specific stages.

Logistics Management Solutions

As a growing Logistics software development company in NYC, we serve transportation companies with robust Logistics management software to manage operations efficiently. Our developed software ensures fast management of materials, goods, sales, orders, and inventory.

Warehouse Management System

Escalate the performance of your warehouse with our high-end supply chain management solutions. Our powerful, designed warehouse management system enables you to track everything more effectively than ever. A streamlined warehouse software comes with real-time transaction processing, optimized storage,etc.

Supply Chain Management

Bring a digital transformation to your Supply Chain. Our experts offer best-in-class supply chain management solutions built on all essential components from inbound to outbound logistics. Each of our supply chain management solutions is integrated with a suite of all capabilities to provide customers with high-level service.

Dispatch Routing Software

RisingMax’s innovative dispatch routing software solutions let you track the route progress in real-time. Our years of experience in the transportation industry allow us to develop software from scratch and dispatch the fleet for better service. We also integrate telematics tools inside to calculate speed, fuel consumption, and other metrics.

Customized Mobile & Web Apps

Run your logistics and transportation business at the ease of your fingertips by developing fully customized solutions addressing the ever-changing business needs. With a robust and fully functional mobile app solution, you can enhance your operational efficiency, automate your process, bring more visibility into supply chains.

Inventory Management Solutions

Minimize the risks of overstocking by building software solutions aiming at accelerating inventory management. Across broad industry verticals, we offer the development of inventory software utilizing the EDI integrations and implementation, ensuring no redundancies and double-entry errors. Our solutions perform equally well for both iOS and Android.

Scaling up growth for logistics through operations management

Empowering transportation and logistics companies to leverage the cutting-edge technologies for better management of fleet in real-time and minimize operational hurdles

Automated Warehouse

Take steps towards automated warehouse solutions to meet complex customer demands. We help automate the processes of warehouses with expertise that ease organizing the inventory and ensure quality control for broad stock.

Demand forecasting

Leverage the potential of technologies like AI and ML; we craft logistics software or apps powered with trending technologies. Such a powerful app helps you prepare monthly orders, minimize stock-outs, save time on re-ordering.

Improved Customer Experience

All our designed logistics products aim at enhancing customer experiences. The integration of the latest technologies such as AI inside the cloud-based software or app or helps improve the accuracy of logistics processes.

Logistics Route Optimization

A dedicated team at RisingMax is proficient in ML, AI, and big data technologies that help calculate shipment delivery in real-time. We are here to build automated workflows that sound the way your business fleet operates.

3rd Party Integration

Recognized as a top 3rd party logistics provider, we help you outsource your operational logistics from warehousing and focus on other business aspects. Our 3PL services can be scaled and customized with the changing needs of clients.

Diagnosis & Alerts

Inside the warehouse, the video surveillance cameras use AI, ML, IoT, and 5G technology to detect unwanted thefts. We at RisingMax, dive into the latest industry trends to shape the transportation and logistics businesses.

Apply Our Unmatched Expertise To Modernize your Transportation Business

It’s time to bring the technology innovations in place to meet the ever-changing needs of the transport and logistics industry. We build simple to complex logistics and transportation apps that help you lead globally.


Streamlined Workflows

With our world-class developers, you can automate your tasks that help simplify your workflows. Our solutions help businesses increase customer loyalty and security level at the same time.


Track Your Shipments

With the help of a real-time tracking system, you can increase security, cut down fuel expenses, and much more. We first identify your requirements and implement the required solutions.


Data Into Actionable Insights

The data analytic experts at RisingMax manage a large volume of data and turn it into actionable insights. We help you explore data patterns that streamline your inventory.

Value-added Logistics Capabilities For Competitive Advantage

RisingMax allows its clients from the logistics and transportation industry to transform their businesses into innovative software solutions. Our logistics capabilities will enable us to maintain a high level of customer service.

Planning & Execution

Enabling logistics leaders to have a single workspace that contains all the data related to planning and execution lifecycle

End-to-end Visibility

By providing actionable insights, we help businesses to have complete control over their supply chain processes

Safety & Compliance

Utilizing an approach that recognizes the security trends to keep logistics business away from fines and penalties


Start A Partnership With Us

RisingMax being the leading transportation & logistics management software development company committed to delivering an excellent final product. Clients who worked with us strengthened their positions in today’s competitive market.

Key Technologies to High-performing Logistics Management Software

Your #1 logistics software development company in the USA with breadth and depth of technical knowledge helps you improve the overall customer experiences and grow your logistics business. We have a complete ecosystem of the latest technologies, fresh approaches, and proven practices to digitize your Supply Chain.



Blockchain has the potential to make digital records simpler and accessible anytime for logistics businesses. We are here to unlock the power of blockchain in logistics software developed seamlessly specifically for your needs.


AI and ML

We strive to delight logistics businesses with robust software solutions integrated with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We craft a platform and interface which makes the management of processes more accessible than ever.


Backed with a broad spectrum of cloud computing capabilities, we help evaluate your IT infrastructure and recommend how to minimize your cloud spend. We offer you custom cloud software development to future-proof your investments.



We adopt cutting-edge technologies to enhance the value of your Logistics business. With the combined advantages of both virtual and augmented reality, we build solutions to improve your efficiency and easy management of your inventory.



At RisingMax, we are surrounded by advanced Big Data and BI tools that help logistics businesses to attain actionable insights from diverse data. We work with a Big Data framework combined with open source technologies such as Apache Hadoop.



Uncover the potential of the “Internet of Things.” Our experts provide transportation and logistics businesses with fully featured software solutions using the right IoT technology. We build powerful software for intelligent vehicles, personal devices, and beyond.

Shipping & Delivery Processes to Perfect Your Supply Chain

RisingMax’s fully customized Logistics shipping & delivery software solutions provide you with complete transparency and easy management of the Supply chain throughout the process from purchase to delivery.


Data Mapping & Integration Tools

Embedding interactive Maps inside your Logistic software to better serve your customers and transform your business.


Google Maps

Google Map integration inside the Logistics software helps simplify your activity for enhancing business efficiency and more precise vehicle movement.



Integrate your logistics software or app with Waze to locate the address, mark the address on the map, and deliver a seamless navigation experience to users.


Esri GIS

The mapping tool such as Esri GIS allows you to plan the routes based on the customer location. Such technology enables an approach to plan network expansions.

ERP Integration

To help you effectively manage your data, we develop and integrate your ERP with the supply chain. Our developed ERP helps enhance the transparency of the processes plus the operational efficiency. We ensure that the end-to-end Logistics system incorporates all the necessary management tools.

Tracking in real-time

Within your supply chain management system, we integrate the real-time GPS tracking feature for easy tracking and monitoring of fleets, shipments, deliveries, etc. The whole software developed by us enables you to perform route planning, product integrity, optimization of transit time, etc.

Advanced-Data Analytics

With our powerful Big Data analytics software, you can identify the weak areas that slow down the processes of the Supply Chain Management system. The integration of third-party software and technologies inside the system helps you manage the constraints in the supply chain network.

Are you seeking a logistics partner to discuss your project requirements ? Look no further drop us a line!

Discovery is our first phase in which we explore your business, requirements, and challenges to create a roadmap along with an ideal project strategy. Only after identifying your needs deeply, we come up with the solutions that help you overcome the business challenges.

Next is the development phase that is the central part of the process where all the required functionalities occur. To make the development process smooth, RisingMax's team communicates with you to know your specifications and implement them successfully.

We have an experienced team of testers at RisingMax who can perform all types of testing, including manual and automated testing, to ensure the final product is bug-free and delivers smooth performance. Our clients will get the software that provides the promised value for a long time.

We deploy the final logistic product to our clients only after the successful implementation of software solutions. In case if the software still has gaps and technical issues, we quickly get them fixed. The deployment is done within the shortest possible time frame without compromising the quality.

With us, you will also get technical support and maintenance after the successful deployment of the product. You will get continuous support for the deployed software, additional features update, and new version upgrade. We offer you detailed consulting on software support options.

Employ a team of dedicated Logistics software developers from RisingMax

Our Logistics software developers provide you with advanced solutions customized to specific business needs and expectations with years of rich domain expertise. We ensure you get the best outcomes within the stipulated time frame.

When it comes to developing and integrating modern logistics software, the requirement of trending technologies is vital than ever. Our team at RisingMax has vast experience building and deploying cloud-hosted web and mobile apps for transportation and logistics businesses. We guarantee you keep up with your business values and attain high-quality outcomes.

Our developers are result-oriented and focus on delivering innovative logistics software solutions on time and within budget. Only after identifying your needs, we come up with the solution for your business challenges. We go beyond development and hold experience in all types of testing to ensure the final product is secure and performs well across different platforms.

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