Our High-tech Software Solutions For Electric Vehicle Sector

RisingMax Inc. as a leading EV charging app development company, we support software ideas that empower the future of the automotive industry. Here’s a list of our advanced EV software solutions to mark your foot strong and dominate the electric vehicle segment.

  • EV Charging Station Finder App

    EV Charging Station Finder Apps

    We design EV charging station finder apps that allow users to locate nearby charging stations and book a slot. Features like GPS makes it easy for users to navigate to a nearby charging station.

  • EV Battery Management System Software

    EV Battery Management System

    Our battery management software enables e-vehicles to manage and monitor battery operation effectively. EV owners can real-time battery health status and monitor that battery cells work under safe operating parameters.

  • EV Parking Space Locator App

    EV Parking Space Locator Apps

    We assist in building mobile apps that assist electric vehicle owners in finding and booking parking spaces. Details like charging station location, charging options, rates, available spaces, and others are available on the app.

  • EV Trip Planner App

    EV Trip Planner Apps

    Our trip planner apps are specifically designed for electric vehicle owners and assist them in effectively managing their trips. Integrated EV charging station data makes it easy to plan trips and book charging slots for an unmatched travel experience.

  • E-Vehicle Rental App

    E-Vehicle Rental App

    Join hands to build an e-vehicle rental app where users can access the rental vehicle fleet and rent vehicles as required. Everything from rental vehicles to managing fleets and making payments can be monitored via a single application.

  • EV Fleet Management App

    EV Fleet Management App

    Our EV fleet management application empower businesses to effectively manage, oversee, and enhance their E-Vehicle fleet capabilities. Features include real-time tracking, analytics, maintenance record, charging status, & others.

  • EV Charging Payment Solution

    EV Charging Payment Solutions

    We assist EV charging stations to streamline and effectively manage their billing & payment solutions. Integrated multi-payment options, these solutions allow users to make hassle-free payments.

  • EV Charging Back Office Software

    EV Charging Back Office Software

    Our EV charging back office software is the backbone of every successful EV charging infrastructure out there. The software allows utilities, carmakers, and EV space owners to manage and optimize back-office operations.

  • E-Vehicle Ride-Sharing App

    E-Vehicle Ride-Sharing App

    Connect with our expert to build a ride-sharing mobile application dedicated to electric vehicles. Users add their destination location on the application, and electric vehicle owners based on users’ destination, offer ride-sharing services.

Ready To Launch Your EV Charging Application?

Our experts at RisingMax Inc. have been assisting startups and enterprises in launching their own unique EV charging applications. Schedule a FREE consultation call to discuss your EV charging app idea TODAY!

Must-Have Feature Of An Electric Vehicle Application

Our EV charging developers understand all the nitty-gritty related to EV charging app development. Leveraging our domain expertise, we integrate features within the EV app that sets it apart from competitors.

  • EV Easy Payment icon
    Easy Payment

    This feature allows EV owners to make payments for advance booking, pay for charging, and other services without any hassle.

  • EV Slot Booking icon
    Slot Booking

    With this feature, electric vehicle owners can locate a nearby charging facility and advance book a slot as per requirement.

  • EV Navigation icon

    The integrated GPS feature allows EV owners to locate and navigate to a nearby charging facility, even in an unknown locality.

  • EV QR Code icon
    QR Code

    This feature allows EV drivers to scan codes for payments and claim their confirmed booking with just a single click.

  • EV Plan Trip icon
    Plan Trip

    This feature enables electric vehicle drivers to book slots at charging stations in advance and plan their trips effectively.

  • EV Feedback icon

    This feature empowers users to share feedback about a charging facility, rental e-vehicle, or EV ride-sharing driver.

Why Invest In EV Charging App Development?

The electric vehicle market worldwide is growing exponentially. Investing in EV charging app development that specifically caters to EV owners & EV business challenges opens up huge growth and revenue generation opportunities. Look at why investing in EV charging app development is the right business move!

First Mover Advantage

The EV market is projected to grow by leaps and bounds in upcoming years, thus a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a move.

Strengthen Digital Footprint

Mere acquiring an EV charging station is not enough. Investing in EV app development assists in reaching out to customers and obtaining popularity.

Cater To Large Audience

The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, and offering a simple EV app like a station finder app can cater to a wide growing user base.

EV Charging App Development
The Time Is Now

We celebrate the project's success by planting 100+ trees each time. By rewarding or compensating the planting cost, we encourage our clients to plant at least 50 trees. Let's pledge to foster growth and progress by minimizing environmental loss. We develop an IT ecosystem that consumes less energy and empowering businesses worldwide to achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions. The Time Is Now to make a sustainable future and combat climate change.

EV Charging App Development Process We Follow

Our EV charging developers follow a well-planned and documented app development process to deliver exceptional EV solutions to our clients. Here’s an overview of our EV charging app development process.



Our subject matter experts connect with the client to discuss project ideas and project software development needs.



We focus on designing an EV software solution that facilitates effective process monitoring and enhances user experience.



Our app development team divides the project into smaller milestones to ensure timely delivery and effective project tracking.



Our testing team employs advanced testing tools to ensure the error-free deployment of EV software solutions.


Post Deployment

We offer affordable maintenance & support services to time software optimization and quickly resolve technical issues.

Join Hands To Empower The EV Future

Join Hands To Empower The EV Future

Our EV charging app developers are transforming innovative EV app ideas into reality. Join hands to build robust EV software that contributes to a sustainable future.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For EV Charging App Development?

As a top-tier EV charging app development company, our team assists entrepreneurs worldwide in transforming their unique EV app idea into reality. Here’s what you get when you hire our EV charging developers.

Innovative Solution

Leveraging our in-depth development knowledge and domain knowledge enables us to deliver innovative solutions.

Dedicated Team

We have been offering our IT consultation services to clients in different business verticals for more than 10 years.

Rigorous Testing

We implement rigorous testing methods and tools to build EV apps that adhere to the industry's highest standards.

Tailored EV Solutions

We follow an agile app development process that allows us to deliver tailored E-Vehicle solutions as per the client’s app idea.

Flexible Engagement

We understand that no two EV charging app development needs are the same and thus offer flexible engagement models.

Maintenance & Support

We offer affordable post-delivery services to swiftly handle EV app bug issues and ensure timely app optimizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Time Needed To Develop An EV App Solution?

    Usually, it takes 1-2 months to build an EV app solution with basic features. However, the project development time might increase based on EV app type, integrated features, complexity, required tech stack, etc. Connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc., and we will share an estimated EV app development time ASAP.

    Can You Build A Similar Electric Vehicle App Like EVGo, ChargeGrid, & PlugShare?

    Yes, we can. If you plan to develop an app like EVGo, ChargeGrid, & PlugShare with similar features or some unique features, then our EV charging developers are always ready to assist you.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop An EV Charging Application?

    The overall development cost of an EV charging app solution ranges between $30,000 to $40,000. Major cost-driving factors include EV app type, security features, features complexity, EV charging app development company location, team strength, development time frame, etc. Most EV charging app development companies share an app development cost based on these factors.

    Do You Offer Custom EV Charging App Software?

    Yes, we do. At RisingMax Inc., we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all EV app solutions. Following an agile software development process empowers our team to build tailored EV charging app software per clients’ business ideas and expectations.

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