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Leverage The Potential Of OTT App Development Services

Our end-to-end video content management solutions are designed to address multimedia challenges and provide the right solutions. As one of the prominent OTT app development companies, we strive to provide users with the ultimate mobile entertainment experience.

  • Video & Image Analytics

    We provide solutions that rapidly resolve issues to improve viewer experience while reducing abandonment and viewer churn.

  • Object Detection

    Our solutions offer real-time recognition of objects using Tensorflow and Docker for data visualization for improved security.

  • Media Customization

    Advocating a data-centric approach to map and optimize media for better performance, more views, and engagement.

  • Motion Detection

    OTT platforms are integrated with movement detection alerts by persons or vehicles with video surveillance solutions.

  • Pattern Recognition

    Boosting conversion rate and improving revenue by recognizing and monitoring customer footprints via modern solutions.

  • Content Recommendation

    Content recommendations provide interesting and useful information to targeted users while they browse the internet.

We Are The Providers Of Future-Ready OTT Platform Development Services

RisingMax is a trusted OTT app development company in USA. Our scalable and robust OTT app development solutions are loaded with features and functionalities that render an exceptional experience to the customers.

OTT Mobile App

OTT Mobile App

We develop OTT platforms with high-end customizable features that provide a user-friendly experience to grow business past the geological fringes.

OTT Web App

OTT Web App

The team of experienced developers at RisingMax develops OTT web applications enriched with features and functionalities that ensure they meet market standards.


OTT Smart TV App

We develop intuitive smart TV applications for various platforms, resolutions, and viewing environments. We design, develop, test, and maintain apps.

OTT Platform Integration

OTT Platform Integration

We make sure our architecture and distribution system are custom and bespoke to ensure smooth OTT platform integration under OTT platform development services.

OTT UI/UX Design App

OTT UI/UX Design App

RisingMax offers flawless UI/UX design that brings seamless content streaming so that the users can have the best viewing experience without any interruptions.

OTT Support & Maintenance

OTT Support & Maintenance

We always stay on our toes to provide customer support and maintenance services. We render after-launch services once the platform goes live to keep it up.

Maintaining All-Time High User Engagement

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    Successful Project Deliveries

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    Custom Mobile App Projects

OTT App Development Monetization Models

Our OTT platform development team in the USA goes over the top of traditional media channels and augments your revenue stream with OTT app development services.

  • AVOD

    Earn the way YouTube does with the AVOD model. Deliver streaming video for free to end consumers but capitalize on advertisements by placing them at the beginning, middle, and end of the video. Users can quickly sign up for the service by logging in with their social media accounts.

  • TVOD

    Charge your users for every single watch, every single time. The businesses can accelerate revenue generation by making maximum use of immediacy, which is the USP of the TVOD model, where consumers can rent or buy series immediately after their general release.

  • SVOD

    Jump on the Netflix & Amazon Prime bandwagon with SVOD, which has an ever-upward trajectory. Gain recurring viewers through well-planned subscription models where the users will pay a fee to access your content. Make content available to a wider audience at different price points.

  • Hybrid Model

    Bundle the streaming services in different ways and introduce users to a library of content from which they can choose to opt for a paid package to access certain exclusive content. The paid pack of the Hybrid model can be based on the subscription or pay-per-view model.


OTT App Development Services We Offer

Tap into the ever-growing demand for OTT app development with RisingMax, a trustworthy OTT video app development company, and stay above the cut-throat competition.


Conceptualization & Ideation

We make sure that your OTT app is ready to be integrated with CDN, hosting, Cloud, and other services.


UI/UX Design

Our team of dedicated developers gives their best shot to enhance UI/UX so that users get an enriched experience.


Platform Development

We develop highly scalable and robust OTT platforms that are customized as per customer’s requirements.

OTT Video App Development Company

With more than 13+ years of experience, we provide web and OTT app development services to start-ups and enterprise-level companies. Our trained, highly skilled web developers specialize in the latest web technology like PHP, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Magento, WordPress, .Net, and many others.


OTT App Development For Android TV


We develop intuitive applications for Android TV that work on various platforms and viewing environments. Our OTT app development services include designing, developing, testing, and maintaining for a set of segments like entertainment, media, gaming, utility, e-learning, and TV interaction apps.

Amazon Fire TV App Development

We develop feature-rich applications for Fire TV devices. Boost viewer engagement by integrating Fire TV apps with Amazon plugins and third-party streaming services. Our team offers OTT platform development services for various segments, including games, connectivity, utility, video streaming apps, and more.


Apple TV App Development


We develop user-centric app interfaces that couple with Apple TV applications to attract and engage a target audience. People can enjoy games, movies, and other video content online with the introduction of tvOS. Our tvOS apps are customized, feature-rich, and white label that can be downloaded easily.

Launch your Roku app (channel) with an out-of-the-box platform that makes things favorable for a quick launch. RisingMax houses a robust and highly scalable infrastructure to launch Roku channels of different sizes and introduce millions of concurrent users to amazing content. It has different forms and product variants like Roku Express, Roku Express Plus, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere Plus, Roku Ultra, and more.


Have Something Streaming In Your Mind?

Consult RisingMax - the most reliable OTT app development company. Our team will serve you with end-to-end OTT app development solutions.










Connect People With Entertainment By OTT App Development

Video & image analytics can be used to derive practical conclusions. Our OTT app development company conducts proper monitoring to fetch reliable reports, which can be used to shape future video content.


User Analytics

User analytics contains tracking of data such as total number of user visits, bounce rate, average time spent on the video content, etc.


Video Analytics

Video analytics functionality tracks and monitors information such as operating system, browser used, country, and return rate.


Real-Time User Analytics

Real-time user analytics fetches reports on concurrent users, real-time stats, and the total number of users of your OTT platform.


AD Analytics

AD analytics keeps track of the number of successful ads, abandoned ads, number of clicks per ad, and errors encountered.

Interactive Video Solutions

Viewers and businesses can now engage in interactive and two-sided conversations with TV and OTT implementations and provide seamless experience to the viewers.

Viewer Engagement

Attract and engage the audience to get a positive response from their end.

Real-time Live Interactive Video

Improve audience participation rate with real-time two-way opportunities.


Features Of The OTT Platform


User Profile

Platform users can add and change their content preference details according to their interests & preferences.


In-app Purchase

Lucrative shows and video content can be purchased on the app by integrating multiple gateways.


Screen Mirroring

Platform users can choose to watch their favorite shows on desired video platforms like TV, desktop, and more.



Users can utilize genre options to search or filter their desired OTT videos and access the content they like.


Multilingual Support

Users belonging to different cultural backgrounds or geographical areas can use the OTT platform conveniently.


Wish List

The platform users can add their favorite video content to their personal list that they would like to watch later.


Social Features

Users can share their feedback on their social media handles to allow other people to watch the video content.


Rating & Reviews

Users can rate and review the OTT application, which helps the app admin get the required feedback and improve.

Looking For A Team That Will Keep Working Until It Fulfills Your Requirement?

We offer future-ready OTT app development by utilizing our expertise and experience with live-streaming solutions. Our dedicated staff provides you with original video streaming ideas that get traction immediately.

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Admin Panel Features

Android & iOS Platform
Android & iOS Platform

You can introduce your OTT apps to both Android and iOS mobile users as our video streaming apps support the platforms.

Robust Control Panel
Robust Control Panel

The OTT app developed by us is highly robust and gives the admin complete control over the user, account, and content.

Integrated GPS
Integrated GPS

Integrating GPS with the OTT applications allows platform admins to restrict viewers to specific regions or countries.

Videos & Users Management
Videos & Users Management

Our OTT platforms enable videos, categories, and user management by the app admins. The platform is user-friendly.

Multiple Payment Gateway
Multiple Payment Gateway

The platform users can choose the desired option for paying bills by selecting the various available payment options.


We add functions and features as per customer’s requirements to give a touch of personalization to the video streaming app.

User Management
User Management

Our OTT platform development services allow application admin to monitor user profiles and customer databases constantly.


With our SEO-friendly design, you can take your OTT platform to the top position and get it recognized in the marketplace.

Advanced Statistics
Advanced Statistics

The OTT platform admins can access the reports of performance generated in the application for better future results.

Why Choose RisingMax For OTT Platform Development?

Customer-Centric Services

We provide customer-centric services to give customers the experience they are looking for. Our team of developers identifies the challenges faced by customers and brings out the best solutions that are customizable.


We strive to meet the deadlines and deliver results within the given time period. Our video streaming apps are enriched with features that are integrated over time with utmost perfection, dedication, and discipline.

Seamless Payment Procedures

By integrating multiple payment gateway, we offer the freedom to the users to make payments in a hassle-free manner by choosing the desired option amongst the many available in the app and making instant payments.

Complete Transparency

We advocate a transparent model of working and keeping customers updated on the OTT platform development progress. Customers can stay educated and keep track of every stage of the development process.

Proficient Developers

RisingMax is an OTT platform development company that believes in providing the right OTT software development services. We house the most experienced and dynamic OTT app development team.

24*7 Support & Maintenance

At RisingMax, you can expect 24*7 support and maintenance services to upkeep the functioning of the OTT platform and make sure that it does not cease to deliver outstanding experience to the audience.

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