Custom Insurance Software Development

Custom Insurance Software Development

We deliver result-oriented insurance solutions.

Leveraging our domain expertise and hands-on working experience on next-gen technologies like AI, Blockchain, ML, and IoT, we empower businesses in the insurance domain to be future-ready. Everything from managing day-to-day operations and various stakeholders like customers, brokers, agents, and managers with our custom insurance solutions.

Adopting technologies and integrating insurance software is a one-time business investment for generating more profits, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer relations.

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Key Benefits of InsurTech Solutions

With our crystal clear vision and in-depth understanding of the insurance sector, we deliver the right solutions that enhance efficiency and offer superior customer experience. Key benefits of implementing insurTech solutions include;

Easy Claims Settlement icon

Easy Claims Settlement

Leverage the power of AI for faster and more accurate decision-making and automate claim settlement.

Reduce Operational Costs icon

Reduce Operational Costs

Boost the productivity and reduce the operational cost of your legacy software by integrating RPA, AI, & ML tech.

Personalize Sales icon

Personalize Sales

InsurTech solutions assist in understanding the insurance needs of customers and offer personalised products.

Enhance Productivity icon

Enhance Productivity

Manage various insurance processes to find loopholes and take action to enhance operational productivity.

custom insurance software development

Global insurance market is projected to grow at a compounded rate of 9% p.a., reaching 8.4 trillion U.S. dollars in 2026.


Start Your Digital Transformation Journey

Insurance Software Development Services

As a leading insurance software development company, we leverage our expertise to design and develop simplified, yet robust insurance solutions.

  • Insurance CRM/ERP Platforms Development Services

    Insurance CRM/ERP Platforms

    We design CRM/ERP platforms for insurance companies to streamline day-to-day operations, automate workflow, and maximize efficiency.

  • Insurance Custom App Development Services

    Custom Insurance Application

    We follow an agile development approach and strict quality standards to adhere to industry standards and deliver innovative insurance solutions.

  • Insurance Claim Management Development Services

    Insurance Claim Management

    Our insurance claim management software empowers businesses to start making data-driven decisions and streamline claim workflow.

  • Insurance Quoting Software Development Services

    Insurance Quoting Software

    Our insurance quoting software is integrated with advanced calculators and risk assessment tools for generating personalized insurance quotes.

  • Insurance Fraud Analysis Software Development Services

    Insurance Fraud Analysis Software

    We integrate advanced AI & blockchain-powered tools to detect fraudulent activities, suspicious claims and raise alerts to prevent fraud.

  • Insurance Document Management Software Development Services

    Insurance Document Management Software

    We develop and integrate smart document management software for insurance companies to automate and streamline document management.

Ready To Automate Operations, Streamline Workflow, And Enhance Productivity

Get in touch with our insurance software developers and empower your business with cutting-edge InsurTech software. Schedule an appointment today to kick-start your project development.

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Your InsurTech Partner For Innovations

Amalgamation of Insurance and next-gen technologies empower businesses to break the traditional barriers and pave the way for a better future. Transform your innovative InsurTech app idea into reality.

Adaptive Quoting Algorithms

Adaptive Quoting Algorithms

Our InsurTech quoting algorithm empowers companies to share customized quotes, taking risk assessment and premium calculator into account.

Top features include;

  • Customized Quoting System
  • Premium Calculations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Real-time Data Analysis

Risk Analysis Algorithms

Powered with innovative tech like AI & ML, our risk analysis algorithms assist companies in making data-driven decisions.

Innovative features include;

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRI)
  • Cloud Document Storage
  • Real-time Data Analysis
Risk Analysis Algorithms
AI Insurance Underwriting Software

AI Insurance Underwriting Software

Leverage the true potential of AI and integrate insurance underwriting tools to improve quoting accuracy and data analysis.

Top-notch features include;

  • Risk Assessment & Pricing
  • Underwriting Audits
  • Digital Underwriting
  • Insurance Quoting

IoT Insurance Solutions

Automate processes, streamline workflow, and ensure swift sharing of information with our IoT-powered solutions for insurance companies.

Top features include;

  • Cloud Document Storage
  • Centralized Information
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Premium Calculations
IoT Insurance Solutions
RPA Insurance System

RPA Insurance System

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks with robotic process automation tools designed specifically for insurance companies.

Innovative features include;

  • Automation Tools
  • Premium Calculations
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRI)
  • Customized Quoting System

Cloud-based InsurTech Software

We empower insurance companies to automate screening, claim settlement, and regulatory requirements with our cloud-based InsurTech software.

Top features include;

  • Cloud Document Storage
  • Risk Assessment & Pricing
  • Automated Screening Process
  • Insurance Compliance System
Cloud-based InsurTech Software

Our Engagement Models

We offer flexible engagement models to ensure we effectively cater to our clients' insurance software development needs. Hire the right insurance software developers as per project requirements.

Fixed Cost

Recommended for clients for well-defined software development objectives, requirements, and deliverables.

  • Well-Defined Scope And Deliverables.
  • Pre-Defined Project Budget.
  • Little Or No External Dependencies.
  • On-Time Delivery.
Staff Augmentation

Recommended for clients with in-house teams, who are looking to fill critical IT roles and speed up the development process.

  • Billed On Monthly Basis.
  • Quick Hiring Right Talent.
  • Hire Talented Technical Resources.
  • Easy Collaboration With In-House Tea.
Hourly Cost

Recommended for clients with tentatively defined project goals and frequent changes during the development stage.

  • Frequent Changes.
  • Tentatively Defined Scope.
  • Perfect For All-Type & Size Projects.
  • Cost Depends On Resources Utilized.

Our Insurance Software Development Process

Our insurance software developer team follows a six-step software development process to deliver exceptions and budget deadlines. Our development process starts with the following;


Project Gathering

During this phase, our domain experts connect with the client to understand their business idea and software needs.


Project Analysis

We gather to check the project feasibility and share valuable inputs with the client before moving to the planning phase.


Project Planning

During this phase, we create a full development roadmap and divide the project into smaller milestones.


Project Development

Our team deploys the best development methodologies and tools to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.


Project Testing

We implement rigorous testing methodologies and tools to minimize the likelihood of finding bugs at the release stage.


Project Deployment

During this stage, our experts will release the software on popular platforms to ensure maximum exposure.

Advanced Technology We Use

Leverage our expertise in leading technologies to scale quickly and complete development on time.

Blockchain Tech icon


Leverage the true potential of blockchain to reduce risk, enhance transparency, and maximizes data security.

Artificial Intelligence Tech icon

Artificial Intelligence

Drive better business insights, mitigate risks, and explore new growth opportunities with AI-powered algorithms.

IoT Tech icon


Ensure swift sharing of information and streamlining workflow by integrating IoT applications within the system.

Cloud Tech icon


Hire our certified AWS, Google, and Azure professionals to widen your business services scope with cloud services.

Did You Know?

Insurance software solutions can boost customer engagement by 89% with personalized services. Connect with our experts to develop tailored insurance software for your business.

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Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Software Development?

Leveraging our domain expertise, we empower our clients in the insurance sector with our tailored, simple, and yet effective software solutions.

Unmatched Expertise

We have successfully designed and developed softwares for our clients in the insurance sector for more than 10 years.

InsurTech Solutions

We design and develop InsurTech solutions powered by advanced technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain.

No Hidden Cost

We follow a transparent pricing policy and development process to deliver business-oriented IT solutions to our clients.

Innovative Solutions

Our software developers keep them abreast with the next-gen technologies to build innovative solutions.

Custom Software

We offer tailored insurance software solutions for our clients to meet their business requirements and goals.

Flexible Engagement

At RisingMax Inc. we offer flexible engagement models to cater to our clients' software development needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Insurance Software?

    The software development cost depends upon various factors such as software type, integrated features, project duration, feature complexity, and more. Connect with our experts, share your business idea, and get a customized development cost ASAP.

    Do You Offer A Custom Insurance Solution?

    Yes, we do. Our software development team can customize the insurance software to meet our clients’ business ideas and requirements.

  • What is Your Area of Expertise in Insurance Software Development?

    As a leading software development service provider, we design and develop a wide variety of insurance solutions for our clients. Everything from CRM systems, claim settlement, payment tracking, fraud detection, and quoting software, we provide various solutions for our clients.

    How Much Time Does It Take To Develop An Insurance Software?

    There is no fixed time duration associated with the development of insurance software. Multiple factors such as software type, integrated features, project complexity, strength of the development team, and others directly impact the overall time duration.

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