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By being the most reliable banking software development company, we aim to satisfy ever-changing customer demands by upgrading your bank systems with our software.

Full-Blown Financial Software Development Services

RisingMax offers banking & financial software solutions to bridge the gap between the experiences banks provide now, and what they can provide through digital technology.


Whitelabel NEO Banking Platform

Leverage our expertise in building highly advanced banking and finance solutions to launch your own next-gen virtual banks with our whitelabel neo banking platform. Serve the needs of genz and millennial customers, such as convenience, transparency, control, and highly secure payments with our advanced banking solutions. Connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. to build futuristic banking solutions that are an ideal alternative to the traditional banking system.


Core Banking Systems Integration

RisingMax core banking systems integration builds the agility layer with APIs that are modular, discoverable, and reusable. Seamlessly integrate with technology investments across your bank — including your loan origination systems, accounting software, and human resource applications — to give users a single place to find what they need instantly.


Wallet & Digital Payment Solution

Being a fintech software development company, we offer an integrated platform that manages the complete life cycle of digitized cards. Starting from the enrollment process, it manages the operations of provisioning and secure management of credentials. The solution supports in-app payments to enable payment transactions for e-commerce and m-commerce retailers.


Insurance App & Software Development

We are the most advanced financial software development company in the USA, offering custom insurance mobile apps that enable better customer services, reduce operational costs, and increase ROI.


Customized Banking Mobile Services

Our banking software development company in New York highlights easily navigable UI and speedy UX to enhance customer experience on smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. We enhance customer experience through personalized banking and retain close ties by providing branchless banking to individual and commercial customers.


Cyber Security & VAPT

Adopt the latest technologies with a reliable banking software development company to protect the bank IT management from cyber attackers with our VAPT assurance that the technology environment and its digital assets are safe. The assorted nature of VAPT can significantly vary in depth, price, scope, and breadth.

Enterprise Banking Solution

The big enterprises expect a financial software development company to offer a more complex application to collect, organize, and analyze data in a short time, as well as reduce the time it takes to tackle some of the accounting or finance aspects of the business. Favorably, at RisingMax, our banking software development solutions offer services that are augmented with newer and with more dynamic technologies. To flourish in the fintech market smartly, it would be for you to have custom world-class banking solutions for your organization.


Comprehensive Solution For Financial Institution

Finally, in the world of financial technology and struggling to move from being entry-level players to serious market contenders. Do not worry; at RisingMax, take complete advantage of our custom financial software and get access to more sophisticated fintech applications with CRM, CMS and ERP integration, and System Integrations. Stay ahead of the game from large tech giants, retailers, and other global companies with our financial software development services.


Reliable Fintech Solution For Startup

If you are planning to develop a fintech firm specializing in providing all the banking transactions at your fingertips from the comfort of the user's homes or any place. Then, RisingMax is your place to develop top-notch financial applications. Being a banking software development company, our solutions will accelerate the payment speed and security processes, allowing payment providers to leverage tech power such as AI, blockchain, and API integrations in a faster way.


Now Have Access To Comprehensive Financial Software From A Reputable Banking Software Development Company And Transform Your Business Today

End-to-End Extensive Custom Fintech Solutions

RisingMax has been active in providing financial software development services in New York and has been diligently serving the finance industry with custom FinTech solutions. Get access to advanced and fully equipped tools from a fintech software development company and execute them with us to win the fintech race.


Mobile App

  • Crowd Funding App
  • CryptoCurrency Apps
  • Forex Trading App/Software
  • Credit & Loan Management

Custom Fintech Solution

  • Tax Management Software
  • Software For Insurance Companies
  • Investment Management
  • Payroll Management

Trading Financial Software Development

Whether it be a high volume of the market data or indexes from global exchanges, RisingMax can seamlessly process and develop trading systems with automation capabilities to ensure maximum profit across transactions while offering compliance tracking in every one of them.

Our financial software development services can provide a competitive edge through almost real-time calculations that provide more accurate and beneficial transactions—our experience and proven methodology result in stable, secure, and high-performance, and cost-effective trading software. To know more about our solutions, get on a call with our experts.


Huge Benefits Of Financial Software Development Services

Simplicity of Use
Secure Transactions
Paperless system
Faster data entry and improved accuracy
Improved Compliance

Join The New Era Of Banking

RisingMax is the partner you need to usher with towards the new age of banking and financing. We have the technical knowledge and operational expertise to deliver high-quality financial software development services in New York to power your performance. It doesn’t matter what your requirements are or your current resources – we can accommodate your needs as you see fit.

Emphasizing speed, at RisingMax, we want you to use tools suited to the needs of analysts, bankers, and other players in a finance company. Therefore we offer financial software development services with the most scalable programming language, Python. Seamlessly answer the most challenges raised by the financial industry when looking at analytics, regulation, compliance, and data, which are made easy by the abundance of supporting libraries with Python.

The blockchain is essentially a ledger of recorded financial transactions distributed, published, and stored in multiple locations. As a custom financial software development company, we can state that blockchain is finally poised to shake up financial markets in a way that will benefit both consumers and financial institutions. This helps ensure an accurate record of transactions.

Both AI and Machine Learning work by extracting meaningful insights from raw sets of data and providing accurate results. This information is then used to solve complex and data-rich problems critical to the banking & finance sector via a fintech software development company. Machine learning is a subset of data science that provides the ability to learn and improve from experience without being programmed.

Big Data takes into consideration distinguishing fraudulent activities, and many pioneering organizations have already embraced this methodology. Therefore, being a banking software development company, we have adopted big data analytics to inform better investment decisions with consistent returns and to gain valuable insight to inform better business decisions.

RisingMax provides Network & Infrastructure Proofing services for strategic, operational, and tactical level needs, including market entry, business or program expansions, business resiliency strategies, risk assessments, and incident management. Along with that, we also maximize budget, fulfill support needs, and scale based on your network and infrastructure growth and business needs.

Our Next-Generation Features For Banking & Finance App

Financial Chatbot

To enhance customer support, the financial app development company in New York introduces AI chatbots in the financial industry. The financial chatbot helps to assist clients in conducting a variety of financial transactions conversationally and securely. It efficiently monitors and recognizes the warning signs of any fraudulent activity and issue alerts directly to the customer and the bank.

Speech Recognition

Understanding accents, slang, dialects, intonation, emphasis, and more, the speech recognition seamlessly interacts with users to get the questions answered regarding the financial services. The fintech software development company serves speech recognition as an automated support staff that can categorize calls, answer questions, and direct customers to the right place.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Quickly identify future markets and the best areas for new investments with data analytics and reporting. RisingMax believes in creating a more efficient and smarter organization to predict and anticipate the impacts of market, and regulatory forces on business strategy. As a banking software development company, we offer a suite of solutions to help financial institutions develop faster and more sophisticated data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Wealth Management

In custom financial app development, wealth management takes care of both financial planning and specialized financial services, including personal retail banking services, estate planning, legal and tax advice, and investment management services. At RisingMax, our goal is to sustain and grow long-term wealth. The wealth management services have specialized sales and service teams to specifically cater to wealth management clients.


The banking industry has made strides moving from a traditional brick-and-mortar model to align with the financial software development company in New York. Financial applications are more likely to rupture the data; therefore, we offer robust security solutions to protect valuable intellectual property and customer data from cybercriminals. And enhance continuous monitoring and rapidly implement cyber-attack countermeasures.

AI Personalization

Offering personalized services to customers based on their online transaction behaviors and patterns with the help of AI personalization. At RisingMax, we have completely evaluated a wide array of available data with analytical/predictive algorithms that provide insight and solutions for fraud prevention, cyber-security, lead generation, and most notably, investment operations.

Waiting To Add Value Into Your Banking & Financial Organization ?

To stay relevant in the market, you need to become customer-centric. Consulting a fintech software development company is the way in that direction. Outsmart and beat the competition before they attempt to. Our developers provide custom online banking solutions for desktop and mobile banking with incorporated branding for consistency and visibility.

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Custom Financial Powerful Fraud Detection Solution For Banking Industry

Sophisticated tools, mule networks, and breached data are readily available to support large-scale automated attacks. Being an advanced banking software development company in New York, we make sure to provide financial institutions with unrivaled, integrated capabilities to detect, prevent, and manage fraud and financial crime across all banking and financial business lines. Our solution maximizes fraud detection and prevention, lowers the total cost of ownership, and protects the bank's brand and reputation.


Metrics For Behavior based Fraud Detection Solutions


  • ACH
  • Wire
  • Bill Pay
  • Loan Draw

Non- Transactional Activities

  • View balance
  • View History
  • Update email
  • Update password
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