Oculus Game Development Company

By RisingMax

May 12, 2023

As a leading Oculus game development company, we offer top-notch virtual reality game development services to bring unique and engaging gaming concepts to reality. Hire us to launch Oculus-based action, FPS, adventure, puzzle, arcade, and other virtual reality games that are engaging and offer a unique gaming experience. Invest in Oculus and virtual game development to enjoy new opportunities and rule the next digital gaming era.

Oculus Game Development Company

Oculus Game Genre We Develop

RisingMax Inc., as a reliable Oculus game development company, holds expertise in building virtual reality-based games in different genres. We offer a wide range of Oculus games development services to bring your unique virtual gaming idea into reality. 

We design and develop virtual games that perfectly work with VR headsets such as Oculus Quest, Playstation VR, Samsung VR, and others. Hire our Oculus VR game developers to launch virtual games in the following game genre.

Oculus Action Games

Hire our Oculus game developers team to launch virtual reality action games and bring your unique action game ideas to life. Our team deploys cutting-edge game development methodologies and tools to ensure an engaging gameplay experience. 

Oculus FPS Games

Launch a first-person shooter game for Oculus and deliver a realistic game experience to players worldwide. Our team leverages its game development expertise to offer a more engaging and interactive virtual gaming experience.

Oculus Adventure Games

Are you planning to launch an Oculus adventure game? Then, reach out to our game development team. Leveraging our expertise in developing adventure games that offer an immersive gaming experience to players while trekking on mountains, walking inside forts or monuments, and sailing oceans in adventure games.

Oculus Puzzle Games

Solving puzzles in a 2D environment can become boring, but investing in an Oculus puzzle game offers a new perspective and an immersive gaming experience. Integration of 3D technologies and virtual reality with puzzle games is likely to engage more players.

Oculus Sport Games

Launch Oculus sports games like soccer, cricket, billiards, football, lawn tennis, golf, and many more to offer a virtual gaming experience. Virtual sports games combined with Oculus VR enable players to enjoy sports games while sitting in the comfort of their living room.

Oculus Racing Games

Hire our Oculus game developers to build racing games, where players can drive bicycles, motorbikes, cars, etc, and enjoy driving. Virtual racing games provide players with an immersive experience of driving through heavy traffic, tough terrains, and busy streets as real as possible.

Oculus Arcade Games

Arcade games are a popular game genre traditionally and the addition of 3D elements and virtual reality take the gaming experience to a whole new level. Provide gaming players worldwide to live back the experience of playing popular arcade games in the virtual environment.

Oculus Simulation Games

Get in touch with our expert Oculus game developers to launch immersive simulation games. Our game developers team can build a simulation game with real-world activities in the most realistic manner possible manner. Thus, making it more appealing and engaging for simulation game lovers.

Why Investing in Oculus Game Development A Profitable Business Idea?

Immersive gaming experience and higher engagement levels are the prime reasons behind the popularity of Oculus and other virtual reality-based games. High-end technologies like 3D and gaming engines like Unity and Unreal engine result in the development of unique virtual games that diminish the gap between the real and the virtual world. Thus, taking players’ online gaming experience to a whole new level.

The increasing popularity of virtual games opens new doors of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and gaming startups. Individuals with unique virtual gaming ideas are approaching virtual game development companies with their unique gaming concepts and ideas to grab this ongoing opportunity in the gaming sector.

Here’s why investing in Oculus game development can prove to be a profitable business venture for you;

Engaging Storytelling

Oculus games use AR and VR technology to create an environment where players can directly engage and interact with virtual objects creating an engaging storytelling experience.

Immersive Gameplay

Diminishing the gap between the real and virtual world with AR/VR technologies empowers virtual games to offer an immersive gameplay experience and make playing games more fun than ever before.

Enhanced Engagement

Investing in Oculus and virtual game development provides a platform for online gamers and game developers directly connect. Leveraging this engagement, game developers can design a VR game that meets players' gaming styles and preferences.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Oculus Game Development Company

Oculus Game Development Services We Provide

As one of the most reputable Oculus game development service providers, RisingMax Inc. provides full-cycle game development services. Irrespective of gaming ideas or genres, our Oculus gaming developers will transform your idea into a fully functional virtual game. Our Oculus game development services include the following;

Full-Cycle Development

Enjoy our unparalleled full-cycle Oculus game development services and launch your own virtual game. Our game development team will assist you from game idea validation to the development and deployment of your virtual game.

Mobile Game 

Venture into the mobile gaming sector with our experienced mobile gaming development team and grab hold of the biggest gaming market. Our gaming development team will design and develop mobile games on iOS and Android platforms. Leverage our post-game deployment services to market and deploy your mobile game where it matters, reaching a wider target game audience.

Web Game 

Leverage our expertise in Oculus game development to launch an engaging virtual reality web game. Turn your static web game into an immersive and interactive game with next-gen technologies like AR & VR.

Games Content 

Hire our 3D designers, UI/UX experts, and Unity and Unreal game professionals to develop different types of gaming content. Irrespective of virtual game needs, our experts can design engaging virtual graphics, 3D game objects, and virtual animation beyond your expectations.

Integration & Deployment

We as a top-tier Oculus game development company not limited to developing virtual reality games. We offer virtual reality integration and deployment services to enhance players' overall gaming experience and widen their gaming reach.

Support & Maintenance

Our relationship with our clients doesn't end at game development and deployment, it starts there. We offer cost-effective Oculus game support and maintenance services to ensure timely updates and smooth running of virtual games for a long time.

Oculus Game Development Process We Follow

Want to know how we transform your unique virtual reality gaming ideas into reality? Well, the secret lies in our well-crafted game development process. Our game development team follows an agile game development process to deliver engaging and exceptional virtual games. Our Oculus game development process starts with

Requirement Gathering

Our subject matter experts connect with the client to understand their virtual game idea and address project-related queries. The main objective during this interaction is to gather as much information about the virtual game before moving further.

Requirement Analysis

During this Oculus game development stage, our gaming team analyzes client project ideas and other project requirements. After a thorough project analysis, our team moves forward to the project planning stage.

Project Planning

After getting the client's approval and project analysis, our Oculus game development team sits together to create a game development roadmap. The entire virtual game project is broken down into smaller development milestones to ensure timely project completion and easy tracking.

Game Development

With a clear development roadmap in mind, our Oculus game development team moves forward with virtual game development. Keeping in mind the client’s unique project needs and requirements, our development team adds unique graphics and features to the virtual game.

Game Testing

The game development and testing phase go hand in hand to ensure all the game features and functionality are working as intended. Our QA team implements cutting-edge game development tools and methodologies to ensure there are no bugs or technical issues with the virtual game.


We provide affordable post-deployment Oculus game development services to ensure timely upgrades and quickly address any technical issues. Our team will constantly monitor and maintain the virtual game to ensure smooth running for a long time.

How Much Does Oculus Game Development Cost?

There are multiple cost-driving factors that directly impact the Oculus game development cost. Only after a thorough analysis of Oculus or virtual gaming requirements, a game development company will share an overall project estimation. 

Oculus game development companies charge $80k to 90k for the basic virtual game and the development cost might go up based on the factors that directly impact mentioned below.

Prominent factors that directly impact the Oculus game development cost include the following; 

  • A genre of Oculus game
  • Game features
  • Technology stack.
  • Location of the Oculus game development company.
  • Team expertise
  • Project duration
  • Add-on features.

Looking for an exact Oculus game development quote? Then, reach out to our experts at RisingMax Inc. Our game development team after gathering and analyzing your virtual game requirements will share a detailed project development cost ASAP. Schedule a FREE consultation call and discuss your project idea TODAY!

Oculus Game Development Company

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Oculus Game Development?

As a leading virtual game development company, our team has expertise in designing and developing games in different genres. We hold expertise in cutting-edge gaming technologies and game software to make your virtual game an instant success. Over the years, we have assisted gaming startups and entrepreneurs to transform their unique gaming idea into reality.

Here’s why you should hire us;

  • Unmatched Oculus game development services
  • Affordable virtual gaming solutions
  • Experienced and certified gaming team.
  • Secure and reliable virtual games.
  • Transparent pricing policy.
  • 24*7 tech support

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