Metaverse Event Platform Development: Investment For The Future

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Metaverse Event Platform Development: Investment For The Future

The rising popularity of the metaverse resulted in businesses searching for ways to leverage their reputation for better opportunities and growth. With metaverse event platform development, businesses are investing their money in the future.

Metaverse Event Platform Development

Businesses can organize events in the virtual world, allowing them to invite participants worldwide to a new product launch or an important event. Some important statistics show the evolving trends in the virtual events market.

Important Statistics on the Topic

  • Currently, the Global virtual market is valued at 14 billion US dollars. (luisa zhou)
  • By the end of 2022, the share of virtual marketing events will reach more than 40 percent.
  • In 2020, the metaverse market was valued at 478.7 billion US dollars and is projected to reach 800 billion US dollars by 2024. (Statista)
  • The metaverse market is expected to grow 13.1% every year.
  • Experts predict that 25% of people will spend an hour in the metaverse by 2026.
  • By 2026, 30% of companies will offer services and products for the metaverse.

Without a doubt investing in the metaverse, event platform development can be a million-dollar idea due to the huge potential in the market. For this reason, budding entrepreneurs are investing in developing metaverse virtual event software to create a platform for businesses to organize events in the virtual world.

If you, too, are planning to launch your own metaverse event platform, then connecting with our expert at RisingMax Inc can be the right decision. Our team leverages their expertise in leading technologies such as web3, blockchain, AR & VR to build a futuristic business solution.

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But first, let’s start from the basics.

What Is a Metaverse Event?

Online webinars, business events, on-demand fitness classes, and video conferences are just a few examples of virtual events. Metaverse events are similar to virtual events, with just slightly enhancing everything in a 3D environment. With the addition of AR/VR technology, events in the metaverse are effective in enhancing users’ experience and offer the same in-person experience. 

According to Google Trends, the number of searches for virtual events has risen, indicating that the world is pivoting to virtual events.

Why Are Metaverse Events Getting More Popular?

Over the years, the popularity of virtual events has risen due to their effectiveness to;

  • Drive more leads.
  • Generate more revenue.
  • Share the company's vision with investors and employees.
  • Engage with customers.
  • Create a loyal customer base.
  • Enhance in-person interactions.

With so many advantages of virtual events, businesses worldwide invest in metaverse event platform development and organizing virtual events. With virtual events, businesses have the freedom to take their customers' engagement and interaction to the next level.

Based on the event and business goals, the host can choose to go for a virtual event or not. Businesses can use the virtual platform to organize leadership programs, training, team meetings, conferences, etc.

Metaverse Event Platform Development

A Few Reasons To Host Virtual Event For Businesses

More Accessible

A virtual event is more accessible for the participants, as anyone with an active internet connection and IoT gadget can participate. On the other hand, there is no limitation on the number of participants in a virtual event.

Cost Effective

Investing in metaverse event platform development allows an organization to conduct smaller events, training, webinars, and virtual workshops. Thus, allowing them to save money for the big events where they can generate many leads and enhance their global presence. On the plus side, businesses can organize hybrid events empowering attendees to join at their convenience.

Greater Flexibility

Organizing a virtual event gives businesses an advantage in hosting an event even in extreme weather and unfavorable travel conditions. In case of event cancellation, there is no need to worry about venue payments or other arrangements, as you can cancel a virtual event without any hassle.

More Opportunities

With new-age technologies, businesses can take their event to the global level and open up new growth opportunities. Virtual events can be streamed online and stored in the cloud to be viewed later on, thus increasing an event’s shelf life.

Key Features of Our Metaverse Event Platform

When you hire RisingMax Inc. for metaverse event platform development, here is the list of features you will get in the metaverse event platform. All these features are user-centric and are a must to offer a unique experience. Here’s a list of key features of our metaverse event platform;

  • Create profile: This feature allows users to create a profile and enter basic details such as name, DOB, email, and others.
  • Social media: With this feature, users register with the platform within minutes and share information about the events on social media handles.
  • Event registration: Users can use this feature to participate in a virtual event by registering with events on the platform.
  • Event page: This feature of our platform allows hosts to create an event page where the description, date & time, and other relevant information will be displayed.
  • Create event: This feature makes it easy for a host to organize an event in a virtual space, send invitations, and create a schedule.
  • Multi-window option: With this feature of our metaverse event platform, a host can allow multiple speakers to share their views with the attendees.
  • Multi payment option: Users can pay the joining fees of the virtual event via credit card, PayPal, or Debit card.
  • In-app chat: This feature allows users to chat live with the speakers and share their valuable insights.
  • Storage & recording: With this feature, the virtual event can be recorded and stored online, allowing users to view the event whenever they want.
  • Video streaming: Our metaverse event platform allows speakers to stream videos by connecting their cameras and microphones with the platform.
  • Private chat rooms: With this feature, businesses can organize private business meetings, and training sessions and start 1:1 conversations for enhanced cooperation in the workplace.
  • Report & Analysis: With this feature, the event organizer can check the number of attendees, total ticket sales, and other reports.
  • Feedback: Users can leverage this feature to share valuable feedback about the event and suggest improvements with the host.

These are just the basic features of our metaverse event platform. If you plan to add some unique features or features per your business needs, our development team can do the same for you. Share your metaverse event platform development features with us, and our team will handle the rest.

Metaverse Event Platform: Various Types of Virtual Events

Metaverse event platform development enables organizations to organize various types of virtual events. Events in the metaverse are an extension of real-life events that allow the host to add and widen its reach. Below are the six main types of virtual events;


The host can organize webinars with the metaverse event platform where attendees worldwide can join and listen. As the webinar is happening in a virtual space, companies can charge a fixed joining fee or be free to attract wider audiences. Virtual webinars efficiently achieve 100 percent participation, as anyone from anywhere can participate. Businesses are leveraging these new-age platforms to provide internal and external training to their employees.

Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences are slowly getting more popular as compared to in-person conferences. This is because virtual conferences are easy to organize and give attendees the freedom to join from the comfort of their homes. Similar to a conference, metaverse event platforms allow hosts to include keynotes, PPTs, images, breakouts, documents, and more.

Hybrid Events

Businesses with a global presence are taking advantage of the metaverse event platforms to organize hybrid events. Hybrid events are part in-person and virtual part events that attendees can join at their convenience. These types of hybrid events are effective for organizing company events, employee training, branch meetings, product launch, and more. 

Virtual Exhibitions 

Over the years, marketing experts have observed that people are less likely to attend an exhibition where they are unfamiliar with the brand. With the virtual exhibition, things have become a bit easy for startups, as they can showcase new products to a wider audience. 

Virtual Seminars

The digital boom has empowered businesses to showcase new offerings in crowded places, restaurants, and in-person. Businesses can engage with metaverse event platforms to bring the same level of engagement if marketing is executed in a planned way.

Virtual Trade Fairs

Trade shows are about sharing new ideas with the world and creating an in-person experience. Organizing a trade fair virtually gives the host the freedom to widen their reach and offer the same in-person experience to the attendees. With the right marketing approach for your virtual trade fairs, the business has the potential to increase the number of attendees and widen its reach.

Pivotal Benefits of Metaverse Event Platform

Immersive Environment

Hire our experienced developer's team to launch a metaverse event platform with integrated virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. These technologies allow users to interact in the 3D virtual space and enjoy an event in person as they are a part of it.


With metaverse event platform development, businesses can organize virtual events without hassle. The software and hardware needed for an event can be used again & again to launch multiple 3D events in the metaverse.

New Opportunities

When an organization invests in the metaverse event platform development, it opens up a new world of business opportunities such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs. Businesses can leverage these next-gen technologies to attract new investors & potential users to the platform.

No Limitations

Where real-life events are only limited to the workplace, conference rooms, and concert halls, there is no such limitation with the virtual event. Hosts can invite as many participants, organize anywhere, and anyone can share their ideas using PPT, images, videos, documents, and others.

Easy Customization

Metaverse opens up a world of new opportunities where any vague dream can become a reality. With metaverse event platform development, you can easily customize and add unique features to your business events.

Power of Blockchain

Hire our experienced developers to empower your metaverse event platform with blockchain technology and provide users with a secure virtual world experience. Integration of blockchain technology enables the support for web3, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

Industry Specific Event

From virtual trade shows to Auto Expos and business summits, our metaverse event platform will be easy to organize events for any industry. Irrespective of the event size or any specific requirement, our development team will deliver the same in no time.

Metaverse Event Platform Development

How Much Does Metaverse Event Platform Development Cost?

Interested in metaverse event platform development and want to know the overall development cost. Most metaverse event application development companies will charge $30k-$40k for basic virtual event applications. Connect with a trusted metaverse development company like RisingMax Inc to know the exact development cost and share your software requirements.

When it comes to the development cost of a metaverse event application, it depends upon various factors that we have mentioned down below. Based on these factors, the overall development cost of the metaverse event application might go up or down.

Factors on which metaverse event software development cost depends;

  • Type of virtual event software
  • Integrated security features
  • Any additional features required
  • Development complexity of virtual event application.
  • Metaverse event software development company’s location.
  • Team size and expertise.
  • Maintenance & support services are needed.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc for Metaverse Event Software Development?

RisingMax Inc has the privilege of assisting clients in different business verticals to leverage new-age technologies to enhance efficiency. Over the years, we have built highly secure, futuristic, and scalable business solutions for our customers. As a trusted metaverse app development company, we offer the best tech stack and software solutions to prepare our clients' future.

Here’s what you get when you hire us;

  • Unmatched metaverse expertise
  • Cost-effective metaverse development services.
  • Tech prowess
  • Highly secure, futuristic, and scalable IT solutions.
  • Well-qualified and experienced metaverse developers
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