White Label Neo Banking Platform: Launch Your Own Next-Gen Virtual Bank

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

The ongoing transformation in the digital landscape empowered customers to move from traditional banks to hyper-tech neo-banks. The Neo banks effectively address the needs, i.e., convenience, transparency, control, and affordability of genx and millennial customers. These seamless banking services experience and money management tools offered by these next-gen virtual banks make them an ideal banking alternative. 

White Label Neo Banking Platform

Proponents believe that Neo banks will offer an alternative banking system and empower digital-only financial platforms in the future.

Building a neo-bank app from scratch can be overwhelming and requires a huge investment and technical human resources. This becomes a barrier for budding entrepreneurs who are planning to enter the growing FinTech app market.

For this reason, Whitelabel Neo banking platforms are becoming an ideal choice for budding entrepreneurs. These software solutions are built on an existing bank’s framework and can deliver highly-personalized banking services per customer demands.

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What Are NEO Banks?

Neobanks is the next-gen FinTech solution that offers non-traditional banking services online. These banks break the traditional brick-and-mortar stereotype bank's image into a highly advanced digital banking platform. NEO banks, even referred to as “challengers banks,” only exist online and specialize in offering financial products like money transfers, check balances, and open accounts.

The virtual existence of these financial institutions allows them to reduce paperwork, enhance transparency, and offer higher interest rates and no-fee services. 

White Label Neo Banking Platform

What Is A White Label NEO Bank Platform?

Whitelabel neo banking platforms are pre-built, tested, and ready to launch neo bank applications. These apps are functional replicas of existing neo-bank applications with integrated APIs and are perfectly capable of offering financial products and services. As these are pre-built and tested software solutions, they accelerate the overall development process and remove regulatory & technical obstacles.

Whitelabel NEO Bank Software: Working

Whitelabel NEO banks software for tech-savvy customers is another FinTech application that enables them to manage their money and use financial services effectively. These FinTech solutions make it easy for users to set up their bank accounts and avail of financial services without any physical paperwork.

Whitelabel Non-Banks offers similar financial services to those provided by traditional banks. However, the integration of new-age technologies makes them far more superior and accessible than conventional banks. Financial services offered by Whitelabel Neobankings software include:

  • Opening paperless savings/current account.
  • Checking accounts balance.
  • Money transfer and bill payments.
  • Credit and debit card.
  • Financial education tools, etc.

To keep the running cost down, most Neo banks partner with banks and credit institutions to offer loans to individuals and businesses. Partnering with banks enables them to provide financial services to customers online. 

Banks and financial institutions closely monitor the rise of neo-banking apps, thus offering similar online services to users. Mobile and web banking solutions are becoming an effective tools for banks to connect with common people and connect them with financial assistance.

Top Notch Features of Our Whitelabel NEO Banking Platforms

Easy Onboarding: This feature of our Whitelabel NEO banking app makes it easy for users to create an account with integrated identity features like face recognition, fingerprints, and SMS verification.

Send, Receive, and Request Money - This feature of our Whitelabel NEO banking platform allows users to send, receive, and request money from other users.

Multi-Currency Bank Account: Our Whitelabel NEO banking platform supports the creation of international bank accounts (IBAN) with multi-currency support.

Virtual And Plastic Card: With NEO baking solutions, you can offer virtual and plastic cards to users.

Card-To-Card Transfers: This Whitelabel NEO banking software allows users to send and receive money with their cards.

Easy Transfers: For money transfers in domestic and international bank accounts, NEO bank users can use this feature.

Asset Dashboard: Users of our NEO banking app can leverage this feature to view all their digital assets on a single app screen.

Customizable Interface: Based on their interest, users can change the background, theme, and other interface customization with this feature.

Digital Payments: Users of our Whitelabel NEO banking platform can use this feature for Apple pay, Play store payment, and mobile payments.

Currency Exchange: Our Whitelabel NEO banking has an integrated currency exchange feature allowing users to exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Savings and Lending: With this feature of our Whitelabel NEO banking software, users can apply for loans and automate savings.

Financial Advice: Users of our Whitelabel NEO banking application can leverage this feature to take financial advice from experts.

Support: This feature of our Whitelabel NEO banking app allows users to connect with the support team 24*7.

Join hands to revolutionize the way people do finance with top-notch Whitelabel NEO banking apps. Get in touch with our subject matter experts to get a full feature list of our Whitelabel NEO banking platform.

Whitelabel NEO Banking Platform Types

Neo banks might seem similar regarding financial services and operations, but the major difference lies in their license. If you are interested in launching your neo-banking application, then this section is a must-read for you. Here we will discuss the most common types of Whitelabel Neo banking platforms. Based on which Whitelabel neo bank app meets your business needs, you can move on with the app development process.

With Banking License

These types of neo-bank software operate under a banking license that allows them to offer a specific or full range of banking services. Most popular neo-banks operate with their banking license, either specialized or full range. Based on banking licenses, neo banks can provide debit/credit cards, currency exchange, saving A/C, money transfer, and loans. Users can leverage new-age technologies to enjoy financial services from the comfort of their homes.

Without banking license

These types of Neo banks offer financial services with licenses or partnering with other banks. Customers with accounts in other banks can link their accounts with Neo banking apps to enjoy a smooth application interface and online banking services. Common bank features include transaction history, check account balance, budget management, financial advice, and automated payments. All these financial services are offered under partner banks.

Beta Banks

These are virtual banks that operate under the license of the parent banking institution. Neo-banking platforms are financial subsidiaries of larger banks that want to expand their services to a wider customer base. Beta banks can expand their services to other countries where they plan to establish their foothold and gain popularity.

Whitelabel NEO Banking Platform: Benefits

Whitelabel Neo banking platforms are getting popular among users worldwide to enjoy financial services. For this reason, many FinTech startups are launching their own Whitelabel Neo banking platform to capture this growing financial business opportunity. With Whitelabel neo banking solutions, you can enjoy multiple benefits that include;

Cost Savings

Setting up a brick-and-mortar bank or fintech bank application will require a huge investment, tech experts, and financial regulations. There is no such complication related to Whitelabel neo banks. Launching a Whitelabel neo-banking application is relatively cheap and requires less manpower build a banking app. Thus, becoming an ideal choice for entrepreneurs to enter the market with limited cash flow. These are low-cost solutions to launch a sustainable fintech business.

Streamlined Focus

Whitelabel neo banking platforms are pre-built and tested business solutions. They eliminate the need to focus on the technological aspect of the app and launch a ready-made FinTech product in the market. Entrepreneurs can leverage this time to market and brand their neo-banking applications.

Business Growth

Whitelabel neo banking platform speeds up the development process and allows you to launch business startups within two to three months. Businesses can take advantage of Whitelabel neo banking services to offer extra services to their customers and foster business growth.

Competitive Market

The introduction of neo-banking services has made FinTech a very competitive space. Whitelabel neo banking platform creates a level playing field for budding entrepreneurs to enter this highly competitive market even with a low budget.

Whitelabel Neo Banking Platform

Whitelabel NEO Banking Platform Development Process We Follow

We have curated an agile Neo banking app development to ensure that we meet every client's needs. With a customer-centric app development approach, we deliver exceptions to our customers.

Our Whitelabel Neo banking solutions are pre-build and tested multiple times. We ensure that our Whitelabel solutions are reliable and bug-free by following this app development process. We follow this six-step software development to build reliable and scalable business solutions;


Our team connects with the client to understand the project needs and requirements during this phase. Here we will discuss what type of neo-bank app they plan to build.


During this phase, we analyze the information gathered from the above stage. We do a thorough project analysis and check the project's feasibility and requirement.


Our team experts gather to create a project development roadmap during the planning stage. We share the exact development cost, project timeline, and other tech stack requirements with the client.


Next, our team moves forward with the project development with a clear roadmap. Keeping client requirements in mind, we create a software solution that meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.


Before handing over the project to the client, our Whitelabel Neo banking platform goes through different testing phases. With this, we ensure error-free and reliable project delivery to our clients.


At RisingMax Inc, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. With our affordable post-development services, we ensure the smooth running of your Whitelabel neo banking platform.

How Much Does Whitelabel Neo Banking Platform Development Cost?

When it comes to the Whitelabel neo banking platform, multiple factors impact the overall development cost. This is why it is difficult to share the exact development cost of the project without understanding the project’s requirements. 

If you are planning to launch your own Whitelabel neo banking platform, and want to know the exact development cost, then reach out to our experts. Our expert team at RisingMax Inc. will listen to your project idea during a FREE consultation call. After understanding the project needs and requirements, our team will share the exact development budget ASAP.

Factors that directly impact the Whitelabel neo banking platform development cost:

  • Type of neo-banking application
  • Add-on features
  • Application complexity.
  • Integrated security features.
  • Required tech stack.
  • Location of white label development company.
  • Development company’s expertise.
  • Team strength.
  • Project completion timeline.

Most Whitelabel development companies share the overall development cost of the Whitelabel neo baking platform based on these platforms. On average most development companies in the USA will charge $60k - $70k for Whitelabel neo banking platform development.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc, For Whitelabel Neo Banking Platform Development?

We have a pool of software experts with hands-on experience with leading technologies such as blockchain, web3, AI, AR & VR. Our team leverages its expertise to build business-centric software solutions. Understanding the project complexities, we build solutions that streamline client business and put them on the road to success.

Here’s why you should hire RisingMax Inc;

  • Unparalleled development expertise.
  • Affordable software development services.
  • Tech prowess.
  • Reliable and secure solutions.
  • Certified and well-experienced developers.
  • Transparent pricing policy.
  • 24*7 customer support

Neo-banking solutions are still a growing market trend. Partnering with reliable IT consultants in NYC, allows you to grab this growing market trend and launch your FinTech solutions.

Make a move with our Whitelabel Neo banking platform and foster success.

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