Custom Revenue Cycle Management Software

Custom Revenue Cycle Management Software

We understand how vital it is for healthcare organizations and hospitals to manage finances and patient revenue cycle. Our healthcare software development team built a custom revenue cycle management software to effectively manage the seven steps of the revenue cycle. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your healthcare facility-specific revenue cycle management (RCM) system to streamline processes and become more competitive.

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We Cater To All Types Of Healthcare Businesses

RisingMax Inc., as a leading healthcare software development company, is well-known for crafting robust and flexible software solutions for our healthcare clients.

Revenue Cycle Management Software For Doctors/Physicians

Revenue Cycle Management Software For Doctors/Physicians

Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in healthcare with our feature-rich revenue cycle management solution. From patient registration to appointment booking and managing revenue, our software solutions assist doctors/physicians in handling other healthcare aspects and focus on patient care.

Top features include;

  • Automated Appointment
  • Telehealth
  • Email & Text Marketing
  • Patient Health Record

Revenue Cycle Management System For Mid-sized Hospitals

Our healthcare expert team assists in developing revenue cycle management software for mid-sized hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our robust and scalable healthcare solutions empower hospitals to streamline workflow, manage patients’ health records, automate appointments, and re-scheduling.

Top features include;

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Reputation Management
  • Inventory Management
  • POS Integration
Revenue Cycle Management System For Mid-sized Hospitals
Revenue Cycle Management System For Large Healthcare Facilities

Revenue Cycle Management System For Large Healthcare Facilities

We help you design a revenue cycle management system that perfectly aligns with large healthcare facilities' workflow and management needs. Advanced reporting and analytics tools, EHR, best-in-industry telemedicine features, pill reminders, and inventory management tools set our healthcare software apart.

Top Features Include;

  • Appointment Booking & Re-scheduling
  • Reputation Management
  • Payment Reminders and Alerts
  • Email and Social Media Marketing

Features of Our Revenue Cycle Management System

Our team keenly understands the complexities and challenges related to healthcare facilities and hospitals. We leverage this knowledge to integrate features within the revenue cycle management system to overcome these challenges and streamline business processes.

  • Revenue Cycle Analysis icon
    Revenue Cycle Analysis

    With this feature, the admin can easily analyze the revenue cycle and leverage the information for making well-informed decisions.

  • Manage Claims icon
    Manage Claims

    This feature of our revenue cycle management software assists admins in rejecting or accepting insurance claims without any hassle.

  • Manage Patient Engagement icon
    Manage Patient Engagement

    With this feature, the admins can effectively monitor and manage patients' interactions to drive meaningful business outcomes.

  • Patient Access icon
    Patient Access

    Leveraging this feature, clients and patients can access the information stored, such as test reports, medication, and appointment history.

  • Upload Documents icon
    Upload Documents

    This feature allows users to add relevant healthcare documents such as test results, health reports, previous health history, and others.

  • Electronic Health Records icon
    Electronic Health Records

    With this feature, the admin can break the data silos and allow doctors, physicians, and staff members to access health records seamlessly.

Healthcare Facility-Specific Revenue Cycle Management System

Our HIPAA-compliant revenue cycle management software solutions can be tailored to meet specific healthcare facility needs and operational goals.

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  • Cardiology
  • Multi-specialty
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care

Benefits of Investing in Revenue Cycle Management Software Development

Our healthcare experts leverage their domain knowledge to build robust and scalable revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare clients. Here are some top benefits of investing in revenue cycle management software development;

  • Revenue Cycle Management All-in-one Solution

    All-in-one Solution

    Our hands-on healthcare software development experience empowers us to integrate productive software and reporting tools to effectively meet clients' hospital and clinical needs.

  • Revenue Cycle Management Strengthen Digital Presence

    Strengthen Digital Presence

    We help hospitals and healthcare businesses to strengthen their digital presence. Our solutions pave the way for users to connect and avail of healthcare services without any hassle.

  • Revenue Cycle Management Mobile Friendly Solutions

    Mobile Friendly Solutions

    We understand how vital it is for healthcare firms to provide easy access to healthcare services to patients. We build mobile-friendly solutions for easy access from anywhere.

  • Revenue Cycle Management Enhanced Data Safety

    Enhanced Data Safety

    Integrated with high-end technologies and security tools, our healthcare software solutions create a secure ecosystem to protect & secure patients' health records and personal information.

  • Revenue Cycle Management Cloud Storage

    Cloud Storage

    Our team delivers top-notch healthcare solutions so our clients focus on patient care. Integrating cloud storage, we ensure enhanced performance, speed, and simplified system upgrades.

  • Revenue Cycle Easy Management

    Easy Management

    Managing multiple healthcare clinics and hospitals becomes easy with our healthcare software solutions. All vital healthcare business information and analysis is available on the admin dashboard.

Make Smarter Financial Decisions With Revenue Cycle Management Software

We help you design revenue cycle management software as per your healthcare facility business needs and at par with current technology standards. Get in touch to start the software development process today!

Financial Decisions With Revenue Cycle Management Software

Streamline Your Healthcare Business Revenue

Our healthcare expert team helps build a revenue cycle management system to automate and streamline the healthcare business revenue generation cycle.

Reporting & Analytics icon

Reporting & Analytics

Our revenue cycle management system empowers healthcare businesses to analyze, predict, and optimize the revenue collection cycle and make data-driven financial decisions.

Integrated Payment System icon

Integrated Payment System

The integrated payment solutions within our revenue cycle management system make it convenient to track payments from various sources and manage the collection cycle.

Maximize Financial Outcomes icon

Maximize Financial Outcomes

Our RCM software assists in maximizing the financial outcomes of healthcare facilities with billing management, performance monitoring, and automated claim settlement.

Optimize Process Workflow icon

Optimize Process Workflow

Integrated with cloud technology, our revenue management system ensures swift data sharing, easy access to authorized devices, and secure access to electronic health records.

Revamp And Optimize Your Revenue Generation Cycle

We help you design a revenue cycle management system that assists in analyzing, predicting, revamping, and optimizing hospitals' and healthcare clinics' revenue collection cycle.

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Why Choose RisingMax Inc.?

As a reputable healthcare service provider, we design and develop cutting-edge healthcare software solutions for our clients. Here’s why our clients trust us when it comes to healthcare software development;

Domain Expertise

For more than a decade, our healthcare experts have been successfully delivering IT solutions to our clients.

Innovative Solutions

Keeping abreast with the changing tech trends, we deliver innovative solutions that deliver meaningful outcomes.

Proven Strategies

Leveraging our hands-on experience, we implement proven strategies to deliver maximum business benefits.

Tailored Solutions

We offer customized healthcare software solutions to meet current tech standards and clients' needs.

Flexible Engagement

At RisingMax Inc., we offer flexible engagement models to meet our worldwide healthcare clients’ needs.

Lasting Support

Our team constantly monitors the app for optimization, tackles bugs and upgrades at nominal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AI-based Revenue Cycle Management?

    Integration of AI technology in revenue cycle management software assists in offering personalized care, analyzing patient behavior, improving decision-making capabilities, and automating business processes.

    How Much Does Revenue Cycle Management Software Development Cost?

    For basic software, the revenue cycle management software development costs $40,000- $45,000. Further, the development cost might go up to $80k to $100k+ based on the following factors such as healthcare software type, integrated features, project complexity, location of the development company, and others.

  • How Long Does It Take To Build A Revenue Cycle Management System?

    It usually takes somewhere between two to three months to build a revenue cycle management software. Further, the development time might increase based on project requirements, software complexity, business needs, and other project details.

    Can I Manage My Healthcare Clinics With Revenue Cycle Management Software at Multiple locations?

    Yes, you can. Our revenue cycle management software can efficiently manage multiple hospitals and healthcare clinics. An integrated admin dashboard makes it easy for the admin to monitor and manage different healthcare business aspects and make data-driven business decisions.

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