Custom Software Development For Manufacturing

Why Invest in Custom Manufacturing Software Development?

A custom software for manufacturing companies designed after analyzing workflow, business challenges, and future needs. These specifically developed custom solutions allows manufacturing firms to upgrade legacy system and real-time monitor processes from production to shipment.

We have successfully developed and deployed custom manufacturing softwares for startups, mid-sized and established firms. Contact our IT experts to upgrade your legacy software or build a custom solution from scratch.

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Benefits of Custom Manufacturing Software

The ongoing tech revolution makes it inevitable for the manufacturing sector to invest in and adopt cutting-edge software. Implementation of the right custom manufacturing software assists businesses in enjoying the following benefits such as:

Manage Quality icon

Manage Quality

Integration of industrial software enhances product quality and productivity.

Monitor Production icon

Monitor Production

Custom manufacturing softwares assists in production management and monitoring.

Schedule Production icon

Schedule Production

A custom software empowers manufacturing factories to schedule production.

Analytics and Report icon

Analytics and Report

Get detailed production reports and analytics to derive meaningful business insights.

Manufacturing Software Development

Jump Start Your Custom Manufacturing Software Development Project With Us

We help our clients build custom manufacturing software to streamline operations, optimize processes, and effectively manage production. Schedule a consultation call and start your digital transformation journey.

Our Full-Cycle Manufacturing Software Development Services For Manufacturing Businesses

Join hands to accelerate your digital transformation journey and unlock the true potential with next-gen technologies. Leveraging our affordable manufacturing software development services to implement robust software faster with zero bugs and minimal rework.

  • Web & Mobile Applications icon
    Web & Mobile Applications

    We help manufacturing businesses launch web and mobile applications that are designed to cater to their specific business needs.

  • Technology Integration icon
    Technology Integration

    Hire our manufacturing software developers to integrate new or upgrade existing manufacturing software solutions.

  • AI & ML Implementation icon
    AI & ML Implementation

    Leverage the true potential of next-gen technologies like AI & ML to streamline business processes and enhance product quality.

  • Manufacturing System icon
    Manufacturing System

    We assist organizations in building an ecosystem that enables easy monitoring of the entire production process.

  • Cloud Computing icon
    Cloud Computing

    We help manufacturing businesses leverage our cloud computing services to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

  • Support and Maintenance icon
    Support and Maintenance

    With our affordable maintenance and support services, we provide timely system updates and handle technical issues.

Well-crafted Manufacturing Solutions To Optimize Operations

It’s time to digitize and take your business to new heights with our well-crafted manufacturing apps and software. Connect with our experts to kick-start your manufacturing app or software project.

Well-crafted Applications To Optimize Manufacturing Operations

Core Manufacturing Solutions We Offer

We deliver reliable, error-free, and secure software solutions that assist our clients in gaining a competitive edge. Our core manufacturing solutions include the following;

Production Monitoring & Planning Software

Production Monitoring & Planning Software

For efficient monitoring, planning, and re-scheduling production

We empower manufacturing companies to design a production monitoring software solution that provides valuable production insights for enhanced planning.

Software features include;

  • Production Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • BI Reports & Visualization

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

For streamlining and simplifying business operations

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software enables businesses to optimize their manufacturing processes and simplify day-to-day operations.

Software features include;

  • Vendor Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Predictive Maintenance Software

Predictive Maintenance Software

To ensure that your equipment is in good condition.

Our predictive maintenance software enables manufacturing companies to prepare a maintenance schedule and predict machinery failure.

Software features include;

  • Prepare Maintenance Schedule
  • Maintenance History Tracking
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Recurring Services Scheduling

Inventory Management Software

For simplifying day-to-day inventory operations

Our inventory management software allows manufacturing companies to reduce human errors, speed up procurement processes, and optimize workflow.

Software features include;

  • Production Planning
  • Multi-warehouse Management
  • Generate Purchase Order
  • Reorder Inventory
Inventory Management Software
BI & Performance Management Software

BI & Performance Management Software

For production reporting and data-driven analysis

Our customized BI & performance reporting system enables businesses to derive valuable, actionable insights with robust BI features.

Software features include;

  • Budgeting Tools
  • Document Management
  • Role-based Access
  • Workflow Collaboration

Warehouse Management Software

To streamline manufacturing processes and manage warehouse

Integration of warehouse management software enables manufacturing firms to manage warehouses, reduce errors and operational costs efficiently.

Software features include;

  • Order Management
  • Stock Management
  • Multi-warehouse Support
  • Vendor Management
Warehouse Management Software
Manufacturing Workforce Software

Manufacturing Workforce Software

For effective workforce management and production planning

Our manufacturing workforce software assists companies in creating a secure working environment, enhancing workplace safety, and managing the workforce. Software features include;

Software features include;

  • Production Planning
  • Leave Management
  • Performance Reporting
  • Workforce Monitoring

Condition Monitoring Software

For capturing and analyzing critical equipment data

Our condition monitoring software gathers valuable equipment data with integrated IoT sensors, derives actionable outcomes, and responds in real-time.

Software features include;

  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Data Analytics
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Production Planning
Condition Monitoring Software
CRM Solutions

CRM Solutions

For increasing sales and enhancing customer engagement

Our CRM solutions are designed to boost customer engagement, enhance sales & customer support team performance, and increase sales.

Software features include;

  • Marketing Tools
  • Monitor Performance
  • Optimize Workflow
  • Monitor Sales

Our Engagement Models

With our relentless pursuit of catering to our client's software development needs, we offer flexible engagement models. Choose the one that meets your project goals and requirements.

Fixed Cost

Choose this model, If you or your company have well-defined project requirements, objectives, and deliverables.

  • Well-Defined Scope And Deliverables.
  • Pre-Determination Budget.
  • Little Or No External Dependencies.
  • On-Time Delivery.
Hourly Cost

Choose this model, if you or your company don’t have a well-defined project scope & requirement with frequent changes.

  • Undergo Changes During Development Process.
  • Tentatively Defined Scope.
  • Perfectly For All-Type & Size Projects.
  • Cost Depends Upon Time Spent And Resources Utilized.
Staff Augmentation

Choose this model, if you are looking to fill critical IT roles and speed up the custom manufacturing software development process.

  • Billed On Monthly Basis.
  • Ideal For Filling Critical IT Roles.
  • Hire Talented Performers And Technical Resources.
  • Easy Collaboration With In-House Tea.

Why Do Manufacturing Companies Trust Us For Software Development?

We at RisingMax Inc. have been involved in software development for manufacturing companies for over a decade. Our team leverages its extensive domain expertise to provide custom manufacturing software solutions. Here’s why our clients trust us:

Free Consultation

Avail of our free consultation to understand how investing in industrial software development benefits your manufacturing business.

Domain Expertise

We have successfully developed and deployed software solutions for our clients in the manufacturing domain for over 10 years.

Result Driven Approach

Leveraging our domain expertise, our team follows a result-driven development approach for deriving meaningful solutions for clients.

Tailored Solutions

For our clients in the manufacturing sector, we offer tailored software solutions that perfectly align with their processes and business idea.

Next-gen Solutions

Leveraging our expertise in next-gen technologies like AI and ML, we design manufacturing solutions that power the Industry 4.0.

Flexible Hiring Models

At RisingMax Inc. we offer flexible hiring models to meet our clientele needs and cater to their software development needs.

Innovative Minds

Our manufacturing software developers keep them abreast with changing technology trends to offer innovative software solutions.

Rigorous Testing

To ensure that we deliver top-notch manufacturing software solutions for our clients, our QA team follows rigorous testing methodologies.

Transparent Pricing Policy

We follow a transparent pricing policy and software development process to deliver business-oriented IT solutions to our clients.


  • What Is The Estimated Cost Of Manufacturing Software Development?

    Multiple cost-driving factors directly impact the software cost estimation. Major cost-driving factors include - type of manufacturing software, integrated features, software goals and requirements, team strength, and expertise of the development company. Connect with our experts and share your software requirements. Soon after approval, our team will start software development for manufacturing companies.

    How Much Time Needed For Manufacturing Software Development?

    RisingMax Inc. offers custom manufacturing softwares such as Manufacturing Workforce Software, Warehouse Management Software, BI & Performance Management Software, Inventory Management Software, Predictive Maintenance Software, Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Production Monitoring & Planning Software, and more. Leverage our affordable custom manufacturing software development services to start your digitalization journey.

  • What Types of Manufacturing Software Solutions Do You Provide?

    Yes, we do. We understand that different manufacturing firms require different types of software solutions. Thus, we offer affordable software development for manufacturing companies to meet their specific business needs and requirements.

    Can You Customize Manufacturing Software As Per My Business Needs?

    Different manufacturing softwares require different timeframes to develop. Share your custom manufacturing software requirements with our experts, and we will share an estimated project development time frame.

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