AI Hairstyle App Development Company

By RisingMax

January 04, 2024

AI Hairstyle App Development Company

AI-powered apps are successfully gaining traction from people, following which entrepreneurs are keen to invest in them. Such app development requires hi-tech frameworks, tools, cutting-edge technologies, advanced programming languages, and algorithms. Looking at the craze surfacing around AI and ML, businesses want to explore this realm and develop apps with matchless features.

AI Hairstyle App Development Company

AI-based hairstyle apps are emerging as the hot favorites of people as they offer a variety of hairstyle suggestions and styling tips via virtual consultations. If you are interested in AI hairstyle app development, then you have arrived at the right place. RisingMax is a leading AI software development company offering AI-driven solutions to their clients and helping them kickstart their businesses.

Stats And Facts Associated With AI

  • By 2030, the AI market size is estimated to be around $738.80bn with a CAGR of 17.30%.
  • Almost about 92% of organizations are utilizing AI for personalizing growth.
  • Around 35% of companies are using AI and about 42% of companies are exploring AI for future implementation.
  • It’s estimated that nearly 4 billion devices are already working on AI-driven voice assistants

How Does An AI Hairstyle App Work?

An AI hairstyle app is built with state-of-the-art technologies that precisely access the user's facial features such as eyes, face shape, overall face cut, etc. The application works by analyzing the user's personality and providing hairstyle recommendations. It is such a great app via which the users are able to uncover the hairstyles that truly match their personality.

Investing in an AI hairstyling app is a profitable venture because of the ample number of opportunities surrounding it. With RisingMax you can transform your dreams into reality and gain a competitive edge among your competitors. For more valuable details, connect with our experts, discuss your ideas, and begin your development journey.

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Features of AI Hairstyle App

Developing a feature-rich AI-based application is our forte. Have a wide glance over the stupendous attributes that accentuate the entire app's aesthetics. Our AI hairstyle app is integrated with first-class features. Fundamentally, there are two major categories i.e. user and admin panels that possess attributes beneficial for both end-customers and businesses.

User Panel

Virtual Try-On

Helps users to virtually try on different hairstyles to see how they would look before making a decision.

Haircut Tutorial Videos

Provides step-by-step tutorial videos for DIY haircuts or styling techniques based on the selected hairstyle.

Trend Recommendations

Offers recommendations related to trendiest hairstyles as per current fashion trends, celebrity styles, or user preferences.

Face Recognition

Uses facial recognition technology to map and analyze facial features for a realistic virtual hairstyle experience.

Hair Color Simulation

Allows users to try on different hair colors and, based on that, find the most appealing and appropriate option.

Offline Mode

With this feature, the users have access to different hairstyles offline, without an internet connection.

Salon Locator

Based on reviews/ratings, this feature imparts information related to local salons that can recreate the desired hairstyles.


Allows users to personalize hairstyles by fine-tuning parameters like color, length, and texture to match personal preferences.

AR Integration

Integrates AR technology for smooth integration of virtual hairstyles into the user's real-world environment via the device's camera.

Admin Panel

Content Management

Allow seamless management of various stylings, hairstyles, color combinations, etc along with adding and removing hairstyles.

Reporting And Analytics

The access to user data with proper stats helps admins to make precise decisions eventually resulting in required improvements.

Campaign Management

With this feature, the admin has the power to effectively plan and manage campaigns to lure more users and enhance the app’s visibility.

Feedback Feature

Every feedback provided by the users is addressed by the admin and rightful action is taken to address the issues.

Ultra-High Security

Security maintenance is the sole responsibility of the admin and through this feature, all top-tier privacy and compliance activities are performed.

App Updation

The exclusion of bugs, the addition of the latest features, and regular updation via contemporary tech stacks form part of app updation.

Accelerate your business with our AI app development services that optimize efficiency and boost sales in the blink of an eye. Bid adieu to the conventional ways of gaining popularity and profit generation. Our tech specialists have expertise in working on diverse AI/ML projects. Leverage the power of futuristic tech stacks and take your business to the heights of success.

Business Benefits of AI Hairstyle App

Our AI-driven hairstyling app offers numerous business perks. The success of an AI hairstyle app development depends on the user-friendly interface and all the fabulous features built with latest tools and technologies.

Amplified Customer Engagement

Our AI hairstyle app increases customer engagement by providing an interactive and personalized experience, thereby motivating users to spend more time and explore different styles.

Customer Satisfaction

The app contributes to higher customer satisfaction as users are able to make more informed decisions about their desired look. All this is possible due to the provision of try-on hairstyles and experimenting with personalized options.

Competitive Edge

Offering cutting-edge technology such as facial recognition, realistic rendering, and augmented reality gives the app a competitive edge in the beauty and fashion industry, attracting tech-savvy users.

Brand Loyalty

Users who have positive experiences with the app and find their ideal hairstyles are likely to develop loyalty to the brand, leading to repeat usage through positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Data-Driven Insights

The application gathers meaningful data based on popular styles, user preferences, and popular styles/trends. Such valuable information is helpful in targeted marketing, product development, elevating user experiences, etc.

Revenue Generation

One of the important business advantages is the profit earned through monetization opportunities. Popular ones are in-app purchases, collaborations, and partnerships with product brands.

Social Media Impression

The social media authorizes users to share their makeovers, thereby creating a viral scenario that helps drive more downloads and user engagement.

Revenue Model Of AI Hairstyle App

The ultimate aim of the businesses behind app development is to earn money. There are many ways through which profits and high returns can be generated. An AI hairstyle app comprises a feasible revenue model while contributing to both end users and industry allies.

In-App Purchases

Permits users to purchase virtual accessories, hair makeovers, and premium hairstyles to personalize their virtual makeover, thereby offering an additional source of revenue.

Subscription Services

Introduce a subscription model where users pay a recurring fee for access to a wider range of features, exclusive content, or regular updates with the latest hairstyle trends.

Partnerships with Salons

Collaborate with local salons or stylists and charge a fee for featuring their services or promoting exclusive salon discounts and offers within the app.


With the third-party Integration of advertisements from cosmetic companies and salons, the app owner generates a considerable amount of money.

Event Collaborations

Teaming up with fashion events or being a part of expos, attracts users and generates high revenue through event sponsorships, booth rentals, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

In this model, the recommendations related to hair care products, and styling tools, are made within the app. This helps in earning a commission for each user purchasing through such suggestions/links.

Data Licensing

Another great source of revenue generation is data licensing. Here, valuable insights are offered to beauty companies, researchers/ marketers on an agreement basis and a substantial fee is charged in return.

AI Hairstyle App Development Process

The AI hairstyle app is pushing new boundaries and setting trends across various industries. Our developers are capable of building a unique hairstyle app embedded with amazing attributes and design. Along with that, the app is integrated with AL/ML techniques for optimized user experience like voice recognition, personalized recommendations, etc.

Below, we have mentioned a step-by-step process,have a glance over them;

Competitor Analysis

Before commencing the project, we perform a thorough competitor analysis which helps in crafting beneficial marketing strategies. Valuable insights related to their product and marketing gimmicks are analyzed. The ones that align with our client's model are adopted.

UI/UX Design

We develop an app ensuring that it offers a fantastic user experience. An intuitive interface visually captivates users and therefore leads to the success of the app development. Our seasoned UI/UX experts have the potential to create prototypes, evaluate user needs, demonstrate design concepts, create navigation buttons, distinct graphic designs, UI mockups, etc.

Data Collection

An AI hairstyle app development requires a massive dataset that contains a variety of facial attributes and hairstyles. The data collected is in the form of text, video, images, audio, etc. Further, the datasets are analyzed by our data engineers, and data pipelines are built followed by data-driven solutions against the challenges.

Building And Training AI Models

At this stage, our AI experts analyze the hair and facial characteristics by using computer vision algorithms. Moreover, with DL algorithms and techniques, a virtual overlay network is built followed by tuning AI models that enhance the performance. To keep up with the latest trends related to hairstyles, we modulate the AI models quite frequently.


This is the most pivotal stage in developing an AI hairstyle app. Our experienced developers are well-versed in advanced tech stacks including coding techniques, frameworks, databases, cloud technology, etc. All these elements are necessary for a highly scalable, robust, and responsive app. Simultaneously, the features are integrated for optimal user experience.

Testing And Launch

When the AI-based hairstyle app is developed, it goes through a series of testing stages that remove errors and irregularities. An error-free app is responsible for eliminating unexpected technical glitches and offers a positive user experience.

After proper quality assurance, the app is launched for public use. In case, any issues occur, we also offer post-maintenance services to solve problems like freezing, void crashing, etc

How Much Does It Cost To Build An AI Hairstyle App?

Our AI hairstyle app development cost ranges between $30k-$80k. The costs are subject to vary depending upon the following factors;

  • Integrated Features
  • UI/UX Design
  • Platform Complexity
  • Level Of Personalization
  • Intelligence Level
  • Developer Charges
  • Tech Stacks etc
Connect with our business analysts and get a detailed AI hairstyle app cost breakdown.

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FAQ Related To AI Hairstyle App Development

Top-rated AI Hairstyle App-related questions we have been asked countless times.

How much does it cost to build an AI hairstyle app?

AI hairstyle app development cost ranges between $30k-$80k, depending upon the customization.

Can the app personalize the hairstyles according to the client’s preferences?

Yes! Attributes like length, color, and texture are subjected to personalization suiting clients' preferences and choices.

How much time does it take to develop the app?

It usually takes around 2-5 weeks to develop an AI-focused hairstyle app.

How frequently are new styles added to the app?

Based on the latest style statements and fashion trends, new hairstyles are regularly added to the app.

Which programming language is used to develop AI hairstyle apps?

Julia, Lisp, Prolog, Go, Scala and Rust are some of the popular programming languages used.

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