Our EV Charging Management Software Solutions

Our team at RisingMax Inc. is working tirelessly to build EV solutions that take our client’s businesses to the next level and empower the future of the automotive industry.

EV Charging Station Management Software

EV Charging Station Management Software

We help you design an EV charging station management software integrated with high-end features that easily manage charging stations at different locations.

Top features include;

  • Schedule Availability
  • Manage Power Output
  • Report & Analysis
  • Alerts & Notification

EV Fleet Charging Management Software

We assist EV fleet owners in developing management software that streamlines operations, power consumption, and ensures vehicles are charged for the next shift.

Top features include;

  • Energy Management
  • Manage EV Charging
  • Real-Time Battery Status
  • Trip Planning
EV Fleet Charging Management Software
Public EV Charging Management Software

Public EV Charging Management Software

If you own a public EV charging space, our experts can design an EV charging solution to ensure no power outrage or overconsumption of power capacity.

Top features include;

  • Manage Revenue
  • Power Consumption Tracking
  • Manage EV Resources
  • Custom Reports

Workplace EV Charging Management Software

We help you design EV charging management software for the workplace to manage power consumption and distribute load for no power outrage.

Top features include;

  • Book Charging Spot
  • Manage Power Load
  • Payment Support
  • Notification & Alert
Workplace EV Charging Management Software

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What EV Charging Management Software Brings To The Table?

There are multiple advantages of investing in EV charging management software developments. Everything from automating to process monitoring and enhancing overall system efficiency, these EV solutions bring a variety of benefits to the table for EV charging stations.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    EV station management software provides valuable insights about power consumption allowing stations to avoid power shortages or overuse thus enhancing efficiency.

  • Reliable System

    Tracking charging equipment to charger status and power consumption can be performed with EV charging station management software to improve system reliability.

  • Optimized Power Usage

    The data provided by the EV charging management software can be used to improve charging station infrastructure and optimize power consumption.

  • Easy Monitoring and Control

    Integration of cloud technology within EV charging station management system assist in easy monitoring and control of single or multiple charging stations remotely.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    EV charging management platform assists in providing valuable customer experience data to identify improvements areas, find new locations or increasing number of EV chargers.

  • Improved EV Station Safety

    Implementation of EV charging management systems empower EV stations to effectively manage and monitor power consumption, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

We Cater To A Wide Range of EV Charging Stations

As a well-recognized EV charging station management software development company, we cater to a wide range of EV clients. Irrespective of whether you own a public EV charging station or a private EV charging station, our team can design an EV app customized as per your business model.

Rapid Charging Station

Connect with our EV experts to build an EV app for your rapid charging station that makes it easy for users to find, book, and pay for charging.

Slow Charging Station

Our EV charging station app allows users to discover your charging station and avail of charging services without hassle.

Fast Charging Station

Join hands to develop software for your fast charging station that streamlines the overall process and enhances users' experience.

EV Charging Stations
Future With Our EV Charging Software

Empowering The Future With Our EV Charging Software Solution

Join hands to build EV software that empower the future and create an ecosystem for supporting EV infrastructure.

Working of Our EV Charging Management Platform

Our EV charging management system follows a streamlined workflow to ensure easy management of every charging station process from start to end. Here’s how it works;


Add & Monitor

Add your EV charging station or stations and platform will start monitoring 24*7 charging station performance data.


Dashboard Access

Users can access EV charging management platform dashboard to check performance status and other information.


Real-time Alerts

Our EV charging management platform will actively monitor faults and raise an alert to minimize downtime.


Accept Payments

EV charging station owners can set charging pricing and add payment methods for accepting payments.


Manage Power Load

Our EV software makes it easy for admins to view location-based station power consumption and manage load accordingly.


Reports & Analysis

Get weekly or monthly reports to gain valuable insights about EV charging stations and enhance business operations.

Why Choose Us?

RisingMax Inc, is a reputable EV charging management software development company. Our proven software development track record and unparalleled domain expertise sets us apart from others. Here’s why our clients trust us;

  • Unmatched Expertise icon

    Unmatched Expertise

    For more than 10 years, our software development team has been offering IT services to clients in different business domains.

  • Result Oriented EV Solution icon

    Result Oriented EV Solutions

    We leverage our domain expertise and in-depth knowledge to offer result oriented Electric Vehicle (EV) solutions for clients.

  • Flexible Engagement icon

    Flexible Engagement

    Our clients can hire our EV software experts as per their custom EV software development needs and application ideas.

  • Tailored EV Solutions icon

    Tailored EV Solutions

    Our experts at RisingMax Inc., offer tailored EV charging solutions to meet our clients business requirements and goals.

  • No Hidden Cost icon

    No Hidden Cost

    To ensure that our clients only pay for the EV charging management software, we at RisingMax Inc. follow a no hidden cost policy.

  • Lasting Support icon

    Lasting Support

    With our affordable maintenance and support services, we ensure timely optimization and smooth app running for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Sign NDA?

    Yes, we do. Our team signs an NDA to ensure the confidentiality of your unique electric vehicle application idea.

    What Is The Cost of EV Charging Station Management Software?

    The average EV charging station management cost lies between $35,000 to $40,000. However, the estimated EV project cost might increase based on software type, integrated features, project complexity, location of EV charging app development company, team strength and others. Connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. and get customized quotes for your EV charging project.

  • How Much Time Needed To Develop EV Charging Software?

    Usually, it takes 1-2 months to develop an EV charging software with basic features and functionality. The project development time might increase based on EV software complexity, customization needed, tech stack employed, and other factors. Schedule a consultation call and get your customized app development time & cost quote ASAP.

    Can You Customize EV Charging Management System As Per My Business?

    Yes, ofcourse. Our highly experienced EV software development team can build a custom solution for your business. Connect with our experts, share your ideas, and start the development of your EV project TODAY!

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