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Web 3.0 is the next iteration of the World Wide Web that will empower businesses worldwide to enhance transparency, security, and decentralization. Businesses worldwide are aligning their current state software solutions with changing tech trends. Evaluation of the security of web3 business apps by hiring a top-notch web3 penetration testing company is an inevitable move for a company.

Shifting your current business application and IT infrastructure will enable an organization to stay competitive and be future-ready. Before integrating web3 solutions within business operations, your web3 solutions must undergo a web3 testing process to ensure smooth digital transformation.

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted web3 penetration testing company, then connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. before implementing a web3 business solution. Our QA team will employ cutting-edge web3 penetration testing tools and methodologies to find loopholes and technical issues. We will ensure that your web3 business application performs as intended. We will submit a detailed report highlighting all technical issues and security threats.

What is Web3 Penetration Testing?

A web3 penetration test is an application testing methodology where a QA expert will simulate a real-world-like cyber attack to evaluate the apps’ security resistance. Various web3 app test cases are prepared and evaluated to find security loopholes and vulnerabilities within an application.

The main objective of web3 penetration testing is to discover application vulnerabilities that can hamper business effectiveness. A detailed web3 testing report prepared by the QA team highlights all the key issues with the web3 application and are submitted to the client.

Why perform web3 penetration testing?

Web3 penetration testing offers various advantages that make them inevitable for businesses worldwide. Here are some of the major benefits of web3 penetration testing;

  • Find security loopholes and flaws in the web3 application.
  • Determine the web3 app robustness.
  • Check web3 application compliance and data privacy.
  • Create a web3 application security and technical analysis.
  • Devise a roadmap to eliminate system security and technical issues.
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How is Web3 Testing Methodology Different From Web2 Applications?

Web 3.0, the next era of the internet, is based on decentralization, security, and transparency. The concept of decentralization in the web3 application makes them different from web2 apps and thus alters the entire application testing methodology.

No third-party interference and decentralization of web3 apps allow them to offer their users a secure and transparent ecosystem. However, from a testing perspective, web3 apps are at higher scalability and security risks. For this reason, a QA expert must add hard forks, DDoS, DNS hijacks, and scraping bots in their web3 testing process.

Greater risks to web3 applications mean a QA tester needs to put extra effort toward security testing of the web3 app compared to the web2 app. Even a small security loophole in the web3 application can lead to high financial losses, thus increasing the QA team’s workload.

Contrary to web2, web3 softwares requires a better understanding of the business logic behind the smart contract and knowledge of leading languages and frameworks. Testing and debugging a web3 application requires more resources and testing tool expertise as compared to the web2 app.

Our Broad Spectrum Web3 Penetration Testing Services

The ongoing digital revolution has pushed businesses worldwide to invest in web3 app development and explore new growth opportunities. RisingMax Inc., a trusted web3 testing company, provides affordable app testing services to ensure error-free deployment of web3 apps. Our web3 penetration testing services include;

  • Web3 App Integration Testing

    Our QA team will deploy tested web3 testing methodologies and tools to evaluate the system compliance of web3 applications before integrating them. With integration testing, we ensure that your web3 app fulfills all the functional requirements and business needs without hampering systems efficiency.

  • Web3 App Penetration Testing

    Hire our web3 team to evaluate the resistance of your web3 application to cyber-attacks and find loopholes. We will share a detailed penetration app testing result and highlight the security loopholes and their impact on the business.

  • Smart Contract Testing

    Our team will audit your blockchain-based smart contract’s business logic, coding issues, and vulnerabilities to protect your business. We will ensure that the smart contract is error-free to ensure smooth implementation and steer the business toward success.

  • Web3 Business App Testing

    As a leading web3 app testing company, we assist businesses worldwide to unlock the true potential of web3 applications. We test your web3 business app for smooth integration and error-free implementation of business applications.

  • Web3 Functional App Testing

    With our affordable web3 functional app testing services, we assist our clients in different business verticals in kick-starting their digital transformation journey and securely integrating web3 applications within business processes.

  • Web3 App Automation Testing

    Leverage our expertise in automation app testing tools to verify and validate your business application. Our QA team deploys cutting-edge automation tools and methodologies to deliver bug-free, reliable, and secure web3 business applications to our customers.

Three Major Key Components of Web3 Business Solutions

A web3 app has three key components:

Front End

The front end of the web3 business application allows users to interact with the application by fetching data from the host server. Our QA experts ensure that the application's front end can easily fetch the information from the host server and has a smooth interface.

Front end of the web3 business application written in;

  • HTML.
  • Angular.
  • React.
  • CSS.
  • JavaScript.

Back End

The back end of the web3 business application runs on a peer-to-peer network and works on heavy logic to ensure a smooth app interface. We test the back end of your web3 business application to ensure smooth API integration and seamless back end & front interaction.

Back end of the web3 business app is written in;

  • JAVA.
  • NodeJs.
  • C#.
  • GO.
  • Ruby.
  • Python.


The database layer of the web3 application is responsible for the client and server data storage. Our experienced web3 QA team will inspect for security loopholes and ensure a secure connection that allows users to connect to a business application.

Popular database storage options are;

  • NoSQL.
  • SQL.
  • Postgresql.
  • Mongo.

Our Result-Driven Web3 Penetration Testing Process

Our QA experts at RisingMax Inc. follow a rigid web3 penetration testing process to deliver unmatched customer results. We deploy cutting-edge web3 software methodology and tools to test an application and create a detailed report before implementing business solutions. Our team will raise red and yellow flags depending on the potential security threat or technical solutions. Have a look at our result-oriented web3 penetration app testing process that empowers us to tackle any web3 app testing challenge;

  • Web3 App Analysis

    During this web3 penetration testing process, our QA experts will connect to understand your business needs and web3 app testing requirements. Our main goal during this phase is to analyze your web3 application needs and do an in-depth business analysis to devise a testing strategy.

  • Web3 App Test Cases

    Our team will create various test cases based on the above web3 app analysis and testing needs. Web3 app test cases allow us to evaluate the scalability, performance, quality, and efficiency of web3 business software solutions.

  • Web3 Test Case Execution

    Our QA experts will execute test cases by providing input manually or automatically. Results or outputs of different test cases are analyzed to verify and validate various web3 app features & functionality.

  • Web App Test Reporting

    Our QA experts will create a report based on the outputs received from the above web3 app testing phase. Technical issues or security loopholes will be highlighted, and a detailed testing report will be shared with the client.

Following this stepwise web3 testing process allows us to ensure that there are no security loopholes and bugs in our client’s web3 applications. Leverage our web3 testing expertise to ensure that you securely integrate next-gen solutions within business processes. Get in touch with our experts and discuss your web3 app testing needs today.

How Much Does Web3 Penetration Testing Cost?

There’s no fixed cost when it comes to sharing the web3 penetration application testing cost. A variety of factors weighs that impact the overall web3 penetration application testing cost. We have discussed all these factors in detail to ensure that you have an idea of how most web3 penetration testing companies charge testing costs.

If you want to know how much your web3 business app testing will cost, then connect with our experts. Our team after evaluating your web3 application functionality and business requirements, our QA experts will share an exact project development cost.

Factors that directly impact the web3 penetration testing cost;

  • Web3 business application type.
  • Integrated security features.
  • Web3 testing process complexity.
  • App testing tools.
  • Location of web3 testing company.
  • QA team expertise.

Most web3 penetration testing companies share the project testing cost based on the factors as mentioned earlier. Are you looking for the web3 penetration testing cost? Web3 penetration testing service providers in the USA charge $20k to $30k for basic or medium web3 business apps.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Web3 Penetration Testing?

RisingMax Inc. is a renowned web3 penetration testing services provider to NYC-based businesses and customers worldwide. Our team leverages its web3 testing methodology expertise to ensure smooth integration and implementation of web3 business solutions. We thoroughly test your web3 application to find security loopholes and technical issues. Our team will create a detailed business application report of web3 penetration testing that enables you to securely integrate next-gen technologies within business operations.

Here’s why you should choose us;

  • Unmatched expertise in web3 app testing.
  • Affordable web3 testing services.
  • Tech prowess.
  • Detailed web3 software testing report.
  • Certified web3 QA team.
  • Transparent pricing policy.
  • Cutting-edge web3 testing tools and methodologies.
  • 24*7 customer support.

Start your digital transformation journey by partnering with RisingMax Inc., a top-notch web3 development service provider in NYC, USA. No matter how complex your web3 app testing requirements are, our experts are ready to take any challenge and deliver what’s expected within the agreed time frame.

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