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World’s Top-rated Leaders In Multi-Currency Wallet Development

RisingMax houses a highly-talented cryptocurrency software development team that holds expertise in delivering flawless white-label web, mobile, and desktop wallets.


Hire The Best For The Best Built-in Of Your Blockchain Product

With the cross-industry needs and project scope in mind, we utilize the best of blockchain technology and hold proficiency in building blockchain apps for safe and faster transactions.


Consulting By Professional Experts

Arrange a quick consultation with RisingMax’s Blockchain experts, better plan out the blockchain opportunities, and determine the hidden risks within the business. We advise you on everything related to Blockchain technology.


Blockchain Product Development

Engage with our expert blockchain engineers to craft smart contracts, web apps, mobile apps, NFTS, crypto wallets, and integration. We follow industry-specific standards and the latest practices to build high-quality Blockchain products.

Plethora Of Multi-currency Wallet Development Services We Offer

Being the top-notch multi currency wallet development company, we are committed to delivering highly-customizable crypto wallets with security features and an intuitive interface.


Defi Wallet Development

We offer the Defi wallets that are completely white-label and crafted with the most advanced security features. Our solutions will let your users experience ownership over their crypto assets.


NFT Wallet Development

Leverage the best of our non-fungible development services. We launch the most comprehensive world-class NFT wallet for enabling secure storage, monitoring, and transferring of NFT tokens.


Custodial Wallets

Launch custodial wallets for more enhanced security, faster transactions, and complete control over the crypto assets. We develop multi-currency wallets highly suitable for all token standards.


Mobile Wallet

We craft intuitive mobile wallet apps loaded with an excellent feature allowing easy management with debit/credit cards, various cryptocurrencies, and direct accessibility of bank accounts.

Innovative Crypto Wallets We Have Already Deployed


Coinbase Wallet

It is a mobile wallet type that is purposed for the storage of collectibles and tokens.


My Ether Wallet

An easy to handle wallet with open-source interface for interacting with Ethereum.



The most secure multi-chain wallets where transactions occur directly between traders.



An open-source tool proposed to manage Ethereum accounts in the most secure way.

Exciting Security Features Of Our Whitelabel Multi Currency Wallet Development

Our dedicated white label crypto wallet is strengthened for safer transactions with market-leading security features in mind.


2-Step Authentication

2-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security when it comes to protecting the user’s personal information.


Session Logout

There is an option of enabling and disabling the session logout time to avoid misuse of wallets and unwanted activity.


Threat Protection

Our crypto wallet is programmed to identify specific vulnerabilities and helps resolve them. A fully secure system gives an end to malicious attacks.


Wallet Backup

Taking a backup of a multi-cryptocurrency wallet helps secure one’s crypto assets against technical failures and glitches.


Breach Investigation

The feature ensures the authenticity of the data and scaling of reports to keep track of the breaches within the crypto ecosystem.


Email Authentication

You can also embed an email authentication feature to enable users to receive the verification mail and authentication on a withdrawal request.

Leverage Our Core Expertise In Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We build crypto wallet solutions leveraging the rich knowledge and unrivaled technical expertise.


Crypto Wallet Development

Make a mark in the cryptocurrency sector with a fully ready-made crypto wallet. We prepare wallets with high-end technology.


Multi-currency Wallet Development

With a multi-currency wallet supporting a spectrum of crypto coins and tokens, you can enable users to store multiple crypto assets.


Bitcoin Wallet Development

If you have a specific need for a Bitcoin-based wallet, we will construct it for you. Our team of crypto developers specializes in building all wallet types.


TRON Wallet Development

Take a step to build a highly customizable TRON wallet for your business. We are here to help startups, SMEs, and large-scale enterprises with TRON wallet development.


Ethereum Wallet Development

Ethereum wallets are designed to provide secure transactions. We at RisingMax, offer a robust, scalable, and highly-secure Ethereum wallet for your business.


Centralized Wallet Development

A centralized blockchain-based solution keeps control over every single activity. You can have us develop to become a true owner of the crypto exchange.


Decentralized Wallet Development

Our team also takes pride in deploying fully customized decentralized cryptocurrency wallets to help you stay ahead in the cryptocurrency market.


Coin Specific Wallet Development

If you have a requirement for a coin-specific wallet for your business with very specific instructions, we are ready to build a whole dedicated wallet for you.


Smart Wallets

Smart wallets offer your users additional recovery and security features over typical wallets. We as a leading team develop along with crypto payments integrations.


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Services By RisingMax

Our varied cryptocurrency wallet development services are listed below:

  • Blockchain Wallet Development
  • Centralized Wallet Development
  • Coin-specific Wallet Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Cryptocoin Mining Development
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet/Mobile App Development
  • Ethereum Platform Development
  • Custom Mobile Wallet Development
  • Cryptocurrency App Development
  • P2P Crypto Lending Software Development

Our Wide-ranging Defi Wallet Development Services

Being a top-notch Web Development Company in New York, we’re helping businesses across various domains obtain fully functional content management systems.


Web Wallets

They are also known as hot wallets. This wallet type usually requires web access for its operation and can be accessed via any internet browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, etc. Creating a web wallet for your business provides you with flawless security.


Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are completely mobile-based, easy to use, and highly compatible for both Android and iOS to exchange cryptocurrencies. The Internet itself completely supports this wallet type for seamless access over mobile devices.


Cloud-Based Digital Wallets

The cloud has the potential to provide the ideal environment for the integration of new technologies into digital wallets. Digital wallets that are hosted on the cloud can benefit from extreme protection due to the cloud’s inbuilt features.


Defi Dashboard

Defi dashboard is designed for users to easily view, store, and manage cryptocurrencies right from one place. There is also an option for users to connect other wallets with the dashboard and use them as a use-only platform.

Looking for Highly-Secure Wallet Development?

Start facilitating secure and easy payments by getting hands-on with our crypto wallet development solution. We build crypto wallets for Blockchain projects, Defi trading, and other platforms. Discuss your project needs so we plan the development of your required wallet together.

Why Count On RisingMax Your Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Developer?

With our finest wallet development, you can ensure your business is ready to overcome all types of obstacles in cryptocurrency transactions.

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    Expert Crypto Developers
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    White Label Solution
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    Timely Delivery
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    24/7 Support
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    Years Of Experience

    RisingMax has been involved in cryptocurrency wallet development for the last many years. They can build fast and secure cryptocurrency wallets for wide businesses.

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    Expert Crypto Developers

    With a team of 200+ crypto experts, we help you refine your ideas, suggest the best approach, and with you in setting up your business from scratch to end.

  • espert-developer
    White label Solutions

    Leverage our high-quality white label crypto wallet development solutions as per your business needs. Our solutions ensure error-free virtual transactions.

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    Delivery On Time

    We hold a good reputation for delivering blockchain products within the specified time frame. Our team works systematically to bring the best results in less time.

  • espert-developer
    Next Level Innovation

    RisingMax distinguishes itself by taking accountability for what they promise their clients. We craft crypto wallets that will surely surpass your expectations.

  • espert-developer
    Round The Clock Support

    Call us anytime for your queries regarding cryptocurrency wallet development and we are always there to help you. We ensure our clients with 100% satisfaction.

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    Securely Build Apps

    We truly understand the necessity of security to avoid unwanted fraudulent activities. We incorporate the latest technologies to build crypto wallets to mitigate the risks.

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    Agile Approach

    We deliver the most delightful customer experiences in the cryptocurrency wallet development process using agile approaches and methodologies.

Safeguarding Your Crypto Wallet With High-spec Functionality

When you choose us for white label crypto exchange software or wallet development, we ensure it is highly protected with cutting-edge security mechanisms.

  • HTTP
    HTTP Authentication

    Such a secure HTTP authentication token is leveraged for the authentication of the user.

  • Data-Encryption
    Data Encryption

    Data encryption mechanism helps safeguard the user credentials and other information.

  • jail-login
    Jail Login

    It helps satisfy customers by preventing multiple failed attempts for a specific amount of time.

  • protection
    Anti Denial of Service

    DoS offers protection against massive, multi-gigabyte DDoS attacks for your application.

  • crosssite
    Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention

    It helps in preventing unwanted user actions along with state changing user requests.

  • server-side
    Server-Side Request Forgery Protection

    The mechanism helps in protecting the internal system from unwanted attacks from web app.

  • parameter
    HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

    Block web attacks that make a false HTTP request in the desire to retrieve hidden information.

  • distributor
    Anti-Distributed Denial of Service

    DDoS helps guard the exchange from enormous traffic that originates from multiple sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have further queries on cryptocurrency wallet development, you will find all the answers right here. We ensure you are armed with all the necessary details in making the right choice for you.

In setting up a crypto exchange wallet for your business, you must eye on various essential features like security, scalability, and performance. The platform with all these needed features is more likely to gain more success.
The overall cost of the cryptocurrency exchange wallet software depends upon the features and functionalities you want to add. Choosing a white label solution is wise to save both your time and cost.
If you plan to build your own exchange software, the development time depends on your requirement. The white-label crypto wallet can be launched in less time, whereas one from scratch will take a relatively long development time.

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