AR/VR App Development Services Offered By Us

We’re the most trustworthy AR/VR development company in the USA that empowers the top global brands to embrace Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to deliver unique app experiences. At RisingMax, we can support you with comprehensive AR/VR development services.

AR/VR App Consultation

AR/VR App Consultation

As a top AR/VR development company, we know how to turn your app dreams into real-time experiences. Our end-to-end consultation helps the businesses learn the secrets of leveraging the potential of next-gen technologies like AR and VR.

AR/VR App Development

AR/VR App Development

We excel in delivering the most reliable, innovative, and next-gen AR/VR apps combined with rich animated graphics. To provide scalable AR/VR apps with robust features, we leverage the most immersive cutting-edge tools.

Mixed Reality Apps

Mixed Reality Apps

Or, say hybrid reality – a mix of physical and digital worlds to deliver a new environment. Taking steps towards Mixed Reality App Development is worth a try. Our team offers mixed reality business solutions at cost-effective prices.

3D Data Visualization Platform

3D Data Visualization Platform

Become a partner of our award-winning AR and VR software development company to stay on the competitive edge. We build 3D data visualization platforms using AR and VR technologies that enable enterprises to predict future outcomes.

IoT + AR/VR  Development

IoT + AR/VR Development

RisingMax fraternizes the potential of augmented and virtual reality with IoT to build more ingenious 5G-powered mobile apps. Our technologically updated team brings the best of Augmented and virtual reality to implement IoT components.

VFX + VR Development

VFX + VR Development

We are a top-level development firm based in the USA, specializing in building 360-degree videos collaborating with AR/VR and VFX. Our experienced 3D artists, graphic designers, and developers work together to construct stunning entertainment products.

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Immersive AR/VR Based Solutions, Tailored To Your Needs!

Our renowned Augmented and Virtual Reality development firm merges extensive experience with creativity to serve highly engaging AR/VR-based digital solutions.

Multiple Device Compatibility

The RisingMax are renowned for delivering high-end applications that ensure compatibility with VR headsets or platforms like Samsung VR gear, Oculus, Hololens, etc. We aim to give you a realistic feel through our customization and interactive design of the App.

  • Effective customer relationship
  • Meeting the profitability
  • Achieving business goals
Multiple Device Compatibility
Locations Based AR solutions

Locations Based AR solutions

With our location-based Augmented Reality services, we help businesses target the specific local region's audience efficiently and effectively. In our AR development process, We use the Global positioning systems to record information on maps and find the exact location.

  • More business sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Better user engagement

Face Recognition

We at RisingMax, also build amazing Augmented and virtual reality apps with face and gesture recognition features to unlock the device. Our firm serves you with a wholly unique and engaging product that performs highly accurate face detection with emotions.

  • Seamless unlocking
  • Enhanced public security
  • Faster verification
Face Recognition
Visual Recognition

Visual Recognition

It's a digital age, and you need to discover the possibility of AI in your business. Go for innovative solutions that use visual search technology to identify the scenes, objects, and text automatically. We help deliver AR experiences loaded from recognized images.

  • Recognizes images/videos
  • Identifying crime incidence
  • Smooth business performance

Object Recognition

Designed from scratch, our object detection & recognized AR solutions are either cloud-based or device-based, helping businesses enhance their operations. Leveraging the AI capabilities, each of our solutions is tailored to your requirement and customized to achieve the best results.

  • Precisely detect objects
  • Log Management
  • Intrusion detection
Object Recognition
Gesture Recognition

Gesture Recognition

We provide hand-gesture recognition tracking solutions crafted using 3D depth-sensing technology. Our technology professionals with extensive expertise will provide you with a solution to accomplish business operations with utmost accuracy.

  • Predict gesturing
  • Good system performance
  • Simple & easy-to-use

Looking to deploy the power of Augmented & Virtual Reality in your App?

Uncover the Potential of AR/VR with the Offerings At RisingMax

The increasing demand for Augmented & Virtual Reality has developed a potential scope for businesses and startups worldwide. At RisingMax, our creative and technologically updated minds are proficient in developing tailored-made AR and VR app solutions.

Enterprise-level Solutions

Ground-breaking technologies like AR and VR give a new turn to enterprises. Our most acceptable AR and VR solutions are equipped with high-quality graphics and much more. We are capable of delivering conferencing applications and interactive Kiosks tailored to business requirements.

Game Development

In the gaming industry, Augmented Reality holds the potential to deliver exceptional experiences. Our gaming developers are highly proficient in building high-end gaming solutions with user-friendly features. We know what elements and features together make a successful gaming app.

Social Media Apps

Rely on us for unmatched social media app solutions. With AR and VR-powered 3D technologies, we can develop social media networking apps in line with bespoke business needs. Our crafted solutions will help entice the users by displaying the interactive content.

Training & Development Modules

Thanks to the advances in Augmented and Virtual Reality. With these technologies, we can build practical training and development modules to make study fun and interactive. Our crafted modules across academic fields help offer powerful mobile experiences to users.

Marker-Based Augmented Reality

Transform your app into reality using Marker-based augmented reality. Marker-based apps are designed to deliver an entirely different level of imagination. Actively used in broad industries, such a type of app helps recognize the particular marker or object using OR codes or 3D imagery.

3D User Interface Design

3D graphics now have a good presence in both mobile and web interfaces. We at RisingMax, have the skills to exert advanced UI elements and appealing designs to your apps. Our logical and clear UI designs allow users to interact with higher resolution headsets, such as PlayStation VR.

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AR/VR App Solutions Across Several Industry Verticals

We develop AR/VR solutions for businesses of various types and sizes that help enhance their operational efficiency, boost return on investment, and build potential customer engagement. We integrate the best-in-class tools such as ARKit, ARToolkit, and others to deliver scalably and feature-rich reality apps.


AR and VR technologies have changed the whole scenario of the healthcare industry. With a powerful AR/VR mobile application, it’s easy to manage all clinical operations with much ease.

  • Augmented Surgery
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Surgery Planning
  • Medical Simulation

Retail & Ecommerce

Reshape your retail business with Augmented and virtual reality technologies. Our powerful AR/VR mobile apps or products deliver immersive demos and allow customers to have seamless shopping.

  • AR-Based Stores
  • Product Demos
  • AR-based Navigation
  • Virtual showrooms & Models
  • Virtually try-on products

Banking & Finance

AR and VR-powered applications have revolutionized the finance industry. Financial service providers with such technologies can help increase operational efficiency and overall customer experiences.

  • AR/VR Financial Education
  • VR Trading
  • VR payment management


The potential of Ar technology allows the manufacturing sector to be more customer-centric. Using AR solutions in manufacturing, you can quickly resolve operational challenges, prevent mishaps on-site, etc.

  • AR Inventory Management
  • VR hands-on staff training
  • Real-time Employee instruction

Education & E-learning

A mix of reality technologies has a significant impact on the educational field. The most ingenious AR/VR educational app helps create engaging learning experiences for students and fosters creative thinking.

  • Immersive Learning
  • AR-powered classrooms
  • Virtual Lecture halls

Real Estate

By having AR and VR in place, real estate agencies can create immersive buying experiences for customers. Leveraging such technologies in your app helps you grow business, get more clients, etc.

  • AR-based Real estate solution
  • Virtual walk-throughs
  • Architectural visualization

Logistics & Distribution

Augmented And Virtual Reality is all set to change the way you handle your logistics business. Our team is well on the way to deliver reliable solutions that can help improve your business processes.

  • Augmented-reality wayfinding
  • Warehouse safety training
  • VR warehouse planning

Media & Entertainment

In the media and entertainment landscape, AR and VR technologies are highly used to deliver real-time content. To bring your media app to life, we blend mobility with media and distribute it worldwide.

  • Immersive entertaining
  • AR/VR music events
  • Augmented Reality Films


The recent advancements in AR and VR can help the automotive industry overcome challenges in a scalable way. A powerful crafted automotive app empowers customers to customize car models, etc.

  • Augmented windshields
  • Virtual reality showrooms
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Safety Management

Unmatched AR/VR Solutions & Consulting, We’ve Got A Power to Setting Up & Achieving your business goals!

Many of the immersive user experiences are the result of technologies like AR and VR. RisingMax offers its clients end-to-end AR/VR App development and detailed consultancy geared towards creating immersive customer experiences. From creating an ideal product strategy, designing, developing, to testing, we get the most out of these technologies to build major devices - Oculus Rift VR, HTC Vive, and many others.

Full-time Hiring

Full-time Hiring

On-demand Hiring

On-demand Hiring

Hourly Basis Hiring

Hourly Basis Hiring

Unmatched AR/VR Solutions & Consulting

Why Choose RisingMax For AR/VR Development?

When our clients demand AR and VR solutions, intelligence and brilliance are what make us enable businesses to stand out. Our team blends potential expertise with creativity to build innovative user experiences. Some of our unique qualities:

  • Fixed-Term Contracts
  • 100% genuine reviews
  • Full-time workers
  • Dedicated Team
    & Resources
  • Strong Technical
  • Security
  • Customer-centric
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Guaranteed Innovation
  • We care for
    your business
  • Flexible solutions
  • Competitive prices
  • Integrity & transparency
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • 24/7 technical support
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