IoT Fleet Management Software

By RisingMax

August 29, 2023

IoT Fleet Management Software

We help you design a custom IoT fleet management system that assists in streamlining fleet operations and boosting efficiency. Fleet owners and managers can get real-time insights into vehicle location, performance, and maintenance needs. Revolutionize your fleet operations with real-time business operations at your fingertips.

We Help You Run The Fleet Business On Data, Not Assumptions

Our cutting-edge Internet of things fleet management software assists in running your fleet business on data. Our software provides fleet owners and managers real-time fleet locations, monitors health, proactive maintenance alerts, and other valuable business data & reports. Elevate driver safety and behavior through real-time tracking. Unlock unparalleled efficiency and cost savings with our tailored solution for fleet owners and managers.

IoT Fleet Management Software

Captivating Features of IoT-based Fleet Management Software

Before reaching out to a software development company, find out the list of features that you want to include in IoT fleet management software. List out features that assist in effective fleet management and streamline overall processes. 

Route Optimization

This feature lets fleet owners track the best route to reach the pickup or delivery locations with integrated IoT sensors or devices. With real-time traffic updates, the software can suggest alternate routes to ensure timely pickup and delivery.

System Check

Integrated IoT sensors can diagnose and raise an alert in case of a mechanical problem. With real-time availability of information, drivers and fleet managers can take preventive measures to reduce downtime.

Tracking Working Hours

This feature allows fleet owners and managers to track driving hours, rest duration, and monthly easily. Leveraging this information, managers can easily ensure legal compliance, proper rest, reduce fatigue, and efficiently distribute the workload.


Integrated IoT sensors provide drivers and fleet managers with detailed reports about vehicle routes, daily speed, distance traveled, and time taken. With a better route plan, and setting daily travel & speed limits, fleet managers can get better mileage per truck and increase revenue.

Invest In IoT & Transform Fleet Management With RisingMax's IoT Based Fleet Management System.

Preventive Maintenance

This feature of the fleet management IoT software allows fleet owners to automate their preventive maintenance schedule. Further, keeping track of minor or major maintenance works such as oil changes, brake inspection, AC cleaning, tire running, and others becomes easy.

Tracking Assets

Integrated RFID tags and IoT sensors allow fleet owners and managers to keep real-time tracking of equipment and assets, track how often they are used, and their exact location.

Risk Management

IoT-based fleet management software assists in identifying different types of risks and mitigating them with real-time information and preventive action plans.

Track Downtime

This feature of the IoT fleet management system allows fleet owners and managers to keep track of fleet downtime and take appropriate actions to ensure the smooth running of each vehicle in the fleet.


This feature allows fleet managers and owners to restrict or create virtual boundaries on specific locations for any reason. The software will raise an alert when a fleet vehicle enters or exits a restricted area.

Driver Communication

With this feature, fleet drivers and managers can easily communicate in case of an emergency.

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Businesses IoT-based Fleet Management Software is Best Suited For

IoT-based fleet management software is designed to address key pain areas of fleet management and assist in streamlining & automating business processes. Most fleet management softwares is capable of addressing business needs. However, you can customize the software to meet specific fleet management business needs. These software solutions are best suited for:

  • Transportation and Logistics Companies
  • Delivery Services Providers
  • Construction Companies
  • Public Transportation
  • Waste Management Companies
  • Rental Car Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Mining and Extraction Industries

Who Can Take Advantage of IoT Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management IoT solutions are widely implemented across different industries, making fleet management easier than ever before. Here’s a list of professionals who can take advantage of the Internet of things fleet management software;

  • Fleet Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Dispatchers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Safety Managers
  • Accounting
  • Executives

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Why Invest In an IoT-based Fleet Management System?

As a fleet business owner or manager, you can expect various business benefits from investing in an IoT fleet management system.

Fleet Tracking

The fleet management software makes it easy for fleet owners and managers to track the exact location of each fleet vehicle and take swift action in case of breakdowns, thefts, and emergencies.

Streamline Maintenance

The software assists in creating a maintenance schedule with effective vehicle status tracking. Thus reducing unwanted breakdowns, reducing repair costs, increasing mileage, and extending vehicle lifespan.

Cost Savings

The software assists fleet managers and drivers in finding the best route, automating various operations, taking data-based decisions, and saving thousands of dollars with effective fleet utilization.

Improve Safety

The software ensures proper driver rest, encourages responsible driving, and performs a risk analysis to ensure driver safety and well-being.

Valuable Business Insights

The software assists in collecting data such as route, distance traveled, maintenance schedule, working hours, and fleet efficiency. This information can be leveraged to make data-based decisions and increase business overall efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

The software assists fleet owners and managers in automating reporting for adherence to industry regulations, avoiding penalties, and ensuring easy regulatory compliance.

Better Service

The software assists fleet managers in predicting accurate pickup and delivery times, thus ensuring better customer service.

Asset Utilization

Monitor vehicle availability and usage, making informed decisions to optimize fleet deployment and resource allocation.

Remote Diagnostics

Integrated RFID tags and IoT sensors assist managers in tracking the exact asset locations, asset usage, and inventory.

Environmental Benefits

Minimize carbon emissions through route optimization and encouraging eco-friendly driving habits, contributing to a greener environment.

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Development Process We Follow To Develop Advanced IoT Fleet Management System 

We have been offering blockchain based IoT development services to our clientele worldwide for over a decade. Over the years, we have crafted the art of designing advanced software solutions and follow a well-documented development process to guarantee results. Keeping our client's requirements at the center of our development process, we meet and exceed their expectations.

Our six-step development process starts with the following;

  • Idea Discussion
  • Gathering Requirements
  • Project Roadmap
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Deployment

During the software development process, we focus on the client’s requirements, understanding business workflow, and creating a roadmap to streamline the development process.

Now, you know the secret behind our outstanding business-oriented software solutions. Why not connect with our experts and start your digital transformation journey? We at RisingMax Inc. provide free consultation calls so that entrepreneurs can discuss their ideas. 

Development Cost of IoT-based Fleet Management System

You need to invest somewhere between $45,000 to $50,000 to build a fleet management IoT system. Remember that the IoT sensor deployment and other overhead expenses are not included in this.

Further, as mentioned above, the cost is a rough estimation of the development cost that might increase or decrease based on your project requirements and goals. Factors directly impact the software development cost that we have discussed below;

  • Business type
  • Software implementation scope
  • Integrated features
  • Customization required
  • Tech stack required
  • Team expertise and strength
  • IoT software development company

Most Switzerland based software development companies evaluate the cost-driving factors during the project discussion stage before sharing an estimated budget.

We share customized software development budget estimations.

Wonder how much a new business venture will cost you? Connect with our subject matter experts and share your business software development needs. Our team will evaluate and analyze your needs and share a customized development estimation ASAP.

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Why Partner With Us For IoT-based Fleet Management System Development?

We have been offering our software development services to clients in different domains for over a decade. Our team understands the challenges associated with adapting new business technologies and moving towards digitalization. 

Here’s why we are the right software development partner.

Domain Expertise

Our team has developed and deployed various IoT-based business solutions for our clients in different industries.

Result Oriented Solutions

Our team leverages its hands-on development experience to deliver result-oriented solutions for our clients.

Customized Software

Our team understands the client’s business workflow, automation needs, and software requirements to build customized software.

Unique Solutions

Our team leverages its domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to deliver unique solutions that accelerate business growth.

No Hidden Cost Policy

With our no-hidden-cost policy, we ensure that our clients only pay for the software development cost and no additional charges.

Flexible Engagement

We at RisingMax Inc. offer flexible engagement models to ensure we cater to our clients' different business needs.

IoT Fleet Management Software


How Much Time Required To Develop An IoT Fleet Management System?

We can develop your IoT-based fleet management system within a time duration of four to six weeks. For an exact time estimate, we recommend connecting with our experts and sharing your fleet management software requirements & needs. Our team will share an estimated time duration and budget ASAP.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An IoT-based Fleet Management System?

Most software development companies, on average, charge $45,000 to $50,000 for an IoT fleet management system. However, the software development cost might increase or decrease based on business type, integrated features, required tech stack, implementation scope, etc.

Can You Integrate My Existing Software With IoT Fleet Management Software?

Yes, we can. Our software engineers will integrate your existing business software with an IoT fleet management system to create a connected ecosystem. This ensures a smooth flow of data & information to streamline business processes.

Does Your IoT Fleet Management Software Have Integrated GPS?

Yes. Our IoT fleet management software supports GPS technology, assisting fleet managers and owners to get real-time fleet location.

Can You Develop a Customized Fleet Management IoT System For My Business?

Ofcourse, we can. Share your specific business requirements and fleet management software needs with our experts and start your digital transformation journey.

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