Cutting-edge Elearning App Solutions For Education Sector

As a leading educational app development service provider, we design mobile apps and web solutions to modernize the education sector. Leveraging our hands-on development experience with cutting-edge technologies empowers us to deliver exceptional elearning applications for our clients.


Learning Management System (LMS)

Our developers provide custom LMS development to various platforms that use eLearning solutions. We develop software solutions that integrate all the processes of planning and creation of educational and training modules.


Web-based Training (WBT) & CE (Continuing Education)

Web-based training delivers training to employees & students anytime, anywhere. Our developers make the correct use of technologies to develop virtual training solutions to meet the educational needs of a broad and diverse population while incorporating various features.


Student On-boarding & Management

We optimize application processing operations through a customized platform augmented with customized design, content, video, and programming services. Our solutions enable institutions to put their best virtual face forward for student onboarding management.


Assessment, Reporting & Analytics

RisingMax’s software solutions enable admins to generate powerful data analytics reports and customized visual dashboards to ease decision-making. We are the makers of robust and scalable analytics software to end the traditional system of analytics.


Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

We devise a platform that integrates authoring, delivery, publishing, and analysis of content in a multi-user environment. Being a centralized content management system, LCMS brings various other benefits for revolutionizing how content is created and delivered.


Corporate Training Solutions

We design solutions that supercharge every step of your corporate training. We cater to various industries like technology, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, food & beverage, automotive, real estate, hospitality, telecommunications, aviation, and more through this solution.

School Management App Solution

Under the umbrella of our educational app development services, we offer a school management app that lets educational institutions go paperless and automate all the tedious administrative tasks on a single platform. Our software is equipped with the latest technologies, making it one of the most sought-after platforms in the marketplace.

E-Learning App Development

With virtual learning becoming more popular, our educational app development company USA develops robust solutions to meet the modern needs of the education and training industry. The most common features that we integrate into eLearning apps are lecture scheduling, assignments, leaderboards, audio streaming, video conferencing, and more.

Teacher App

We provide an all-in-one platform to run online classes in a secured manner through an app for teachers. Teachers can bring their classroom online in a few minutes using our customized software solution. The users adopt quality-driven teaching by using our solution to provide ease of management of all the online teaching tasks.

Parents App

We are an education mobile app development company New York that has expertise in developing apps that keep parents informed about their child’s performance and strengthens the relationship between students and teachers. Our mobile app solution allows parents to get instant access to events, assessment notifications, newsletters, and more.

Educational Institutions

RisingMax is a pro in developing apps for schools, colleges, and universities. We integrate features like communication between schools, colleges & universities, uploading assignments, publish announcements & events, sections for admission form & fee structure, and complaints.

Online Classes App

We develop solutions that ensure uninterrupted learning and progress for students. The solution comes with features that allow sharing of presentations & content videos, digital whiteboard, chats & comments, along with school timetables integration.

Online Examination App

At RisingMax, we provide an online examination app backed by features like exam & data security, certificate maker, instructor accounts, detailed analysis, printable reports, self-registration, support, and more. We are an educational app development company that identifies the issues of the examination system and builds a solution to overcome the challenges.

Digital Library App

With a digital library app, you can remotely access your content wherever you are. Users can log in to access all digital collections, comprehensive user management & analytics, centralized control, push library notifications, and various other features. The solution is open for teachers, students, and researchers.

Custom Education App Development Services

RisingMax Inc., development team is well-known for designing outstanding educational applications for our clients in different educational domains. We offer custom elearning app development services for;

Educational Businesses

Implement next-gen educational solutions that allow educational businesses to connect with students and employees remotely.

Training Institutes

Leverage the true potential of AR & VR technologies to train employees in a virtual immersive environment.

EdTech Startups

Integrate next-gen technologies that enhance users' learning experience and create a highly profitable business experience.

Choose The Most Reliable E-Learning App Development Company

RisingMax is a software or app solution provider and a company that provides a premium experience to its clients.

We embed the latest technologies into the solutions we provide and let its efficiency speak volumes for our professionalism and reliability.

As an educational app development company, we have never failed in delivering at par with our commitment.

  • Interactive iOS & Android apps with CRM web panel
  • Whitelabel solution to match your brand
  • End-to-end encrypted for content security
  • Seamless integration
  • Smooth functionality
  • Excellent performance
  • Cost mitigation

Paving The Future of The Educational Sector With Next-gen Technologies

Empowering our educational applications and softwares with next-gen technologies, so our clients won’t miss out on any growth opportunities.

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AI-based Education Apps

AI-powered learning platforms help educators to manage digital content and student engagement better.

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Gamification In Education

Our team develops Gamification-based education apps and transforms the classroom environment into a game.

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AR/VR Training Solutions

We strive to improve the learning process through AR/VR and contributing to more inclusive classrooms.

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IoT In Education

We are contributing to building a more collaborative future for the education sector and assisting teachers and students in bettering the process.

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If you are determined to take learning to the next level, then it’s time for you to consult an eLearning app development company USA and build your education app.

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Automated Attendance

An efficient school management application facilitates automation of the attendance task. This feature saves teachers’ time and leaves them with ample time to use in other productive activities.

Library Automation

Our school management application features library automation, making it easy for students to search, issue, and return the books hassle-free & without wasting much time.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard generates reports by evaluating the student’s academic record. It allows the teachers to know about the students’ academic performance and identify the point they lack.

Cloud-enabled Technology

A cloud-based school management application automates every process that comes under the umbrella of school management. Educators can also view all the data at any time and any place.

School Management

RisingMax offers a powerful school management application with customizable features to assist in managing administrative tasks and processes incredibly. The applications that we build are boon to any educational institution. The utility of our application is in its feature which allows users to use the solution on the go.

Get in touch with the experts at RisingMax, which is the best education mobile app development company USA. We believe in first understanding the exact requirement of the clients before introducing them to the solution.


Virtual Classroom Apps

A virtual classroom app allows students to connect to their teachers virtually. Features like video conferencing allow students and teachers to collaborate and discuss ideas.

Online Learning Apps

With online learning apps, online users can learn anything remotely under the guidance of subject experts. An online learning app is enriched with features that make the learning process easier.


Educational Apps for Kids

RisingMax develops apps that make learning a fun & entertaining activity for kids and make them learn the concepts while delivering them real-time experience with AR content.

Language Learning Apps

A language learning app removes linguistic barriers and enables a person to learn a new language by translating it. Students, as well as professionals, can use this app.


Intriguing Feature of Our Elearning Application

We, as a reputable elearning app development company, have been successfully developing scalable & dynamic eLearning apps to serve the education industry. Our team integrates high-end features to ensure your elearning application stands apart from the crowd.

Flexible Usage

We develop apps that are not static and rigid when it comes to usage. Be it any device, our apps work well on all platforms and enhance user experience.

New Teaching Practices

The apps we build range from basic to interactive. Moreover, our apps cater to the needs of a diverse user base by integrating new teaching practices.

Real Time Intreation

Users can stay connected to the students on a common platform and help learners clarify their doubts and queries.

Performance Analysis Support

Our apps keep the teachers updated on the students’ performance as user-friendly performance analysis backs them.

Push Notifications

Being able to communicate better with learners and instructors, it gets easy to keep them updated. Our apps come with timely push notifications.

Data Security

Our apps are equipped with security features for student details, exam papers, payment records, and more.


How Much Does It Cost To Build An Education App?

Education is no longer restricted to just the traditional methods but has outgrown to embrace digitization. Various education institutions have already adopted the eLearning concept to transform the world of education. Coming to the cost aspect, multiple factors like complexity of the app, functionality, development time, and others determine the financial part of building an education app. However, determining an accurate cost has never been easy.

Get in touch with our experts to know anything and everything about developing an education app. We are an educational app development company New York that knows how to scale up your education business using modern solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Features To Look Out For In An Educational Application?

    An educational application must have three different portals: Admin, Faculties, and Students. All these three different portals must include features based on the users. Further, key features to look out for in an educational app include - a content management system, reporting tools, examination management, a secure interface, gamification, advanced search filters, an integrated payment system, and much more. As a leading elearning app development company, our team ensures to include features to enhance users' overall experience.

    How Much Does An Educational App Development Cost?

    For a basic educational app, the development cost ranges between $15,000 to $20,000. Further, the app development cost might increase to $100k based on various factors such as project complexity, required tech stack, location of development company, developers' expertise, etc. Avail of our affordable education app development services to digitize your educational business.

  • What Type of Elearning Apps Can Your Team Build?

    As a leading education app development service provider, we have successfully delivered various elearning applications for our clients. Elearning apps designed by our team include learning management software, ERP, CRM, VR training, and many more.

    How Much Does It Costs To Develop An Education Mobile Application?

    The development time of an education mobile app depends upon various factors, including project complexity, type of elearning app, integrated features, customization needs, etc. As a reputable education mobile app development company, our team can design your app within three to four weeks. Connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc., share your education mobile app requirements, and our team will share an estimated development time frame ASAP.

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