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Custom App & Web Portal

RisingMax is offering online solutions to a broad spectrum of businesses across the travel & hospitality industry. We aim to enhance business versatility through better client management and enhanced customer experience.


B2B Booking System/B2B Travel Portal

Our B2B booking system/B2B travel portal provides white label solutions to provide access to real-time online bookings. We strive to develop the most user-friendly booking engine platform for users.


Booking Portal

RisingMax is committed to providing the most appropriate and user-friendly booking portals. Our solution best suits the evolving and ever-growing business needs of travel agencies.


Travel ERP Solutions

We provide travel companies the proper assistance to render exceptional customer service and maintain coordination between departments. Our travel ERP solutions help in cost-cutting and increase the company’s efficiency.


Custom Fleet Management

Our developers have rich experience in transportation & fleet management, including features like GPS fleet tracking, vehicle maintenance, fuel management, and more to deliver expertise.


Travel Broker & Agent Software

The developers at RisingMax, a travel app development company, develop feature-rich travel broker and agent software to provide ease of booking to the users based on unique requirements.

Driving innovation & technology excellence for customers by understanding the modern demands of the travel & hospitality industry

The solid expertise of our dedicated developers makes us your perfect solution provider for hospitality software development services.

Want to know how our services can serve you?

Flight Booking Management

RisingMax provides a complete flight booking system that automates the flight booking process. The travelers can search for flights to global destinations, book, and make online payments.

Bus Booking Management

We provide a real-time bus booking software solution for travel agencies that comprises all the advanced features to book bus tickets for various routes and destinations from a single system.

Broker & Agent Portal

We aim to simplify and enhance the booking experience for travel agents and boost their engagement levels with the customers.

Vendor Management

Our solution integrates features to enable vendors to keep things sorted at their end and provide a seamless customer experience.

Travel Portal & Booking
Engine Software

RisingMax offers the most advanced hospitality software development services New York. With our services, you can considerably boost your sales and broaden your customer base. We can become your best travel & hospitality software solution partner and take your business to new heights.

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We fulfill what we commit, and this fact sets us apart from others. Our services have benefitted many in the industry, and we strive to break our records by becoming the most reliable travel software development company. Drop us a line or give us a call to experience what we deliver the best.

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At RisingMax, we customize hospitality & travel software solutions to enable the industry to manage end-to-end business process management.

Chatbot Integration To Automate Customer Service Process


Instant Customer Support

Chatbot integration provides instant customer support without leaving them clueless while searching for some service-related answers. We offer chatbot integration to help travel companies answer the user’s queries even while it is offline.


Reduces Manual Process

Integration of chatbot reduces the manual processes of addressing a lead that visits your website. With an automatic reply system in place, potential customers can interact with a chatbot to get their queries solved and reduce the burden on the company.


Promotes Customer Delight

Customers feel delighted and valued on getting an instant response while visiting a company’s website as they seek its services. This further makes them seek their services again.

Inbuilt Loyality Program to Retain Customer


Promotes Product Adoption & Engagement

An in-built loyalty program promotes product adoption & engagement amongst the customers and gives them a reason to stick to a particular travel and tourism company.


Increases Retention Rate

A travel app development company USA can strategize to make customers stick to a particular company by incorporating a loyalty program to reward the loyal customers and increase the retention rate.


Increases Customer Lifetime Value

An in-built loyalty program provides data on a person’s unique buying behavior, and the travel companies can thus understand their needs better.


Our Hand-picked Features Set Can Ramp Up Your Venture

Our professional and highly experienced developers know how to enrich the travel & hospitality software solutions and give its clients the most amazing experience and exceptional revenue generation.

Features Every Reliable Travel Management Solution Possesses

Our team knows it right how to leverage IoT, AR/VR technologies to render real estate solutions.

Highly Customizable

A modern travel management software solution is highly customizable and can suit any & every need of the travel and tourism industry.

Complete Travel Management

A hospitality software development process strives to render end-to-end solutions to travel agencies and customers without leaving any loopholes.

Hotel Extranet

Top-notch software integrates a hotel extranet system that allows travel agents to upload their contracted suppliers and give them access to their online system.

Third-party API Integration

A genuine travel software development company implements multiple travel API integrations with an existing or upcoming booking software for improved results.

Multicurrency Feature

The multi-currency module enables travel agencies to price their products and services in different currencies.

Multi-language Feature

Multi-language compatibility features for travel & tourism companies help them cater to international customers and an increase in revenue.

Payment Gateway Integration

Through feature-rich travel software, users can pay through debit and credit cards in real-time.

Comprehensive Reporting Module

The whole point of a travel management system is facilitating consolidated travel. Travel managers can review the status of all trips in one place.

User-friendly Interface

As far as the travel industry is concerned, building a user-friendly platform is crucial to provide convenience to the users while making reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost to develop a hospitality software development USA?

    The cost to develop a hospitality software depends on several factors, including architecture, design, framework, development, integration, testing & deployment, and more. Upon determining all these factors, it is possible to finalize the costing part.

    How much time does it take for development?

    Normally, it takes 3 months time to develop a hospitality software development USA. However, the time period may vary depending on the client’s requirement.

    Why do I need API integration?

    API integration provides a user-friendly booking platform to the portals. API provides a platform where users can customize their travel-related searches. A travel app development company New York can assist you in API integration.

  • Do you also provide brand promotion services?

    Yes. We are a hospitality software development company that also provides brand promotion services.

    How can chatbots help the travel and tourism industry?

    Chatbots can boost customer engagement by answering their queries and collecting feedback. Our hospitality software development services USA include chatbot integration.

    Will I get lifelong assistance from your travel software development company USA?

    We believe in assisting our clients. You can go through our policies before entering into a contract and you can always trust us.

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