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AI Software Development Services For Modern Business

We are a trusted NYC-based AI software development solutions provider that builds future-proof AI-based applications for your business. Our ingrained expertise in AI empowers us to deliver highly advanced AI solutions that solve real-world business problems. Our AI-powered software solutions enable modern businesses to automate processes and make businesses smarter. Propel your business on the path to success with our custom artificial intelligence development services tailored to your business needs.

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Artificial Intelligence Software Development Services We Provide

Leverage our result-oriented AI software development solutions to streamline business operations and derive more success. Our NYC-based AI developers leverage their domain expertise and development experience to build customized AI business solutions specific to client’s requirements. Our high-end AI application development services include the following;

  • AI Technology Consulting

    AI Technology Consulting

    We are here to help you sort through the jargon and create an AI strategy that aligns with your company's goals. Our methods are straightforward and work without any confusion.

  • Custom AI Solutions Development

    Custom AI Solutions Development

    We collaborate with you to create AI-based custom web and mobile applications, ensuring the best possible results & fulfilling your business's specific requirements.

  • AI Decision Making Software

    AI Decision Making Software

    We help design AI decision-making softwares that leverages advanced algorithms to find new growth opportunities, mitigate risks, future forecasts, and operational bottlenecks.

  • AI Chatbot Development

    AI Chatbot Development

    Improve customer experience with personalized AI chatbot solutions for sales, marketing, and customer support functions. Chatbots understand what users are asking, their intent, and improve service delivery.

  • Enterprise AI Solutions

    Enterprise AI Solutions

    Our AI specialists will work closely with your team to develop enterprise AI solutions and implement individualized strategies to boost operational efficiency and drive innovation in your industry.

  • AI CRM Software

    AI CRM Software

    Leverage our AI development services to build CRM software to improve your B2B and B2C relationships with personalized outreach, customer feedback, and actionable tools.

  • AI Integration Services

    AI Integration Services

    Any successful company must integrate AI efficiently. We make AI development services that seamlessly integrate AI into your business and optimize its performance for peak efficiency.

  • AI Security Solutions

    AI Security Solutions

    Strengthen your security with our powerful AI security solutions that detect fraudulent patterns and take preventive measures to protect data and valuable business information.

  • Facial Recognition Software

    Facial Recognition Software

    Our custom facial recognition software development services can accomplish biometric authentication, manage access control, and provide other forms of data security.

Skyrocket Your Business’s Growth With Our Custom Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Schedule a FREE consultation call with our AI experts at RisingMax Inc. to understand how our business-oriented AI solutions help you dominate and infuse growth.

Our Extensive AI Domain Expertise

As a company specializing in AI development, we closely monitor technological advancements and utilize this knowledge to create unique models and tools.

  • Machine Learning

    We integrate cognitive technology frameworks to make your business operations future-ready, adding capabilities like data-based decision-making, risk mitigation, and performance monitoring.

  • Robotics Processing

    With robotics processing, you can allow your human resources to focus on high-value tasks by eliminating repetitive tasks to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

  • Business Intelligence

    Businesses can predict outcomes and make smarter decisions using AI software development services that utilize sophisticated algorithms to develop the best solutions to meet modern needs.

  • Natural Language Processing

    We engineer smart solutions using NLP to help your business understand, analyze, and manipulate human language. You can also analyze customer feedback & increase business revenue.

  • Computer Vision

    AI-powered software solutions powered by computer vision can be fruitful for your business as they monitor and detect abnormal events from videos, images & text and automate the systems.

  • Predictive Analysis

    Unravel the data pattern and predict the results with advanced machine learning capabilities. With smart forecasting and fraud detection, you can plan for the future and identify new business areas.

  • Video, Image & Text Analytics

    By leveraging video, image, and text AI-based analytics business solutions, you can evaluate various forms of media exponentially and faster than traditional methods used earlier.

  • Deep Learning

    We dig deeper into complex data and deliver perfect solutions with real-time deep-learning algorithms that perform just as humans do. Deep learning AI detects objects, speech & translating languages.

  • Data Science

    We extract useful knowledge by processing information. The company can implement these discoveries into its strategy and major decisions to ensure success.

AI Development Process: Bringing Your Unique Ideas To Life

RisingMax Inc., a leading Artificial Intelligence development company in NYC, USA, builds future-proof AI solutions for clients in different business verticals. Our experienced Artificial Intelligence software development team analyzes and evaluates clients' development requirements and business needs. We follow a result-driven AI development process that empowers us to bring your unique ideas to life.


Project Consultation

We connect with our clients over a free consultation call and discuss their AI software development requirements in detail.


Project Analysis

Our expert AI development team carefully analyzes clients' AI solutions requirements and business needs to draft plans.


Project Planning

Our development team creates a project development roadmap to streamline development and build AI software that achieves desired outcomes.


Project Development

The expert AI team at RisingMax Inc. strictly follows the project development roadmap to build AI software that matches clients’ business needs in less time.


Quality Testing

We follow rigorous testing methodologies to ensure our AI business solution is error-free and performs as intended.


Maintenance & Support

We provide affordable maintenance and support services to ensure that your AI business solution works smoothly for a long time.

AI Software Development Company in NYC: Meeting & Exceeding Your Expectations

We at RisingMax Inc. work tirelessly to develop tailored AI solutions that meet and exceed our client expectations. Our team carefully analyzes and evaluates clients' AI project needs and follows a client-centric development process to build AI solutions that deliver valuable outcomes. Get in touch with our experts and discuss your AI project.

AI Software Development Services For Industries of Any Size

RisingMax Inc. leverages its experience and domain expertise to build custom artificial intelligence solutions for clients in different business verticals. Our AI-powered solutions empower clients to accelerate their automation journey and become a dominating force.

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    AI-powered software solutions empower the banking & finance sector to streamline business processes, detect frauds, and enhance decision-making capabilities.

  • ai development company in usa


    Integrating AI-powered business solutions empowers healthcare facilities to automate processes and effectively analyze data to provide personalized care.

  • ai development company in usa

    Real Estate

    The real estate sector can streamline property documentation and analyze data effectively with AI-powered software solutions.

  • ai development company in usa

    Travel & Tourism

    Our AI-based software solutions empower travel & tourism businesses to offer customers customized itineraries, flight & hotel bookings, and other services.

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    With our integrated AI-powered business solutions, the telecommunication industry can automate tasks such as data entry and provide customer support 24/7.

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    Food Industry

    We provide AI-based software solutions specific to the food industry to assist in automating back-end office tasks, order & manage inventory, and other operations.

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    Implementing AI software solutions in the automotive industry enables the automation of repetitive tasks to mitigate errors and enhance workplace efficiency.

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    Human Resource

    An AI-powered human resource software can handle recurring processes such as scheduling interviews, assigning tasks, evaluating, etc.

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    Integrating AI-powered solutions in the education sector empowers to automate setting up examinations and evaluations, create personalized study materials & others.

Discuss Your AI-based Business Project With an NYC-based AI Software Development Company

Every client project matters, and that’s why we provide FREE consultation services to our clients. Connect with our AI experts and prioritize success with our cost-effective custom artificial intelligence solutions.

Benefits of Implementing AI Business Solutions

As a reputable AI software development company, we design custom AI solutions for our clients in various business domains. Implementing AI business solutions offer myriad of benefits for businesses that include;

  • Risk Mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

    Implementing AI solutions allows businesses to automate complex processes, mitigate bias, and conduct regular auditing to mitigate potential risks.

  • Personalized Customer Experience

    Personalized Customer Experience

    By analyzing valuable customer data with AI softwares, businesses can provide personalized product recommendations, offers, and discounts.

  • Forecast Future Trends

    Forecast Future Trends

    AI-powered software solutions allow businesses to find patterns and predict future trends to enhance their decision-making capabilities and strategies.

  • Better Data Management

    Better Data Management

    With the help of AI software, businesses can manage and categorize large data in a more structured way to drive meaningful business outcomes.

  • Gain Valuable Insights

    Gain Valuable Insights

    Customized AI software solutions enable businesses to analyze and evaluate data efficiently to gain valuable insights and improve decision-making.

  • Enhance Efficiency

    Enhance Efficiency

    AI-based business software assists businesses in the real-time monitoring of various business-related processes and enhances efficiency.

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

    Automate Repetitive Tasks

    Businesses can leverage AI-based solutions to automate complex or repetitive tasks to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

  • Unbiased Decisions

    Unbiased Decisions

    AI-based softwares is not driven by emotions, thus ensuring unbiased decisions and accurate making.

  • New Inventions

    New Inventions

    Businesses can leverage AI data-analyzing capabilities to derive meaningful outcomes & new inventions.

Hire Dedicated AI Developers To Stay Competitive

As a top-tier AI development company in NYC, USA, we offer flexible engagement models to meet our clientele's needs and offer AI development services. We are a reliable AI development partner on your road to success.

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AI Dedicated Team

Hire our dedicated AI developers in the USA to work on your AI project from scratch.


AI Extension Team

Our AI developers will assist your in-house development team remotely.


Project-Based Hiring

Hire our experienced and certified AI developer team on a project basis.

Why Make Us A Top AI Software Development Company, NYC, USA?

RisingMax Inc., a top artificial intelligence software development company, assists its clients in integrating next-gen technologies and gaining a competitive edge. Our development team leverages its expertise to build AI-based software solutions for startups and FORTUNE 500 clients.

  • Experience AI Team

    Experience AI Team

    We have a strong AI development team with years of experience developing custom AI solutions for our clients in different business verticals.

  • Meaningful AI Solutions

    Meaningful AI Solutions

    Leveraging our AI domain expertise, we build bespoke AI solutions that solve real-world business issues and create a tangible impact.

  • AI Integrations Services

    AI Integrations Services

    With our cost-effective AI integration services, we streamline business operations and widen business scope with data-driven AI solutions.

  • Flexible Hiring

    Flexible Hiring

    We understand that no two business software needs are the same, and thus we offer flexible hiring models to meet our worldwide clientele's needs.

Looking For Custom AI Solutions That Perfectly Align With Your Business?

Build a custom artificial intelligence solution that enhances business decision-making capabilities and customer satisfaction. Gain valuable business insights with our growth-oriented AI solution for your business. Get in touch to learn more about our top-notch AI application development services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Time Does It Take To Develop AI Software?

    The time to develop the AI software solution depends on various aspects, including the industry, the type of AI, the complexity of the software, etc. Approx time to develop AI software may take upto 3-5 months.

    Why Should You Invest In AI Software Development?

    About 35% of the company is already using AI technology, and 45% are looking forward to developing an AI solution. Most tech experts have stated that AI technology is the future of the business.

    How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Custom AI Software?

    The reasonable cost for AI software development ranges between $30,000-$50,000. The development cost may vary based on complexity, size, and features. RisingMax Inc. offers a cost between $25,000 to $45,000 approx.

    Is AI Software Development An Effective Option?

    Definitely yes! AI technology is already enhancing the user experience, and in the coming year, it is going to boost the complete market with its presence.

  • What Are The Benefits of Custom AI Business Solutions?

    Custom AI business solutions are specifically designed to solve a problem or as per business needs. Businesses can leverage AI-based solutions to process data, enhance operations, improve existing systems, and automate tasks. Custom AI business solutions benefits include - enhanced customer experience, mitigating human errors, improved efficiency, reduction of cybersecurity risks, saving valuable time, and more.

    What Are The Leading Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming dominant forces in businesses worldwide. Some leading use cases of AI and ML in businesses includes - fraud detection, self-driving cars, process automation, conversational chatbots, healthcare, and more.

    How Hard Is It to Build Custom Artificial Intelligence Solutions?

    With a reliable AI software development company like RisingMax Inc. building an AI solution is not a difficult task. Connect with our experts to start your digital transformation journey.

    What Programming Languages Are Used For Building AI Solutions?

    Most AI development companies in the USA use Python, Java, Lisp, R, and Prolog for building custom artificial intelligence solutions.

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