Customer Loyalty Program That Can Set The Stage For Your Brand

RisingMax builds personalized and engaging loyalty reward program software to build a pathway for your business that will enable it to reach the zenith of success.

Point-Based Loyalty Program

A point-based loyalty program follows the principle of spending more to get more. Every time a customer makes a purchase in-store or on your website, they gain certain points depending on their purchase size, which the customer can redeem later.

Tiered-Based Programs

A tiered loyalty program offers different rewards based on milestones that a customer achieves. The more a user spends, the higher the tier he reaches. Our loyalty program for eCommerce integrates tiered loyalty programs to facilitate better loyalty management.

Cashback Loyalty Program

In a cashback loyalty program, the buyer has to spend a certain amount of money to get something in return in the form of coupons or cash. Our loyalty reward program software integrates the features that support cashback loyalty program.

Coalition Loyalty Program

Coalition programs promote loyalty to the program rather than the actual partner brands. Customers can earn rewards more quickly and can use them wherever they want. With our loyalty program for eCommerce, you can make your customers & retailers stick to your brand.

Fee-Based Loyalty Program

Members can engage with the program at any time of the day. This program integrated with our customer and retail loyalty program software brings more engagement, higher-order frequency, and a surge in average order value.

Game Program

Incorporating a game program into our loyalty reward program software is one sure solution to engage the users to strengthen a brand’s image entertainingly.

Experience A Transformation In Your Business

60% Increase

In Probability Of Selling To An Existing Customer

25% Increase

In Profit

306% Higher

Lifetime Value For Customers

Food & Beverages Industry

The food & beverages industry is switching to restaurant loyalty program software to digitize their ways of retaining loyal customers. With the introduction of loyalty reward program software, the industry has seen a surge in its utilization to keep their loyal customers sticking to them. The developers at RisingMax devise feature-rich software to fulfil the demands.



Cosmetics is a booming industry and it has experienced a steep rise in the adoption of digital solutions to increase customer retention rate. To stay on top of the latest trends, various companies are embracing the new age solutions for customer and retailer retention. We build tailor-made software that particularly suits the cosmetics industry.

Travel &

The travel & tourism industry is a classic example that seeks to adopt loyalty reward program software to offer an exciting customer experience and strengthening their trust. With our software solutions, the industry can skyrocket its profit margins while building the most reputable image in the marketplace.

Setting Up A Loyalty Program For Improving Customer Retention

Industries keep looking for ways to retain their loyal customers for a lifetime. For this, they require genuine partners who can take them on the way to achieve high customer retention.

  • Create an instant connection with online customers
  • Increase visits to your online store
  • Strategic & insightful intelligence reports & analytics
  • Coherent marketing

The Most Sought-After Loyalty Software Developers

RisingMax not only develops but also strives to render the ultimate experience to its clients and their customers. We have accomplished various milestones of serving the clientele with solutions that define our expertise.

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Why Does Your Organization Need Customer Loyalty Program Software?


Personalized Rewards

Only customer and retail loyalty program software can enable you to provide personalized rewards to customers and retailers. You can keep them attached to your brand.


Ease Of Access

The customer and retailers should be able to access their loyalty status at any time and redeem the points whenever they desire. Cutting down the lengthy procedures makes them stay for long with your brand.


Real-Time Offers

By extracting information from consumer channels, buying behavior, and other insights, companies can better judge their consumers and their real-time needs and offer what they deserve.


Effective Interaction

Through a loyalty program for eCommerce, you can bridge the gap between your brand and its customers and retailers. Ensure two-way communication and provide them with an easy platform where they can find answers to their queries.


Want To Merge Customer Loyalty Program Software With Your Business?

We are right here to let you accomplish it. Allow our developers to answer your queries.

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Pivotal Features Of A Loyalty Solution

We know what it takes to build a loyalty solution for your business. Be it restaurant loyalty program software or loyalty program for eCommerce, our expertise produces the most sophisticated loyalty platforms.

CRM System Integration

An ideal loyalty solution syncs itself with CRM software and enables you to connect your campaigns with customer attributes. Reward program management software should be able to store relevant data that relates to offering incentives to the customers and retailers.

Extensive Reward Catalog

Loyalty reward program software should include reward types like points, gamification, and multiple rewards. By integrating such reward types, the developers can enrich the software massively. Also, these parameters should be easy to tweak from the UI.

Self-Serve Customer Portal

The development efforts should also go into developing a self-serve customer portal to answer customers’ questions. The smart solution should allow the customers and retailers to view their progress, previous rewards and then redeem them.


The loyalty program for eCommerce should be able to send relevant and informational notifications about the reward programs in a non-intrusive manner. The reminders are based on real-time customer attributes and do not intend to spam the customers.

API Integration

A flexible API allows easy communication between different data systems and services. With a developer-friendly API in place, you can integrate your eCommerce services with loyalty software. After that, you can manage the program on your own.


A loyalty program for eCommerce and other businesses should allow you to personalize your incentives efficiently. The platform should cover areas like rewards, eligibility, and timing. This feature enables brands to enrich their loyalty programs and better retain customer and retailer loyalty.

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