How Digital Twins Can Change The Paradigm Of Construction

By RisingMax

January 10, 2023

How Digital Twins Can Change The Paradigm Of Construction

A digital twin is a digital representation of real-world things, objects, buildings, or even people. These virtual aspects of having a virtual identity develop quality projects, reduce development costs, create better exposure, and provide reliable, budget-friendly solutions.

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How Important Is Digital Twin?

The first Digital twin was used in 1970 by NASA for the Apollo mission. When accidental situations arrived in the mission, the digital twin was greatly helped, controlled, and diagnosed to solve the problem of leaking tanks from a huge distance. In the construction sector, a digital twin is a bridge, highway, group of buildings, or even a city itself.

Stats Of Digital Twin

  1. Buckley & Logan claims that digital tools are utilized in the design stage 36% in the USA, 49% in the UK, 49% in France, and 44% in Germany.
  2. Market & Research says that the current Digital Twin construction and platform development market is $6.9 billion; by 2027, it will become 73.5 billion. In just 5 years, it will increase by 12 times.
  3. NASA first used Digital Twin nearly 50 years ago to rescue the Apollo 13 mission. The term “digital twin” appeared in the early 2000s.
  4. The global digital twin market was valued at USD 7.48 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.1% from 2022 to 2030.

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Why Is Digital Twin Construction Attractive For The Investors?

A digital twin is solving top challenges in construction sites and providing top-notch solutions for every aspect of development. Although the digital twin looks so complex, it provides an efficient and robust solution for any project.

Digital twin processes on updates, real-time solutions, collaboration, and avoiding any threat or potential challenge in the system. If you’re after digital twin construction benefits, you will see that digital twin can replace the existing system with many benefits.

Let’s discuss the major problems in the construction sector and find possible solutions, respectively.


1. Connectivity

DT helps turn Building Information Modelling(BIM) into a CAD display. BIM uses in-built data that results in a digital representation, but this is yet to be a true twin. Because it still cannot connect with the Internet of things (IoT). This system misses the other technology like AI & machine learning which is why it won’t be able to give a feasible solution.

2. Outdated Data

 A construction site relies upon several things, and there needs to be an update in the data processing system to deliver a feasible solution. It will always produce inaccurate, poor data; thus, a digital twin must work differently than intended. 


Monitor The Process

Digital twin connects with the system and collects all the data. It uses the latest tools and software to balance a common data environment. Such data keeps the flow of information from the system and ensure processing correctly. No data loss and better connectivity are always on while processing a feasible solution. 

Align The Data

Digital twin compares design models with an as-built structure to find discrepancies with the help of a 3D-based scanner. It scans for the cloud data stored in the system and uses this information for future perspectives. So, the information will always be updated and adjusted based on the requirement.

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How Is Digital Twin Used In Construction?

The collection of real-world information creates digital twins. It gathers and collects data in the construction sector using 3D scanners, sensors, cameras, IoT, and many other shiny technologies. Digital Twin uses all the resources and helps to update the system to make necessary changes in the real world. A digital twin delivers information about a real-world counterpart. Sometimes, it may provide information about an object's properties like shape, color, gesture, or situation. It brings great insights, enabling the system to update interactions and statuses. 

How Can Digital Twin Change The Construction Sector?

A digital twin is nothing but a virtual creation of things. The BIM model shows many systems and their associates focusing on how to build construction. Traders and builders rely upon the BIM model because it provides a sustainable solution. BIM enters into large building projects, gather and collects the information and associated data, then process to find the optimized solutions for the construction site.

The use of digital twins helps process the entire data and provides an accurate solution for any constructional model. It accepts the whole data of the construction and then processes it with the latest technology and delivers perfect solutions for a construction project. Digital twin gives excellent planning, roadmaps, and a feasible solution for any construction project.

Examples Of Digital Twin

A digital twin can be considered an asset management tool, a safety planning tool, or a space optimization tool that improves the user experience. A Digital twin in the construction sector uses the concepts and puts them into building designs and makes them look real.

Analysis of “What If” for safety and emergency action plans

  • During the renovation phase, it optimizes the performance of the existing assets.
  • Use of space delegation to increase productivity and connectivity.
  • Monitor the optimization processes in real time.

In most dynamic workplaces, the workplace management system is essential because it ensures the form meets function. The demand for space may vary because the digital twin concept of a construction site can be different from the original concept.

By using a digital twin, space managers can look at the digitally built twin model and upgrade their existing one. It is the final integral level of building construction.

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Types Of Digital Twins In Construction

A successful digital twin requires a level of maturity in the integrated system to transform the value of the businesses. Let’s discuss the different types of digital twins in the construction sector.

Descriptive Twin

A descriptive twin transforms a physical entity into a virtual reality. Generally, it is a replica with construction data and modification in design that includes BIM & 3D models.

Informative Twin

The informative twin can gather and collect operational data to increase integration and give better insights.

Predictive Twin

It captures contextual, real-time, and analytics data to forecast any issue and resolves it in real time when it occurs. This way, it secures the system and notifies of any potential threat.

Comprehensive Twin

Comprehensive twin leverages prescriptive analytics, simulation, and advanced modeling for a potential scenario. It helps analyze any data that exists within the system and needs attention.

Autonomous Twin

The autonomous twin uses advanced algorithms for simulation and a 3D model for visual display. It helps make precise decisions with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Key Benefits Of Digital Twin In Construction

A successful construction project involves contractors, architects, developers, and regulators. In traditional aspects, they collaborate and execute the construction site. The digital twin's construction system will give you real-time access to the building and as-built-in models.

It enables the system to make quick decisions and implement the 4D BIM (Building Information Modelling) model. Let’s discuss the Benefits Of Digital Twin In Construction using a few points: 

1. Featured Collaboration

Digital Twin allows a 2-way flow of data from the construction site to the digital twin. It creates strong criteria among project participants and co-operates in real-time data to have as many choices as possible. Teams are available simultaneously, and superfluous visits can be eliminated. Viewing the facts and figures, the management team can make precise and very quick decisions. It increases the project’s chances of being successful in an efficient manner.

2. Reduce The Work Load

Building Information Modelling is highly suitable for integration, optimizing projects, scheduling, and construction details. But a question arises: how to compare BIM models to the actual ground model?

Accessing the BIM model is a part of the digital twin. Data collected from the construction site with the help of digital twins continuously updates the digital twin model of the construction. It eliminated several things starting off the concrete pour, and the real benefits come as a reduction in the costly materials. So, it saves time and money.

3. Safety And Security

The construction business always involves risk, especially in the development phase. The rules and regulations promote the safety of the employees and improve the hazardous situation. The digital twin tracks the data in real-time and prevents it from risky situations in the system. It enables the system to use sensors in a vital region and avoid difficult things like heavy loads and platform failure.

4. Handovers

It is one of the hard tasks to hand over the project. Digital Twin overcame this problem with the as-built deliverables. The data becomes very trustworthy when it comes to operations and maintenance. It also brings transparency, and data might be used to determine the job's quality.

5. Maintenance

Digital Twin can be employed anytime during the project’s lifecycle. A digital twin can help predict the appropriate remedial steps if sensors are deployed to monitor the data. Digital twins enable the workflow in quick data that eliminates delay, errors, and ambiguity by allowing a comprehensive design pattern.

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Digital twin construction benefits are countless. Digital twins would keep transforming the construction industry at the same pace. Research predicts it will grow 12-fold in the next 5 years.

Modern technologies like AI and machine learning make digital twins possible to create more precise digital twin models. Digital twins are foreseen as a possible contributor to changing the paradigm of the construction market.

A digital twin is growing rapidly in constructing urban cities and urban model towns. An entire city is changing its purpose, planning, climate change, and many more to find accurate solutions that meet the criteria.

The Digital twin model helps deliver accurate, actionable, and right solutions for any construction site model. A digital twin is the future of getting the job done accurately, and there are many more benefits of a digital twin in construction.

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