Our Full Suite of Non-Fungible Token Development Services

As a leading non fungible token development company, we build next-gen artistic marketplaces for the creation and exchange of NFTs. Leveraging our expertise in a variety of blockchain technologies like Ethereum, TRON, Binance, and Solana, we can build a custom NFT platform as per your business idea.

nft marketplace development company

NFT Marketplace Design & Development

With our affordable NFT marketplace development service, we turn your NFT project idea into reality. Our in-depth knowledge of ERC token stands enable us to build a user-centric NFT marketplace platform.

nft token development company

NFT Smart Contract Development & Audit

Avail of our NFT smart contract development and audit services to ensure creators and investors about immutability and transparency. Join the smart contract bandwagon and secure NFT ownership.

nft token development company

NFT Marketplace Support & Maintenance

We as an NFT Marketplace Development Company continuously monitor, maintain, and support for managing third-party upgrades, OS release, and ensure that the nodes run in the smoothest manner possible.

non fungible token development services

NFT Minting Platform Development

Empower artists and creators worldwide to digitise creations into NFTs and build their own digital asset collection. Our robust NFT minting platforms make it easy for creators to mint digital assets.

nft marketplace development company

NFT Exchange Platform Development

Venture into the highly profitable digital asset space with our advanced NFT exchange platform. Integrated with blockchain, create a secure environment for buying, selling, and exchange of non fungible tokens.

non fungible token development company

NFT Lending & Borrowing Platform

Join the ongoing NFT revolution with our next-gen lending and borrowing platforms. NFT creators and collectors can take advantage of these platforms to easily liquidate their digital asset holdings.

Ready-to-Launch NFT Marketplace Solutions By NFT Development Company

With our proven work experience in NFT project development, we have successfully delivered profitable solutions to our clients. Our expertise in blockchain & NFT projects empower us to launch next-gen solutions that offer a seamless buying experience. Look at our successfully developed NFT marketplace solutions.

NFT Token Development Company For Your Niche NFT Project

Achieve your dream of launching an NFT marketplace in any niche. As a top-rated NFT marketplace development company, we build NFT solutions that align with your business idea and give you a competitive edge. Explore our NFT marketplace solutions forte;

non fungible token development company

NFT For Art

Programmable art is the most common non-fungible token use case that brings a mix of creativity, technology, and flexibility.

non fungible token development company

NFT For Music

Musicians can earmark the copyrights of their work to NFTs and receive royalties when their music is played and earn a fair share of their work.

non fungible token development company

NFT For Real Estate

As NFT Development Company, we provide ease of use and power to prove ownership and earn big profits through NFT usage.

non fungible token development company

NFT For Fashion

NFT benefits consumers by allowing them to verify the ownership information of their items digitally and reduce counterfeiting frauds.

non fungible token development company

NFT for Photography

Non-fungible token is best at representing your photos and provides the owner with proof of ownership in photos.

non fungible token development company

NFT For Software

With our NFT marketplace development services launch a platform where software licenses can be converted into NFT for authentication purposes.

non fungible token development company

NFT For Entique

Non-fungible tokens make up a significant proportion of sales on NFT marketplaces like Opensea, BakerySwap, and Treasureland.

non fungible token development company

NFT for Domains

When you are out to invest in a domain, an NFT can help to diversify your portfolio. It keeps it secure and seek royalties.

non fungible token development company

NFT for Identity

NFT solutions let owners of digital assets create a unique permanent identity and track that identity when shared or distributed with others.

non fungible token development company

NFT for Infrastructure

With the NFT token development company, you can launch a platform where users can tokenize specific infrastructure.

non fungible token development company

NFT for Licenses

NFT license agreements are stored in blockchain-enabled smart contracts helping users to execute resales and manage monetary transfers.

non fungible token development company

NFT for Ebook

NFTs for Ebooks hold a lot of potential and significance for the publishing industry. Authors can reap a percentage of royalties through their Ebooks.

Competitive NFT Development Services to Upsurge Your NFT Project

Become a frontrunner in the virtual space with our reliable NFT marketplace development services.

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Indispensable Features Of Non Fungible Tokens

non fungible token development services
non fungible token development services

NFTs follow the standard ERC-721 and are interoperable, which means information stored in them cannot be exchanged or used.

nft token development company

NFTs are stored and managed through Blockchain that brings a greater level of security for them and can never be destroyed.

non fungible token development company

NFT are developed on a decentralized ecosystem and the information regarding the transactions are verified publicly.

nft marketplace development company

NFTs assure they are resistant to modifications, removal, or replacement increasing the reliability and value of exchange that took place.

Build Future Digital Asset Trading Platforms With an NFT Token Development Company

RisingMax is a reliable non fungible token development company that offers affordable NFT token development services to launch platforms that revolutionize the trading of digital assets. We understand the trade-offs that a start-up needs to make big bucks in the NFT industry. Our NFT marketplace development team leverages its expertise in blockchain technology to help clients upsurge the NFT world. We follow robust development methodologies to build countless NFT projects, such as NFT exchange platforms, NFT lending & borrowing platforms, NFT minting platforms, and more.

nft marketplace development company

Non Fungible Token and Blockchain Relationship

Do not confuse the NFT with crypto. The only thing they have in common is Blockchain. Have a look at it how ?

non fungible token development services

NFT is stored securely in Blockchain, which means the tokens can never be removed, destroyed, or replicated no matter what.

non fungible token development services

NFTs can be easily tracked back to their actual owner and eradicates the need for third-party verification with Blockchain.

non fungible token development services

NFT can’t be altered and is encrypted end-to-end. Blockchain helps prevent fraud and unauthorized activity.

non fungible token development services

NFT processes are streamlined with Blockchain to reconcile multiple ledgers, so clearing and settlement can be faster.

non fungible token development services

The NFT tokens can never be removed, destroyed, or replicated no matter what, as they are streamlined with Blockchain.

non fungible token development services

The NFTs are stored and managed through Blockchain, which means they can never be destroyed or removed at any cost.

non fungible token development services

NFTs use Blockchain to stay apart from the crowd and determine the authenticity of the state of the art.

non fungible token development services

Blockchain acts as the decentralized ledger that traces the ownership and transaction history of each NFT.

non fungible token development services

Blockchain technology records the sales of NFT, demonstrating the ownership and storage through marketplaces.

Result Oriented NFT Marketplace Development Services

As a trusted NFT token development company, we believe in developing and delivering NFT projects with guaranteed results. No matter how complex or unique your non-fungible token marketplace project requirements are, our NFT experts will do the job. Schedule your free NFT project consultation with our experts today and discuss the project in detail.

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We Deliver End-to-end NFT Development Services

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    Definite Dashboard

    We bring benefits through certain benchmark criteria for our client's project that include a well-defined dashboard that indicates every transaction.

  • nft token development company

    Our NFT development is well-defined through its ability to undergo Liquidity mining, Leveraged Yields, and passive income generation.

  • nft token development company
    Trade-Off & Listing

    Our NFT development facilitates easy showcase of NFTs for trade-off and listing. It also contributes to a considerable share of rewards.

Our Expertise as an Non Fungible Token Development Company

The most common types of NFT token standards are ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-998, and TRC-721

non fungible token ERC-721


Being the most common NFT standard, each of the tokens are unique and can also be priced separately.

non fungible token ERC-1155


Users can trade fungible and non-fungible tokens with the same smart contract and address.

non fungible token ERC-998


ERC-998 enables digital assets to be composed into complex positions and trade them as a single owner.

non fungible token TRC-721


TRC-721 is made up of a set of parameters that issues non-fungible tokens on the TRON blockchain.

Market Your NFT Token Marketplace Where it Matters

Our RisingMax leaders are determined to follow and create their own strategy plans to pitch your business revenue. Along with that, we provide suggestions to develop products that set the market trends to lead your business journey.

non fungible token development services
Idea and Its Implementation

Our experts ensure that your product idea and its implementation will advertise in all the parameters comprising good documentation and presentation that is technically implemented, website, and other essential documents.

non fungible token development services
Social Media Marketing

It has been a myth that NFT is only limited to crypto experts; it is also essential for the general audience. The NFT not only eases up the process but aware the broad audience of why and how it is necessary to be a part of a trend or a digital image/piece.

non fungible token development services
Building Community

It has been tested and proven that crypto projects run or operate in a community only. NFT will never be an exception. Therefore the community of such people not only supports your NFT token platform but also spreads the word, invest and buys your NFTs.

Empowering Creators Worldwide With NFT Token Development Services

Nowadays, the concept of NFT supports and favors creators who tokenize their signature products in the market. Products such as art, music, videos are able to generate huge traffic by tokenizing it into digital assets in the market.

Game assets are the main feature of NFTs. The collectibles offered in games feature special characters and spectacular features that enable an exclusive gaming experience. These functionalities of NFT act as a profitable platform for the future of art and game developers.

non fungible token development company

An Alternative To Traditional Finance With NFT Token Development Company

Non-fungible tokens store identifying data in their smart contracts that make them unique. Every NFT represents a particular real-world asset and cannot be directly converted to and from another token. With RisingMax end-to-end NFT token development services, individuals and institutions can ensure total ownership of their assets.

Designing And Developing A Versatile NFT Token Marketplace with High-End Features

RisingMax Inc. offers end-to-end NFT development services for individuals and institutions to ensure total ownership of their digital assets. Get a versatile marketplace designed by our expert developers, where assets get tokenized for secure buying & selling and ensure digital asset ownership.

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    Programmable equity

  • nft token development company

    Fractionalization of larger assets

  • nft token development company

    Increase in liquidity

  • nft token development company

    Automated SEC compliance

  • nft token development company

    Secure wallet

  • nft token development company

    Global capital investment

  • nft token development company

    Greater market efficiency

  • nft token development company

    No intermediaries

  • nft token development company

    Customized blockchain

  • nft token development company

    Tailored smart contracts

Technology Stack We Deploy For Non Fungible Token Development

We present to you the different verticals we hold expertise as a non fungible token development company. Our non fungible token development technology stack forte includes;

Blockchain Platform
non fungible token development company
NFT Standard
non fungible token development company
Storage Platform
non fungible token development company
Front-end Framework
non fungible token development company

Why Are We a Trusted NFT Token Development Company?

We dominate our business domain to assist our clients in developing NFT-based platforms and become a dominating force in their industry. Leveraging our expertise in NFT token development, we transform your innovative business ideas into reality.

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    Core Team of NFT Experts

    We have a team of skilled and experienced blockchain experts with in-depth knowledge of blockchain protocols and NFT standards.

  • non fungible token development company
    Project's Confidentiality

    As a reliable NFT development company, we sign a non-disclosure agreement to assure our customers that we never reveal any project-related information.

  • nft token development company
    Expertise in Blockchain Platforms

    Our NFT development team has expertise in working on multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, Tezos, and more.

  • non fungible token development services
    Quick and Agile Development Process

    Our team implements an agile development approach to provide on-time delivery of continuously tested NFTs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which blockchain is best for the development of the NFT Marketplace?

    Most non fungible tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, if you plan to develop your own NFT marketplace, then the Ethereum blockchain can be the most preferred option.

    What are the different functionalities of non fungible tokens?

    Any unique art can be turned into non fungible tokens. Once the NFT is created, nobody can tamper it. All the NFTs will have a unique specification or will include something rare. The concept of being rare makes NFT really valuable. The creators will hold complete ownership of the asset, and even after selling NFTs, the real creator will get a royalty if it gets on resale.

    How much does NFT token platform development cost?

    Most non fungible token development companies in the USA charge $50,000 to $60,000 for an NFT token platform with basic features and functionality. Factors such as tech stack required, NFT marketplace type, development time, features complexity, NFT development company’s location, and more.

  • What are the different characteristics of non fungible tokens?

    With the help of the NFT tools and support, the Non-Fungible tokens are created on the contract-enabled blockchain. The standard protocol for developing NFTs is Ethereum (ERC-721). The NFT platforms allow the creator to add their bio onto the platform. It is easier to find the real creator of the NFT from the NFT platform.

    What makes ERC 721 token standard ideal for non fungible token development?

    The unique characteristics of the ERC 721 token standard make it a popular choice for non fungible token development. NFTs are non-interchangeable and non-interoperable. An NFT from one game cannot be used in other games. NFTs cannot be divided into smaller denominations due to their unique protocol specifications. NFTs are indestructible as their data is stored in the blockchain via smart contracts. Each transaction can be tracked back and recovered from the chain. NFT stores the ownership data on the blockchain. That enables the verification of creators without third-party authentication.

    How much time does it take to develop an NFT token platform?

    Multiple factors directly impact the overall time to develop and launch an NFT token platform. The development time can go from two months or a year, depending on the project's complexity and other project requirements. Connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. for an extract time estimation for your NFT token development project.

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