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As a top IT staff augmentation consulting and service provider, we assist global brands, startups, and SMEs in hiring the right talent for their project.

High-End Augmented Staff Experts To Handle The Project

RisingMax Inc. is one of the leading staff augmentation companies that provide excellent and error-free service for clients.

  • UI & UX Designers

    Individual team of more than 30 UI/UX designing experts for complete procedure.

  • Database Architecture

    Architects with the knowledge of SQL, Oracle, NoSQL, Object Oriented database.

  • Security Management

    Risingmax Inc. provides complete security with 20+ cybersecurity managers to handle.

  • DevOps Engineers

    Augmentation services by our dedicated DevOps engineers with years of experience.

  • Project Management

    We provide separate teams and project managers for the IT staff augmentation service.

  • Data Scientists

    We acquire an individual team of data analysts and data scientists with 24*7 availability.

  • 24*7 Support

    Our executives are available 24*7 for you to assist and to share updates on the project.

  • Testing Team

    100+ QA experts work on the project to ensure the smooth running of the project.

  • Instant Solution

    Our automation engineers resolve the issue at lighten speed to avoid bad user experience.

Augmentation Services For Next-gen Technologies

Leverage our expertise in leading technologies to scale quickly and complete development on time.

resource and staff augmentation


resource and staff augmentation

Web 3.0

resource and staff augmentation

Digital Twin

resource and staff augmentation

3D Game

resource and staff augmentation

Augmented Reality

resource and staff augmentation

Virtual Reality

resource and staff augmentation

Machine Learning

resource and staff augmentation

Artificial Intelligence

resource and staff augmentation

Mobile App

resource and staff augmentation

Custom Software

resource and staff augmentation


resource and staff augmentation

Web Development

IT Resource & Staff Augmentation Model We Support

RisingMax Inc. as a renowned offshore staff augmentation company, provides startups & enterprises with on-demand skills and resources to ensure fast development and enhance productivity.

Team Augmentation

Our vetted IT professionals join your in-house team to add the required skill and move project development 50-60% times higher under your project manager.

Dedicated Team

Under this staff augmentation model, our skilled project managers will handle the multi-team projects for smoother coordination and speed up project development.

Project Outsourcing

Save up to 30% in development costs with offshore staff augmentation. Onboard our skilled IT professionals for end-to-end software development for your business.

Managed IT Services

As a reliable IT resource augmentation company, we help you strike a perfect balance b/w project progress and cost with routine monitoring & managed IT operations.

Looking For Staff Augmentation Consulting?

Get the best industry experts for resource augmentation services with high-end features and cost-effective rates.

staff augmentation services

Advantages Of Hiring Top Staff Augmentation Companies

The resource augmentation model can be a useful alternative option if you are a startup or want a separate team to work on the new project instantly.

  • it staff augmentation

    Cost Effective Rates

    As compared to building your team for the management of the project, the IT staff augmentation will be much more cost-effective.

  • it staff augmentation

    No Hassle of Recruitment

    You will get an expert team to handle the project rather than will interview various candidates and checking their expertise in handling projects.

  • it staff augmentation

    Rate of Supplies

    The staff augmentation services help organisations respond in accordance with the demands or needs of the circumstance or opportunity.

  • it staff augmentation

    Flexible Time

    Businesses can, whenever and without difficulty, take the assistance of workforce augmentation to install at a very good tempo with expertise.

What Does Hiring Our IT Team & Tech Talent Look Like?

Our flexible IT team augmentation services provide opportunities for startups and organizations to adapt to the ever-changing competitive technology environment. Look at how our IT staff augmentation and managed services look like for our clients.


Tell Us What Skills You Need

Reach out to our experts and share your project requirements, such as team size, skill set, tech stack, and project duration.


We Begin Our Search

Based on your project/skillset requirement, we begin our search and connect you with the right IT candidates.


We Shortlist Candidates

Our team will shortlist candidates based on your project development requirements and share blind CVs to review.


We Schedule Interviews For You

After CV reviews, we schedule interviews with the selected IT professionals and schedule skill tests to facilitate you.


Hire Developers & Finalize Contract

We will create a detailed contract with details like project duration, start date, scope of work, working hours, etc.


Team Work On Your Project

Hired IT professionals will start working on your project and are available till the duration of the agreement.


Regular Project Update

Our team will share regular project updates via established communication channels to ensure everything’s ok.


Extent Engagement, If Needed

A week before the contract is completed, our team will reach out to see if you need to extend engagement.

Hire Top Staff Augmentation Companies

When someone enters a startup there are various challenges that a company faces. With staff augmentation companies, you can tackle those challenges. A startup faces challenges like-

staff augmentation companies

Finding The Best Resource

The major issue that any company faces is finding the valuable resource for the company. If you are a startup it is going to be very difficult for you to get experienced resources in such cases the staff augmentation model is going to be a great option for you. The IT staff augmentation companies not only help to direct the platform in the correct direction but also holds experience in handling IT projects.

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Leading Towards Right Direction

When it's a new team is quite difficult to move in the right direction and to target the right audience to make a good sale. But with IT staff augmentation companies, you will not face any such challenges to go in the right direction. Risingmax Inc. assisted multiple numbers of startups and global companies in providing them with the right direction and targeting the correct audience.

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staff augmentation model
resource augmentation services

Lengthy Process Of Recruitment

This is one of such challenges which any company faces, whether it's a startup or a well-established company. The company faces multiple challenges while recruiting new resources for the company, the complete process takes about a week, and about 24-30% of candidates don’t join after that. But here, with an augmentation services company, you won’t face any such issues and easy work.

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Third-Party For Recruitment

Multiple companies go for the option of hiring an HR agency to build their team. But there are multiple issues that come up with the hiring of the HR agency. The liability of the employee and the cost of the commission are other things that can create trouble. If you wanted to hire a developer at the cost of $4000, then the usual commission for the HR agency will be around $8000.

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it staff augmentation companies
software development staff augmentation

Poor Performance Employees

This is one of the challenges that a company faces no matter whether they are a big bull company or a startup. The candidates somehow manage to crack the lengthy interview rounds but later on deliver a poor performance. But when it comes to IT staff augmentation companies like RisingMax Inc. have the experienced employees who all are working with us from more than 5 years and are reliable resource.

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Delay In Delivery

When you build your team for the management of the project or for developing the project it’s very rare that you meet the deadlines at the correct time because as a new company you don’t have enough additional resource. RisingMax Inc. is the team of 300+ employees including developers, designers, QA experts, team lead, project managers, etc. We make sure to deliver the project on time.

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Be On The Top With IT Staff Augmentation Services

Hire a dedicated team of IT staff augmentation that can help you to achieve your business goals at the earliest.

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IT Staff Augmentation And Managed Service Provider

RisingMax Inc. is one of the leading USA-based IT staff augmentation service providers that ensure peace of mind to its clients with reliable resource augmentation solutions.

Short Term Augmentation

Short-term resource augmentation for a few weeks or months, is ideal for businesses with project development with a two to six-month duration. Ideal conditions for short-term augmentation;

  • team augmentation services

    Specific Skillset Needed

    When a specific skillset is required to complete a project. You don’t need these skills in any other project.

  • team augmentation services

    Work Overload

    When your team handles too many projects, you are looking for someone to temporarily share the workload.

  • team augmentation services

    Staff Crunch

    When employees are on vacation or leave, and you need experienced IT professionals to complete projects on time.

Long Term Augmentation

Long-term staff augmentation is for projects with more than 6 months duration. A great option to enhance team's skillset and allow remote teams to work closely with the in-house IT team.

  • team augmentation services

    On-Demand Talent

    When you need IT professionals with the required skillset within a week to fill key roles and complete projects.

  • team augmentation services

    Save Employment Cost

    When you need professionals that dedicatedly work on your project that are otherwise costly to hire.

  • team augmentation services

    Long Term Availability

    When you don’t want to worry about frequent leaves or sudden quitting. Our experts will be with you for a long term.

staff augmentation consulting

Choose & Build IT Team With The Right Tech Stack

We have a pool of IT professionals well-versed in cutting-edge software development tools and next-gen technologies. Leverage our flexible and cost-effective IT staff augmentation services to choose and build an IT team with the right tech stack for your project.

RisingMax Inc. IT team members have a minimum of 2 years of experience in any given technology. We can vouch for our software professionals' expertise and skills to handle your complex project needs from design to development and testing to deployment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why you should go for resource and staff augmentation services?

    No matter whether you are a startup or a well-established company hiring staff augmentation companies will always be in your favor only, you can get the work done at flexible hours, cost-effective rates, experienced team, and can increase or decrease the manpower as an per the demand.

    How Much Does It Cost to hire staff augmentation companies?

    The cost of recruiting a staff augmentation company depends on the size of the project, how many resources the company requires for the project, what type of industry it is, and what is their target audience.

    What makes RisingMax Inc. a reliable option?

    We have been serving the industry for the last 13 years and have helped multiple global companies for targeting their audience. We have a client retention rate of 80%, and our reviews on the internet tell more about our success story.

  • How much time does it take to hire us?

    You are just one virtual meeting away from hiring for your project. We do not create chaos while delivering our service to the clients. We completely understand the value of time, so we do not make our clients indulge in paperwork more.

    How can you pay us for the services?

    We are one of the renowned IT staff augmentation companies and follow all the standard procedures of the business. You can pay us with any payment option; we accept payment through NEFT, cheque, third-party payment apps, etc.

    How many projects did we deliver yet?

    In the last 13 years we have delivered our team augmentation services to more than 5000+ startups and global companies with perfection. Each of our employees is with the experience of more than 5 years and superb skills.

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