How Digital Twins Are Revolutionizing Manufacturing And Smart Cities?

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

How Digital Twins Are Revolutionizing Manufacturing And Smart Cities?

Digital Twins are becoming an essential tool in many industries. Digital twin technology is helping the research community and industrial sector with the latest innovative technologies like IoT (Internet Of Things), artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

Digital Twins Smart Cities With Web3

However, digital twins are becoming a trend in modern industries; it is doing tremendously well in several areas like manufacturing and smart cities. The Digital twins can provide a transformative effect on existing traditional towns. The use of modern technology, futuristic urban planning, and mobility are a few names that can advance an existing city to a smart digitized city.

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What Is The Digital Twin?

Digital Twin is a replica of any physical good, item, accessory, or process. In plain language, “Digital Twin technology is an exact or a virtual copy of any physical thing.” In technical terms, Digital Twin that synchronizes at a specific fidelity represents the real-world physical things, entities, and processes.

The “thing” here can be understood as anything in this world that connects with a sensor and sends information to and from virtual models.

Digital Twins technology is enormously gaining popularity in all sectors and industries. Experts say Digital Twins are the future of manufacturing and smart cities because industries that need to be modernized have to be digitized with digital Twins technology.

Stats Of Digital Twin In Manufacturing

The above stats are a clear indication that integration of digital twin opens up endless possibilities for the manufacturing sector. Connect with our tech experts to integrate digital twin technology within your business and invest in your business growth.

Advantage Of Digital Twin In Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing units, digital twins can be of much help in many areas. A few of the things that it can help with are:

  • Detect problems faster and supply a solution accordingly.
  • Perform maintenance that will detect faulty machinery equipment before it breaks. Also, stop the system before it creates a hazardous situation.
  • Enables the creation of modern product designs that may help eliminate quality-related issues.

You can deploy the digital twin technology because it is wide-reaching and can be used in the lifecycle process of a manufacturing operation. It can provide sustainable technology that will advance the supply/demand chain. Digital Twins can be used in various sectors, from engineering to manufacturing, designing to development, and operations to production. 

There are several other benefits of using Digital Twin.

  • It helps reduce defects.
  • Increase uptime.
  • Decrease the cost of manufacturing.
  • Provide sustainable and efficient functioning.
  • Detect and acknowledge the troubleshooting of equipment.

Let us figure out Digital Twin with the help of a real-life example.

The strategy of the DT is to use technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning in manufacturing units. It helps to analyze the report of the concerned connected devices. It checks the entire system and the processes so they can work flexibly and efficiently.

Unilever operates eight digital twin factories across Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. It has saved $2.8 million by saving energy and almost a 3% increment in productivity.

Unilever is using digital twin technology in its production processes. It has developed virtual models of manufacturing units that work more efficiently and flexibly. 

Unilever has created virtual models of all the manufacturing factories and tracked the real-time performance data with the help of IoT(Internet of things) sensors. The IoT(Internet of things) sensor can track the motor speed, temperature, and functions of processing units.

Benefits Of Digital Twins In Manufacturing

Digital twin technology can be used in various ways. We will discuss the top 5 common aspects where it is used mostly.

1. Quality Improvement

The continuous data coming from the organization's sensors can be monitored and responded to automatically to improve quality and reduce costs. It provides several other benefits such as-

  • Detect and transform where there is variability by understanding which item/process to switch.
  • Figure out each process within the system of manufacturing units.

Generally, a production organization performs a random inspection rather than visualizing the products used by the users in real time. This identifies if there is an issue or if a defect has been found.

2. Designing Good Products

Digital twins technology is used for virtual prototyping which helps design better structures. It provides a low-cost and low-risk method for using the PoC (proof-of-concept) templates. It helps the process in order to increase productivity, saving both time and effort.

3. Provide Predictive Maintenance

Sensors used in an organization are nothing but manufacturing components or a device that is used as a process during real-time data processing. With the help of advanced analytics tools and artificial intelligence, Digital Twins can work efficiently and analyze performance. It also checks whether the system needs predictive maintenance. It also helps to:

  • Ignore any planned shutdowns.
  • Reduce the maintenance cost.
  • Boost productivity.

4. Enhance Customer Experience

Digital twins technology works exceptionally well with the factory mainframe system, which helps the unit team understand how the customers enjoy the products. Also, an organization may utilize Digital Twins technology to analyze customer behavior and purchasing patterns based on outcomes.

Business owners can get ahead in the market with an understanding of how their customer behaves with their products and business in general. Using comprehensive data to create simulations, a digital twin can help you forecast and layout effective sales parameters.

The modern age is deploying innovative tools and technologies. World’s top manufacturing units and smart cities are already in the process of digitizing with the digital twins. This is the perfect time to shift your old business to next gen Digital Twins.

Are Digital Twins Revolutionizing Smart Cities?

Digital Twins just doesn’t make copies of the physical items, but it also analyzes the entire process to understand how it processes the city.

The use of digital twin technology in the development of smart cities is endless. By adopting the interactions between several different components, digital twins can help us understand how a smart city infrastructure will function in various situations. E.g.Disaster management, changes in weather conditions, etc.

Digital Twins Smart Cities Stats

  • By 2027, Digital Twins-supported solutions may reach nearly $4.8 billion.
  • The very first implementation of Digital Twins was introduced by NASA to create simulations of spacecraft for testing.
  • By 2027, up to 93% of all IoT (Internet Of Things) based platforms are going to deploy some form of Digital Twins.
  • Over 95% of vendors recognize the need for an IoT-based platform with Digital Twins.
  • The smart city market will expand to $2.75 trillion by 2023.

Many cities around the world have started investing in Digital Twins. Some of the major knocks came from Dublin, Zurich, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Helsinki.

However, most of these cities are under initial development or have a preliminary design phase.

How The Digital Twins Works

Digital twins analyze the input data, go through the previous records, and process the data with the help of Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things (IoT). From urban planning of the city to expose the problems that may occur, it is possible with digital twin cities.

Digital twins technology can help in planning land-use optimization, implementing well-structured modules, and providing an architecture aspect for key elements like solar panels, WiFi, public transport, streets, housing, and other necessary elements.

How Do Digital Twins Simulations Benefit Smart Cities?

Using digital twin technology to build smart cities, government agencies will have an easy time predicting several situations. For instance, how to use an economic opportunity effectively, how to improve the lives of all citizens, and if there is any need for improvements or additional facilities for the people.

The concept of digital twin smart cities is futuristic, but it is slowly seeping into the mainstream industries.  A lot of initiatives have already been initiated in many cities.  The idea to simulate and optimize the towns and cities and develop them with rich-data models can change the entire system beyond one’s imagination.

A few of the examples where the Digital twins can be implemented are infrastructure management, high level of security, use of mobility, consumption of energy, waste management, and transportation services. These are the areas that can be exceptionally improved with the help of digital twins.

Benefits Of Digital Twins Over Traditional Model

The use of digital twin technology in developing smart cities can be very beneficial. It gives a great pace in the success of technology and economic and social sustainability. 

However, it is important to know that many people are worried about the traditional approaches that should be eliminated from the existing system. Here it is necessary to know that the digital twin would offer digital and physical modules to understand the technology innovation going to support your software solutions.

The system will use virtual technology with geospatial analytics that helps the purpose of using the maps. The purpose of using the maps is to accommodate data processing, use smart maps, and detect any complex.

  • Bring the pace in social & economic approaches
  • Provision of both physical and digital modules for a better clarity
  • Use of geospatial map technology to detect and fix any complex process
  • The digital counterpart informs if there is any error, bug, or glitch.
How Digital Twins Are Revolutionizing  Smart Cities

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The Digital Twins is an emerging technology that has persuaded global platform leaders to work with modern digital technology. The world’s top IT leaders like GE Digital, Dassault, Siemens, Microsoft, and other IT giants are already engaged in developing innovative modern digital platforms.

Digital Twins can empower the contemporary world with innovative technology like Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Many developed countries and organizations willing to build their own Digital Twins Smart Cities With Web3 will greatly benefit from the integration of this technology into their business. 

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