How To Develop a Mental Health App: Essential Features & Costing

By RisingMax

January 23, 2023

How To Develop a Mental Health App: Essential Features & Costing

Mental health issues did not catch much attention from the majority of the public a few years ago. But it’s not the same anymore. As time passes, many people understand that mental health issues are real and consequences can be worse than anyone could imagine. 

I completely understand the real issue of what happens when someone faces mental health issues. And also feel content knowing that RisingMax Inc. is helping to build mental health applications for people like me.  

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Almost half a decade ago, I was one of the many people going through depression and anxiety. By that time, I was searching for a way to get help and support as discreetly as possible. 

At that time, there was not much awareness about these things, so naturally, there were limited applications catering to mental health. But, there’s no dearth today.

While writing this blog, I know at least one thing for sure: if you are planning to develop a mental health app, then this will be very helpful for people globally. It is going to be beneficial for the social cause.

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How Common Are Mental Illnesses?

One of the most prevalent medical problems in the US is mental illness.

  • More than 50% of people will receive a mental illness or disorder diagnosis at some point in their lives.
  • In 2025, 1 in 5 Americans will suffer from a mental disease.
  • A severely disabling mental disorder affects 1 in 5 youngsters either now or at some point in their lives.
  • A significant mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression affects 1 in 25 people in the United States.

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How To Generate Revenue From Mental Health Apps?

With the help of the stats mentioned above, you can understand that there are a lot of people who really need it. In this era, people have less time to invest in themselves, creating a gap between humans and peace. With the help of the mental health app, you can fill the gap.

Let’s see how to generate revenue from mental health apps:

Registration From Doctors

On the mental health application, the users join for consultation from the doctors or for self-assessment. To assist the users, the doctors must subscribe to the subscription model to generate revenue from the application.

The revenue generation model can be either subscription-based or can also be commission based. By these two models, you can generate revenue from the application.

Premium Subscription Model From Users

While going through mental health issues, all users must be continuously observed to see the improvement. For the continuous assessment, the users will have to instantly get a subscription to consult the psychiatrist or doctor. The subscription model for the user is the perfect option. 

Online Testing

Online testing for better health is the next step that can create a good business model. There are multiple testing procedures that help depressed people to get out of the situation. You can add different paid options for each of the tests. 

InApp Advertisement 

The general stats is $0.01 to $0.20 average revenue per daily active user. The application can get more than this from the in-app advertisement. The advertisement model is one of the most successful revenue models. Once the application gets a good number of users on the platform, third-party companies can automatically reach you to advertise on the platform. 

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How To Develop A Mental Health App?

Here is the list of things you will need to develop a mental health app. In this, we will cover

  • Setting Up The Target Audience
  • Features Of The Application
  • Test 
  • Release And Upgradation
  • Design Of Guidelines

Setting Up The Target Audience

For starting any business, setting the target audience is necessary. This helps the business to take up the lead in the same direction. Taking the company in the correct direction with a better and more vast target audience is necessary because that will be the only thing that will help the business to generate revenue. 

It completely depends on you and what sort of target audience you are considering. It can be for children, youth, working professionals, retired professionals, business persons, women, etc. 

Features Of Mental Health App

The next thing you must ensure is compatibility with the users. Features are the most important thing in the application, making the complete platform user-friendly and reliable. Let’s see the must have features of the mental health app. 

SignUp Panel For Users

The first and foremost feature is SignUp for the users. This helps the user to log in with the application to consult the doctors and take mental health improvement assessments. For signing up, you can provide multiple options for the users; they could sign up with Email, social media, phone number, etc.   

SignUp Panel For Doctors/Psychiatrists

This panel will be different from the users’ panel, where the doctors and other professionals can add themselves to provide service. This panel should have more details, including the account number for the commission payment, license to practice, etc. These features should be in the registration panel for doctors and psychiatrists.

Creating Profile

As a feature, you should add creating a profile panel for the user. This will help the users, fitness trainers, and doctors make the application customized. The customization option will allow users to choose the perfect solution for their issue. Even doctors can create their profiles so that the users can know about doctors’ expertise before consulting them. 


The notification helps the users maintain an assessment of their mental health. Understand this with an example: suppose a user has subscribed to a package for daily meditation. In such cases, the user will get push notifications and reminders for the mediation. 

Self Monitoring

Self-monitoring capabilities are essential to the development of any mental health software. It stands for tools that monitor user's stress levels, mood swings, or other crucial mental health information. Customers who self-monitor can keep track of their inner state, stop psychological problems in their tracks before they worsen, or track the indications of a psychological disorder. 

Sleep Tracker

Sleep tracking may help everyone be more productive and establish good mental health habits, regardless of whether you design mental health apps for people with serious problems or good health. It is typically created for manual information or linked with a sleep analysis device to obtain the most precise measurements and develop personalized sleep schedules. This function can be used with a mood tracker to aid us.

Achievement Sharing

People love to get the reward and share it on social media. You can add features for sharing achievements on the social media platform. This will be 2 ways to benefit; firstly, the user will have the feeling of achieving targets; on the other hand, you will get free promotion on the social media platform. 


It is typically created for manual information or linked with sleep analysis equipment for the most precise measurements and to develop unique sleep regimens. A mood tracker and this feature can be used together to assist us.

Emergency Support

Emergency calls or messages are a vital consideration for mental health app developers. Users who experience anxiety, panic attacks, or other similar problems are specifically discussed. If you could provide them with a simple way to relay urgent messages to their carers, that would be fantastic.

In addition to the features mentioned above, mental health applications may offer extra functionality like calendars or checklists to increase self-monitoring awareness, mood journals to track mood patterns, feelings, and thoughts in various ways, and meditations to offer various tools for reducing depression and anxiety.

So these are some of the must-have features of the mental health app. This will help you to develop a mental health app with perfection. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare App?

The development cost of a mental health app or the healthcare app depends on various aspects. The major cost that impacts the development of the application is the features, complexity of the application, size of the company you are hiring for the healthcare app development, country of the development company, etc.

Designing Cost 

8K To 20K

Outsource Software Cost

$35K To 50K

Deployment Cost


Integration Cost 


Maintenance Cost 

$1500 To $4000

Project Manager Hourly Cost 

$25/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers



The development cost may vary from the given cost, as per the advanced technologies used in the feature and on other demands. 

To get complete information about how much does it cost to develop a healthcare app you can also read the blog by clicking on the link. In the blog, we have covered the development cost in-depth and with much clarity.

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After the features, the next step is the testing phase of the application. It is one of the most important and crucial steps that none of the applications should miss. It is essential because, in the testing, the QA experts know about the platform's minor errors. So that once it is launched on the public forum, none of the bugs should be there on the application. 

Final Launch

The application needs a complete marketing team to give a kick start to the mental health application. We at Risingmax Inc. also provide application marketing to make our client’s businesses successful and with a maximum user base. 

Mental Health Apps You Can Build

The mental health app category is vast; you have to select which one to choose for setting up the application for the users. Let’s see some of the options for mental health:

General Mental Health App

General-purpose applications focus on helping users successfully develop healthy behaviors and sustain their self-care through mood management. Developers of mental health apps may add various elements to their creations, including checklists, community features, and questions with specific answers.

Stress & Anxiety Control App

Modern individuals frequently suffer stress, frustration, and anxiety, so apps that aid with these difficulties are in high demand. Services promise favorable outcomes that will restore their user's sense of ease by utilizing various relaxation techniques and powerful incentive strategies.

Panic Button Apps

The panic button app is a basic application but one of the needed applications in society, especially for those suffering from any mental issues, either depression, anxiety, or mental disorder. Due to mental problems, sometimes survivor either feels to harm themselves or try to escape to unknown places, etc. These types of scenarios are common when people go through tough times. As such, this type of application can be a blessing for them. 

This type of application can include a GPS tracking system option to add family members and close friends to track the survivor's location. The option of a panic button allows users to send close ones notifications if they are in danger.

Self-Improvement Apps

Users who want to track their mood changes, practice positive thinking, and kick undesirable behaviors might utilize self-improvement applications. Many times, the core of these programs is meditation. For instance, calm makes use of meditation techniques as its main components because so many individuals find them useful for getting rid of stress and unwelcome thoughts.

A list of psychologists and counselors is also provided by a few apps for individuals who want to seek professional assistance for self-improvement.

You can also build other healthcare applications apart from the mental health apps that have the potential to grow in 2023. Get to know Best Healthcare App Ideas For Startup In 2023 that will be successful in the coming years. 

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Global society is getting aware of mental health issues, and people recognize it as a real issue that is much needed. Society needs a high-end mental health application to reduce stress and improve the lifestyle of the citizens. Get a mental health app built by the leading mental health application development company RisingMax Inc. 

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