Custom eWallet Development Services

Custom eWallet App Development Services

We leverage our domain expertise to build next-gen eWallet apps for Android, iOS, cross-platform, and other ecosystems. We keep our development process simple by prioritizing the needs of our customers and their target audience. Our team works dedicatedly and strives to deliver eWallets that pave the way for a cashless world.

As countries are moving towards a cashless world, we are witnessing a huge mobile wallet app development demand. Looking to capture this growing business opportunity? Connect with our experts to get a project cost estimation.

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Mobile Wallet Apps: Future Of Financial Transactions

The growing popularity of eWallet apps clearly indicates that the world is moving from cash to cashless. We help you design a variety of wallets, like banking e-wallets, cryptocurrency wallets, mobile wallets, and so on, as per your business idea.

P2P Payments icon

P2P Payments

Our mobile wallets are integrated with p2p technologies like NFC, iBeacon, and QR for swift and contactless payments.

Secure Fund Transfer icon

Secure Fund Transfer

We build e-wallets based on secured and encrypted protocols to ensure the secure transfer of payments.

Crypto Tokens icon

Crypto Tokens

Our mobile wallets support storage and empower users to make secure cryptocurrency payments.

Manage Rewards icon

Manage Rewards

Wallet cashbacks, referral rewards, loyalty points, and so on can be managed with a single wallet app.

Mobile Wallet Apps Future Of Financial Transactions

Join Hands To Create A Cashless Payment Ecosystem

Leveraging our domain expertise, we provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their unique eWallet app idea and turn it into reality. Schedule a consultation call and discuss your project today!

Our eWallet App Development Service

We deliver highly secure, reliable, and easy-to-use eWallets for our clients in different business verticals and assist them in gaining a competitive edge. Avail of our eWallet development services to launch the following e-wallet solution;

Mobile Wallet Apps

We build tailored mobile wallet apps that are highly reliable, scalable, and secure with high-end security features like ISMS, Burp Suite, soap, and so on.

  • eCommerce Integration.
  • POS Integration.
  • Multi-language Support.
  • NFC Support.

Close Wallet Apps

We design closed wallet apps for businesses looking to offer private account access to customers and make payments only with them.

  • POS Integration.
  • API Integration Support.
  • ID Verification Solution.
  • NFC, QR, & OTP Support.

Semi-closed Wallet Apps

We develop semi-closed wallets that are integrated with multiple features for easy payments via QR & NFC on ecommerce platforms and brand outlets.

  • API Integration Support.
  • QR & NFC Payments.
  • Multi-language Support.
  • Web & Mobile App.

Open eWallet Apps

We develop mobile wallet apps that allow customers to make and receive payments on the go directly with their integrated bank accounts.

  • P2P Payments.
  • Web & Mobile App.
  • POS Integration.
  • Cloud-based App.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

We help businesses leverage the true potential of blockchain technology and allow users to send & receive crypto payments securely.

  • Multi-crypto Support.
  • Mobile & Web App.
  • ID Verification Solution.
  • Cloud Integration.

IoT-based Wallet

We design IoT-based mobile wallets that can be easily integrated with smart devices such as smartwatches, wristbands, smartphones, and POS.

  • Multi-device Support.
  • NFC & QR Support.
  • P2P Payment.
  • Cloud Integration.

Intriguing Features of eWallet Applications

We are committed to delivering highly secure and robust e-wallet apps with the right app features to offer unmatched experiences to users.

  • eWallet User Registration icon

    Our mobile wallet application has a single-page registration process to ensure users can join without any hassle.

  • eWallet User Add Bank icon
    Add Bank

    With this feature, users can add a bank account or multiple bank accounts for the swift transfer of funds.

  • eWallet User Make Payments icon
    Make Payments

    With this feature, users can make payments for electricity, water, gas, mobile, rent and other payments with a click.

  • eWallet User In-App Notification icon
    In-App Notification

    This feature help users to get notified about payment status, discounts, bonuses, cashback, offers and more.

  • eWallet User Add to Wallet icon
    Add to Wallet

    This feature allows users to add money directly to their eWallet from linked bank accounts.

  • eWallet User Transaction History icon
    Transaction History

    With this feature, users can easily see their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly transaction history on the app.

  • eWallet Merchant Intuitive Dashboard icon
    Intuitive Dashboard

    The intuitive dashboard makes it easy for merchants to have an overview of total purchases, sales, & transactions.

  • eWallet Merchant Add Products icon
    Add Products

    This feature empowers merchants to offer new payment solutions and widen their payment wallet reach.

  • eWallet Merchant Manage Customers icon
    Manage Customers

    With this feature, merchants can easily manage customers and offer special discounts, rewards, and offers.

  • eWallet Merchant Track Payment icon
    Track Payment

    With this feature, merchants can easily track payment status ie, sent, received, and failed transactions.

  • eWallet Merchant Manage Rewards icon
    Manage Rewards

    This feature allows merchants to offer special rewards and offer to their loyal eWallet app users.

  • eWallet Merchant Create QR icon
    Create QR

    With this feature, merchants can create their own QR codes to ensure hassle-free payments via e-wallet.

  • eWallet Admin Dashboard icon
    Admin Dashboard

    Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy for the admin to manage different activities on the eWallet application.

  • eWallet Admin Manage Users icon
    Manage Users

    Admin can leverage this feature to verify user and merchant profiles to ensure the eWallet app's credibility.

  • eWallet Admin Manage Discounts icon
    Manage Discounts

    This feature allows admins to manage all ongoing discounts, offers, and rewards provided by merchants on the app.

  • eWallet Admin Gamification icon

    This feature enables admins to increase engagement levels and add a fun element to the e-wallet app.

  • eWallet Admin Reports and Analytics icon
    Reports and Analytics

    This feature enables the admin to view eWallet reports and make data-driven business decisions.

  • eWallet Admin Manage Notification icon
    Manage Notification

    With this feature, the admin can manage push notifications and remind users of pending payments.

Are You Looking For A Customized eWallet App Development Cost?

Connect with our experts today and share your eWallet app idea. After the project evaluation, our development team will share a customized development cost ASAP.

Customized eWallet App Development

How Does eWallet App Work?

As a reputable eWallet app development agency, we follow a well-documented and well-organized workflow to enhance user experience and deliver exceptions. The following steps represent the working of our eWallet applications.



By adding relevant details and completing the verification process, users complete the registration process.


Add Bank Account

Users can attach single or multiple bank accounts to enjoy seamless receive and make payments.


Add Money To Wallet

Users can directly add money to the eWallet from their linked bank account and enjoy faster payments.


Make Payments

Users can make bill payments, recharge, and send money to other eWallet application users.


Contactless Payment

Integrated p2p communication tech like QR & NFC enables users to make contactless payments.


User Security

Integrated high-end security features and encrypted communication eliminate the fear of cyber attacks.

Why RisingMax Inc.?

When it comes to developing robust, fully customized, feature-rich, and scalable eWallets, no one can match our FinTech expertise. Here’s why our clients choose and trust us;

Unparalleled Expertise

For more than 10 years, we have been successfully developing and deploying FinTech solutions for our clients.

Customized Solutions

We leverage our in-depth domain knowledge to deliver customized e-wallet applications.

Meaningful Outcomes

Our team follow a well-documented and planned development approach to ensure meaningful outcomes.

Flexible Engagement

We empower our clients to avail of our eWallet app development services as per their project needs.

No Hidden Cost

We follow a transparent pricing policy to ensure that clients only pay for app with no hidden charges.

Rigorous Testing

We employ rigorous testing tools and methodologies to ensure zero technical issues or bugs with the wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does Mobile Wallet App Development Cost?

    The mobile wallet app development cost depends upon various factors such as wallet type, project complexity, in-built features, project timeline, location of a development company, and so on. Most eWallet development companies share a cost estimation based on the above mentioned factors.

    Can You Build a Custom eWallet App For My Business?

    Yes, we can. Our wallet development team can design a eWallet app for your business and platform needs.

  • I Want A Mobile And Web eWallet App. Is That Possible?

    Yes, we can. We leverage our domain expertise to launch a mobile and web eWallet app that enhances customer engagement and is user-friendly.

    Can You Build Cross Platforms eWallet App?

    Yes, we do. Our development team can design a cross-platform eWallet app that can cut down the development expense and empower you to launch an app on all leading mobile platforms.

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