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Blockchain Penetration Testing: Empowering Next-Gen Business Apps

We provide end-to-end blockchain application testing and quality assurance services for all business applications. Our team leverages their expertise in the application testing domain to ensure that your blockchain apps are tested on time, within your budget, and satisfy all testing criteria.

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Our Wide Range Of Blockchain Quality Assurance and Testing Services

RisingMax Inc., a top web3 testing service provider, deploys cutting-edge testing tools and methodologies to ensure that the application performs tasks as designed. Businesses worldwide can leverage our wide range of QA services to ensure no vulnerabilities within their blockchain applications.

  • smart contract pentesting

    Integration Testing

    Hire our blockchain testing team to evaluate the compliance of the blockchain-based application within business processes and systems. With integration testing, various app modules are tested as a group to ensure specific functional requirements are fulfilled.

  • smart contract pentesting

    Penetration Testing

    Our QA team will deploy the industry's best application testing tools to evaluate the system’s resistance to attacks and find loopholes. A detailed blockchain app testing report is prepared to highlight the impact of security loopholes on the business.

  • smart contract pentesting

    Smart Contract Pentesting

    Leverage our smart contract penetration testing services to find coding problems, performance of business logic, and contract vulnerabilities. Our team ensures that smart contracts are error-free, secure and steer your business toward success.

  • smart contract pentesting

    Web3 Application Testing

    As a leading web3 app testing company, we assist businesses worldwide to unlock the true potential of web3 applications. Our affordable web3 software testing services empower clients in different business verticals to securely integrate the web3 application and kick-start their digital transformation journey.

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    Functional Testing

    Leverage our cost-effective blockchain penetration testing services to verify and validate the functionality of your business application. Our QA experts will thoroughly test your blockchain application manually or automatically by feeding input and analyzing the output to ensure all app functions work as intended.

  • smart contract pentesting

    Automation Testing

    Keeping abreast with cutting-edge testing tools and methodologies, we perform automation testing on your blockchain-based business application. Our team deploys automated testing tools to deliver error-free and secure blockchain solutions.

What Sets Our QA & Blockchain Penetration Testing Service Apart

Our decade of experience in providing top-notch QA services, expertise in cutting-edge testing tools, and board-spectrum testing services sets up apart from others. Leveraging our tech expertise, we ensure the success of our clients' blockchain initiatives.

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25% Lower Testing Cost

web3 testing company

Predict and Prevent over 90% of Severe Defects

web3 testing company

At least 15% faster time to Market

smart contract penetration testing

Benefits of Working With Us

RisingMax Inc. provides functional and non-functional testing services for clients in different business verticals at an affordable cost.

  • A decade of experience in the QA & Testing domain.
  • Broad spectrum blockchain penetration testing services.
  • Expertise in leading testing tools and softwares.
  • Quality testing services at an affordable cost.
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Our Blockchain Testing Certification

The rapid transformation in the fintech world leads the masses to adopt a cashless and virtual payment technology. Banks and other financial institutes also catch up with the collaboration with web3 platforms. We build a platform that increases income, reduces costs, and automates repetitive operations. You can enjoy:

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)
  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA)
  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE)
  • Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP)
  • Certified Metaverse Professional (CMP)
  • Certified Web 3.0 Professional (CW3P)
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smart contract penetration testing

Web3 Testing Company: Assisting Clients in Different Business Verticals

RisingMax Inc. provides 360-degree web3 and blockchain app testing services for organizations of all sizes and business verticals.

  • smart contract penetration testing


    Our team verifies and validates the functionality of blockchain-based finance apps with Test case preparation, review, and execution.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms
  • smart contract penetration testing


    Leverage our affordable blockchain penetration testing services to safeguard your Insurance software solutions from cyberattacks.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms
  • smart contract penetration testing


    Hire our QA testing team to integrate your healthcare business with blockchain applications securely.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms
  • smart contract penetration testing

    Supply Chain

    Find loopholes in your existing blockchain application to create a transparent and secure decentralized ecosystem.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms
  • smart contract penetration testing


    With our smart contract pentesting, enhance the efficiency of your logistic business with error-free smart contract implementation.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms
  • smart contract penetration testing


    Reach out to our QA experts at RisingMax Inc. before moving ahead with your blockchain initiative in your retail business.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms
  • smart contract penetration testing


    Test your blockchain-based business applications with us and provide users with unmatched communication services.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms
  • smart contract penetration testing


    Leverage the true potential of blockchain technology with tested entertainment business software to ensure long-term success.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms
  • smart contract penetration testing

    Real Estate

    Create a safe and secure immersive environment for your real estate users with our high-end QA and testing services.

    Metaverse Consulting Firms

Our Result Driven Blockchain Penetration Testing Approach

A distributed ledger to store your business information in nodes that cannot be altered or deleted with complete decentralized access.

  • smart contract pentesting

    App Analysis

    Our QA team will do an in-depth analysis of your blockchain application and business to devise a testing strategy.

  • smart contract pentesting

    Test Cases

    Our blockchain testing team will create test cases to evaluate the app’s scalability, quality, and performance.

  • smart contract pentesting

    Test Case Execution

    Based on the app test cases, our QA experts will execute test cases and analyze the output to validate applications.

  • smart contract pentesting


    All the outputs from the test case execution and application flaws will be noted down and shared with the client.

Blockchain Application Testing Tools We Employ

Our QA testing team guarantees the success of your blockchain application by leveraging their expertise in leading app testing software and tools.

  • web3 testing company

    Ethereum Tester

    • Open-source testing library.
    • Easy to set up.
    • Manageable API support.
  • web3 testing company


    • Java-based framework.
    • Ideal for Bitcoin-based apps.
    • Interact with the real BTC network.
  • web3 testing company


    • Ideal for testing Ethereum apps.
    • Developed around the py.test framework.
    • Easy to implement.
  • web3 testing company


    • Enhanced testing features.
    • Ideal for Ethereum apps.
    • Framework holds capabilities beyond just testing.
  • web3 testing company


    • Ideal framework for dApps.
    • Run on various systems or nodes.
    • Easy API Integrations.
  • web3 testing company


    • Ideal for smart contracts testing & debugging.
    • Support automate testing.
    • Used to generate fuzz test data.

What Makes RisingMax Inc. The Best Web3 Testing Company?

As a renowned web3 testing company in NYC, we have assisted clients in different business verticals in integrating tested and secure applications within their business processes. Here’s why we are the most suitable blockchain penetration testing company in the USA;

blockchain penetration testing

Testing Expertise

Our Quality assurance team has more than 10000 hours of testing experience and more than 40 successfully completed projects.

blockchain penetration testing

Enhanced Collaboration

We employ cutting-edge communication software for enhanced communication between the testing, development, and operation team.

blockchain penetration testing

Customized Test Cases

Our QA team will structure custom test cases to meet specific application testing needs and business requirements.

blockchain penetration testing

Future Proof Framework

We test the latest technology implementation to ensure that your business application is scalable and future-proof.

blockchain penetration testing

Competitive Pricing

Our expertise in blockchain penetration testing won’t come at a higher cost. Our flexibility allows us to serve our customers better.

blockchain penetration testing

Compliance with Tech Trends

Leverage our blockchain app testing expertise to integrate next-gen technologies such as AI, blockchain, cyber security, and IoT.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Top Tools for Blockchain App Testing?

    The top tools for blockchain app testing are: Ethereum Tester, BitcoinJ, Populus, Truffle, Embark, and Solc.

    Which are the Top Web3 testing companies in the USA?

    RisingMax Inc and Suffescom Inc. are trusted blockchain and web3 testing companies in the USA.

  • Why is smart contract testing important?

    Smart contracts are self-verifying and self-executing in nature and, once implemented, can’t be altered or deleted. With smart contract penetration testing, we protect our clients from vulnerabilities and losses.

    What are the important things to remember during customized app testing?

    Our team carefully analyzes your business requirements and application feature to create customized test cases to verify and validate various app features and functionality.

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A 100% automated platform with the most technically advanced crypto market features.

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