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Delivering Customized IOS App Solutions in New York

If you are looking for iOS app development experts to turn your business notion into a functional iOS application to design a sleek interface and seamless user experience, RisingMax is the technology partner you need.

iOS App Consulting

Boost your sales with advancements in our iPhone application development services and take full advantage of the ultimate operating system and device features. We also have expertise in Objective-C and Swift and programming tools like XCode, Cocoa APIs, and Code Runner. Whether you are entrepreneurs, start-ups, or businesses of any scale, our iOS solutions cover all your needs. Elegance and rusticity are the essences of iOS apps, and we at RisingMax strive to bring this to reality.


Enterprise iOS Apps

In this section, Enterprise iOS Apps, we provide large organizations to develop and deploy proprietary, internal-use apps to their employees. Along with that, we manage to provide highly customized enterprise iPhone application development services in NYC for your clients.



We are aware of the client's expectations, due to which we build smart AR/VR solutions that can enhance the experience of iPhone users. Our iOS developers in NYC design next-generation virtual and augmented iOS apps to bring value to your business with improved efficiency and accuracy.


IoT Apps

IoT (an acronym for the Internet of Things) is an industrial revolution. And at RisingMax, we provide solutions for IoT applications to target iPhone users in particular. We build cloud-based, high-speed IoT solutions that leverage the tremendous power of our client’s data. Other than that, we bring the best cutting-edge technologies and techniques on board to provide you with iOS IoT app solutions that satisfy your business needs.


Cyber Security Testing

As an iOS development company in New York, we are familiar with the cyber world becoming more-and-more vulnerable to attacks and security cannot get jeopardized. Therefore, we offer you ensured and protected iOS cybersecurity testing. This way, you can protect your client's data by taking corrective measures to alter the security gaps.


Serving Custom Built IOS App Solutions in New York

Transform your business with custom-engineered iPhone App Solutions in the USA. We utilize real environment and devices to test your product and actual usage data to offer improvements, optimization, and scale-up. Our custom app developers are fully trained to create a functional app.

Custom iOS App Development

Enter new marketplaces, impart new user experiences, and increase your business's technical capabilities with our custom iPhone application development services in New York. We are a team of visionary strategists, deft technical architects, creative designers, and experienced developers who craft visually stunning iPhone Applications.

iOS Game Development

Our team consists of skilled iOS game developers with a deep understanding of the game engines' platform. Right from the phase of analysis, our team engages with you until the development phase. We then ensure that maintenance aspects are addressed after final deployment too. All this means that we are here to serve you, right from initiation to support.

iOS Business App Development

We're a leading iOS app Development Company in the USA that holds outstanding expertise in successful app development for businesses, no matter its size and type. Our iPhone app developers leverage their years of expertise and follow the best development solutions to render a unique competitive advantage to your app.

iOS Social App Development

Being an iOS Development Company in NY, we develop cooperative social media apps that engage your audience and keep them entertained for hours. We facilitate the best solutions for the ones who are aspiring to set foot into this industry. We create iOS social media apps that are secure and highly reliable.

iOS Multimedia Applications

Bring your business to a new level by developing iOS apps for multiple Apple devices. Our developer always takes care of different content combinations to provide a mix of the best multimedia IOS app experience at minimum cost. We ensure high app quality standards through rigorous, strategic testing methods to make it error-free and improve your app's performance.

iOS Web-based Applications

As a full-stack iPhone App Development company in NY, we are known to build a robust app for a sturdy Apple device. Our iOS App Development Solutions ensure consistent value across the app development cycle. We take care of designing, developing, and deploying your iPhone apps, thus enabling your business to stay ahead.

iOS Testing

iOS testing and portability is an integral part of the whole process, to check out and test the product whether it is satisfactory or not. We assure that our QA experts ensure that each of the apps we develop is tested thoroughly across the entire development phases, and what the clients get is a high-quality, bug-free solution.

iOS App Upgradation

Apps require frequent updates to keep pace with the upcoming new releases. Therefore, our iOS experts will sit down with your app on the drawing board, revisit its architecture, logic and replace them with an upgraded version to make it more robust. And provide dependable maintenance and support services that keep your app up and running through its life span.

Transform Your Business With Our Proficient iOS Developers in NY

Being an illustrious iPhone app development company in NY, we own comprehensive technology expertise that makes us capable of delivering high-end apps to match the client’s business needs.


How Much to Make an
App Perform Like a Business

As much as we would like to put the finger on the cost of iOS app development, we can only come up with an estimate simply because each app development process involves many factors that collectively influence a final cost figure. Fortunately, RisingMax ensures that our iOS developers' team follows a flexible and transparent approach to remodel ideas into reality at a budget-friendly cost. No matter what you need, be it a basic, moderate, or complex iOS app, we offer you a ballpark estimation based on some factors. The end result of every application will be the same - a steep rise in your clients' revenue chart and popularity.

Are You Ready To Enter New Markets With Bespoke iOS App?

Backed by all the latest technologies and a highly experienced team of iOS app developers, we offer best-in-class iOS app solutions known for scalability, security, and robustness.

IOS App in Making

From design to development, testing, and support, we provide end-to-end mobile app development services that help you build an intuitive and user-friendly Android App for your business. Being a top android app development company, we thoroughly research.

Planning Phase

Planning Phase

At RisingMax, we strategize iOS app development projects by analyzing the business model, challenges, target audience revenue model, etc.

Design Phase

Design Phase

We deliver seamless and effortless UI & UX with a polished look. Our experts perform complete R&D and then design the app based on the specific needs.

Development Phase

Development Phase

With our highly skilled iOS developers in NYC, we at RisingMax pride ourselves on delivering the utmost quality apps, and thus we build them natively.

Testing Phase

Testing Phase

We the leading iOS development company in NYC perform comprehensive testing methods to deliver a cyber secure app along with an appealing design.

App Launch & Maintenance

App Launch & Maintenance

Our iOS experts in NYC believe that the launch of an app begins continuous app improvements to keep the users engaged and maintain the process.

App Consultation

App Consultation

Our iOS app development experts connect with the client to understand the app’s idea, target audience, competitors, revenue model, etc.

Case Study
My Rare Collections Case Study
NFT Trading Platform

My Rare Collections

Designed a one-of-a-kind NFT trading platform that offers exclusive digital assets through a smart contract.

Jean Gilles Capital Case Study
Capital Crypto Management Software

Jean Gilles Capital

A 100% automated platform with the most technically advanced crypto market features.

Universal Monsters Case Study
Polygon blockchain Merchandise Store

Universal Monsters

Developed an e-commerce website for Universal Monsters that unlocks digital experience through merchandise and NFTs.

Our Commitment & Guarantee

We provide one of the best iPhone Application Development Services and sleekly handle the entire development cycle from the conception of an idea to its final testing and release.

  • Transparency with NDA
    Transparency with NDA

    At RisingMax, we are familiar that there is rarely an idea that has never been heard before. To safeguard your app idea and ensure confidentiality we sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your business idea no matter what the situation is.

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  • Dedicated Resources
    Dedicated Resources

    We know what it requires to turn a raw app idea into a fully functional mobile application. Our dedicated resources follow the result-driven process to deliver exceptional iOS-based mobile applications to customers as per their requirements.

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  • Dedicated Project Managers
    Dedicated Project Managers

    Our Project Managers will thoroughly review your project requirements and select the most experienced developers best suited for your project. We will contact you within no time to discuss your project related queries and offer the best solutions.

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  • We Never Miss Deadline
    We Never Miss Deadline

    Based on our experts' project consultation, you can choose the engagement timelines for your project execution. And with our quantitative and qualitative tracking tools, we will help you identify opportunities to improve and update your app before deadlines.

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  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Satisfaction

    With our dedicated and collaborative team efforts, we aim to achieve maximum client satisfaction. Our iOS team carefully analyzes the client’s project requirements and plans a tailored app development approach to meet expectations.

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  • Big Team Size
    Big Team Size

    Our team is comprised of industry experts and veterans. The iOS developers in NYC are familiar with the ropes and are ready to provide the best possible operability, stability and functionality in your native app for the best user experience and support.

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  • Serving Clients Globally
    Serving Clients Globally

    We deliver world-class mobile solutions to clients, offering exceptional user experience to iPhone users. Our analysts determine what drives your company, what you hope to achieve through iOS app development, & target audience you want to reach.

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  • Support and Maintenance
    Support and Maintenance

    At RisingMAX, we believe that maintenance is just a natural part of any product’s life cycle, and we’re happy to do it. Our mobile-friendly development and preventive maintenance solutions connect the whole team while reducing costly downtime.

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  • Project Reporting
    Project Reporting

    Unlike developing a feature-rich business application, we believe in fostering a better relationship with our clients. We keep our clients informed and share weekly/monthly project reports to keep them in the loop.

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