Top Notch Web3 As A Service Platform Development (WaaS)

By RisingMax

March 14, 2023

Top Notch Web3 As A Service Platform Development (WaaS)

RisingMax Inc. is the leading app development company that provides the service web3 as a service platform development with 100% accuracy and user-friendly panels. Get in touch with us to integrate your business onto the web3 internet. 

Web3 is the leading and the most advanced technology providing the business sector with hybrid and high-end solutions. The business on Web3 technology is making things global with the decentralized version of the internet. 

Web3 platforms are an advancement in the internet's evolution that offers users a completely new experience. The platform's decentralized design and integration of blockchain technology let users manage content and circumvent the monopoly practices of tech giants.

Web3 as a service platform development

Web 3.0 is likely to have a significant impact on business. As a result, the majority of businesses and startups are focusing on developing business-focused Web3 as a service platform solutions.

Geographic Breakdown of Web3 Market

  • A 34% share of the global Web3 market is held by North America.
  • Involvement in cryptocurrencies in Asia increased by 706% in the 2020 financial year.
  • With a 24% share of the global market, Europe comes in second, and the Asia-Pacific region comes in third with 18%.
  • The Middle East and Africa account for 14% of the rest of the world, while South America accounts for 10%.

What Is Web3 As A Service Platform Development?

Using cloud-based services, Web3 as a Service (WaaS) enables business clients to develop, host, and adopt their web3 applications, smart contracts, and other essential web3 capabilities. Contrarily, the cloud-based IT partner or service provider oversees all the tasks and endeavors required to maintain the infrastructure.

The advent of Web3 as a Service in the web3 ecosystem is a significant development and a crucial turning point that has the ability to speed up businesses' adoption of distributed ledger technology. Naturally, the concept is based on and runs on engagement concepts similar to software as a service (SaaS).

What Could Be The Future Of The Web3 As A Service Platform?

If you are building a Web3 as a service platform, you are making a one-stop solution for almost all businesses. The service platform will be the solution for third parties in the world, like fashion brands, artists, creators, social media influencers, etc. It is something similar to the SaaS-based platform where third-party businesses will join to explore the decentralized world. 

Just like we have everything in our daily life in the same way, the Web3 platform will have everything for the users. From online fashion stores to online health apps, educational applications, social media, etc. 

Web3 is the new era of the internet where each of the platforms will be completely decentralized on the blockchain platform. 

Let’s see what businesses you can take on the Web3 technology to grow in the market globally and without any business regulations of different countries. 

Business For Web3 As A Service Platform

Here we are enlisting some of the businesses that you can build on the Web3 market. The mentioned Web3 business ideas are based on trending searches on the internet. 

Web3 Social Media Platform

The very first and the most demanding thing in today’s era is the social media platform. Building a Web3 social media platform will help not only your business but other businesses as well to grow on your social media platform. Facebook is one of the finest examples of such a business model through the social media platform. 

Audius, Mastodon, and Steem are some of the names with high traffic as the Web3 social media platform. You can also build a platform like this and get the users and product-based companies around the globe who seek social media platforms for their promotion. 

The approximate cost to develop a Web3 social media platform may lie between $40,000 to $80,000 may be more or less. The development cost completely depends on the features, technology used, and the number of manpower you are hiring for the Web3 social media platform development.

Web3 Metaverse Gaming Platform

There is a sizable audience of game enthusiasts worldwide; even if we use a low estimate, there may be at least 2.18 billion people who actively play the game worldwide. The traditional gaming environment only offers leisure. However, the web-3 gaming platform also enables users to make money from the service.

The play-to-earn business model is the main foundation of the Web3 gaming platform. Users who fund the platform with money to play the game receive NFT or cryptocurrency in return as rewards.

Although a significant portion of users gravitates towards Web3 NFT gaming platforms, there aren't many of them. You can design the platform to attract as many potential new users as possible. As the industry's top provider of NFT game platform development, RisingMax Inc. is the ideal development partner for your project.

The approximate cost to develop the Web3 metaverse gaming platform will be around $60,000 to $150,000. 

Web3 Healthcare App

The Web3 platform for healthcare apps runs on decentralized networks that communicate without interference from a centralized authority. The function improves the standard of healthcare services and guards against data breaches. 

We are a top Web3 healthcare app development company with clients worldwide. Our team of Web3 and blockchain experts will construct your platform from the ground up. We have already developed similar technology projects using cutting-edge blockchain technologies. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and high-end development service.

The main purpose of Web3 for Healthcare is to manage data in sizable healthcare organizations. A comprehensive medical record that is unique to each patient is necessary. The fact that the hospital might see hundreds of thousands of patients daily could make things challenging for the administration.

Healthcare providers can keep patient medical records on the blockchain thanks to smart contracts. Only those who have the created public key or unique ID can access the data. Any doctor who needs access to the data must have access to the ID or public key. Access to the data requires having the public key.

Web3 Metaverse Event Platform 

Another thing that can be served as the Web3 as a service platform is the metaverse event platform. The metaverse event platform has created a revolution in the event industry. Multiple global stars have organized virtual concerts on the metaverse platform, where millions of users have signed up and joined. 

Metaverse event platform is one of the most fantastic ideas for Web3 as a service platform development. It creates a place where the event platform can generate revenue in multiple ways, including the charges from the stars who are willing to perform on the Web3 metaverse platform.  Charges from the audience who are joining to enjoy the metaverse concert platform or any event on the metaverse.

The Web3 metaverse event platform development cost will be between $50,000 to $150,000. The development cost depends on various features that you will include in the platform. Other things that affect the cost of development are the size of the company you are hiring, the company’s location, the manpower involved in the development, etc.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Web3 Development Company

Web3 E-commerce Platform

E-commerce is one of the most engaging and demanding platforms built on Web3. In 2021 the e-commerce industry generated a revenue of $3.56 trillion and was expected to grow up to 22% by the end of 2022. The Web3 E-commerce platform is the new era of technology & business will join at its earliest on blockchain technology. 

The major issue for the business in the traditional e-commerce platform is the matter of fraud, delivery cost, and transaction cost if the user returns the order. These are the setbacks that most e-commerce platforms go through. The solution can then be a Web3 marketplace or metaverse-based e-commerce platform. 

When the exchange of currencies is done in the form of cryptos, a business won’t find mistakes in the transactions. With the 3D avatars of the Web3-based metaverse platform, the users can try the clothes, and if they find them perfect for them, they will only buy the product. This step will cut the cost of returned products. 

Web3 As A Service Platform Development Procedure We Follow

RisingMax Inc. is the leading web3 app development company you can rely on for the decentralized service platform. We follow high-end development protocols to make the application reliable and user-friendly.

Hear Your Ideas & Expectation

As the first step, we hear your planning and expectation from the business platform. Our executives make sure to get complete information about your expectation from the web3 platform. This helps us to understand your target audience and revenue strategy. 


As the next step, we consider the procedure of analysis of the platform to figure out the things to make it better. In this procedure, we go into the depth of the research for ranking, leads, and other sorts of strategies. Our team makes sure that none should be left behind. 

Optimal Planning 

Our project managers and executive will look into the project to see if in case any kingdom of enhancement can be done with the project or not. If we find it during the analysis procedure, we will share the complete details with you. It will be completely upto you what changes you want to make as per our suggestion.


RisingMax Inc. is the leading Web3 development company and has delivered 50+ web3 projects. We are with a team of 150+ best web3 developers. Our experts implement the features carefully created on teh blueprint. This helps our clients to achieve their business goals. 

Performance Testing

Then we come to the final performance testing to omit minor errors. It helps the platform to make it error-free and more reliable for the user. Beta testing is a must to follow the procedure for any of the applications. 


We provide the service of maintenance as well for our clients. We provide maintenance teams on flexible terms. Our clients can either hire the team on a yearly contract or can hire for specific months.

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What Should You Do Now?

This is the perfect time when you can join the Web3 platform to provide Web3 as a service platform with multiple Web3 business ideas. Integrate your business into the Web3 platform and let it grow with maximum users and maximum revenue. 

For integrating the business onto the Web3-based technology RisingMax Inc. can help you out. We provide 360-degree solutions for Web3 platform development services. 

We are providing

  • High-end solutions 
  • 100% transparency while developing the platform.
  • 100% accuracy of the platform.
  • Top-notch developers for development.
  • Flexible tariff rates of the Web3 application.
  • On-time delivery 


Be the early bird into the era of Web3 technology to get recognition at the earliest and generate high revenue when the market and world shift to Web3. 

Get a free IT consulting service on Web3 from RisingMax Inc. to execute your business plan perfectly and with more accuracy. 

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