Web3 Business Ideas: The Forefront of Innovation in 2024

By RisingMax

June 16, 2023

Web3 Business Ideas: The Forefront of Innovation in 2024

Web3 is one of the most robust and advanced technologies that will boom in the business market in the coming years, and you can be the early bird into the marketplace with these most emerging web3 business ideas for 2024.

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The business platform we are going to discuss in this blog is the most searched business platform on the web3 platform and has a great scope in the next 2-3 years. Building the business mentioned below can be profitable for you, and it can help you to generate a good amount of revenue on the platform. 

Let’s see what web3 project ideas can help you generate good revenue. 

Web3 NFT Platform 

NFTs are one such digital asset that is making the world crazy after it. From the common people to the celebs, everyone is launching their NFT on the NFT platform and putting it for auction or sale.

Recently the global soccer star Christiano Ronaldo’s NFT got launched on the global platform before the FIFA world cup. There are plenty of other stars launching their digital assets on the NFT platform and making the NFT platform popular among investors and users. Start your NFT platform as the web3 business to excel in the marketplace. 

Here are the number of users already available on the NFT platform.

CountryNo. of NFT Users
Thailand5.65 million
Brazil4.99 million
United States3.81 million
China2.68 million
Vietnam2.19 million
India1.50 million
Canada1.40 million
Indonesia1.25 million
Germany1.23 million
South Africa1.23 million

Source: Demandsage.com

These are the minimum users as per the potential of NFT and blockchain technology. The blockchain platform is spreading like fire in the jungle. The decentralized technology is attracting the maximum number of users. This is the first web3 project idea that you can set up as a business; to know the rest of the emerging web3 business ideas, stay with us till the end.

We know your time is precious, and going through each line carefully. We also have a 24*7 customer executive options who can provide you with free consultation service for web3 startup ideas. 

Web3 Metaverse Gaming Platform

A large audience is game lovers in the world; even if we take a minimum number, then it could be at least 2.18 billion people around the globe who actively participate in the game. The traditional gaming platform only provides fun and relaxation. But the web3 gaming platform also helps the users to generate revenue from the platform. 

The web3 gaming platform is based on the play-to-earn business model majorly. The users can invest their money in the platform to play the game, and in exchange for that, they get NFT or cryptos as rewards. 

A mass number of users are moving towards the web3 NFT gaming platform, but there are very few NFT gaming platforms on the web3 technology. You can build the platform to get the maximum number of upcoming users. Risingmax Inc. is the leading NFT gaming platform development company and can be your perfect development partner for the development.

Web3 SaaS-Based Metaverse Platform 

The next one on the Web3 ideas for startup list is the Saas-based metaverse platform. We all have booked a space in the club, restaurant, or any such place to organize an event.

Something similar is the Saas-based metaverse platform; it will be a place where you will provide places for the events on the metaverse platform. Let’s understand this with an example: one of the most renowned Hollywood singers, Justin Biber, had a concert on the Metaverse platform. For organizing any of the events on the Metaverse platform, one needs to either build its own or can rent out any other platform. 

Here your business can take the lead; you can provide your web3 metaverse platform for concerts, meetings, shows, etc., and can charge them in exchange for that. This is going to be the most emerging web3 business idea as it will not be just for any particular type of platform but will be the one-stop solution. 

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Web3 Social Platform

In the age of technology, social platforms are the industry that is growing the fastest. From YouTube to Instagram, Facebook to Snapchat, or any other platform, a sizable audience is already present and continues to grow. Even users try to buy Instagram followers and on other platforms like facebook, TikTok, and others to build their worth.

We can observe that every age group is present on social media and actively using it. However, web2 social media sites are not very good at safeguarding user data. The web3-based social networking platform is the answer to protecting the user's data, which is vital.

The web3 social networking platform is entirely built on blockchain technology, which offers 100% data security and renders it impossible to hack any blockchain-based application.

The web3 social networking platform is attracting consumers since it is significantly more dependable than the web2.0 centralized application.

In addition to using social media platforms to advertise, the platform owner has a number of other revenue-generating options. The ideal strategy to reach the most number of users may be with this web3 project proposal.

Web3 Map Games 

The market with the highest return on investment is the gaming sector. People of all ages are always excited by gaming platforms, young or elderly. Adopting a map-based gaming platform as the web3 idea for entrepreneurs would also be great for you. 

For instance, there are numerous gaming platforms, such as Fortnite, Pokemon Go, and others, that are getting the most out of their customers. However, the centralized structure, total ownership of the digital assets, and the gathering of user data for their profit were the key drawbacks of such platforms.

The majority of users are switching to decentralized gaming platforms because they can manage who has access to their data and even make money from the platform.

The play-to-earn business model may be the sole foundation of the web3 gaming platform. wherein users may earn cryptocurrency by reaching their goals and winning any games on a gaming platform. The approach that generates revenue for both ends is the play-to-earn one.

Purchases by players are another form of investment in games. Users will need to purchase the platform and the necessary game-playing gear in order to participate in the game. On the gaming platform, the business may also charge customers after a period of time or after reaching a certain level.

Metaverse University In web3  

The university in the metaverse is making a better place for the students. With the help of the web3 metaverse university, any student can be a part of any institution from any corner of the world.

When all the boundaries are demolished for the business, the scope of the business gets broader. As the web3 startup idea, you can build the metaverse university on the web3 platform, where there will be just you, teachers, and students, and that too from any corner of the world. 

A university's digital twin, also known as a replica, is a virtual representation of the university in web3 space and is referred to as the future of higher education.

These virtual learning environments are constructed on a map, offering students a campus-like experience even in the virtual world. Virtual higher education spaces can provide virtual classes, educational seminars, and tests by utilizing next-generation technologies.

Decentralized Finance

On the list of the best web3 ideas, decentralized finance is the next, and we must consider it as one of the most revenue-generating businesses. The major reason behind the succession and demand for the DeFi platform is the exclusion the third-party and central government authorities interference. 

DeFi solution is helping to broader the scope of financial services. Decentralized lending platforms, exchange platforms, and asset management are a few of the most promising ones of DeFi.  It could be one of the best possible web3 project ideas to develop.

Web3.0 Metaverse Real Estate

Metaverse is one such technology that not only enhances the user experience but also takes the business world to another height. Merging it with the real estate industry is one of the excellent web3 Dapp ideas to make a secure and profitable platform. 

With Web 3.0, people can buy, rent, and sell their properties with complete transparency. If you want to start a business, this is one of the perfect web3 app ideas. 

Metaverse Event Management

Metaverse market stats in 2022 was about 65.5 billion USD, and by the end of 2023, there are possibilities to reach double heights. Event planning and management through Web3 is one of the robust Web3 project ideas in 2023. 

Metaverse experienced a hugely successful concert in 2019. For the high-end metaverse event management platform development, Risingmax Inc. is offering free consultation services and development at cost-effective rates.

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Blockchain As A Service

BaaS platform is expanding its service and making a good user base around the globe, especially if it is coming for the decentralized version. BaaS platforms are gaining slowly but a definite approach for using the decentralized technology. 

And we can fulfill all your requirement. One of the beneficial things about developing a BaaS-based platform is that currently, it holds a limited number of users, and as soon as it starts getting users, you can launch the revenue generation models, 

The mentioned above Web 3.0 ideas have a huge potential to grow with an excellent user base. But for the development of robust technology and you will need an experienced web3 app development company. Risingmax Inc. is with a team of 150+ dedicated Web3 developers and 50+ team of QA experts.

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web3 is a robust technology with high-level potential for the business. Getting into the platform with any of the mentioned web3 business ideas we are sure that you are going to be the leading web3 application in the coming years. 

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