Sleep To Earn App Development Company

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Sleep To Earn App Development Company

You must have thought at once, "how good it could be if I would get money for sleeping. I will be a millionaire." Well, technology has accepted your wish. Now one can make money by sleeping peacefully. 

Sleep To Earn App Development Company

Unfortunately, when Peter Powers made the record for sleeping straight 8 days that time, the sleep-to-earn model was not invented unless he had millions of dollars.

But now, the era of digitalization and the continuous development of technology has developed such an option where a person can earn a million just by sleeping peacefully.

Move To Earn App, Game & Platform Development Company

Play to earn and move to earn is one perspective where people join the platform to play, walk, run, and burn calories. But what happens when a person just has a proper sleep and can make money also? The Sleep-to-earn company can also earn millions by providing such a platform.

In the sections mentioned below, we have discussed how you can generate revenue by Sleep to earn NFT development. Each minute is precious for you and reading each sentence to understand the revenue model carefully. You can complete the form and schedule a meeting with our executive to get complete information about the sleep-to-earn NFT development and revenue model.

Before getting into the in-depth platform, let's discuss what will matter to you as a business based on Sleep to earn NFT. 

What all matters when it comes to business is the amount of revenue the business will generate by launching any service into the market. Here we will discuss some factors on how a business will generate revenue from the sleep-to-earn NFT platform. Let's start:

How To Generate Revenue From Sleep-to-Earn Business 

Accessories To Sleep

For monitoring sleep, sleep to earn NFT companies will provide the devices to the users. When users are willing to go to Sleep, they must wear the accessories before going to Sleep. The accessories will be a must to get into the Sleep to earn NFT on the platform. The company can hire a wearable accessories development company to prepare sleeping accessories for the accessories.

Sleep Town

The next idea can be the experience center of sleeping. The perfect example is Sleepfuture, a platform that provides a sleep-to-earn NFT platform.

They have developed their sleep experience center in Malaysia & Singapore. They have developed 3 sleeping experience centers in Singapore and 2 in Malaysia for the users. So acquiring a place in the sleeping centers can be another way to generate revenue from the platform.

Sleep Doctors 

One of the visions for which the technology has been developed is to improve people's sleeping cycle and timing from a stressful life. To get better Sleep, you can assist them with a sleeping assistant and doctor who will monitor the user's Sleep and assist them in getting the maximum Sleep. The charges can be kept for taking assistance from them.

Charges On Reselling

The NFTs are digital assets with real money value that can be earned when someone sells them. On the sleep-to-earn platform, the user will get the NFT, and they can keep them or resell them in various other ways. They can sell the collected NFTs either by auction or to any particular person or can sell them into parts. The company will receive a commission from the platform in all three formats. 

Get to know more ideas to generate revenues by getting in touch with our executives. We are 24*7 available to assist you. We also have a 150+ core team of developers who can help your sleep-to-earn NFT development. 

Features Of The NFT Game Platform 

Goal Setting

Setting up the goals for Sleep for the users is a must because, with the help of goal setting, a user will get a reward from the platform. In the application, it can be multiple goals; for example, it can be either according to the age slab or keep it per the activity standard. Each user can fix the goals as per them. The user can set the goal according to the convenience of sleeping they want to have. 


The accessories will be the backbone of the application, as, without the accessories, the application would be completely insensible. The accessories will helps to get the movement sleep of any user set up as the goal.

The tracking of body accessories sends all the details of the footstep of the user, and by completing the target, the user gets the reward from the platform. 

Smartwatch Integration

Developing the smartwatch integration to the application is a tough task, and it requires a highly professional company for the Move to Earn game development platform. 

We are the leading Sleep to earn NFT game development company and have already delivered multiple projects in the global market. Our developers have a great tendency to work with advanced technologies, and if you are willing to make such an application, then we can fulfill all your requirements.

Crypto Tokens 

Launching a sleep-to-earn platform within the blockchain discipline allows you to expand and release a distinct token advanced over the blockchain, which in the end, blessings the admin with the aid of making your tokens into circulations.

All the NFTs can be exchanged by crypto coins only. The development of crypto tokens is the most important thing. One can take the NFT exchange with other crypto tokens already available in the marketplace or develop their own just the Sleepfuture.


The different function is the consumer receives up the platform-primarily based totally tokens for staking the rewards so long as withinside the platform. The staking of those platform tokens improves the token fee and popularity, not directly reaping the rewards from the platform-primarily based ecosystem.


The dashboard panel is a necessary part of the application as it helps to recognize the status of the improvement on the platform. A dashboard helps get all the user details and their progress rate. The dashboard is a one-stop solution for all the updates. It can include the heart rate, blood pressure, sleeping hours, etc. 

Marketplace Integration

With the help of the NFT marketplace, the business platform can also sell other sorts of collectible items to generate revenue on the platform. The users can buy interesting collectibles from the Sleep to Earn NFT game platform. 

Some of the must accessories the user has to buy are the bed, the area to sleep, pillows, blankets, etc.; all these accessories will cost the user, and the company will generate revenue from the platform. 

For the accessories, you can also hire popular brands who have a great reputation for providing these services and can collaborate with the companies.

Social Media Integration

Social media is such a thing that helps grow the users and gets direct audience engagement. Adding social media features to the application will always be a positive step toward the application's success. The social media connectivity with the Sleep to earn platform will help users share their achievements. 


The security of the application is the crucial thing that should be compromised at any cost. Sleep to earn NFT game development needs a team of experts for the development; even a single error can lead to a huge impact on the number of users. It is necessary to choose the leading NFT development company for building the Move to Earn NFT gaming platform. 

To get into the business with the most advanced features in the market, you can hire us for the Sleep to earn NFT platform development. RisingMax Inc. has been developing the blockchain application and NFT development for the last 6 years and delivered more than 10+ projects, and 7 are on the way to get launched in the market.

Build the sleep-to-earn application like Sleepfuture from scratch with the most advanced features and cost-effective application building.

Sleep To Earn Development

Procedure For Sleep To Earn Development 

Any business requires proper planning and research by which they become successful and gain users. When you are going to invest a lot of money on the platform, you should be aware of all the procedures and essential steps before investing time and money into the business; this help to tackle the unpredictive problems in the business.

Here is the essential step by which you can be the unicorn company of the sleep-to-earn platform. 

Research Of The Market

Before entering any new business market, it is necessary to get to know all the perspectives of the business. Perks, cons, challenges, etc., of the business so you can tackle the complication of the business. 

We at RisingMax Inc. also provide free consultations to startup companies. You can get in touch with us for a free consultation to get a Sleep to earn NFT platform development.


Build a blueprint of the business to make the path crystal clear. Planning a creative roadmap is necessary to hit the deck hard in the market. Blueprint is the essential procedure for starting the business, which will help change the business strategy in the business.

Play To Earn Vs Play To Own Which Is Better

Hire Sleep To Earn NFT Development Company 

Hiring a professional and dedicated sleep-to-earn company is the best option for you compared to hiring freelancers for development. The sleep-to-earn application needs a lot of perfection to build, and a minor mistake can cost a complete loss of time and investment. 

The development process must be done perfectly and by dedicated sleep-to-earn developers. We can help you out in sleep-to-earn platform development with user-friendly features, advanced technologies, and smooth-running applications without bugs.

We have more than 150+ core teams of NFT and blockchain developers with experience of more than 5 years in blockchain development.


Before launching into the marketplace, we always prefer to go for in-depth application testing to find the bugs or faults, if any, available on the application. The testing of the application should be done by both the owner and the development company.

We at RisingMax Inc. go through four-level testing of the application to make sure the application should get to our client perfectly. 

Are The Sleep-To-Earn Application Development Highly Profitable?

Well, this is a very obvious question. If you are planning to join the business marketplace, then the very first thing that will come into your mind is these platforms or not. So, the answer to such a question can be seen by the stats.

  • As per the experts of the marketplace, the NFT market will be a market of more than $70 billion by 2025.
  • OpenSea achieved $700 million in June. 
  • Sports NFT company Nike gained revenue of US$185.34 million.

These are just three examples, and many of the stats available on the internet by the market experts prove that the upcoming market of the Sleep-To-earn NFT will be highly profitable. 

Sleep-To-Earn Development

Are The Sleep-To-Earn Development Safe For Users And For Businesses?

The sleep-to-earn NFT development gets on the blockchain platform, proving that the blockchain is highly secured for building the application. The blockchain marketplace has huge potential, and the experts realized its potential when the crypto coins got successful globally. 

The blockchain marketplace is safe to launch the application and create a business on the platform. 

Sleep-To-Earn NFT Development Cost 

The development cost depends on the company's features and the technologies they use to build the platform. Sleep-To-earn development costs can go upto $70,000; it can be more or less depending upon the features, technologies used, the company you are hiring, project manager, hourly rates of developers, etc.

RisingMax Inc. is not only the leading sleep-to-earn application development company but also one such company that works 24*7 and at very cost-effective rates.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc.

  • RisingMax Inc. has been in the software and application development sector for the last 13 years and is a leading blockchain and NFT development company. We have a 150+ core team of blockchain and NFT-based game developers who adopted the marketplace at the beginning of the blockchain success.
  • We have delivered more than 20+ projects based on the blockchain and 3+ sleep-to-earn NFT platforms. More of the projects are in the testing phase.
  • Awarded with multiple awards and top blockchain development company on the GoodFirms, etc.

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