Play To Earn Vs Play To Own Which Is Better

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Play To Earn Vs Play To Own Which Is Better

The blockchain platform has provided enough platforms to technology lovers to generate a good amount of revenue in various ways. The potential of the blockchain is not just limited to the crypto coins but also spreads like fire in other business sectors.

Play To Earn Vs Play To Own

Gaming platforms are always in demand and people are crazy about them. The blockchain gave a perfect center for the game lover where they can not only play and enjoy the game but can make money by playing games on the platform.

The play-to-earn is attracting game lovers to make millions from the platform and setting up a new trend in gaming. After the great response to the Play-to-Earn platform, another option is rising up in the marketplace, which is “Play-to-Own.”

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GameBlockchainUser count (last 30 days)
Alien WorldsWAX, Binance Smart Chain (BSC)1,160,000
Axie InfinityRONIN, Ethereum677,760
SplinterlandsHive, WAX604,630
Bomb CryptoBinance Smart Chain (BSC)561,610
Sunflower FarmersPolygon476,110
DeFi KingdomsHarmony230,220

Source: Statista

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P2E Vs P2O

Play To Earn

While compared to traditional games, the game user has to invest their money to get the game, and in return, the users receive nothing except the enjoyment of playing.

Traditional games are the one-way profit section; slowly and gradually, game lovers are expecting new things from the gaming platform, so they are moving toward the play-to-earn gaming platforms.

The play-to-earn games award the game user with cryptos for playing on their platform. The last few years have changed the scenario of the gaming platform.

Play-to-earn gaming platforms are making the gaming world a better marketplace to provide profit for both gaming companies as well as users.

It is becoming the mainstream platform for investors and game lovers. 

The reward on the gaming platform excites the users as well as the gaming company as they get charges from the user to convert the digital money.

Play To Own 

The play-to-own games, the user gets the digital asset on the p[latform, which have the same value as on the others. The same value of the asset helps to share the digital asset on any of the exchange platforms.

In play-to-own games, the owner of the game has complete possession of the asset available in their account. 

Play To Own Vs  Play To Earn Which Is Better?

Well, this is the question that matters to any game user or owner who wants to build a gaming platform. The marketplace is huge for the gaming sector but getting the right platform for the revenue is the only thing that matters to you if you are a business person or investor. 

Here let’s see what the difference between P2E and P2O is.


Play-to-earn is a gaming platform where the user can earn cryptos by playing the game on the platform. For earning the reward on the platform, the user has to complete the target to earn the reward on the play to earn gaming platforms.

Have you ever thought about how the company is making a profit by paying digital money to users? The company pays the user, and when the user works to exchange the digital money for real money or wants to make any transaction, then they have to pay the minimal transaction charges; this is how the gaming company makes money. But there are various other ways through which the company makes profits. 


The Play-to-Own platform is similar to the free-to-play platform. Free-to-play platforms do not charge the users for playing the game at the initial stage. The users can play free of cost in the beginning, but later on, the user needs to buy the customized object.

In the play-to-own gaming platform, the user plays the game and earns the digital asset. The digital asset owned by the user gets the complete authority of the asset, and it can be put on the exchange platform for sale. 

  • Gives the sense of complete ownership of the digital asset.
  • Have the same value on every platform.
  • End-to-end transaction.

The possession of digital assets gives a sense of superiority in the marketplace. Understand it from the real world; if someone acquires the land in the real world, they have a sense of superiority over others as they have a more valuable asset.

The metaverse is like the virtual world and has the same value as the land or the house. If someone is holding the land in the real world, the sense of superiority is higher as they possess more money, same with the virtual world; the logic apologies the same. The digital asset owner of owner holds the same feeling.

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Features of Play To Earn & Play To Own 

Play To Earn Features 

The features of any application are the things that attract users to the platform. The play-to-earn games are in demand, and from the initial till now, multiple features have been added to the play-to-earn platforms. Here are some of the features:

Smart Contracts 

Smart contract delivers things better and helps to assess the rewards of the winner in role-playing games on the blockchain marketplace like gambling games.

Controlling the game on the centralized server is difficult for the platform. The smart contract also helps create a better bond between the users and the gaming company, which is immutable.

The smart contract is making the contract system more reliable and almost impossible to hack. 

Preventing Fraud 

Online gaming on Web 2.0 is not as safe to make an investment in the platform as on Web 2.0. There is a huge chance of fraud and hacking by hackers, but the blockchain marketplace is the perfect solution for preventing fraud on web 2.0.

The blockchain is the decentralized marketplace where each piece of data gets stored with maximum security, and it is impossible to hack. Play-to-earn games on the blockchain marketplace make it the ultimate solution. 

Micro Transactions

On the play-to-earn games, the user can start playing the game by just making a small transaction on the platform within no time.

The transaction speed and the cost of transactions on the play-to-earn games are minimum.

The user can add the subscriber to the platform and can generate revenue from the platform.

There is no compulsory cost of transaction on the play-to-earn gaming platform. Even the smallest unit of money can work for investing in the game and generating revenue.

Ownership Of Digital Assets 

The user on the platform can exchange cryptos with digital assets. The NFT is worth of million dollars in real money. For example, the user can invest the winning amount on the NFT like The Merge, which was sold at $91.8 million.

The unique asset can be of anything, or the user can get the accessories on the platform and acquire the virtual character by the accessories. Yes, it can be called something like the most popular AAA game Pubg where the gets the digital item for the avatar.

But the difference here is that the unique item on the platform will have some value in the real world, and one will have ownership of the digital asset. The item can be exchanged on the NFT market, and one can turn it into real money.

Isn’t it interesting that just enjoying the game can generate revenue? Well, this is not just for the user on the blockchain platform but also for those who will build a play-to-earn gaming platform.

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Features Of Play-To-Own Games 

The play-to-own games are robust in the marketplace, and the least of the companies are available in the competition. Building the play-to-own platform at this stage will be a win-win situation for you.

The lesser the competition the better the chance to attract users. Market experts are expecting great success from the Play-To-Own game platforms. 

Here are some of the features of the P2O platform:

Own & Sell 

In the play-to-earn games, the player gets the reward for completing the task, which is cryptos. But in the P2O gaming platforms, the player gets the digital asset as the reward in the game; the reward can be anything, either the land, house, shop, or anything just like the real world.

The digital assets on P2O gaming platforms are tangible, and users have complete authority over the digital asset.

The digital asset owner can put the item on sale. From the marketplace, other users can buy the items, and the digital asset exchange will benefit the gaming company. 

Sense Of Ownership

The play-to-own is rising up at the lightning speed because it provides the complete authority of digital assets on the gaming platform, unlike traditional games.

Where the play-to-earn platform provides rewards in the form of coins, but on the play-to-own, the reward is in the form of assets.

When someone gets the land, house, shop, or any sort of asset, then it gives a true sense of ownership. And above all, the user can put the asset on sale whenever they want to put it on. 

Rarity Of Assets 

In the play-to-own game to get possession of rare digital items, one has to complete the task. Something similar to the current AAA games, one has to achieve the task to get rare assets.

But the slight difference between play-to-own and the traditional game is when a user completes the task in the traditional game, they get a rare asset but not unique.

It means if someone also completes the same task, they will receive the same asset as you. But in the play-to-own games, the digital asset will be unique and rare too.

Play To Earn Vs Play To Own

Some Of The Popular Play-To-Own Games

  • Monkey League
  • Plutonians (MMORPG)
  • Jelurida (Ardor Blockchain)
  • Upland (Property Strategy Game)
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Future Of Play-To-Earn Game & Play-To-Own 

There is no doubt that games based on crypto rewards are high in demand, and they will gain more users in the coming future.

On the other side, play-to-own games are rising up in the marketplace, and if we consider expert views, then in the upcoming days, they are going to be the best competitors against play-to-earn games. 

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