How Much Does It Cost To Make A Health App?

By RisingMax

January 13, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Health App?

Healthcare apps are one such technology that is increasing in demand as a huge number of users are joining the healthcare apps for better health and lifestyle. Multiple healthcare companies, IT companies, and hospitals have also launched their applications to take care of employees and people around the globe. Your wellness app can have a global audience if it is designed in such a way. 

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The development of the healthcare app is crucial, and it takes a lot of investment. If you are planning to develop a wellness app, then knowing about the cost of development is one such thing that is necessary for any startup. In this blog, you will get to know about the following:

  • How much does it cost to develop a wellness app? 
  • Major types of healthcare apps you can develop to generate revenue.
  • How much do hospitals pay for software based on healthcare?

Cost To Develop A Wellness App

The cost of development depends on various things, including the features, complexity of the application, size of the company you are hiring for the development, and multiple other things that affect the development cost. 

Designing Cost 

08K To 20K

Outsource Software Cost

$35K To 50K

Deployment Cost


Integration Cost 


Maintenance Cost 

$1500 To $4000

Project Manager Hourly Cost 

$25/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers



The above cost is approximate and may differ from the estimation provided by the company for a particular project. 

The other factor that impacts the development cost is the complexity of the application. The complexity is of three major types: basic level complexity application, medium level complexity application, and higher level complexity application. 

The cost of development of all three types of applications needs a different amount of money. And it can be somewhere between the amounts mentioned below:

Level Of Complexity

Cost To Develop

Low-Level Complexity

$25,000 To $40,000

Medium Level Complexity


High-Level Complexity

$60,000 To $100,000


Factors That Impact Development Cost of Healthcare Apps.

App Design

An app for healthcare will cost more to produce, depending on how it is designed.

Building wireframes for your app’s user interface, regardless of how basic or sophisticated it is, takes extra effort and innovative mobile app designers.

However, creating a health app with a simple design is less expensive than creating one with a complicated design.


Trending healthcare apps' development costs are largely influenced by the features and functionalities you include in the app. It indicates that establishing a healthcare app with basic features will be less expensive than designing one with sophisticated features and complex functions.

Therefore, before integrating new features, be sure about their needs and benefits for your app.

Platform Development

Platform development is the second most important aspect that affects the overall cost of developing your mHealth app. The cost of your app will depend on whether you design it for iOS or Android.

For instance, developing custom healthcare software for the iOS platform will be less expensive than doing it for the Android platform. Mobile app development for the Android OS is costly but profitable due to Android's growing market share.

Time To Develop

The time it takes to develop an app directly affects its price. I'm trying to suggest that the cost of developing an app is closely related to the time for marketing. Timelines will be extended by project delays or any modifications for the integration of third-party elements.

Team Size

A top-notch mHealth app can be delivered on schedule by reputable mobile app development businesses with extensive market knowledge and the necessary resources. A mobile app developer with smaller teams needs to hire more talent to close the skill gap in the app development team. The estimated cost of developing an app could go up as a result.

Low Complexity Application

The low-complexity application has the lowest implementation costs overall. A basic custom healthcare software just needs a few features, and the sources are simple to find. However, if someone wants to build an application that uses new or customized features, the complexity of the application will increase. It can cost between $25,000 to $40,000.

Medium Level Complexity 

The application with a medium level of complexity may include video and audio instructions, payment gateways to get the subscription, etc. This type of complexity lies under the medium-level application. It can cost up to $40,000-$60,000.

High-Level Complexity 

A high-level complexity application includes a lot of things. One of the most popular healthcare applications like HealthTap is the perfect example of a high-level complexity application. Such applications include the features of consulting doctors online, taking offline appointments, consulting nutritionists, watching fitness and diet plans, customized videos, payment gateways, premium subscriptions, IoT-based features, etc. 

The expense of hiring developers and other resources combined with the cost of using IoT raises the price of the application by $60,000 to $100,000.

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Types Of Healthcare Apps You Can Develop To Generate Revenue

Multiple types of healthcare apps are available in the marketplace, and getting the best application with high-end USP will help you generate a good amount of revenue. Here are some ideas for getting the healthcare application that can turn the table and help you generate revenue.

Mental Health Application

In a report, an NGO has shown nearly 800,000 people die by suicide globally each year. It is a huge matter of concern. Another report has shown that 1 out of 4 adults in the US is facing mental health issues. These types of issues are the major thing we should take care of. Multiple NGOs and governments are working on improving the mental health of their citizens. 

People are accepting mental health issues and coming forward to get cures. In such situations, mental health improvement applications will be the perfect option. The features must include videos and an audio option panel for the users, psychiatrist consultation services, a health, and lifestyle improvement blogs section, etc. This will help people improve their mental health and live a healthy life.

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Yoga Guide App

The world is accepting yoga for a healthy life. Yoga is the 360-degree solution for complete physical and mental issues, and the UN's acceptance of yoga day has increased the demand for yoga in the market.

Developing the yoga healthcare application for the user will help you to gain a mass number of users. With the application, you can join the platform with a popular yoga instructor to assist global users. 

By collaborating with popular yoga leaders, you can generate a good amount of revenue from the platform. The application can add the feature of a live yoga session and make the option of a premium subscription for its users. Apart from that, more advanced features can be added to the healthcare app. 

Instant Doctor Consultation

This could be used in multiple ways, including the feature of instant consultation with doctors. This could be useful in case of any unfortunate scenarios or emergencies.

For example: if a person gets unconscious because of low blood pressure and then their family members want an instant solution for that, in that case, they can use the application to get a consultation from the doctors.

As a feature, the doctors will get instant push notifications to assist the user either on video or audio calls on the app. The instant consultation USP can help you to grow in the market. And you can make a subscription model for the doctors as well as for the users. 

Calorie Tracker App

Although calorie tracking is a crucial component of any fitness solution, you may also enter the fitness app market by releasing a calorie-tracking app.

The reason is that many fitness applications' built-in calorie counters need to produce reliable results. People who are exceedingly careful about their daily calorie intake always search for specialized calorie tracking platforms that could aid them in accurately measuring their intake.

Wearable synchronization is typically supported by built-in functionality in dedicated calorie trackers. These calorie trackers may also show users how many calories they've burned during the day by synchronizing data from fitness bands and smartwatches, making it simpler to meet the intended fitness objectives.

It's also important to note that you can incorporate the calorie-tracking feature into a standard fitness program. Therefore, you can still include the calorie tracker feature in your basic activity tracker even if you plan to release it to help consumers keep track of their workouts for better user acquisition.

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How Much Do Hospitals Pay For Software Based On Healthcare?

There is multiple software that hospitals use for the management of the hospital and its procedure. Apart from the healthcare applications, they use hospital inventory management software and hospital asset tracking software.

The asset tracking software helps real-time stock availability of medicines, machines, and medical equipment. Usually, a hospital spends $10,0000 to $5,00,000 for software based on healthcare. 

These investments are just one-time to improve the hospital’s procedure and make human interference to avoid any minor error. The only thing that it will need is time-to-time maintenance and enhancement of the software.

If you are searching for more healthcare app ideas, you can read them on our other blog too.  


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