Get Hospital Inventory Software For Better Management In 2024

By RisingMax

January 11, 2023

Get Hospital Inventory Software For Better Management In 2024

The healthcare sectors, especially hospitals, must be on their toes to serve the world. And any mistake from the hospital's end can put things at high-risk. It can be anything from the shortage of expired medicines in stock, etc. 

Hospital or Healthcare Inventory Management can also be called SCM (supply chain management). It is a workflow that keeps track of your health system's inventories, transactions, bookings, payments, and other details.

An inventory management system is essential in healthcare firms that monitor medical products, order and administer drugs, or sell health items to patients. Inventory management solutions assist major firms in avoiding financial and development losses by maintaining a precise and up-to-date record of articles and resources.

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Why Should You A Build Hospital Inventory Management Software?

Easy Management  

The hospital inventory system makes things better and easier. The development of healthcare will help the hospitals and healthcare sector to maintain the stocks and supplies of medicines. It usually keeps fluctuating because of unpredictable scenarios. The hospital inventory management system helps cover the software's automated process so that the attendants in the hospital can take care of the patients and procedures more effectively.

Stops The Wastage 

The hospital inventory management system also helps eliminate the wastage of medicine and injections. Plenty of medical things get wasted without using them for once. And by using the hospital inventory software, you can reduce the wastage of such things. The software will take care of the stocks and usage of the medicine and medicinal equipment, shortage of medical equipment, the excess number of medicines or costly equipment or insulins, etc. It will also take care of the frequent or commonly used medicine so the hospital can stock up. 

Most medicines' wastage comes from injection liquids with a much shorter life span. When things come to the human end, it is not possible to maintain every single and minor thing. And developing hospital inventory management software can save a lot of hospitals. 

Real-Time Tracker

Real-time tracking is made possible by the software's built-in program, which means that the inventory is constantly updated and available whenever you add or sell things.

You can also control inventory transactions and have orders placed to replenish depleted stock regularly. You will get information if the products arrive at a different location.

Saving The Cost

Cost reductions come from streamlining your hospital inventory management system. You had a decent chance of getting rid of the inventory expenses related to human mistakes up until now, but there's more! The first benefit of using inventory management software is that it will save you from having nightmares about running out of supplies.

Additionally, it limits the use of medications. This is not the only one! The most significant development is automation. Before this, there was a sizable loss owing to stock-outs and overstocks. But no longer! The inventory management systems are to thank for this.


Chances are good that you will consider using a platform that can distinguish between the current stock and if it will be in demand in the future if you aren't already using one. Here, records need to get checked regularly to ensure there is no room for error.

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Features Of the Hospital Inventory System We Provide

Features of the hospital inventory software are the major things that create a space to make the software successful. Here are the important features of the hospital inventory system that can affect hospital management.

The 5 major features are as follows:

  • Stock Tracking
  • Medicine Shortage/Expiry Notification
  • Admin Panel
  • Manage Stock Order
  • Medicine Shortage/Expiry Notification
  • Request Stock
  • Stock Report

Stock Tracking

With this function, laborious manual searches will no longer be necessary, ushering in healthcare automation. It enables a user to quickly and easily check a specific item's status at any moment with a click. Users can frequently set up alerts to receive timely notifications regarding the item's quality.

Medicine Shortage/Expiry Notification

In healthcare organizations, it's normal practice to order excess medical supplies. Though doctors and nurses agree there are hundreds of outdated devices in their clinics' inventories, this method can lead to unneeded medications and healthcare supplies piling up in the hospital.

Expiration alerts are incorporated into hospital inventory software to warn users when certain medications are getting close to their expiration dates before it's too late. The system also alerts users when a prescription or other item needs a refill before it runs out of stock.

Admin & Control Panel

The administration panel is one of the major things necessary for any software. The admin panel helps to look after everything and manage things centrally. With the help of the admin and control panel, the hospital administration can keenly see the usage and wastage of medicines, liquids, and medical equipment.

Doctors and nurses can monitor and manage their orders using this service from a single location. Doctors and nurses can utilize medical inventory software to make a list of the products they need to acquire in the right quantities, and they can view the status of each order on a convenient dashboard made available by healthcare BI. 

Additionally, this feature enables physicians to generate consumption reports that include data for the previous 30 to 60 days. Providers can use these reports to modify their procurement plans.

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Manage Stock Order

By installing the hospital inventory software, the hospitals can manage the stocks of hospital equipment and medicines. With the stock management feature, the administration panel can understand which medications are frequent and which are the rarest among all that must be pre-ordered to prevent any unfortunate situation. 

Medicine Shortage/Expiry Notification

The next feature that is the most important thing and should be in the hospital management software is the notification before the expiry of the medicines. The push and prior notice of the expiry of the medication will save a lot of the hospital management. You can add a notification of the expiry as per your requirement; you can add a notification of 3 months before the expiry, or 1 month or 15 days so that you can exchange the medicines and injection's liquid accordingly. 

Request Stock

The hospital inventory management software is a 360-degree solution, even for minor things. When any medicine or injection is out of stock, a notification and reminder mail will get to the medicine supplier to fill up the supply of the medicines and injections or if any equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. This feature will add the benefit of checking out every mail and reminder for stocking up.

Stock Report

The stock report can be set as per the management's demand; it can be every 15 days, month, year, or quarterly. This will not only help to maintain an overview of things but also help to stop drug theft. Drug theft is one of the major issues that each hospital faces. 

Such cases are very common in the healthcare sector; sometimes, the hospital staff or, occasionally, the outside team or person gets included in this. The stock report will help the management determine if any such drug theft is occurring in the hospital. 

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Types Of Hospital Inventory Management Software

There are two distinct approaches used in hospital inventory management. 

Perpetual Inventory: 

It is the term for the first. Continuous inventory systems account for all additions, subtractions, purchases, and deliveries while updating the inventory data. Perpetual inventory systems are an effective and precise approach to tracking inventory for your healthcare system when correctly maintained. Endless inventory systems are more expensive and time-consuming, especially for businesses with several locations, because they require sophisticated software that operates automatically.

Periodic Inventory:

It is the name of the other major category of healthcare inventory management systems. Periodic inventory systems require manual inventory at the beginning and end of a defined period; they do not update automatically or frequently.

The system can deal with new inventory information after personnel has physically taken the inventory. It takes a long time to perform periodic lists, and there is more possibility for error than when they are on automation. The ideal candidates for this kind of inventory are smaller enterprises and healthcare institutions.

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