Best Healthcare App Ideas For Startup In 2024

By RisingMax

January 05, 2023

Best Healthcare App Ideas For Startup In 2024

The healthcare sector is one of the most advanced and growing business markets with great scope. Building a healthcare app is a step toward the social cause and has great scope in the coming digital era. 

The approximate revenue of the healthcare segments is about US$ 63.90 Billion in 2023. There are various other studies, and industry experts have said that the demand for mobile healthcare apps will boost the healthcare industry with maximum benefits. Here we will discuss the best app ideas for healthcare that will be helpful to the business.

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Stats Of The Healthcare Apps

  • The market for health apps was valued at US$36.8 billion in 2021, with revenues increasing at a rate of 12.3% as people become more conscious of the need to preserve their physical health and lead healthier lives.
  • Healthcare Apps revenue would increase 3.8X between 2022 and 2032, reaching over US$ 155.9 Bn.
  • In the next ten years, it is anticipated that mobile health applications income from the medical apps segment will rise by 24 basis points, accounting for 96.4% of its whole revenue.
  • Women's health apps make up the majority of medical health apps, with a 34.4% market share, and are projected to increase at a CAGR of 15.2% over the next ten years.
  • The market is projected to be driven by the growing usage of fitness & medical apps to gather and track health-related data and enhance patients' well-being via smartphones.
  • The market for diagnostic apps is anticipated to expand more quickly, with a CAGR of 15.9%, outpacing that of the market for medical apps.
agile software development in healthcare

Top App Ideas For Healthcare In 2024

Here are the best possible app ideas that can be beneficial for startups and can gain multiple users on the platform.

Instant Consultation Service

This could be one of the great healthcare app ideas for the startup. Usually, we have a similar application around us that can schedule the doctor's consultation at a particular time and date.

But you can develop such a platform where you can use the USP of instant consultation from any doctor around the globe. This will turn up the business and will help the market. This will be a useful healthcare app for patients facing health issues that can hit them anytime.   

One of the perfect examples can be Hypothermia; in that case, the patient can get an instant consultation with the doctor as the first aid and then can move to the hospital. For a situation like this, these kinds of app ideas for healthcare can be a better solution for the users. 

In-App Features Must include

  • Instant consultation option with/without registration.
  • Anytime consultation service
  • AI option for health tracking
  • Instant alert for the doctors
  • Multiple payment options

Health Tracking Application

An AI-based health-tracking application can be another good idea to develop. In the health tracking application, we can provide you with high-end features, including the user personalization option, wearable & non-wearable devices connection and integration, video tutorials to keep the user fit, push notifications, etc. Gen Z is getting health conscious and trying to keep themselves fit and fine. And developing an application that can allow them to track their health with perfection. 

It can be developed for the users as well as for the doctors and hospitals where they can keep the health track and data of the patients and visitors to make the one-stop solution. 

Get a high-end AI-based health-tracking application for users. Risingmax Inc. is the leading healthcare application development company with 150+ developers. 

Nutrients Calculator App

As the next healthcare app idea, you can launch the nutrient calculator app. In the application, the users can get complete information about the nutrients they have in their daily life.

For example, if a person is about to have salad, boiled eggs, or any meat, they can know what amount of nutrients they are taking. This will help your users to maintain their diet properly and more effectively.

You can also add nutritionists for the user so that they can consult them for nutritional diets. The feature of adding nutritionists for the consultation will also help to generate revenue from the platform. 

In-App features:

  • Nutrients information
  • Diet plan as per the height & weight
  • Consulting nutritionist 
  • Consulting doctors 
  • Tracking health improvements

Remote Patient Analyzing       

The healthcare system is changing from a "hospital-centered" to a "home-centered" one that is more affordable and available to individuals from all backgrounds thanks to remote patient monitoring and the internet of medical things. An app that allows doctors to remotely monitor patients and keep track of their vitals is an incredibly alluring option at a time when the demand for medical care is still strong, and hospital stay costs are rising.

The risk of heart failure in people who are susceptible to it may be decreased with the use of cardiac resynchronization devices and smart pacemakers that may transmit patient health information to a central repository. This data can be analyzed to look for trends and help doctors keep patients stable, improving their quality of life.

In-app features:

  • Realtime monitoring of the patient
  • Monitoring features of the lifestyle of the patient
  • RPA of the patients’ data
  • Wearable and non-wearable devices data to monitor regular health
  • In-built chat panel to consult doctors online
  • Text-to-speech feature
  • Data security

App for Chronic Diseases

If you are looking for healthcare app ideas, this might be a more trustworthy option and is likely to be among the best ones. Mobile health applications, often known as mHealth apps, are those that run on tablets and smartphones and are focused on health and fitness.

A chronic disease app cannot guarantee any clear pleasures. Instead, the software closely monitors the patient's vital signs and helps users stick to strict guidelines, like consuming better meals. The healthcare app development business is experiencing tremendous growth thanks to this creative healthcare app idea.

It also serves as a reminder to the user that testing is necessary. A chronic disease tracking app has clear benefits for patients. Users receive all the health-related information they require, allowing them to live a normal life at home even when they have a chronic condition. Less work for the doctors equals more space in the hospital for patients in genuine need.

E-Prescription applications

Some people require medication refills regularly. In these situations, mobile e-prescription software assists them in creating an e-prescription that may be delivered straight to the pharmacy.

As a result, patients can get medications without waiting for a prescription to be approved by a doctor. This kind of software aids in creating a welcoming environment where patients, pharmacies, and physicians operate in perfect harmony.

An app like Kareo Clinical is one of the best examples of this tool. It covers more than 3500 FDA-approved medications that patients can order from their local drugstore. All pertinent patient data must be gathered and processed to provide a prescription for medication online.

Mental Health App

The digitalization era has given us many things to enjoy and manage with a better perspective. But with that, multiple people are also facing mental health issues. 1 in 4 US adults faces mental health issues for various reasons.

Apart from the US, this is a global problem and creates a space where people can consult psychiatrists and doctors to resolve their mental health issues and live a better life then nothing could be better than this. So, if you are searching for healthcare app ideas, this could be the best option for the startup. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare App

The scope of the healthcare application is vast and has to include multiple features in developing it. The cost of developing a healthcare app may cost between $40,000-$1,00,000 as per the requirement of the features and complexity of the application.

The development cost of healthcare may also vary for multiple other reasons as well including the size of the company, language used for the development of the application, outsourcing features, etc. 

agile software development in healthcare

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If you are hunting for a business idea for a start-up, then the mentioned healthcare app ideas can be the perfect pick for you, and Risingmax Inc. can be the ideal software provider. Get in touch with us for a free consultation for the healthcare application.

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