BAYC Clone | How To Build a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Marketplace BAYC?

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

BAYC Clone | How To Build a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Marketplace BAYC?

Limited edition, rare collection, and exclusive items are the few phrases that define Non-Fungible Tokens. And when it's about Bored Apes NFTs, nothing can beat Bored Ape Yacht Club. Stunning apes, clothes, accessories and cigars, and many more features made them a talk of a town. 

NFT Marketplace Like BAYC

If you are too impressed with the growth and performance of NFT Token Platform like BAY and planning to build an award-winning BAYC similar platform, Congratulations!!, you are at the right place. Here we will define a complete guide on how to build a boring ape yacht club. 

RisingMax built a Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone platform that meets your business needs and customers' expectations. Launch your instant NFT platform like BAYC at affordable prices with a myriad of features and functionalities. Call or message us NOW to hear more from our technical expertise. 

Our ready-made Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone allows users to securely trade their unique digital collectibles. Let’s understand more about BAYC's similar platform. 

What is The Bored Ape Yacht Club?

Bored Ape Yacht Club is an Ethereum based NFT marketplace that contains more than 10000 unique Ape’s NFT, and each Bored Ape costs about 0.08 ETH. The platform offers membership plans to the buyer that comes with a package of several benefits. 

We develop easy-to-launch NFT marketplaces like BAYC, which are embedded with endless functionalities and features. Our experts have several years of experience that helps you to get several advanced features without adding much effort. Even if you are looking for an upgrading platform, RisingMax is a one-stop destination to fulfill all your needs. 

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Standout Features of Our Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone Script

We ensure your platform should be embedded with top-notch features that provide a seamless customer experience. Here is a list of what we added. You can come to our experts with more features. 

Advanced Filters 

We ensure your platform is powered with an advanced filter that guides users for trending, upcoming, recent, most expensive, and cheapest pricing options. The hassle-free mode helps users to reach the desired NFT in a few clicks.


Eye-catchy storefront rolls out the necessary information for users. Some of these include name, price, description, rating, and more. It helps users to provide relevant information before making a purchase decision. 

Decentralized Platform

Our BAYC like NFT marketplace is a completely decentralized solution that rules out the need for intermediaries from the platform while processing. 

Secured Wallet setup

An NFT marketplace cannot be imagined without wallet integration that supports smooth sending, receiving, and storing NFT tokens and transactions. We integrate Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Coinbase, WalletConnect, etc. many more. Just define your needs. 

Easy Bidding

We understand your customers' convenience. Therefore, we offer easy-to-bid options on the platform. Users can easily check the current bidding status find the number of participants, highest bid, and more. 

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Cross-Chain Compatibility

We develop a BAYC NFT marketplace with cross-chain compatibility that enables it to be interoperated over different blockchain networks. Cross-chain compatibility helps to improve efficiency, reduce fragmentation, allow users and features to flow more freely across multiple blockchains.

Advanced Listing

An amazing advanced listing features allow users to keep updated about upcoming listings that help them to keep connected and interested on your platform. 

Multi-currency support 

Our Bored Ape Yacht Club clone solution supports multiple payment methods to provide a seamless experience to your users and creators. 

How is The Bored Ape Yacht Club Different From Others?

The Bored Ape yacht club team came up with a new concept and traits that distinguish Ape from others in the Marketplace. These are:

Clothes - Each Ape comes with a combination of unique dresses like T-shirts, hoodies, sailor uniforms, etc. A platform provides an indispensable experience to users. 

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Eyes - not only clothes, but Apes are different from eyes and emotions. Some of the Apes feel sad, happy, and sleepy. You can also see robotic eyes Apes on BAYC.

Earring - When it’s about earrings, BAYC offers an amazing gold and silver collection that attracts users at first glance. 

Glasses- Glasses are an amazing collection of apes with attractive sunglasses, safety goggles, and spectacles that can never wear on the eye patch.

Mouth - You can also observe various mouth styles like smiley, grinning, and yawns to make Ape unique.

Cigars - The USP of bored apes is that they have something in their mouth. Most of them hold a cigar, smoking pipe in their mouth, whereas some hold pizza slices in their mouth. 

Why Launch An NFT Marketplace Platform like BAYC?

Among the top-rated NFT collectibles, Bored Ape Yacht Club is the most talked-about Marketplace that reached about $1 billion in total sales. There are more than 10000 popular collections of unique bored apes created by Yuga Labs on this platform. Sooner, it is expected to gain huge success and generate more revenue. 

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Prime Benefits of Launching NFT Marketplace Platform like BAYC

Huge Return on Investment

Our instant revenue-generating platform helps you to cheer with handsome income in less time. Our ready-to-launch white label NFT Marketplace is quick to start with digital marketing. 

Rare Collectibles

Each and every NFT collection is unique and embedded with certain features. These features give them a unique identity in the NFT world. 

Quick User Gaining

We ensure your users can gain more attention hence we focus on the attractive storefront, easy-to-navigate features, and robust functionality that helps to fetch users' attraction. 

Fewer Capital Investment

Our White-label BAYC solutions require a less budget to start compared to building from the scratch platform. You can get a fully-featured solution in 3 to 7 days only. 

Instant Launch

As the solution is quick to build, it's easy to launch the same way. The fastest solution embedded with functionalities can be launched within a week only. 

Our White-Label Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone Development Process 

Requirement Analysis

We listen to our customers and understand their Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone platform development needs. We gather all the essential data before starting your solution development. 

Market Analysis

Once we are ready with your data, our experts collect information from market analysis. We find out what is trending and why? It helps us to build a roadmap for recent blockchain technologies that target your niche. 

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Once we are done with the analysis segment, the next biggest thing is to go design a wireframe that defines your designer to build the platform. We ensure to clear all the tit-bits that help you to deliver a world-class NFT digital collectible marketplace. 


Building an aesthetic is the top priority of our skilled designers and developers. We also aim to provide smooth functionality with an attractive storefront. 


To ensure robust buying and selling on platforms, we focus on high-end technologies and your convenience to use secured platforms. Therefore our experts build to power your platform with Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, or other desired blockchain technology. 


Once your platform is developed, we pick up a lens and start finding flaws in your platform. We study bugs, glitches, and security issues minutely. The process does not end only, we do not stop until everything is fixed. 


We are ready to present your Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone platform to the market. You just need to design plans, we deploy as per your instructions.

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Why is RisingMax The First Choice For Building The BAYC Platform?

Building your BAYC platform from RisingMax means you are ready to evolve as the biggest craze to people. We have experience and expertise in building blockchain-powered solutions. Let’s know more about us:

  • Rapid Development
  • Meaningful Outcomes
  • Expert Team
  • Compete Support 
  • Smart Contract Development 

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