Our Extensive Range of OpenSea Clone App Development Services

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OpenSea Like NFT Marketplace Development

Earn the opportunity to build an NFT marketplace like OpenSea to drive more revenue. We build a similar marketplace with our fully-customized OpenSea Clone script added with multiple features and core functionalities.

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OpenSea Like Marketplace Development on Solana

Launch a highly advanced Solana based OpenSea Like marketplace successfully in the crypto space. Our fully customized NFT marketplace developed on the Solana blockchain network helps bring more value among crypto enthusiasts.

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OpenSea Like Marketplace Development on Polygon

We have already developed feature-rich OpenSea like NFT marketplaces on Polygon. Our Polygon-based NFT marketplace solution enables you to go with the addition of a lot of styling elements to make the platform look modern.

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OpenSea Like Marketplace Maintenance Services

Get beyond support for bug fixing and any other maintenance service. Our team keeps up with continuously managing upgrades/new releases and ensures your OpenSea like NFT marketplace runs in the smoothest manner.

RisingMax Inc Trending White-Label NFT Marketplace Solutions

Enrich the value of digital assets with our market-ready NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Explore our full range of OpenSea like app development solutions all under one roof.

Emerging OpenSea Clone Script Use Cases

Our highly advanced OpenSea Clone script is designed to support various industries, including art, music, real estate, domain, sports, and many more.

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OpenSea Clone For Art

Make bucks by transforming your unique artwork into digital collectibles. Our OpenSea Clone app encourages potential buyers.

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OpenSea Clone For Music

Tokenize your music & list them worldwide to make good bucks. You can make the most out of your unique musical artwork on our OpenSea clone.


OpenSea Clone For Sports

Leverage our OpenSea Clone script to launch the NFT marketplace for sports enthusiasts interested in purchasing and buying virtual assets.

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OpenSea Clone For Games

Kickstarting an NFT gaming business is a revenue-generating business idea. Our OpenSea clone solution allows gamers to buy/sell collectibles securely.

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OpenSea Clone For Real Estate

Encourage worldwide audiences to start bidding on properties. NFTs are great for tokenizing properties and listing them on the NFT marketplace.

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OpenSea Clone For Antique

Convert unique antiques into NFTs to add more value. On our fully customized OpenSea clone, you can make significant sales and revenue.

Begin Your Own NFT Marketplace With Our Developer-friendly OpenSea Clone Script

Grab an exciting opportunity to climb up the ladder in the NFT space with our NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

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What’s Exceptional In RisingMax Inc Opensea Clone App?

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NFTs are unique and come with a traceability characteristic enabling users traders to trade in many virtual worlds.

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Millions of digital assets can be handled in one place, bringing huge benefits for investors towards more liquidity.



NFTs are crafted so that they will not evolve with time, further bringing more uniqueness and value to themselves.

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Since NFTs follow various token standards, they allow users to build seamless interaction with multiple blockchain networks and trade.

Skyrocket Your Business Success with Our NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea

Our 100% customized NFT marketplace like OpenSea clone, meets your industry needs and requirements. Our experts conduct 360-degree testing of the Ethereum-powered OpenSea clone to ensure the launching of a bug-free and feature-rich NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace clone we offer at RisingMax Inc. is a mirror image of the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Our team integrates best-in-class features and functionality that support trading art, music, video, real estate, photography, and other digital assets on the NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Get in touch with our experts and discuss your NFT marketplace idea.

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Benefits of Our OpenSea Clone Application

Launch an NFT market with our OpenSea like app development services and enjoy myriads of benefits. Our OpenSea clone app offers benefits such as;

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High Customisable

Our solutions built on OpenSea Clone Script are completely bespoke. You can customize any features and functionality as per your business need.

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Revenue Generating

Our blockchain-powered OpenSea clone solution ensures that you generate more revenue in the form of sales and minting fees.

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Complete Insight

Advanced analytical tools provide admin, creators, and customers a complete insight about overall and particular NFT.

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Minimal Transaction Fee

Our OpenSea clone is powered with Ethereum blockchain that charges a low minting cost compared to other blockchain networking.


Highly Secure

Our OpenSea clone is powered with cross-blockchain support that guarantees high security and privacy.

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Our NFT marketplace like OpenSea platform, ensures you can grab every device audience’s attention with our solution.

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Quick Ownership Transfer

Whitelabel OpenSea clone solutions are easy to customize and ensure quick ownership transfer and other rights to the admin.

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Guarantee Services

The bugs and error-free OpenSea clone solution provides users and creators with a smooth and effective transaction experience.

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High Liquidity

An OpenSea-like NFT marketplace can easily be linked to multiple-crypto wallets that improve the scope of financial liquidity.

NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea Integrated With Powerful APIs

Our API powered NFT marketplace like OpenSea, allows applications to retrieve information and easily interact with external components of the software. We at RisingMax Inc. build an NFT marketplace with highly extensive APIs to reach billions. Under our belt, we work on various models, including Asset, Event, Collection, and Account models.

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Our OpenSea Clone App Designed For Various Platforms

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    Mobile App

    Get a fully-functional OpenSea clone mobile app developed with exciting features and functionalities.

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    Web Portal

    Our OpenSea clone app is similar to the OpenSea marketplace and can be highly used to build powerful web portals.

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    Our OpenSea clone NFT marketplace is designed to support various devices, even windows.

OpenSea Clone Token Standards

Our OpenSea Clone Script utilizes ethereum blockchain with specialized token standards.

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An ethereum based non-fungible token that is unique and can be priced separately.

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ERC- 1155

A token standard allows you to create any type of asset from digital art to gaming items.


An extension to the ERC-721 that adds the ability for NFTs to own other token items.

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A combined set of standard interfaces makes it possible to transform real-world items.

OpenSea Like App Development Services Proffered By RisingMax Inc.

Leveraging our affordable OpenSea like app development services, our blockchain experts can launch your OpenSea like NFT marketplace on any leading blockchain technology.

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OpenSea Clone Script On Ethereum

Ethereum has become a trending blockchain technology for the deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications. The marketing pulling feature of Ethereum makes it the first choice of users.

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OpenSea Clone Script On Polygon

Polygon blockchain is a secondary fast and highly scalable Layer 2 scaling solution. Its major function is to build and connect Ethereum compatible blockchain and reduce transaction fees on the NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

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OpenSea Clone Script On Solana

Marketplaces that want to handle as many as 50,000 transactions per second on the network choose Solana technology. An open-source blockchain networking supports smart contracts, NFTs, and a variety of dApps.

Leverage Our Tech Expertise To Launch a Feature-Rich NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea

With over 200 blockchain professionals, RisingMax Inc. is assisting businesses worldwide with its futuristic business oriented solutions. Our team leverages its NFT marketplace development expertise to integrate top-notch security features and launch a feature-rich NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

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Integration of Smart contract

  • A smart contract is a digital contract designed with codes stored on the blockchain and automatically executed when predefined conditions are met.
  • Our smart contract and blockchain technology developers build contracts on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Hedera Hashgraph, EOS, Tron, Tezos.
  • Smart contracts trigger automation, autonomy, trust with transparency, faster processing, and lower the possibility of manual errors.
  • Smart contracts provide backup facilities that store more than one copy at different ledgers.

Multi Crypto-Currency Wallet Functionality

  • Our white label multiple crypto-currency wallet integration solutions provide an end-to-end solution for Custodial and Non-Custodial options.
  • We develop Centralized Wallet Development, DeFi Wallet Development, NFT Wallet Development, Mobile Wallet Development, Web Wallet Development, Bitcoin wallet Development, Ethereum Wallet Development, and more options for your NFT platform.
  • Our keyless wallet does not require the use of a private key, but facial biometrics can validate access to the users.
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opensea script

Readily Customized NFT Minting Platform

It's fair enough to say that NFTs are virtual assets ruling the crypto space. RisingMax's team with their skilled resources and current industry knowledge, delivers highly advanced white label NFT minting software. Our minting solution is a perfect entry point for entrepreneurs on the lookout to monetize their digital assets. We give full support to entrepreneurs to thrive and survive in the NFT space.

  • Uploading the digital assets that you want to mint.
  • Stable revenue stream through services fees and gas fees.
  • A platform to promote and launch varied products.
  • Gains traffic due to NFT's uniqueness and scarcity.

Ensure Promising Future With Powerful OpenSea Clone Script

Our ready-made OpenSea Clone script built on the Ethereum blockchain network has gained a huge limelight in the NFT space. It is the best solution if you dream of launching your own NFT marketplace to capture more customers and revenue. At RisingMax, we create a feature-rich NFT marketplace like OpenSea to connect people, keep proper track of digital assets, and discover the NFT collection.

  • Highly customizable OpenSea Clone script
  • Higher revenue in a short time
  • Ensures a robust security
  • Quick to launch in the market
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OpenSea Clone Script to Launch Your Own Lucrative NFT Platform

Our White label-based NFT marketplace like OpenSea is ideal for NFT enthusiasts looking to venture into the digital space. Our OpenSea clone script makes trading possible for various types of collectibles like music, image, trading cards, etc.

Salient Features of our OpenSea Clone Platform

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    Crypto Wallet Preferences

  • opensea script

    NFT Tracking Features

  • opensea script

    Visually Appealing Storefront

  • opensea script

    Crypto Wallet Integration

  • opensea script

    Advanced Filters and Search Options

  • opensea script

    Multiple Fiat Currencies

  • opensea script

    Analyze Performance Analytics

  • opensea script

    Buy/Sell and Bid Options

  • opensea script

    Track User Activities

  • opensea script

    Listing Options for Multiple Assets

Wide Range of Tech Stacks We Use to Develop OpenSea Clone NFT Marketplace

Following are the tech solutions we use to design an NFT marketplace like OpenSea to meet your business needs!

Blockchain Platform

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NFT Standard:

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Storage Platform

opensea clone script

Front-end Framework:

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Benefits of our OpenSea Clone Development

  • opensea clone script

    Low transaction fee

    If we compare the transaction fee of other NFTs trading platforms, the OpenSea clone offers the minimum transaction charges to its users. So, it is a cost-effective option!

  • opensea clone script

    Get Instant Ownership

    Our platform facilitates the users with instant ownership once the transactions are executed. From transaction to transferring ownership, everything is automated and fast.

  • opensea clone script

    Multi-layer Security

    OpenSea clone development ensures no risk of fraud and hacking as it offers multilevel security through the use of blockchain technology for the NFT platform.

  • opensea clone script

    No Restrictions

    Our OpenSea clone puts no restrictions on the users when trading NFTs. Anybody can purchase an unlimited number of NFTs on the platform without worries.

  • opensea clone script

    Multi-Crypto Support

    Hire our blockchain developers to launch an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Our OpenSea clone has integrated multi-cryptocurrency support for swift and secure NFT trading.

  • opensea clone script

    Easy Categorization

    Launch your feature-rich and secure NFT marketplace with our OpenSea clone script. Our OpenSea clone makes it easy for users to find and list NFT with easy categorization.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc as Your OpenSea Clone App Development Partner?

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    Customized Solutions

    Our OpenSea Clone app solutions are highly secure, reliable and can be easily customized as per client’s needs.

  • opensea clone script

    Blockchain NFT Marketplace

    Attract a wide target audience base with our immensely secure blockchain NFT marketplace like OpenSea platforms.

  • opensea clone script

    Transparent Pricing Policy

    We at RisingMax Inc., follow 100% transparent pricing policy and NFT marketplace development process.

  • opensea clone script

    Supportive Developer Team

    We employ blockchain industry-skilled professionals that are ready to support clients at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is OpenSea Clone Script?

    OpenSea clone script is a functional replica of the popular NFT marketplace - OpenSea. Our OpenSea clone allows users to buy and sell digital assets such as NFTs, game assets, digital tokens, and other digital assets.

    Why OpenSea Like App Development Popular Among Budding Entreprenuers?

    OpenSea like app development allows budding entrepreneurs to skip the lengthy NFT marketplace development process and launch a feature-rich NFT marketplace within two or four weeks.

  • Which Blockchain Is Most Suitable For Opensea Like App Development?

    Ethereum, being a popular blockchain, makes it the most suitable platform to launch an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Our broad spectrum of blockchain expertise allows us to launch an NFT marketplace like OpenSea on other leading blockchain networks such as Polygon, Tron, Hyperledger, Stellar, and others.

    What Is The Cost Of Opensea Clone App Development?

    Most OpenSea clone app development companies in the USA charge $15k to $20k for OpenSea clone. The overall NFT marketplace development cost might go high with the add-on features and other customizations.

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