Web3 Healthcare App & Software Development Company

By RisingMax

March 15, 2023

Web3 Healthcare App & Software Development Company

RisingMax Inc. has been the leading web3 healthcare app development company for the last half decade and has delivered over 100 projects. Grab the chance for free of cost consultation service from our experts. Get into the most advanced era of the internet; take your healthcare service app onto the web3 technology to make global reach on the decentralized platform.

Web3 healthcare app development

Types Of Web3 Healthcare Apps You Can Build

The healthcare apps are of a wide range, and each of the applications has its own target audience, a motive to join the market, and ways to generate revenue. Here are some healthcare app ideas you can adopt to join the web3 healthcare service. 

Web3 Mental Health App

Many people also have mental health problems. One in four US individuals has mental health issues for a variety of causes. It would be ideal if we could create a country outside of the US where individuals can seek out psychiatrists and medical professionals to solve their mental health issues and lead healthier lives. The best option for your startup may therefore be this if you're seeking healthcare app ideas.

Web3 Remote Patient Analyzing App

The healthcare system is moving from a "hospital-centered" to a "home-centered" one that is more inexpensive and available to persons from all backgrounds thanks to remote patient monitoring and the internet of medical things. At a time when the demand for medical care is still high, and hospital stay prices are on the rise, it allows doctors to monitor patients and keep track of their vitals remotely.

Among people who are susceptible to heart failure, the use of cardiac resynchronization devices and smart pacemakers that can transmit patient health information to a central repository may lower their risk of developing the condition. 

Web3 Health Tracking Application

Another excellent idea is to create a health-tracking application powered by AI. High-end features, such as the user customization option, wearable and non-wearable device connection and integration, video tutorials to keep the user active, push alerts, etc., are available in the health tracking application that we can offer you. Gen Z is becoming more health conscious and attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. and creating a program that would enable them to precisely track their health.

It can be created for users, doctors, and hospitals, allowing them to keep track of patients' and visitors' health data and provide a one-stop solution.

Web3 E-Prescription Applications

Some patients want regular medication refills. In these cases, they can use mobile e-prescription software to establish an e-prescription that can be delivered straight to the pharmacy.

The approval of a prescription by a doctor is no longer necessary for patients to receive medications. This kind of software aids in fostering a welcoming environment where patients, pharmacies, and physicians may collaborate easily. All necessary patient information must be gathered and processed in order to offer a prescription for medication online.

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Benefits Of Building Web3 Healthcare Apps 

Web3 healthcare apps have a great demand in the market as a good amount of citizens are moving toward fitness and taking care of their health positively. This is the perfect time for you to be the early bird into the web3 healthcare industry, as there is very little competition in the market.

Here Are Some of The Benefits of Web3 healthcare app development: 

Decentralized Network

The foremost benefit of developing the platform on web3 is that the complete platform will be on blockchain technology. The decentralized version of the internet is creating an ultimate option for the users as they are free from the issue of unauthorized access to the data, so they are accepting the technology with trust. 

Interoperable Standards

The next thing that makes it more reliable is the interoperability of the web3 healthcare application. The application will support crypto payments, uploading and downloading & scanning of text, audio, images, 3D files, Videos, PDF files, etc.  

Full Stack Programming

We provide the application with full proof and futuristic user-friendly application so that your user can get the high-end user experience with less friction in getting confused about the usage of the application. We hold the expertise in building web3 healthcare applications by multiple technologies, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, WebGPU, etc. 

Smart Contract

The implementation of the Smart Contract into the web3 healthcare application will make it more reliable to keep the data secure on the blockchain. RisingMax Inc. is the leading web3 smart contract development company and has delivered more than 50 projects. The implementation of a smart contract builds trust and transparency with users. 

Multi Payment Wallet 

We also provide the Web3 wallet development solution for our clients. The payment wallet feature makes the one-stop solution for users to pay the consultation fees directly through the application without jumping to another application.

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Key Highlights Of Web3 In Healthcare App Development

Our blockchain-based web3 solution for the healthcare sector is efficient and expandable due to the cutting-edge tech stack that serves as its base. 

AI in Web3 Healthcare App

The whole user experience is enhanced by the application of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare. Better data processing and healthcare documentation can also benefit from NLP.

Personalized Patient Care

Web3 platforms are increasingly using AI to help identify ailments and treat patients on an individual basis.

Combined Ledger

A shared ledger records, shares, and synchronizes all transactions inside a blockchain network. All data is dispersed throughout a network's nodes, making it safe and impenetrable to tampering.


Powerful blockchains provide the foundation for decentralized apps that maintain a smooth flow of data and processes. It removes a single point of failure, making it impossible for mistakes or malevolent actions to occur.

Features of Web3 Applications in Healthcare

With the faultless solution, you can take advantage of faultless web3 platforms that improve user experience and foster confidence. Let's examine these attributes;


To treat common illnesses or short-term ailments, doctors can keep an eye on their patients while they're relaxing at home. Remote devices collect and process IoT data, which is protected from hackers.

Cross-Border Payments

Every nation has its own laws and currencies. To tackle this issue, bitcoin enters the picture. Patients can pay from any location in the world using a Web3 wallet.

Digital Twin

Digital twins are essential in creating a person's perception of themselves. In similar therapeutic contexts, a computer-generated image can be used to assist users in helping patients. It expedites and strengthens their research.

Virtual Healing

The treatment of patients' health issues is greatly aided by online virtual health communities. People can talk about their issues, find solutions, and maintain their health.

Multi Payment Wallet 

The multi-payment wallet feature on the web3 healthcare application will help the users to make payments from one application only instead of moving to any other application for the payment for the consultation. The payment wallet will include all sorts of payment features including card, pay via internet banking option, and crypto payment method. etc.

Web3 Healthcare App Development Cost 

Web3 technology is completely new; the development cost is usually higher than the normal web2 application. Here is the approximate cost to develop a web3 healthcare application.

The development cost depends on various things, and those are as follows:

Designing Cost 

08K To 20K

Outsource Software Cost

$35K To 50K

Deployment Cost


Integration Cost 


Maintenance Cost 

$1500 To $4000

Project Manager Hourly Cost 

$25/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers


Another thing that puts affect the development cost is the complexity of the application. Here is the web3 healthcare app development cost as per the level of complexity.

Level Of Complexity

Cost To Develop

Low-Level Complexity

$40,000 To $60,000

Medium Level Complexity


High-Level Complexity

$90,000 To $150,000

Web3 is a robust technology, and there are very particular companies around the globe that provide web3-based application development services. RisingMax Inc. is one of those software development companies that judged the potential of the web3 and blockchain and has been serving the business in the blockchain sector for the last half-decade.

Web3 healthcare app development will turn the revenue of your platform to new heights with an engaging user interface and global reach. Get the best possible web3 application with advanced features and high-end user experience. Hire Risingmax Inc. for the web3 healthcare app development.

Benefits Of Hiring RisingMax Inc For Web3 Healthcare App Development

As a web3 healthcare app development company, RisingMax Inc. offers complete healthcare solutions to healthcare organizations all over the world. With our comprehensive healthcare software solutions, you can increase patient interaction, expand the audience for your healthcare services, and run your business more efficiently.

Free Business Consultation

Ask an expert for a free consultation on the concept you want to turn into an Android app. We, a reputable provider of custom healthcare software, create both native and cross-platform programs.


Telephone, Skype, Slack, and Hangout conversations regarding your project are all possible with our business analysts. In response to your inquiries, we will provide you with the pertinent details.

Project Terms & Deadlines

Our staff will get in touch with you after you've discussed your project with them to provide a thorough project proposal that includes prices and deadlines. You are free to make that choice.


Our healthcare software developer starts working on your idea as soon as they have the go-ahead to do so. Our software development for the healthcare industry is renowned for its promptness and creativity.

Web3 healthcare app development


With a staff of more than 150 developers and designers and more than ten years of expertise in the software development industry, RisingMax Inc. is the top Web3 healthcare app development company.

For startups and existing companies who want to expand into the decentralized world, we offer free advisory services. We are here to help you with your ideas and the creation of Web3-based solutions around-the-clock.

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