Use Case of Generative AI & Adaptive AI | Which Is Better For Business

By RisingMax

June 16, 2023

Use Case of Generative AI & Adaptive AI | Which Is Better For Business

Generative and adaptive AI is taking over the world of technology with its advanced, problem-solving nature, faster response, and appropriate results for multiple sectors. Artificial Intelligence has changed the way of working in every industry.

Use Case of Generative AI and Adaptive AI

The two major types of AI that are taking the industry experience to another level are generative AI and adaptive AI; both artificial intelligence technologies have their pros and cons. In this blog, we will discuss:

  • Best use cases of generative AI and adaptive AI
  • Essential things to integrate artificial intelligence
  • How you can build artificial intelligence

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Best Use Cases of Generative AI

Let’s see how generative AI enhances the industries' user experience. Till the last two years, generative AI was one of the most advanced ones, but in the progressive era of technology, it has to share the experience with adaptive AI. Both artificial intelligence and technology are enhancing the market.

Generative AI in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most crucial and advanced sectors that should be with the best possible solution to treat patients. The generative AI solution will provide advancement to your business. 

Medicinal Research

Medical research can be expedited with the help of generative AI. An enormous dataset of scientific literature can be used to train the algorithm, which can then find patterns related to certain study areas. This can assist researchers in coming up with fresh research questions and theories.

Let’s understand this with an example: generative AI technology will help medical manufacturers. With the help of generative AI’s large database, companies can identify new drug targets. 

The algorithms of the generative AI can also identify genes of any new diseases. With the help of the generative AI large database and the algorithm, the researchers can identify new diseases and its cure. 

Custom Treatment Plans

With the help of generative AI, the hospital can track the previous data of the patient to get in-depth information about the patient and their previous diseases. 

This will help the hospital to prepare a customized treatment for each patient to avoid any sort of unfortunate situation during the treatment or after the treatment.

Unorganized Medical Data

Unorganized data like medical notes, images, X-rays, health records, etc., create a mess within the treatment, impacting the patient's treatment. To avoid such sort of issues, the generative AI detects, organizes, and manages the data in a particular format. 

Generative AI In Insurance

With the help of generative AI, the insurance company can enhance the complete process of work. It will give crisp data and insights into customer behavior and their preferences. Let’s see what are the other things that will enhance the insurance industry of insurance.

Prevention Fraud

Generative AI helps to analyze and identify the pattern of the claims with the previous claims to detect and omit fraud claims. Generative AI has the capability to trace the data of the customers and tries to consider the genuine claim. 

For instance, if a customer is claiming car accident insurance, then the generative AI will look into the data available and will find out the previous records of the customer to see if he/she ever did the same things in recent years or not.

This omits the chances of a false claim and will be beneficial for insurance companies. 


By locating important documents and extracting important data, Generative AI can help underwriters in the insurance industry, freeing them up to focus on higher-value duties. 

By automating the management structure process for data calls, AI could lessen the workload of underwriting specialists and improve time management. Generative AI may summarize or extract crucial information from papers in addition to helping underwriters locate pertinent ones.

Data Regulation

Technologies for generative AI will function effectively when there is a significant amount of data from multiple sources. Carriers must develop a simple and practical plan for both internal and external data. To enable and assist in the quick development of real-time insights and functionality, internal data must be organized. 

Carriers must provide top-priority access to external data that enhances and enriches their own internal data sets. The main obstacle will be paying a fair price for access. The external data ecosystem is expected to continue to be quite diverse as it develops, making it difficult to identify high-quality data immediately.

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Generative AI In Real Estate

The real estate market is one of the largest markets, with a market size of $3694.47 billion in 2022. And projected to reach upto $48,923.3 billion by 2031. The integration of AI in the real estate business will enhance your market for sure. 

Prediction of Market

Property value forecasting is notoriously challenging. Ask a real estate agent, and you'll learn firsthand how challenging this job is. The entire process can consume a lot of your valuable time, from manually estimating the market prices of all community assets to the sales comparison approach. Artificial intelligence algorithms have arrived at the rescue to keep you out of the confusion of estimating a property's market value.

In a flash, artificial intelligence (AI) software can assess the future worth of real estate using current property data. This forecast is the outcome of evaluating hundreds of variables that might have an impact on the value of the property.

Digital Staging

Generative AI technology will help the user to make the digital print of their living space. Generative AI will create images of the furniture and another home decor into the digital print of the unfurnished living space. 

It will suggest decorating the living space as per your user's likability and interest. By generative AI, you can show your users what their homes will look like after completion. 

Apart from being a cheaper and faster option, another benefit you will get is that your user can make a quick decision to buy the property, which will help increase sales. 

Potential Buyer

Generative AI helps to organize the data and provide an accurate idea to the real estate companies of the most potential buyer. For example, if a person searches for a new home, then it is not very sure for any of the businesses to clarify in which area a customer is looking for a home. But with the generative AI, the company will also receive the data of the places that the person searched for the living space. 

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Best Use Cases of Adaptive AI

Adaptive AI is one of the most robust and advanced forms of artificial intelligence that most businesses are integrating into their business. The most practical reason why every sector is adopting adaptive AI is that it does not run just on the set of data. This technology comes with the self-learning model. 

In adaptive AI, you won’t need a large set of databases for the function; instead, even a small set of data can work for it. Apart from this, it won’t need any human interference for the upgradation; as it is a self-learning model, it will enhance its result with continuous results.

Benefits of integrating adaptive AI 

  • It does not need any human interference for the upgradation.
  • With every interaction, the results driven by adaptive AI will enhance itself. 
  • Adaptive AI learns new things every minute, enhancing your business every minute. 

Adaptive AI In Healthcare

Generative AI is used to collect the data of just the patient, but adaptive AI analyzes the from multiple patients and then gives the result to cure the patient. This act improves the chance of getting more accurate results than generative AI technology.

The self-learning technology of adaptive AI will help hospitals to see the maximum possibilities for treating their patient.

Adaptive AI In Insurance

The self-learning model of the adaptive AI enhances itself every time when the user claims or queries about anything related to the claim or to take the insurance facility from the company. 

The adaptive AI learns not only from the data but also from the user's responses. This is creating an ultimate solution for the company to make better sales and generate better revenue. 

Adaptive AI in Real Estate

We have explained above in generative AI real estate how it is enhancing the marketplace with digital staging. With the adaptive AI, the algorithm will also show the result and searches by others with similar interests. 

Essential Things For Integrating Artificial Intelligence 

If you are planning to implement artificial intelligence in your business, then here are a few of the essential things to consider while developing AI in your business. 

For integrating generative or adaptive AI, you will need a team of expert AI development companies who will help your company to develop and integrate artificial intelligence for your business.

Let’s see what are the steps for integrating AI in business.

Understand The Business Requirement

As the first step, you need to know what things you will need with the help of AI. In this research, go through each of the aspects, and this will also open the doors of the new aspect where you will need the implementation of AI solutions. 

Decide Your Budget 

In the next step, decide the budget that you want to spend to build an AI solution for your business. The average cost to build an AI solution can be between $30,000 to $45,000. There are many other things as well that impacts the development cost.

Software Cost 

$30,000- $45,000

Manpower Cost

<$25- $49/ hour (RisingMax Inc.)

Training & Maintenance Cost

$8,999- $14,999

For complete information about the AI solution development cost, you can also read {How Much Does It Cost To Build Artificial Intelligence In 2023}

Hire Custom AI Development Company

Hire a high-end and expert AI development company that can help you to draw the blueprint and execute your plans and expectations from the platform. 

Share Your Idea

After that, share your ideas, expectations, and expected time to launch AI in your business. Before the final deployment of the AI, make sure that there shouldn’t be any sort of issue with the software as it may impact your business.

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The world is getting better and more advanced day by day with Generative AI & adaptive AI. Integrate artificial intelligence solutions with complete accuracy, high-end protocols, and tech stacks to enhance and run a frictionless business. 

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