Super App Like Tata Neu Clone: One App To Rule Them All

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Super App Like Tata Neu Clone: One App To Rule Them All

Developing a mobile application for business could be any entrepreneur's cup of tea. But, if you are looking to launch Tata Neu Clone, a Super App, we are sure that you don’t want to be like any other entrepreneur out there. With Super app, you want to become a leader and provide users with a one-stop solution for their service-related needs.

If you are looking to launch your own multi-service platform like Tata Nue, then we at RisingMax have the right expertise and professionals to turn your idea into reality. We help you build a super app to serve a wider audience base with a single application. Become the next big player in the market with our affordable and reliable Super app development service. Get in touch with our experts Today!!

In this post, we will read about:

  • What is Tata Neu App?
  • How Do Super Apps Like Tata Neu Work?
  • Captivating Statistics Related to Super Apps
  • Expected Features From Super App Like Tata Neu Clone
  • Top 5 Super App Like Tata Neu: Alternatives & Competitors
  • Process Involved in Super App Like Tata Neu Development
  • How Much Does It Cost To Launch A Tata Neu Clone Super App?
  • Why Choose RisingMax Solutions As Your Super App Development Partner?

What is Tata Neu App?

Tata Neu is a newly launched mobile application from the Tata group that acts as a one-stop destination for all consumer's needs. Tata Neu is a ‘Super App’ as it provides users with multiple services such as groceries, electronics, flight bookings, food delivery, investments, hotel bookings, and many more on a single platform. The integration of UPI payments services similar to Google Pay and PhonePe makes it easy for users to send/receive money and offer truly unmatched services via mobile application. 

To put it in simple words, Tata Neu is a super-app as it combines multiple services into one app. The concept of Super App is quite popular in Asia, where apps like WeChat, GoJek, and PayTm offer users different services. These apps allow users to enjoy multiple tasks without changing apps by bringing different services.

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How Do Super Apps Like Tata Neu Work?

Super apps are similar to any other mobile application with a USP in that users can complete multiple tasks or actions. These apps eliminate the user’s need to switch between multiple apps to get things done. No more unnecessary downloads or registrations on multiple apps, as you can do most of your daily tasks on a single app. Whether you need a haircut, book a cab, order food, avail of plumber services, or any other additional services, you can get it done on a super app.

The biggest advantage of the Super app, the user is confined to limited space and thus limiting the risk of any frauds. In addition to this, launching a new product and service is relatively easy for brands, and they can effectively target the audience, thus creating a win-win situation for everyone. Risingmax is the best mobile app development company that delivery the end-to-end solutions.

Captivating Statistics Related to Super Apps

Over the years, the mobile app market has been booming, and users are taking advantage of new apps to perform their tasks effortlessly. According to reports, roughly 4 million applications are present in Play Store and App Store. The increase in the demand for multi-services apps is the reason why businesses worldwide are investing in Super Apps like Tata Neu and offering all-in-one platforms to users.

According to Statista:

  • In 2020, Super apps, or mobile apps that offer multiple services, generated a revenue of 51 billion US dollars in Russia.
  • WeChat is the most popular Super App with more than 1.2 billion users and a presence worldwide.
  • More than 35% of WeChat users spend an average of 4 hours every day.
  • By 2025, the market size of Super Apps is expected to grow 163 percent and generate a revenue of 134 billion US dollars.
  • Alipay is another Super App from China, where more than 300 merchants worldwide sell directly in China.

Features Of Super App Like Tata Neu Clone

Super apps like Tata Neu clones come with a plethora of expected features that make them one-of-a-kind applications. We have created a list of features that you can expect from super apps like the Tata Neu clone. These features include:

1. Online Payment Option

Like any Super App, Tata Neu clone acts as a one in all platform for all payment-related needs of the customers. With integrated payment facilities for paying bills like DTH, mobile postpaid, water, electricity, gas, landline, or any other. The app makes it easy for customers to pay bills with integrated payment methods such as UPI ID, credit, or debit cards. In addition to paying bills, the application also allows users to send and receive payments online.

2. eCommerce Store

Your Super app is incomplete without an eCommerce store. Users can shop in different categories such as grocery, electronics, fashion, health, mobile, and others, all on a single platform. As online shopping is becoming the new normal, your super app is incomplete without an eCommerce platform.

3. Food Delivery

With the Super app, users can order food online from their favorite local restaurant and deliver it at home. The app has in-built search filters to enhance users' overall experience to make it easy for users to find the right restaurant or dish and place an order. With an integrated payment facility, users can pay for their orders online and even get additional discounts & offers from their favorite restaurants.

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4. Finance Services

To ensure that your Super app acts as a one-stop solution for your customers, adding finance services will widen your user base. Whether users are looking for loans, checking credit scores, buying digital gold, or using any other financial service, the app has everything you need.

5. Hotel and Flight Bookings

Super apps like Tata Neu allow customers to book hotels across the country and book flights as well. Offering lucrative discounts and offers, you can ensure that users will keep using your application whenever they need to go somewhere via flights or stay in hotels.

6. Networking Platform

To enhance overall user engagement by adding features of social networking platforms such as online chat, uploading pictures and videos, and interacting with others on the platform. All these features will help build a strong community and keep users updated about what’s new on the platform.

7. Book A Ride

Moving from one place to another (office, short trip, or vacation) is important for today’s generation. Adding in-app bicycle or car ride rental features would enhance a super app. Customers can book their rides as per their requirements and pay for rental charges with in-app integrated payment features.

8. Insurance and Health Services

With Tata Neu clone, you can also provide healthcare and insurance related services to your customers.

9. Grocery & Medicine Delivery

With your Tata Nue clone super app, customers can order groceries and medicine. They have to create a list of items they want to order, and delivery agents will deliver the items right at the customers' doorsteps.

Depending upon the needs of your target audience, you can add services to your Super App like Tata Neu clone. For a startup, you can start with three or four popular services in your local area and later on expand as your business flourishes with time.

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Process Involved in Super App Like Tata Neu Development

  1. Market Analysis

Similar to any other business, it is vital to do a thorough market analysis and understand the needs of your target audience. Remember, the end goal with Super App development is to provide users with services they are looking for all on a single platform, and that can only be achieved by effectively targeting your audience's needs. Online surveys are one of the most effective ways to understand target audience needs and attract them to your business.

  1. Business Model

The second thing you need to focus on is the business model for your Super App like Tata Neu. It is vital for a business to opt for a business model that perfectly fits its budget and requirements. Here are some common business models types for you:

  • Business-to-Business or B2B
  • Business-to-Consumer or B2C
  • Consumer-to-Consumer or C2C

Choose a business model that fits your revenue generation goals and super app development requirements.

  1. Current Trends

For a business to sustain itself in the long run, it is crucial to adapt to the changing market trends and infuse something new to stay competitive. On-demand market trends such as contactless delivery, schedule delivery option, delivery via drones, store pick-up, etc, are currently in huge demand. By keeping your business updated as per the current market trend, you can get an edge over others.

  1. Super App Development

The development of your super app is a crucial part of your business expansion. Adding required features, services, and functionalities to your Super App is essential for the success of your business. Remember, your goal is to get more and more users hooked on your app. To ensure this, you need an easy-to-navigate app interface that allows users to avail themselves of multiple services without any hassle. 

White label solutions are perfect when it comes to the development of multi-services platforms like Tata Neu, GoJek, PayTm, etc. Tata Neu clones are ready-made app solutions that allow entrepreneurs to speed up the app development process and make customization as per their specific business requirements.

Top 5 Super App Like Tata Neu: Alternatives & Competitors

With the rising popularity of super apps, the Google and Apple Play Stores are crowded with new mobile applications. All these applications are intended to provide users with an all-in-one solution and make their lives easy. 

Here is the list of popular super apps like Tata Neu:

  1. WeChat

With over a billion active users globally, WeChat is the most popular Super App. Started as a messaging app, the application later on expanded its services to provide convenience to its customers. The application provides additional services such as cab booking, buying movie tickets, food delivery, bill payment, money transfer to friends, and other third-party services, all on a single app.

  1. Alipay

The next popular Super App is from China’s eCommerce giant Alibaba. Alipay was initially launched as a payment solution like an online wallet, but the brand evolved itself as a Super app over the years. The application allows users to pay for products and services from local restaurants, nearby shops, and others. It also allows users to get additional offers, coupons, and discounts whether they send money to their friends or pay bills using the application.

  1. Go-Jek

Go-Jek is another Super App that is quite popular in Southeast Asia. The application has expanded its user base outside the Indonesian market and is seen as a big competitor for Super apps like Tata Neu. GoJek offers various services for its customers, such as lifestyle, entertainment, ride-sharing, food delivery, finance, and others. Today the Super App offers more than 20 services to its customers worldwide and is valued at US$10 billion.

  1. Paytm

Paytm is another popular Super app from the Asian continent that offers users a plethora of integrated services. Paytm app users can use its integrated services such as food delivery, online payments, public transport, shopping gadgets, eCommerce, travel booking, and many more. The platform has over 150 million monthly active users and 60 million bank accounts on its platform.

  1. Amazon

Amazon allows users to watch movies, pay bills, send/receive money, listen to music, shop online, buy gadgets, read e-books, and others. However, the platform still has not entered food delivery or ride-sharing verticals, but you never know how things will unfold in the future.

How Much Does It Cost To Launch A Tata Neu Clone Super App?

The overall development cost of a Super app like Tata Neu is dependent on various factors. For this very reason, it is difficult to share the exact development cost before understanding project requirements and business needs. Tata Neu is a multi-service application, thus there are multiple factors that directly impact the development cost. These are:

  • UI/UX design
  • Feature requirements
  • Application complexities
  • Third-party works
  • Quality check
  • App functionalities
  • Maintenance so on

If you plan to develop an app like Tata Neu, then it is vital to choose the right app development partner like RisingMax Solutions which offers you the best solution within your budget.

Want to know the exact development cost for your Super App? Get in touch with our support team over a 15-min Free consultation call, and we will share the project development cost asap. 

Why Choose RisingMax Solutions As Your Super App Development Partner?

RisingMax Solutions offers highly advanced and reliable software solutions that help our customers to rule the digital space. Our pre-built software solutions are tested multiple times and easily customizable to meet your specific business requirements. Our development team at RisingMax leverages their expertise in leading technologies and app development to offer our clients the best business solutions.

What to expect?

  • Attractive UI/UX designs
  • Fully-customizable multi-service platform
  • User-friendly platform
  • Budget-friendly solutions
  • Post-deployment support

Join the Super app bandwagon with our customized and reliable Tata Nue clone and swiftly enter the growing app market. Get into action now!

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