Splinterlands Clone: Launch Your P2E NFT-Based Collectible Card Game Like Splinterlands

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Splinterlands Clone: Launch Your P2E NFT-Based Collectible Card Game Like Splinterlands

Blockchain-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm and paved the way for the next big thing in the gaming industry i.e., Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. The P2E model is what it sounds like and provides the opportunity to earn money while playing their favorite video game.

Splinterlands Clone

P2E-based games like Splinterland are beginning to grab the attention of online gamers and the gaming community worldwide. Various NFT-based web3 game projects are being developed and launched to cater to the various tastes of online players.

According to Statista:

  • By the end of 2026, the number of online gamers will be around 3,197 million.
  • The gaming industry will generate 175+ billion US dollars in 2022 and reach 239 billion dollars by 2026.
  • Expected CAGR of 8.17 percent till 2026.
  • User penetration will reach 40.6 from 36.5 percent by 2026.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) will reach 62.97 dollars.
  • The market volume of the Mobile games segment will reach 124.90 billion US dollars in 2022.

All these stats above are enough to emphasize the fact that the future is bright for the gaming industry. If you are all psyched about the future of games and want to develop a P2E game using Splinterland clone script, then, our development team is ready to assist you.

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Let’s start from the basics.

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands blockchain-based play-to-earn collectible card game that is fully decentralized enables players to freely buy, sell, and trade game NFTs. Previously known as Steem Monsters, the collectible card game works on the Hive blockchain. Blockchain security allows players to see all the transactions publicly as they are recorded on a decentralized network.

Splinterlands is a p2e card game where players fight against monsters to earn in-game rewards. After completing in-game milestones while playing skill-based matches and PvP games, players will be awarded unique in-game assets.

Splinterlands in-game assets include potions, dice, landscapes, and personalized skins. You can buy, sell, or trade these in-game assets on the NFT marketplace like OpenSea, Monster Market, or rented to other gamers.

Splinterlands is one of the leading play-to-earn NFT games that recently crossed 100,000 gamers. Anyone with an IoT-connected device can play the game without paying any payment. One of the primary reasons investors are eager to launch their own P2E NFT game with Splinterland Clone software. 

Launching a P2E blockchain-based collectible card game is on your mind. Then, reach us and discuss your NFT game project requirement.

How Does Our Splinterlands Clone Work?

Splinterlands clone is a blockchain-based card game that provides a platform for online card players to play and trade either via desktop or mobile phones. The card game comes with more than 250 cards, each with the ability to increase character capabilities, add new features, and become stronger.

On Splinterland, seven straits can be used to differentiate between two players. Factors such as speed, armor, mana cost, type of attack, range, magic, and melee are some deciding factors in player vs. player action.

The Splinterland clone cards are based on factions such as Fire, Earth, Dragon, Death, Life, Water, and Neutral (mercenaries). The abilities of each player, depending upon earlier mentioned factors, give them an advantage over others depending upon rarities and abilities.

Players in Splinterlands can participate in different in-game activities like quests, PvP, tournaments, and ranked play to earn daily rewards.

The winner of the game will be decided based on the card’s rarity, magic potions, type of attack, and other special traits. Players can combine two cards, rent cards to upgrade to the next level, and convert cards to virtual currencies.

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Four Ways To Earn While Playing on Splinterland Clone -

  1. Tournaments - Players can participate in different tournaments, and each time they win a battle, they will be rewarded (only while playing in ranking mode). Bonus awards will be rewarded for winning two games in a row.
  1. Receiving Gifts - Players will be rewarded for completing different daily quests. Players can also send in-game tokens as gifts to one another directly.
  1. Card Flipping is one of the most common ways of earning while playing on the Splinterland clone. Players can buy, sell or even trade the in-game assets to generate a passive source of income.
  1. Burning Cards - Players can burn their cards and get rewards based on the rarity of the Splinterland card. Remember, when players burn a card, it removes it from existence.

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Game Assets or NFTs of Our Splinterland Clone

The Splinterland is a blockchain-based card collectible game in which cards are the game assets. There are two types of cards, i.e., Monster and Summoner. But that’s not it. Other game assets include:

  1. Land - Players can buy land from the lands tab in our Splinterland clone. The value of the land depends upon the geographic location and rarity. Players can construct their land and use an existing character as labor to carry out development activities on the land.
  1. Potions - These are attractive in-game assets that, when used, double your chances of opening a gold foil card. These potions can be purchased on the NFT marketplace, or each card in the pack has a potion.
  1. Dice - Players can also purchase dice from the in-game marketplace or external markets. In Splinterland, there are six card editions: Dice, Alpha, Beta, Promo, Reward, and untamed.

What Makes Our Splinterland Clone Script Unique?

Our Splinterland Clone Script offers features like no other NFT game in the market. Our Splinterland clone offers cross-compatibility with leading blockchains such as Tron, Ethereum, and WAX. To improve overall compatibility, easy upgrades, and offer an unparalleled gaming experience, our Splinterland clone comes with its own blockchain. This makes our web3 card-based gaming software unique from other Splinterland clones in the market.

Now, you know what makes our Splinterland unique. In this next section, we will discuss some of the intriguing features of the Splinterland clone.

Distinguished Characteristic Of Our Splinterland Clone

Our Splinterlands Clone is a functional replica of Splinterland that can be customized to add new features and functions.

Leverage our expertise in blockchain and web3 solutions to launch an NFT collectible card game a fully decentralized and ready-to-use website script of Fantasy NFT Card Game.

Allows players to freely purchase, sell, and trade in-game assets with the security of blockchain technology.

We at RisingMax launch blockchain-based card games with Splinterland clone integrated with different blockchain networks and protocols. Let us look at some of the noteworthy features of our Splinterland clone NFT game.

In-Game Store

Our Splinterland clone has an integrated in-game store to assist players in buying game assets and tokens for a better user experience. With an in-game store, you can offer any digital asset from NFT cards, lands, and tokens that players use to play games and fetch them bountiful gains.

Game Cards

Each game card in our Splinterland clone game is developed through token standards, and each has its unique traits. Being developed on different token standards ensures the game card's rarity and increases its value with time fetching huge profits when sold on the secondary NFT marketplace.


This feature of our Splinterland clone allows players to participate in the game and fight opponents. With in-game battles, players can earn attractive rewards and digital assets by winning battles with this feature.


With our Splinterland clone, players can create a decentralized autonomous organization and run it as a community-based platform. The governing rules or guidelines of the platform will be embedded in the form of code in smart contracts.


This feature allows players on Splinterland to earn rewards by staking their digital assets with the platform for a specific time. Staking on Splinterland is one of the best features that allow users to generate passive income from the platform.

NFT Marketplace

Our Splinterland clone comes with an integrated NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell in-game assets with the security of blockchain technology. The value of in-game assets is based on their rarity, edition, and other intrinsic features. Depending on players’ interests, they can use advanced search filters to find digital assets.


Splinterland is a blockchain-based card game that allows players to enjoy games and trade digital assets with the security of blockchain. Our Splinterland clone is completely decentralized in nature.


This feature comes in handy to share information about the upcoming events on our Splinterland clone, such as tournaments, winning trophies, and other matches. A quick glance at this section gives players valuable details about upcoming events and keeps them informed.

Why Are Budding Entrepreneurs Inclined To Invest in Splinterland Clone Script?

According to DappRadar

  • Splinterland, the play-to-earn game, processed more than 1.2 million transactions in 24 hours.
  • The blockchain-based collectible card trading game attracted 100,000 daily active users.
  • The gaming platform is free to play and steadily increasing in popularity, with the active number of users increasing in a record-breaking 24 hours.

All these facts are intriguing and probably the biggest reason budding entrepreneurs are partnering with Splinterland clone development companies to encash the rising market trend.

In addition, clone solutions are pre-built and ready-to-deploy solutions that allow investors to skip the lengthy and costly app development process; swiftly enter the web3 game world. 

With our Splinterlands clone, you can take advantage of this profitable business trend and launch an innovative play-to-earn game.

Our Splinterland clone script is 100 percent customizable and ready to launch, allowing investors to quickly enter the web3 game world.

The clone script solutions are tested multiple times, 100 percent bug-free, and highly scalable. 

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Various Benefits of Our Splinterland Clone Script

  • Players get a P2P trading system
  • Anyone from anywhere, without any geographical boundary, can trade on our platform.
  • The integrated marketplace can be implemented on revenue models.
  • Players can even stake digital assets with the platform.
  • Blockchain ensures the transparency of the platform.
  • Players enjoy instant transactions and low transaction speed.
  • Highly secured
  • Account 
  • Easy account creation with just a few simple steps

WAX Blockchain-Based Splinterlands Clone Script

The WAX blockchain is the brainchild of the World Asset exchange and is designed to assist e-commerce transactions easier, safer, and faster. Blockchain technology uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism and provides simple development and design options for dApps.

Decentralized applications (dApps) developed on the WAX blockchain include a decentralized marketplace and NFT platform, allowing users to mint their own WAX NFTs.

With our expertise in blockchain technology, we offer Splinterlands Clone Script on WAX Blockchain.

WAX blockchain-based Splinterland clone script is easy to design and deploy decentralized games like Splinterland.

Buying, selling, and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is secured over the WAX blockchain for anyone, anywhere around the world.

Splinterlands Clone

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