OnlyFans vs Fanvue: Which One Will You Choose?

By RisingMax

March 22, 2024

OnlyFans vs Fanvue: Which One Will You Choose?

Content creation is a lucrative opportunity for people these days. They always look for the right platform to showcase their talent for direct fan engagement. While there are many platforms, Fanvue and OnlyFans have already gained their position in the market to choose from. However, picking one of them remains contentious due to the ongoing debate on Onlyfans vs Fanvue.

While Fanvue stands out with its inclusive strategy towards innovative tech-first strategy and all creators, OnlyFans has shifted its focus to more PG-rated content, providing more inclusivity and freedom from stringent guidelines.

There are numerous similarities between the two platforms, including core functionalities and a shared commission rate of 20%. OnlyFans has created a universally recognized brand, and Fanvue is becoming the talk of the town.

onlyfans vs fanvue

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From the business perspective, both platforms are gaining headlines for increasing revenue graphs and more subscriptions. This blog outlines some features of both platforms to give you a snapshot of what you can expect on every platform through their comparisons and case studies. Let's dive in.

Market Positions of Fanvue vs Onlyfans: Key Statistics

OnlyFans has more than 120 million registered users.Fanvue received 4.36M visits in January 2024.
Celebrities like Bella Thorne, Cardi B, and DJ Khaled have joined OnlyFans.Fanvue offers a 7-day payout and lower fees initially.
Gen Z accounts for 50% of the OnlyFans user base.Fanvue is growing with a strong user base but needs to be recognized.
OnlyFans creator Blac Chyna earns an estimated $20 million per month from the platform.Fanvue has raised $1M over 2 rounds of funding.
OnlyFans has paid out more than $5 Billion to creators. The app has raised $1M in the product launch build-up.
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Key Facets of OnlyFans and Fanvue

A content creator looks to connect with their fans with appropriate content monetization. Choosing the right platform becomes challenging for them. That's why every custom Android app development company suggest knowing about platforms' features that makes it easy to decide on one. Both OnlyFans and Fanvue offer a variety of features and tools. Creators can use them to connect with fans and monetize their content. Have a closer look at what they have to offer.

Features of OnlyFans

Live Interaction: Live streaming lets Users interact with their favorite person (video performer and creator). They can chat with each other. One can use this feature in social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Sharing: Users can share their posts or stories on social media portals such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. It will help them gather more subscribers and grow their user base.

Tipping: Initially, TikTok introduced this feature, and now OnlyFans. The app gives some tips to their famous creators or users. It encourages users to develop something interesting or useful every time.

Top Fan Badges: In the OnlyFans app, users can use digital badges to reward loyal users by offering exclusive services. It will enhance the user retention rate and the app's popularity with loyal users.

PPV Messages: OnlyFans introduces a feature like PPV, which stands for pay-per-view, while users can allow users to send PPV messages.

Post Scheduling: This feature allows users to schedule their posts and suggest the right time to post according to the region and what to post.

Pinning Your Favorites: The OnlyFans app allows users to pin their favorite content creators and save videos they like on other social media platforms.

Building Interactive Polls: This important feature emphasizes user engagement. Thus, it is essential to integrate it into the app. The feature contains fun polls that make it easier to communicate with the fans and keep them engaged with the posts and stories.

Sharing Stories: It is a prominent feature of social media apps. Sharing stories of daily activities is an excellent way to stay connected with the fans. The main goal of an app like OnlyFans is to connect fans with their favorites. 

Purchase Content: The app allows users to pay and download the content made by their favorite creators. They can make payments via an online payment mode.

Media Vault: Creators can upload their videos or photos and share them with their fans, who can save them for later. 

Online Payment: Creators can pay through any digital payment mode, providing a platform to pay for any exclusive feature or service.

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Features of Fanvue-

AI Features: The app possesses an AI feature, which grants messaging, voice, and analytics all in one place. It automates the app's functioning.

Smart Messaging: Increase your earnings using custom list filters and automating functions and mass messaging.

Subscriptions: It enables your top fans to subscribe and access your content.

24/7 Support: The app provides 24/7 assistance for creators and users so that entertainment goes endless.

Advanced Insights: Use the app's advanced analytics and insights to understand how to enhance your earnings.

Pay-to-View: This feature allows creators to sell content behind a paywall on your profile via messages or in their content vault.

Content Protection: The app shields the creators' exclusive content. There are more instances where there is a free flow of their exclusive content to the online world. Thus, the app ensures its exclusivity from them.

Onlyfans Vs. Fanvue: The Difference

OnlyFans charges creators with 20% of every transaction. It means whether an individual pays you for subscriptions, tips, PPVs, or anything else, the charges on creators are 20%. Fanvue charges 15% for the first 12 months for creators joining the platform.

The uploading speed of Fanvue and OnlyFans is constant. Though Fanvue loads quickly and is simple, OnlyFace has a user-friendly interface with quick app loading.

It is hard and hectic for OnlyFans' creators to get verified. If you want to make money, getting verified is essential. It might take time to authenticate yourself on OnlyFans, but the process needs time. However, Fanvue allows you to upload official document pics and take a selfie, and you're all set.

Creators get paid on Fanvue in a matter of minutes. OnlyFans protects creators' data. There are cases of data leakage of users and the content they upload. Fanvue protects creators' data with modern encryption technology.

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Onlyfans Vs. Fanvue: A Quick Comparison

Fanvue is a better version of OnlyFans. However, only some have heard about it. OnlyFans has many subscribers and creators with their linked credit or debit cards. Creators can take the first step. When more people use the platform, they easily prefer to use it.

When selecting one platform to sign up for, earning potential is something to consider. Below are the comparisons of OnlyFans and Fanvue and in a quick brief in the table.

Creators can ask people to subscribe to their OnlyFans accounts on their social media channels. It helps them know about their audience and the content they must post online. However, Fanvue is feeble in helping creators educate their followers and gain more.

There is a 21-day turnaround for funds with OnlyFans. It means once a user makes the payment, it will be in the creator's account in three weeks. They can withdraw whenever they like, provided it is for around $20. On the other hand, Fanvue is quicker. It provides at least a week when your funds will be pending and released. Payouts take minutes once requested.

Below is a quick comparison of Fanvue vs OnlyFans

Content AllowanceCreators must follow strict guidelines and restrictions as the app allows explicit content.The app allows explicit content, emphasizing adult performers.
Monetization Options
Creators earn money through monthly subscription fees, pay-per-view content, private messaging, and tips.
Creators earn money through tips and monthly subscription fees.
Fees and Payouts
20% fees after users pay after 21 days
Seven days after the user pays. 15% for the first 3 months and then it becomes 20%.
Features and Tools
Creators send messages, offer pay-per-view content, receive tips, and host live streams.
Creators send private messages, host live streams, and receive tips.
Policies and Guidelines
With enforced privacy policies, creators must adhere to strict guidelines and restrictions on explicit content.
With enforced privacy policies, creators must adhere to guidelines on explicit content. 
Privacy and Security Measures
The app has secure payment methods and implemented two-factor authentication.
The app has secured payment methods and integrated encryption.
User Base and Brand Recognition
It has a strong user base and good brand recognition.
It is a new platform with an increasing user base.

Content Type, Restrictions, and Guidelines

OnlyFans is widely known for its simple content policy and welcoming content selection, including adult and difficult material. This open mind allows creators to push the boundaries of their creativity without many restrictions.

Fanvue opens its doors to all creators, both mainstream and adult. It supports the freedom of expression, allowing creators to think outside the box. 

Privacy and Security Measures

Regarding privacy and security, OnlyFans and Fanvue take the necessary measures to protect their creators and users. Follow these steps.

Data Encryption: Both platforms use encryption measures to protect sensitive data, such as personal and payment information, protecting your information from unauthorized access.

Privacy Policy: Only Fans and Fanvue have detailed privacy policies that describe how they collect, use, and protect user information. This transparency helps build trust between the platforms and their users.

Content Moderation: Both platforms follow guidelines to ensure shared content follows their rules. It creates a safer environment for both creators and fans.

User Base

OnlyFans has a robust user base, allowing creators to connect with fans and earn more money. Known for its exclusive and often risque content, OnlyFans attracts fans willing to pay for this unique experience. This large audience can generate significant revenue and expand the platform's creators' reach.

On the other hand, Fanvue's user base is smaller, which can limit the number of fans a creator can get. However, it's important to remember that Fanvue intends to have a more family-friendly audience, which can still appeal to certain creators. While the platform may have a different wide reach than OnlyFans, it offers a niche community for those looking to create healthier content.

Brand Recognition

OnlyFans has become a major content-sharing player, enjoying significant brand recognition. It strengthens its position as the first choice for content producers and subscribers. Its established presence and large user base give it a tangible advantage over new platforms like Fanvue.

Although Fanvue is working to improve its visibility and attract more creators daily, it has yet to achieve recognition from OnlyFans.

Payout and Fees

Depending on the monetization, both OnlyFans and Fanvue offer attractive revenue streams for creators. Creators on OnlyFans can enjoy 80% of its revenue on an ongoing basis, which shows the platform's commitment to ensuring that content creators are properly compensated for their work. However, patience is required as the platform follows a 21-day payment cycle after processing a user's payment.

Fanvue is attractive to content creators. It offers 85% higher income in the first three months, allowing creators to maximize their early earnings. After the first three months, the revenue share dropped slightly to 80%, like OnlyFans. One of the characteristics of Fanvue is the faster payment time, which is 7 days after the user pays, allowing faster access to earnings.

All in all, both platforms offer lucrative opportunities for content creators. However, the differences in initial revenue percentages and payout times can be deciding factors for creators when comparing OnlyFans and Fanvue.

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The Final Verdict: OnlyFans vs Fanvue

Discussing Fanvue vs. OnlyFans involves key factors, including features, fees, brand recognition, and particular content creation needs. Fanvue offers a tempting proposition when it comes to fees. It allows creators to keep a large percentage of their earnings. However, OnlyFans remains the undisputed champion if brand recognition and reach are crucial to you.

Remember, the platform you choose must be beneficial to you. If you are keen to develop such a platform to ace your business idea, the experts at RisingMax are proficient in developing mobile apps with excellent whitelabel solutions. Contact us today!

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