Onlyfans App Development Cost Breakdown | How To Build An App Like Onlyfans

By RisingMax

June 26, 2023

Onlyfans App Development Cost Breakdown | How To Build An App Like Onlyfans

As the era of technology is changing every day, the source of entertainment is also changing rigorously. Technology also changed the way to generate money from business. Two decades back, when people were earning just from the traditional way of entertainment, and then they switched to mobile and PCs. 

Onlyfans is one such platform of the 21st century that gave a tremendous platform for content creators to generate revenue as well as to make money from the various revenue models.

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Stats Of Onlyfans

  • Onlyfans has grown immensely and holds a value of $18 billion, which is 8 times more than in 2020.
  • 190 million active users and 2.1 million content creators are available now.
  • Revenue of the platform increased with a CAGR of 174.3%.
  • From 2020 to 2021, Onlyfan’s revenue increased by 220%.
  • More than 300 content creators make more than $ 1 million per year from Onlyfans.
  • 16,000+ content creators generate revenue of more than $50,000 in a year. 

Revenue Of Onlyfans


$5.8 million


$97 million


$375 million


$1.2 billion


$2.5 billion


$5.5 billion(Expected)

Source: Signhouse 

If you are planning to get an app like Onlyfans, then the very first thing that comes to mind is how much it costs to develop an app like Onlyfans. So let’s start with the development cost breakdown. 

Onlyfans App Development Cost Breakdown

The app development cost relies on various factors, including the features of the application, the size of the company you are hiring for the development, the technology used for the application development, etc.

Designing Cost 

08K To 20K

Outsource Software Cost

$35K To 50K

Deployment Cost


Maintenance Cost 

$1500 To $4000

Project Manager Hourly Cost 

$25 to $50/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers


Onlyfans App Development Cost (Size of The Company)

Company Size 



Small Size Company

$20,000 to $ 45,000


Mid Size Company



Large Size Company

$1,00,000 to $15,00,000


It is recommendable to hire a mid-size app development company as they are the perfect solution provider for any sort of project. They provide their services to startups as well as to large-size enterprises. 

On the other hand, small-sized companies do not have enough manpower to handle huge projects, and large-sized app development companies always prefer to take on big projects. 

Onlyfans App Development Cost (As Per Complexity)

Level Of Complexity

Development Cost

Basic Level Complexity Application

$10k to $25k

Average Level Complexity Application 

$27k to $50k

High-End Complexity Application

$45k to $80k

Onlyfans App Development Cost(As Per Company’s Location)


Hourly Costs

North America




Gulf Countries




White Label Onlyfans App Development Cost

The white label solutions are quite a cheaper option as compared to building a custom mobile application. You can keep it as an option if you want a pocket-friendly business platform, then it could be a better option. 

Small Size App 


Medium Size App 


High-End App 


Note: White label solutions come with few changes compared to custom applications.

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Must-Have Features To Get An App Like Onlyfans 

Let’s see what those features are that will make your Onlyfans like apps a better platform and will help you to generate revenue from the platform. 

Social Media Sharing

Social media is one such tool in this era that it can make any business successful. Integrate the option to share updates and stories on various social media platforms. This will help to attract new users to your platform and also help the content creators to increase their followers.

Top Fan Badge

Badges give a sense of importance to the content creators as well as to the users, just like the pages on Facebook or any gaming application. You can keep the feature of giving badges for active participation. It will help to generate revenue for your platform; we will discuss the concept below.

Keep reading to learn how you can generate revenue from the badges.

Post Schedule

The next feature that will provide flexibility to the content creators is the post schedule. It helps content creators schedule their posts as per their flexibility. Many content creators prefer to post their content when their maximum users are active on the platform. The feature of the post schedule will help to do the same. 


The feature of the polls helps the platform to get more user engagement on the platform. The user on the platform loves to interact with the content creators through the polls. It’s a perfect example of the polling feature of Instagram. The content creators of the app like Onlyfan, can ask the users directly what sort of content they love to watch from them. 

PPV Messages

Pay-per-view allows the user to select what content they want to see and want to pay for. Non-paid account users can use this feature to only pay for the selective content on the application. Even the content creators on your platform can choose whether they want to create more customized content for the user who is using PPV or if they want to create content for the general users. 

Live Streaming

The next feature that you could include in an app like Onlyfans is the feature of live streaming. With the live streaming feature, the content creators can directly connect with the users. This helps the platform to get more active users. 

What Type Of Content Creators Can Join App Like Onlyfans?

An app like Onlyfans is the platform for every type of content creator. Let’s see what kind of content creators can join your platform if you build a reliable platform. 

Podcast Artist 

The podcast is one of the most evolving art fields that many artists are joining. The sector of podcasts is increasing day by day, and your platform can be a great platform for that artist.

Adult Entertainers

Currently, a huge number of adult content creators are on Onlyfans. Creating an alternative to Onlyfans will help your platform attract those content creators and new content creators. For that, you will need to create USP for the platform. 


Game enthusiast loves to show their skills on popular games, and your app, similar to Onlyfans, can be their platform to go live stream and teach and show skill on the platform.

There are many more types of content creators that are joining to generate revenue and make their art’s fan following by using applications like Onlyfans. 

How Can You Generate Revenue From An App Like Onlyfans?

Here is a list of some of the revenue generation models that you can implement on your platform.

Charges for Badge

As we have said, we will also tell you how you can generate revenue from the badges. You can provide a limited number of badges to the content creators that they can give to their highest-paid user, and after that that they have to pay an extra amount for the badges. You can directly charge the user and content creators for the badges. This will help you to generate revenue from the badges. 


The next revenue generation mode is the commission; you can charge content creators for the income they are generating from your platform. It can be any amount of percentage. 

Or you can also have the option to take a fixed amount of commission every month. For the fixed commission rates, you can divide the content creators on the basis of the number of users they have on your platform. 


The advertisement model is one of the oldest but the most effective ways to generate revenue from the platform. You can advertise the third-party products, or another option is you can charge the content creators to show their content on the top.

For example, Amazon charges retailers extra to show their products at the top of the list. You can also charge the content creators available on your platform to show them up. 

Package For Users

The next revenue model is the subscription model for the users; in this, the user can have limited access to see anyone’s content for a month. 

This will help the content creator to generate revenue more positively as it would be suitable for the users to take the subscription to see the content.

Now let’s see how you can build an app like Onlyfans with more accuracy.

How To Build An App Like Onlyfans?

Here in this section, we will share information about how you can build an app like Onlyfans with complete accuracy and reliability.


Create USP for your platform to attract content creators and users to the platform. Creating the USP of the platform is the necessary thing for any of the businesses, as it helps to create value in the marketplace. 

Build Bridge

There are multiple other alternatives to Onlyfans; by doing research, find where they are lacking, and then build the bridge between the application and the user.


List down all the characteristics that you want in your application, and be very precise about it because that will be the only things that users will pay for, and content creators will join. 

Designing Of the Application

The design and the features of any application is the major thing that people are attracted to the most. Be very sure and creative with the design of the platform. Having an experienced UI/UX designer is a must for developing the application with user-friendly features and easy panels.

Onlyfans App Development Cost

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Onlyfan Like App Development?

RisingMax Inc. has been the leading mobile app development company since 2011. We have delivered more than 150+ mobile and web applications for global businesses. Let’s see why we are the best possible option for app development like Onlyfans.

Dedicated Developers

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QA Experts

RisingMax Inc. is with 50+ experienced QA experts who go through the application features and each of the minor details to fix any sort of error in the platform. 

Multi-Level Development Procedure

We have 4 levels of development procedure in which each one of our dedicated employees has a specific and crucial role. We go through each of the minor details of the application and make sure before the deployment of the application, each of the panels, features, and other characteristics should be perfect. 

Complete Transparency 

We keep complete transparency between the development procedure and our client. Our dedicated project manager will be continuously in touch with you and will provide real-time updates on the product. 

On-Time Delivery

We make sure to deliver the project on time without any delay and any errors on the platform. We hold a client retention rate of more than 80%, and the major reason behind that is our promising service since 2011.

Final Words

If you are searching for a reliable web & mobile app development company that can help you to build an app like Onlyfans, then here we are. RisingMax Inc. provides a free consultation service for application development. 

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