Logistics Mobile App Development Cost and Revenue Generation Model

By RisingMax

June 14, 2023

Logistics Mobile App Development Cost and Revenue Generation Model

The issues like truck drivers with empty trucks, delayed delivery or broken truck parts in the midway, and more issues that you must be facing in your logistics business.

Logistics Mobile App Development Cost

This results in a huge time and money loss at every point. In an era where time is equal to money need such a thing that helps the business to be more accurate instead of just predicting.

If you are also keen to know the whereabouts of logistics app development, this is the right place for you. This article provides you with a logistics market overview, the working and benefits of on-demand logistics apps, and logistics app development costs.

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Logistics Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown

The logistics app development cost depends on various things like:

  • Technical developments 
  • Size of the company
  • The complexity of the application 

And other factors as well. Let’s see what could the approximate cost to develop a mobile logistics application.

Designing Cost 

10K To 20K

Outsource Software Cost

$25K To 30K

Deployment Cost


Integration Cost 


Maintenance Cost 

$1500 To $4000

Project Manager Hourly Cost 

$25-$50/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers


Logistics Mobile App Development Cost (Size Of The Company)

The scale of the company you hire to develop a mobile logistics application also influences the development cost. Determine the approximate cost that varies with the scale of the business. 

Company Size 



Small Size Company

$5,000 - $ 15,000


Mid Size Company

$20,000 - $30,000


Large Size Company

$30,000 - $50,000


Logistics Mobile App Development Cost *(As per Complexity)

Level Of Complexity

Development Cost

Basic Level Application

$10K to $20K

Average Level Application 

$20K to $35K

High-End Application

$35K to $50K

Why You Should Develop Logistics Mobile App Development

Here are some of the reasons to prove that developing a mobile logistics app can help you in your business to enhance the experience. It will also omit the challenges your business is facing now. 

Lesser Paperwork

Managing a large number of paper records and documents is a difficult endeavor. It is difficult to maintain paper databases. This has increased the demand for electronic documentation and data storage systems. The logistics and transportation industry requires the management of an abundance of data, administrative tasks, and historical records. 

Mobile applications for transportation and logistics make employees' lives easier. It significantly reduces the time and effort required for data management and documentation. 

Effective mobility solutions automate business processes and reduce manual risks with a well-organized administrative interface. A mobile application guarantees the storage of sensitive business documents and information.

Better Management

With a well-managed administrative interface, it is simple for business proprietors to gather, process, and utilize crucial data. This increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the fleet management system. The app development services for transportation and logistics provide a variety of business metrics and KPIs. 

It may consist of order status, employee performance, secure payment transactions, real-time vehicle tracking, resolving technical issues, etc. The mobile application provides simple access to all relevant data in one location and generates a business report in a flash.

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Fleet Management

A business may own a fleet of vehicles. The more vehicles they command, the harder it is to keep watch of them. The development of an application for the freight industry permits improved vehicle maintenance, expansion of products, and transport services. 

The application will collect, update, and store all vehicle fleet data, including operating time, maintenance schedule, engine and brake condition, etc. It is an excellent method for securing your cargo transportation fleet as much as feasible.

Continuous Tracking

The capability to monitor each shipment is an additional advantage of logistic mobile applications. You will know where each package leaving your warehouse is going, which vehicle it is on, and when it arrives. 

In addition, a lightweight variant of this option may be introduced to the customer application in order to increase transportation transparency and thereby attract more customers. You can use RFID / NFC technologies or QR codes to trace your cargo.

Warehouse Automation

With logistic and transportation app development, warehouse administration tasks can be automated and distribution optimized. Imagine how horrifying it would be to manage a warehouse with no technological solution. 

The development of a transport and logistics app with advanced features allows you to manage warehouse tasks with fewer personnel. Additionally, it improves asset management and reduces employee responsibilities.

Better Customer Service

For logistics and transportation services, on-demand mobile applications should be tailored to the customer's requirements. It provides multiple consumer benefits, including real-time order monitoring, precise product location tracking, and estimated delivery time estimation. In addition, it provides customer service, secure payment processing, and a user-friendly online book system. Users must establish an account, arrange cargo or parcels online, and manage their own delivery.

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Key Features Of Logistic Mobile App 

Here is the list of the key features that should be there in your application that will help your platform to make it user-friendly and reliable options for the users as well as for the service provider. 

Admins Panel

Let’s begin with the admin panel features that will help the admin to keep complete control of the platform. 


The administration interface is the core of your logistics company. It gathers data on current deliveries, drivers, vehicles, maintenance and repair status, driver evaluations, and a great deal of other information.

Your admin panel should support real-time monitoring to enhance your decision-making process and make your business more adaptable to rapidly altering market conditions. Therefore, an insightful dashboard with real-time analytics, charts, and graphs is a must-have feature for your logistics app.

Management & Maintenance 

Vehicle management and maintenance is one of the primary logistics app administration interface features. It consolidates the information on your fleet's trucks, trailers, and other vehicles in real time by requesting current data from the devices embedded in each fleet unit.

Moreover, you can simply update truck data visible to your customers directly from the admin interface, including vehicle images, repair schedules, patrol tank statuses, and a variety of others.

Driver Management

Your mobile logistics platform's administrative interface should also include a driver management feature that automates the majority of the monitoring and storage of the driver’s activity data. Using this functionality, employees can also provide chauffeurs with real-time alerts, notifications, updates, and critical communications.

In addition, driver management collects the majority of information regarding the current on-road activity, delivery delays, driver safety level, miles, etc. 

The automation of these processes enables you to avoid mundane duties and gain a comprehensive understanding of the majority of logistics operations and costs influenced by petroleum consumption, miles driven, etc.

Driver Panel

The driver panel of the mobile logistics app will help the drivers to track, manage and locate their destination easily.

In-app Chat

The in-app chat will help the driver to direct get in touch with the user for the instruction and assistance to reach their address. It will be a vice verse feature; even the user can get in touch with the driver through the in-app chat feature. 

In-App Calling

You can also add the in-app calling feature for the driver as well as for the users. With the help of the in-app calling feature, users & drivers can keep their contact details safe. 


The registration process must have a thing so that the company can have all the details of the driver, including the driving license and account details for the payment, and to avoid any unfortunate situations.

For complete details about the features, development cost, and final costing. 

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User Panel

The user panel should be great with the UI/UX; you will generate revenue from the users only.  For high-end user panel development, contact RisingMax Inc.

Live Tracking

Users can conveniently track their shipments in real-time using the app. They can monitor the current location, estimated arrival time, and any updates or delays associated with their shipments. This eliminates the need for phone calls or emails to track the status, providing immediate and accurate information at the users’ fingertips.

Self Service

Mobile apps empower users with self-service capabilities, allowing them to perform various tasks independently. For example, customers can schedule pickups, request quotes, track shipments, and initiate returns or claims without having to rely on assistance from customer support. This self-service functionality offers users greater control and convenience in managing their logistics needs.

Easy Accessibility

With a mobile app, users have access to transportation and logistics information and functionalities on their smartphones or tablets anytime, anywhere. They can check shipment status, communicate with teams, make decisions, and perform tasks even while on the move. 

This flexibility and mobility significantly enhance the convenience and enable users to stay connected and in control of their logistics operations.

Monetization of Logistics Mobile Application

Let’s see some of the monetization models of the logistics application that will help you to generate revenue from the platform.


An application with just 1000 active users can generate almost $200/day from the application. The advertisement is one of the old ways to generate revenue, but it is still in demand and will always be there. 


You can directly generate revenue from the drivers who are there on your platform to make money. The commission from the drivers in exchange for the orders; helps you to generate more revenue compared to the other revenue-generating sources.

Freemium & Paid Model

You can also use the idea of two sorts of models first, the freemium one and paid one. Or your platform can allow the users to use the freemium model with a limited time for the limited time or for the number of usages. 

After that, they will have to pay for the complete access. It could be like the subscription model on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly model.

Get a high-end logistics mobile app with advanced features at pocket-friendly rates. 

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Logistics Mobile App Development Cost

RisingMax Inc. Work Procedure For Logistics Mobile App Development

We follow the standard protocol to develop a high-end mobile application. We follow 6 step procedure to make the platform. Here are all of them.

Discuss The Project

Our executives make sure to hear you out on everything; about your expectations from the application, features you require in the application, what tech stack you want to use for the platform, budget, etc. We make sure to hear out every minor detail.


Each business has its own requirement; we have developed more than 100 applications, and each business has its own touch and should be handled with care. After the discussion, our team of experts goes into in-depth about the requirements and ideas to fulfill the process. 

Final Approval 

After the in-depth research, we make the complete blueprint of the application and share it with you for final approval. After the final approval and the final documentation of the project, we will move forward with the development procedure. 

Development Process 

We have a team of 150+ developers and 50+ team of QA experts who are the backbone of our company. Each of the developers is with the experience of more than a decade in application and software development. We develop the logistics mobile application by using the tech stack like 

PayPal, AWS, BigData, Apache, Nexmo, CSS, BootStrap, Groovy, jQuery, etc.  

Beta Testing

The beta testing phase is important for any of the applications. Before moving into the real marketplace, it would be better for the business to know if any errors will be left behind. In the beta testing phase, a small community of users go through the application and use it thoroughly. Once we receive positive reviews from them, we take a step forward to final deployment.

Final Deployment

With the final deployment, your application will be available for global users on Play Store and Apple Store. 

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