How To Build Your Own NFT Like Cryptopunks?

By RisingMax

February 22, 2023

How To Build Your Own NFT Like Cryptopunks?


It’s merely impossible to think about CryptoPunks without imagining a custom cool profile picture of an ape, a jolly penguin, or a zombie in the street. These avatars are derived from NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are independent in creating these avatars as they wish.

As cool as they are to create and put it in the NFT marketplace, they own the freedom to create wealth from unique digital artwork. Most tech giant from the industry has a reason to believe that these digital avatars are next-gen art. Undoubtedly, Investing in such platforms can do wonders! A yearly growth rate of more than 3000% tells the whole story.

how to make crypto punks

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What Are CryptoPunks?

The US software company Larva Labs launched CryptoPunks in 2017, which developed 10,000 unique 24x24 pixels collectibles. These collectibles are unique artwork with proof of ownership residing in the Ethereum blockchain as an NFT prototype.

Generally, it portrays avatars or art images that depict humans and creatures like:

  • Males
  • Females
  • Zombies
  • Aliens
  • Apes

Why Are CryptoPunks Getting Popularity?

The worth CryptoPunks holds is completely determined by the demand and supply graph. If the supply is fixed, the question may arise for the investors whether the demand will ever increase or not. During the pandemic, CryptoPunks has seen a historical uprising and interest among collectors and blockchain projects.

CryptoPunks are receiving massive popularity that they could go mainstream rather than remain a digital item or artwork. Recently, many auctions have taken place and brought a lot of bidders for the popular NFTs listings. However, it is already very popular among tech-savvy art professionals.

The popularity of CryptoPunks has increased because it is unique that offers relatively low transaction charges. A massive number of collectors have shown interest in trading collectibles because NFTs and Punks have helped a lot in maintaining transparency. The digital art is stored and visible on the blockchain so that anyone can easily check the availability and proof-of-ownership for each CryptoPunk.

Features Of The Cryptopunks

  • Originally Created Real Characters
  • Immutable Transactions
  • A Complete Transparency
  • Documentation Rights
  • Historical Details Of Characters
  • Statistics For All-Time Activity
  • Validated Avatars
  • Editable Source Code
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How To Make Crypto Punks Like NFTs?

Choose Your Artwork

Deciding which artwork to use is the very first step in building your own NFT. If users need an idea, they can look on the web and obtain a rough idea about the artwork.

Deciding The Design

This step goes in many steps.

  • Deciding a pixel program that suits your needs. It could be 24*24 or 32*32 canvas.
  • Deciding the style of the artwork based on the color, hairstyle, mouth, face structure, etc,
  • Figure out the elements in the layer design. It involves deciding on the hair, forehead, eyebrow, and other physical attributes layer by layer.
  • Export an image of your choice.
  • Install the programming language and insert the scripted image into it.

Access To Some Ether

Users must pay a nominal fee to build a CryptoPunks listing in an NFT marketplace. In order to get your listing in the NFT marketplace, users must have some Ether. Ether is a crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain that helps your artwork get listed in the NFT marketplace. Creating an NFT project is quite similar to building a CryptoPunks listing.

Decide Your Marketplace

Once the artwork is done and embedded with the code, the user must decide which marketplace they prefer to launch their unique NFT. Some of the most prominent marketplaces for NFTs are Mintable, Rarible, and OpenSea. These markets are free to join, and digital artwork gets listed after a few steps.

Create Your NFT Collections

After creating the artwork and connecting with the marketplace, this is the time to mint an NFT of the artwork. Connect the ETH wallet to the marketplace and create and launch your collection there. Uploading artwork is a simple process that requires only a few details you need to share with the system.

Trading The NFT

Trading your NFT is super easy. Users can showcase their digital assets to the marketplace, so the rest of the users can place bids upon their interest. A user can join the trade to create finances by showing original artwork on the NFT.

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How Do You Buy CryptoPunks?

Ethereum blockchain is a platform where digital currency resides. It is globally recognized as digital currency or a global payment method for buying digital assets. It is a decentralized platform where users can look up the listing. If anyone is interested in buying a digital artwork of CryptoPunks, they must join the marketplace and see the listing to find out where they would prefer to put their bids.

Steps to follow:

Generally, it informs about the latest update for a particular listed item. Each CryptoPunks in the listing comes up with a background color that indicates its status.

  • If a CryptoPunks has a blue background color, it means it has no bid so far, and neither is for sale.
  • If a CryptoPunks has a red background color, it indicates that this is out for sale.
  • If a CryptoPunks has a purple background color, it says that a particular item is for sale and has active bids.
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How To Make Cryptopunks Like NFT

If a user is a digital artist, it is believed that the user is already aware of how to create digital artwork with the help of the software. NFTs, like CryptoPunks, don’t require additional software as long as a user knows how to operate some of the basic software like:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • GIMP
  • and other graphical tools.

Created artwork can be embedded in the script code. Listed in the NFT marketplace by just giving the details to enjoy the auction and trading with the other users.

Future Of The CrytoPunks

What the future will behold for the CryptoPunks can be understood simply by knowing the fact that the CryptoPunks has an annual growth rate of 3242.8% year by year. It signifies the lucrative opportunities to create wealth from it. It all started 4 years back with the movement to launch an NFT platform that converted from zero dollars to millions of dollars, and nothing seems to stop it now.

The great interest from tech lovers has brought several platforms to introduce your NFT artwork and entertain the marketplace for your creative piece of artwork. The CryptoPunks creators have launched limited NFT items, making the limited versions available to the public. The public creates the demand for NFT items, thus uprising the pricing of the CryptoPunks NFT. NFTs like CryptoPunks have a bright future, and many wise investors have realized and invested in it. Enjoy our free consultancy services, and we’ll show you how immensely good it is to invest in CryptoPunks.

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