Build Yoga Platform In Metaverse To Go Global

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Build Yoga Platform In Metaverse To Go Global

Yoga is not just limited to any one country, it is growing globally, and people are accepting it with great love and devotion. A huge number of people are practicing yoga for a healthy life. From popular celebrities to the common people, they are into yoga to make their life better.

Yoga platform in metaverse

It is the oldest way to keep the body and mind healthy, and on the other side, the Metaverse is one of the most robust technology to make the virtual world an alternative world for enhancing human life. 

What will happen when both things come together, the one that is making the world healthy and the other one that is giving access to visit any place around the world? The imagination is turning into reality the yoga platform in the metaverse already exists. 

Built a metaverse platform for yoga for the global audience and generate a good amount of revenue from the platform. Risingmax Inc. is the leading metaverse platform development company. Get in touch with our experts for the metaverse platform for yoga development.

Why Yoga Platform In Metaverse Is A Good Business Idea For 2023

People around the globe are accepting and practicing yoga for a better and healthy lifestyle. Popular celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Britney Spears, etc., do yoga for a healthy lifestyle. And for that, they are paying the yoga trainers thousand of dollars. But there are a few loopholes that still exist in the current era is

  • The positions of yoga are difficult to do, and without the guidance of the experts, doing positions can be hurtful for anyone. 
  • Most people prefer to get yoga classes for popular yoga trainers, but they cannot attend their classes physically due to distance.
  • There are various such positions in yoga that cannot be done by the common people single-handedly; they need assistance for that. 

Then what can be the solution for the issues mentioned above for yoga lovers?

The metaverse platform for yoga is a good option for them. The metaverse platform is the talk of the town for various reasons. With the help of the metaverse platform, anyone can attend any event without being physically present.  

So with the help of the metaverse yoga platform, you can host a yoga class in Metaverse

People around the world can be present in the metaverse with AR and VR; you can also invite popular trainers to provide classes. You can provide spaces to them permanently or on lease for hosting yoga classes on the global stage with metaverse technology. 

  • With the help of the metaverse platform, people can get individual assistance and attention from yoga trainers. 
  • People can attend any of the popular yoga trainer’s classes without being present physically. 
  • With the help of artificial intelligence and metaverse yoga trainer, people can easily learn how to do yoga with perfection. With technology, people can also learn how to do the yoga position appropriately and can avoid injuries while practicing yoga positions. 

There are about 300 million people globally who do yoga, and everybody prefers to get training from expert yoga trainers. And providing them with one platform to fit can improve the probability of a successful business. The metaverse platform is creating a perfect space where users can visit multiple places without being physically present.

Yoga Platform In Metaverse
yoga class in Metaverse

How To Generate Revenue By Yoga Platform In Metaverse

The major purpose of building a business is generating revenue from the platform. Here we will discuss several ways you can generate revenue from the metaverse platform for Yoga. Let’s see what could be the best possible business model to generate revenue from the metaverse yoga platform.

  • Advertisement
  • Subscription charges for users
  • Renting space to trainers
  • E-commerce for fitness apparel and accessories
  • Charges for various styles of yoga

Let’s see how these particular points will help you to generate revenue from the platform: 


Advertisement is one of the basic but reliable options for generating revenue. You can create space for the advertisement of third parties; there are multiple global brands that are available on the metaverse platform, like Gucci and Balenciaga, and sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas are also available on the metaverse platform.

They may reach you to display their advertisement on your platform. For sportswear brands, yoga practitioners are the perfect target audience that they can make reach with the help of the metaverse platform. 

Subscription Charges For Users

It will be like the usual charges that people pay for using the gym or yoga space in the real world. The users will pay the charges in the form of cryptocurrency with the help of the crypto wallet.

The subscription charges can either be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It will be up to the business platform owner. To attract users to the platform, you can also provide free access to yoga on the platform to experience the aura of the yoga platform in the metaverse.

After the free trial on the platform for a certain period, the platform can ask them to take a subscription model to continue on the platform. 

Renting Space To Trainers

You can also provide spaces on the metaverse yoga platform for yoga instructors. This will help the yoga instructor to get a global audience to teach yoga. And in exchange for that, you can charge them a fixed amount or commission on the total revenue generated by them.

The yoga instructors can host a yoga class in the metaverse. The commission-based business model can be a good option for the platform to generate revenue. By this method, you can provide spaces to multiple yoga instructors and different time slots. 

Yoga platform in metaverse

E-commerce For Fitness Apparel And Accessories

You can collaborate with the metaverse e-commerce platform so that the users can make purchase the yoga wear apparel. It will work in both ways the yoga practitioners will get the costumes in real life as well as for the avatars on the metaverse platform.

The apparel can also be in the form of NFTs the users can not only shop on the e-commerce platform but also sell their unique digital assets. Recently in the previous month, Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT got launched, and positively each of the NFTs is going to get a good amount of investors. Your metaverse yoga platform can be a multi-purpose platform for users.

Charges For Various Styles Of Yogas

Yogas come in various styles, and each of the types has its importance. There are eight popular styles of yoga, including Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Restorative yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Hot yoga, Kundalini yoga, and Iyengar yoga.

You can keep the metaverse platform for each type of yoga which is possible to assist from the metaverse platform. This will provide a large scope for the users to choose from the multiple options. Metaverse platform for Yoga can provide a broader scope of business for the platform owners. 

How You Can Develop A Yoga Platform In Metaverse

Developing a metaverse platform for yoga can be tricky to develop as the complete metaverse technology is a robust technology, and there are very few metaverse app development companies that help to build a metaverse platform for Yoga. 

Here are the steps by which you can develop a Yoga platform in the metaverse. 

Research and Analysis

To keep your toes in any sort of business, going through the proper and in-depth research of all the perspectives of the business is compulsory. Do the research on the metaverse and find potential for the business on the platform. Go through the market competitors and their strategies to grow their business on the metaverse platform. 

Draw Blueprint 

As the next step is to draw the blueprint of the business to go in the correct direction for the development of the metaverse yoga platform. The blueprint for any business helps to move the platform in the right direction and in a more effective way. 

Yoga platform in metaverse

Hire Metaverse Development Company 

Metaverse development companies are the only one that is going to develop the Metaverse platform for Yoga. For hiring a metaverse development company, you have to be very careful as there are very selective metaverse platform development companies. 

Beta Testing

Go for the beta testing procedure before the final launch of the platform. This helps to omit the minor errors of the platform and also helps in making the user experience better. All companies should use the beta testing procedure as it helps in many ways to make the platform successful. 

Marketing Of The Platform

Any business requires a correct marketing strategy to make the business successful by making a good reach to the maximum users. RisingMax Inc. also provides an excellent marketing team at cost-effective rates. 

Hire a dedicated team of developers and designers who can help you to develop the yoga platform in the metaverse. Risingmax Inc. is the leading metaverse development company for the last 13 years and has experience of 6 years as a metaverse development company. 

Why Hire RisingMax Inc. For Metaverse Platform Development

100% Transparency In Metaverse Platform Development

We keep 100% transparency throughout the development procedure and help our client to choose the best possible solution. Throughout the project, we keep our clients updated with every single development stage to keep transparency. 

Standard Business Law

We follow all the business laws of the international border and make sure each of the procedures and development go with the legal procedure. 

No Hidden Charges 

We do not have any hidden charges for the development of the application. We make sure by the time of the contract we mention each of the costings to be very clear with our clients and their projects. This is the reason why we have a client retention rate of above 80% in the market. 

How Much Does The Yoga Platform In Metaverse Will Cost

The metaverse development cost depends on various reasons, including the features, the size of the platform, and what type of company you are hiring for the metaverse platform development.

The approximate cost for the development of the yoga platform on the metaverse platform is about $90,00,000-$1,00,00,000 may increase or decrease depending on the features and size of the platform. 

Host yoga class in Metaverse


The yoga platform in the metaverse is going to be one of the most successful business startup ideas in 2023. Be the early bird into the metaverse fitness industry and with the yoga platform on metaverse. Get cost-effective rates with high-quality developers for platform development.

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