Marketplace Development on Wax Blockchain: Blessing For NFT Businesses

The success of cryptos in the world has grown in the past few years, and it can be seen by the fact that 70% of the youth in the USA is actively participating in blockchain platforms and investing in NFTs. Wax blockchain is the leading technology in demand as it is the perfect thing to […]

Why Are Restaurant Businesses In A Rush To Move Into Metaverse?

The ongoing revolution in the world wide web is opening up new opportunities for businesses in various sectors worldwide. Restaurant businesses are jumping on this tech revolution bandwagon to explore new business opportunities and redefine customer relationships. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant business worldwide struggled a lot. From joining on-demand food delivery apps to […]

Hire Best Defi Lottery Platform Development Company

Traditional lotteries have existed since long ago. The modern era demands new technology development that supports web 3.0-based platforms that suggest players play non-conventional ways. Decentralization Finance supports digital wallets like bitcoins and cryptocurrencies with the Defi lottery system. The decentralization of the finance lottery has given many advantages over the traditional lottery system in […]

How To Set Up Food Business or Restaurant In Metaverse

“Metaverse isn’t a thing a company builds. It’s the next chapter of the internet overall.” Mark Zukerberg The complete concept can be tricky for a while, how the food business can be successful in the virtual world and why people will visit the virtual space, especially restaurants when they cannot have food to eat on […]

Scope And Steps For NFT-Loan Platform Development

Have you ever invested in the stock market? If not invested, you must be aware of a few things, including investing money to buy company shares and then getting back the profits. Let’s understand it in the more easy language. A man takes a loan from a loan company and then pays the amount with […]

Metaverse Market Size | Metaverse Market Opportunity, Growth & Revenue

The metaverse market size had grown to its extent when the most popular social media platform Facebook changed its name to Meta. Metaverse is not new, but after the small step of the most popular social media company, things changed drastically, and metaverse market growth touched a historical height. And within no time, the market […]

Web3 And Logistics Industry: How Web3 will change the Logistic

The shortcoming in web2 is the biggest reason behind the worldwide adoption of web3 and its related technologies. With important data being stored on centralized servers, web2 puts enterprises and users at risk of a single-point failure. System administrators managing these centralized servers can extract the data stored for profit. Web3 technologies can potentially empower […]

Web3 A Perfect Option For The Hospitality and Tourism Industries

Humankind has progressed by getting growth, looking for development, and enhancing recent technology. Looking for continuous progress is good for every human being and the industry. A business needs to have a high futuristic vision if they want to excel in the market. There is great competition, and anyone joining in competition has to be […]

The Insurance in Metaverse: Opportunities & Challenges For Insurance Companies

The Insurance in Metaverse: Opportunities & Challenges For Insurance Companies “Metaverse isn’t a thing a company builds. It’s the next chapter of the internet overall.” Mark Zuckerberg The metaverse is making a whole new virtual world where each business has a huge potential to grow. The demand for the metaverse platform is taking the lead […]