How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost?

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Video games are one such thing that always excites people no matter what age they belong to, so getting into the business of gaming is always a profitable deal for anyone.

How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost

If you plan to make a gaming application, then the gaming application's development must be on the gaming search engine. The trendiest and the most demanding search engine is the Unreal game engine.

The development cost of gaming on the unreal game engine is much lower than building on any other game engine. 

RisingMax Inc. is one of the leading Unreal game development companies and can provide the best possible service in building a gaming platform. We at RisingMax Inc. also provide a free consultation for building the gaming platform by our marketing and development experts.  

Now the question that comes to mind that how anyone can get the application and how much Unreal engine game development costs. So in this blog, we will break down each level so that you can understand how much Unreal game development will cost you and what the things will be there. 

Software Designing costs5k to 10k
Game Building Cost$35 to 65K
Deployment cost $15k
Integration cost $10k
Maintenance cost $1500 to 4k
Project Managers$25/ Hour
Quality Assurance Team and Testers $5000

Which Operating System To Choose For Game Development

To get into the gaming business, you have to be prep.

iOS Platform 

If you need to release the game software on the iOS platform, then for launching the gaming software, you want to get the paintings accomplished as consistent with the iOS platform, and approx. The rate for constructing the gaming platform for iOS may be between $40k-$100k. More of the matters relies upon the functions of the platform. 

Developing the sport for the iOS platform can take time upto seven to eight months.

Android Platform 

Compared to iOS packages, the android operating system is extraordinarily famous as Android customers are present globally in large numbers. The mobile game development for Android takes extra perfection; however, expenses are a bit decrease than the iOS gaming software improvement.

The charge for the android blockchain-primarily based gaming software totally may be between $40k to $60/70k. The time for growing the Android-based gaming platform can take upto 4 to 6 months.

The gaming application cost also depends on the size of the gaming platform. The bigger the game, the more detailing work it will need, and more of the graphic and designing work will be there. The prices of the gaming platform development increase if there is detailed work involved. But the perk of getting the bigger game like PubG is you will gain a large audience on the platform. A maximum of users will bring a good amount of revenue to the gaming company.

How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost

The time for the development of the bigger or smaller game also differs. Here are those:

Mini-Games$40,000 to $50,0002-4months
Mid-Level Mobile Game$50,000 to $110,0003-6months
High-Level Gamefrom $140,00010+ months

Types of Gaming Platforms You Can Build By Unreal Engine Game Engine 

Action Games

Action video games excite the target market most; it generates amusing feeling for game lovers. Action video games get greater users, and developing a gaming platform for commercial purposes could make it greater dependable for income. The ideal instance of movement video games is PubG or Free Fire. 

Build action games with the Unreal recreation improvement engine to get make it to be had for the max person at a worldwide level.

Educational Games 

The more you tease your brain in a logical way, the more the mind will be sharp and active. There is a huge audience who loves to tease their mind and accept the logical challenges. We've already delivered educational games with multiple options like rewards when finishing any target and winning real cash from the game.

Play-to-earn gambling technique on the blockchain platform is additionally creating the folks excited as they'll earn real money through crypto by simply taking part in the game onto the gaming platform. We build the games in various programming languages. 

We are a one-stop solution for every type of game development, whether it's a game on the Unreal Engine or on the blockchain platform. We at RisingMax Inc. have a 150+ core team of developers and designers for game development and marketers who can help you in building the gaming platform.

Card Games 

Card games are one of the most popular games from ancient times. And the craze for card games never passed; people always try to examine their luck, and for that, card gaming is the best possible option. The suspense and secrecy of the card games make people excited, and people try again and again to try their luck. Building the betting game platform based on the Unreal Engine can also be a great decision to start a gaming platform. When someone earns money from the game, they try their best to be a part of the game.

Board Games 

Board games are a fun game option for every age user and exciting as well. The board creates tension between two players to perform better and beat the opponent. The downloaders of the board games are slightly higher as compared to other gaming platforms. Build the board gaming platform on the 3D graphics for creating a true sense of playing in real life.

Arcade Games

Arcade video games supply the feel of the vintage school. But they're nevertheless famous for a number of 90s adults. They strive the manner to revel in their early life in this era, and the call for arcade video games is excessive due to this.

Augmented Reality Games 

AR and VR video games have a big craze withinside the gaming marketplace, and each age of recreation lover likes to play AR and VR video games. The unreal game engine has the capacity on which the AR and VR video games may be evolved quickly & bug-free. Hire Unreal recreation developers for the improvement of AR video games.

Shooting Games 

People like to spend time shooting games; there is a considerable range of customers for shooting games. Adding the choice to earn money as an alternative will increase the range of customers on the gaming platform. The blockchain platform offers a play-to-earn gaming platform that assists in generating an amazing quantity of sales for the commercial enterprise person. And there are multiple betting or earning platforms where they can invest a small amount of money and earn a good amount by playing and completing. 

Why Choose Unreal For Game 

Here are the key perks why the game's development from the Unreal game engine is much more suitable than any other platform. The cross-platform game engine by Unreal Technologies provides immense benefits to the game application company. 

Unreal Engine is one the most satisfactory heavy-obligation Engine ever. Unreal Game Engine affords help for AAA, AAA+,  and greater heavy video games too. Often, it's miles used for developing action-packed excessive portrait video games. Here are a few benefits of the Unreal Engine.

2D Based Games

Unreal is 3-D based gaming development engine. However, it additionally helps gaming development also based on 2D. This development engine is appropriate for every type of video game, and the 2D runs flawlessly with it on a couple of platforms, which include Android, iOS, Macc, PC, etc. The Unreal engine game development has the in-built characteristic to increase the 2D gaming platforms. 

The board or card video games are an appropriate instance of the 2D video games on Unreal. Video games like card, board, or pool video games may quickly evolve with the assistance of the Unreal 3d recreation improvement company.

Compatible With Platforms

Unreal Engine game development helps a couple of working structures for accomplishing game development for fans to the extent. Unreal help and runs flawlessly onto OS like iOS, PCs, Android, Macbooks, consoles, and multiple other OS. It is well matched with growing the sport for any kind of working platform in order that it could attain the most users. 

Each recreation has its specific ability, and the Unreal Engine helps it flawlessly with no insects or errors. You can increase complexity like AAA video games on Unreal quick and at a quicker speed.


The Unreal cross-platform game engine is greater handy and user-pleasant than different other technologies. The formation of the Unreal sport engine is shaped in such a manner that the enterprise can expand the game speedily with its coding language. The call for the Unreal engine game development is excessive due to its user-friendly ecosystem and its utilization convenience.


The Unreal Store offers enjoyment to designers through its extensive variety of surfaces, pre-designed three-D models, language to scripting, sounds, and gadgets of the game, like stunning scenery, a famous character, a building, etc. Developers can successfully purchase sources without making those on their claims. The Solidarity shop furthermore offers the opt. Unreal for melodic specialists, experts, or modelers to win extra money.

Multiplayer Gaming

The unreal platform is a good deal appropriate for multiplayer gaming platforms. The recreation engine affords more than one alternative for constructing a multiplayer gaming platform from it. Online multiplayer is viable with this platform. We can assist in creating dual-participant or multiplayer video games on Unreal. With Unreal 3d, the sport improvement is fun; however, at the equal time, the product wishes perfection from panel to rewards.

Community Assistance

Unreal offers non-stop assistance from the institution of designers. More than 2 million developers have learned how to work on Unreal programming, and the wide variety of customers is increasing quickly. The achievability of sharing the client's endorsement or objection with the development institution is straightforward, and it is able to settle troubles noticeably rapidly.

Access To All

Unreal is out there in each unfastened and expert technology with diverse highlights. One will pick the unfastened edition and get the highlights of the crucial components. Besides, you will be capping a position to make use of the expert transformation to assemble high-quality video games with the use of highlights like spotlight playback, 3-Dgaming booster, sound channel, etc. If you are a budding designer, you will be capping a position to make use of the unfastened edition and make your mind come to life. But at the off threat which you search for more highlights, move for the pro-commercial enterprise plan.

High-End Graphics

Unreal is well known for its next-level, high-quality graphics. The platform helps to build the gaming platform with high-quality graphics. You will need high-end graphics if you want to provide such a platform that is able to be the unicorn. 

RisingMax Inc. provides the complete solution for building the gaming platform on the Unreal game engine. For the free consultation about starting the gaming platform, you can directly get in touch with our experts by clicking on the box.

How To Build Game By Unreal Game Engine?

There are 3 ways by which you can get into the game platform with the help of the Unreal Engine.

In-house Team

Hire full-time developers, designers, and different experts to construct the platform. The gain of this kind is you may be to be had on the time of constructing the platform. However, there are a few risks to this type of solution.

You may be already making an investment in lots of quantity withinside the business, or even advertising calls for a very good quantity of money. Time, someone may be to be had at an unmarried vicinity at a time, and constructing the in-residence crew on the preliminary level may be pretty an incorrect step.


The subsequent answer is you could rent freelancers for mobile game development. It can fee you a bit lesser than an expert blockchain improvement company. But you may continually be doubtful approximately the development of the gaming platform. Above all, the freelancing of any challenge increases the query of liability.

But the statistics that stand up right here are hiring newcomers or someone who found out about the era very these days or getting to know need to study loads from the era. Hiring a crew or character to expand the sport may be risky. Hiring a professional Unreal Game Development Company is constantly desired for bigger improvement and an extra dependable platform.

How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost

Hire Unreal Engine Game Development Company

By hiring the Unreal game development professionals, you can be completely reliable on the Unreal development company as they are developing with years of experience, have advanced knowledge, and are developers in the gaming industry. Above all, hiring a professional company can keep your focus on the marketing of the business. 


The development of the gaming platform on the Unreal Engine will help your gaming platform to make it smooth running and user-friendly. Unreal Engine opens the doors of multiple options while building the gaming platform.

The features of the platform are one of the major things that makes the platform successful. Although there are multiple things on which the success of the platform depends but features are a major part. 

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