How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost

By RisingMax

July 21, 2023

How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost

Video games are one such thing that always excites people no matter what age they belong to, so getting into the business of gaming is always a profitable deal for anyone.

You must have played or heard about popular games, including Batman, Street Fighter, and Fortnite. All these AAA-titled games are very popular.

Do you know which game engine has been used to develop these games? It is Unreal Engine. It is the trendiest and the most demanding search engine for game developers and film makers. Using Unreal Engine to develop games is one of the most significant investments.

Unreal Engine 5 Cost

Unreal Engine 5, the latest engine, works on a licensing model. The development cost of gaming on the Unreal game engine is much lower than building on any other. It starts as free for everyone and has several pricing options after that.

Epic game, the studio behind Unreal Engine, charges 5% royalty fee when you develop or publish a game using Unreal Engine 5 from the gross revenue when the product's lifetime gross exceeds USD 1 million.

Till now, you’re clear with the royalty cost that Unreal Engine charges at the end, but several other cost factors go hand-in-hand, like development, designing, and other process charges. 

Developing a game on Unreal Engine 5 costs around 35K to 85K. This is just a rough estimate; development costs depend upon many factors, like the game's design, the mode of games, the level of games, complexity, and many more things.

How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost

Please refer to our table shared below to get more information about unreal game engine cost for game development.

Software Designing costs5k to 10k
Game Building Cost$35 to 65K
Deployment cost $15k
Integration cost $10k
Maintenance cost $1500 to 4k
Project Managers$25/ Hour
Quality Assurance Team and Testers $5000
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In this blog, we will break down each level so that you can understand how much Unreal game development will cost you and what the things will be there.

Types of Games You Can Build With Unreal Engine Game Engine 

Action Games

Action video games excite gamers the most. It generates amusing feelings for game lovers. Action video games have a greater user base. If you are looking to develop your game, it could be a great step to earn potential profits from the gaming industry. The ideal instance of movement video games is PubG or Free Fire. 

PubG, Free Fire, Fortnite, System Shock, and Minecraft Dungeons are all developed using Unreal Engine and enjoy massive popularity in the gaming industry.

Educational Games 

Educational games are the best way to compel your brain to think logically to solve the game. Educational games, too, have a large user base. The more you will compel your brain to solve game puzzles, the more it will be sharp and active.

You can develop educational games with multiple options like rewards when finishing any target and more.

Atomix 3D, Gaian, and Security Triumph are a few examples of educational games built using Unreal Engine.

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Card Games 

Card games are one of the most popular games from ancient times. And the craze for card games never passed; people always try to examine their luck, and card gaming is the best possible option. 

The suspense and secrecy of the card games make people excited, and people repeatedly try to test their luck. Building a betting game platform based on the Unreal Engine can also be a great decision. When someone earns money from the game, they try their best to be a part of it.

Dread X Collection, The Gods Are Fickle - pre-alpha demo, and Cards Weaver are examples of card games built using Unreal Engine.

Board Games 

Board games are a fun game option for every age user and exciting as well. The board creates tension between two players to perform better and beat the opponent. The board game downloaders are slightly higher than other gaming platforms. Build the board gaming platform on 3D graphics for creating a true sense of playing in real life.

Augmented Reality Games 

AR and VR video games have a big craze withinside the gaming marketplace, and each age of recreation lover likes to play AR and VR video games. The unreal game engine has the capacity on which the AR and VR video games may be evolved quickly & bug-free. 

Shooting Games 

People like to spend time playing shooting games; there is a considerable range of customers for shooting games. Adding the choice to earn money as an alternative will increase the range of customers on the gaming platform. The blockchain platform offers a play-to-earn gaming platform that generates an amazing quantity of sales for the commercial enterprise person. And there are multiple betting or earning platforms where they can invest a small amount of money and earn a good amount by playing and completing. 

How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost

Factors Affecting Unreal Engine Game Development

Several factors can affect the cost of an Unreal engine mobile game, just like any other game. Let us discuss them in detail to get all the required information.

Game Complexity

Developing a game in Unreal will increase the final cost in proportion to the game's complexity. When discussing game requirements with programmers, it's best to remember the rule.

The complex game requires more time for developers to work on. Therefore, your expenses will increase, especially if you are charged by the hour for the developers.

When you start from scratch to create a flawless Unreal game, you can save money by choosing a fixed-cost engagement model instead of a resource- and time-based one.

Game TypeCost Associated With Game TypeTime Required For Development
Mini-Games$40,000 to $50,0002-4months
Mid-Level Mobile Game$50,000 to $110,0003-6months
High-Level Gamefrom $140,00010+ months


Rich and realistic visuals contribute to the success of an Unreal game. Developing games with elaborate visuals requires a larger budget.

Before settling on the visuals for your Unreal game, it is wise to perform some cost-benefit analysis.


Indeed, the features and functionalities impress the audience. Users will respond positively to your product if it has more features than the others available in the market. Adding more features increases the cost of development.

Location Of Developers

The developers' location significantly influences the total cost of creating a mobile game in Unreal Engine. The cost of hiring dedicated Unreal Engine game developers can vary significantly depending on the country. To illustrate, here is a breakdown of the localized costs for the Unreal game engine:

  • USA: $50 to $70/hour
  • Canada: $30 to $50/hour
  • India: $20 to $40/hour

Company Reputation

A reputable company will offer you more product guarantees and help you create cutting-edge video games. Many investors only work with well-established firms due to the high risks involved.

How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost?

As per the factors discussed earlier in this blog, you may now know all the factors that affect the game's development cost on Unreal Engine. Your final budget to get a game developed should be around $35k to $85k. But again, the development cost could be more based on the complexity of the app, the required features, the level you want to include in the game, and many more. Consulting with a reputable IT Consulting firm will help you get an exact idea of the cost.

Why Choose Unreal Engine For Game Development

Here are a few benefits of the Unreal Engine.

1. 2D & 3D Based Games

Unreal is 3D based gaming development engine. However, it additionally helps 2D game development too. This development engine is appropriate for every type of video game, and the 2D runs flawlessly with it on a couple of platforms, which include Android, iOS, MAC, PC, etc.

The board or card video games are a great example of 2D video games on Unreal. 

2. Compatible With Multiple Platforms

You can create games for both Android and iOS at the same time using the Unreal engine, which enables cross-platform development. You can also create your game for one platform and then adapt it for the other at a later stage.

The Unreal engine also enables you to bring your mobile game to other platforms like the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and augmented reality and virtual reality devices.

You can also increase complexity like AAA video games on Unreal quickly and at a quicker speed.

3. High-End Graphics

Unreal is well known for its next-level, high-quality graphics. The platform helps to build the gaming platform with high-quality graphics. You will need high-end graphics to provide a platform that can be the unicorn. 

4. Unreal Engine Is Free

Unreal does not charge one-time fee or subscription fee. You can use the game engine for free as it is based on a licensing model.

Epic will only require you to pay Unreal engine if your game generates more than $1 million. If it goes above that threshold, you must give Epic a 5% cut.

If you pay them in advance, Epic won't take their usual 5% cut. You must contact Epic directly to use this method of payment.

5. Source Code Is Easily Accessible

Epic made the entire source code of the Unreal Engine available on the hosting site GitHub.

You can download the source code of the Unreal Engine and customize it for mobile applications. You can control the features you use and the settings for the entire development process.

You can make your mobile game with a dedicated team of experts and a customized version of the Unreal Engine.

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How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost


The development of the gaming platform on the Unreal Engine will help your gaming platform to make it smooth running and user-friendly. Unreal Engine opens the doors of multiple options while building the gaming platform.

The features of the platform are one of the major things that makes the platform successful. Although there are multiple things on which the success of the platform depends but features are a major part. 

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