Unity Developer Hourly Rate - How Much Does Unity Game Development Cost

By RisingMax

September 27, 2023

Unity Developer Hourly Rate - How Much Does Unity Game Development Cost

As gaming market revenue is projected to reach US $352.10 billion (Statista) by 2027, it’s a great time for entrepreneurs to invest in game development. For this very reason, budding entrepreneurs worldwide are taking advantage of powerful gaming engines like Unity to build 3D games that offer immersive gaming experiences.

Unity Developer Hourly Rate

The popularity of games on the Unity gaming engine, like Pokemon Go, Fall Guys, and Among Us, increased the demand for Unity game developers. Making Unity 3D gaming engine the most preferred choice for entrepreneurs to transform gaming ideas into reality. As the gaming businesses are moving towards the unity game engine to get more user engagement they also ask for the unity developer hourly rates for the development of unity game. The approximate hourly rate for hiring the unity developer falls between $37-$55/hr; it can be more or less as according to the demand and the size of the company. 

Unity gaming engines are making it easy for developers to design powerful and engaging 3D games that will dominate the gaming sector in the future. Furthermore, the Unity gaming engine is cross-platform, offering support to more than 19 platforms, allowing easy development of mobile, desktop, consoles, and VR-based games.

If you are planning to develop a 3D or virtual game on the Unity gaming engine, then reaching out to our experts at RisingMax Inc. might be a good business decision. We have been assisting clients in designing and developing games for over a decade. Our team leverages its domain expertise to build engaging 3D games with immersive gaming experiences. Schedule a free consultation call with our experts and discuss your unity 3D game idea today.

But the real question is;

  • How much does Unity 3D game development cost?
  • How much is the Unity Developer Hourly Rate?
  • What kind of games can be developed using the Unity 3D gaming engine?

You, too, are searching for the answer. Then, this post will answer all your Unity gaming engine questions.

So, keep on reading!

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What Is Unity Gaming Engine?

Unity 3D is a gaming engine that supports cross-platform game development, allowing developers to build mobile, desktop, console, and VR-based games.

Unity uses object-oriented scripting languages, including C#, and is a creator-friendly gaming engine. The gaming engine is employed to develop three-dimensional (3D), two-dimensional (2D), and interactive simulation games.

Game developers can download Unity for free and take advantage of hundreds of free tutorials, courses, terms, and game kits to become familiar with the platform. Free availability of resources assisted in creating a community of Unity 3D developers and designers. 

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Benefits of Unity 3D Gaming Engine

To understand why Unity 3D gaming is popular among game developers, look at the top benefits. The key benefits of the Unity 3D gaming engine are discussed below.

Cross Platform Features

The Unity gaming engine supports more than 19 platforms, making it easy for developers to build PCs, consoles, smartphones, web, 3D, and AR/VR-based games. Graphic rendering from other engines like Adobe, Direct 3D, OpenGL, and others is relatively easy. Further, integrating features like in-game payments, analytics, and advertising makes it an ideal platform to build mobile games.

Engaging Graphics

The gaming engine comes with integrated lighting and effects tools that can be used to build eye-catching game graphics. Unity game developers can create enhanced graphics with post-processing effects and use light processing abilities.

Rich Asset Store

The large collection of pre-built assets, such as models, animations, effects, and tutorials, makes it easy for game developers to speed up the development process. The game developers can either opt for ready-made game assets or customize them after purchase.

User-Friendly Nature 

The convenient and user-friendly nature of the Unity 3D gaming engine gives it an edge over others. The game developers can build games quickly with the friendly nature of the Unity gaming engine.

Large Community

The free training material and tutorial videos created a large community of Unity gaming developers. Forums, FAQs, and feedback threads allow beginner developers to find answers to complex problems swiftly.

Compatible With Platforms

Unity game engine supports multiple operating systems for reaching game lovers to the extent. Unity supports and runs perfectly on operating systems like iOS, PCs, Android, Macbooks, consoles, and other OS.

It is compatible with developing the game for any operating platform so that it can reach the maximum number of users. You can develop complicated AAA games on Unity quickly and faster. 

Tutorials Videos

The tutorial video on the platform makes it easy for beginners to get familiar with the Unreal gaming engine. Thus, you can easily find and hire both beginner and experienced Unreal game developers for your project.

Pre-Built Solution

The wide range of pre-built elements, such as 3D models, sounds, and game objects, enable Unity game developers to speed up the development process. The pre-built solutions can be easily customized to meet specific game requirements.

Multiplayer Gaming

Unity platform is very suitable for multiplayer gaming platforms. The game engine provides valuable tools for building a multiplayer gaming platform. 

Support For 2D Game 

Unity is for 3D gaming development, but it also supports gaming development based on 2D. This game engine is suitable for both games, and the 2D runs perfectly with it on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Macc, PC, etc. 2D games like card, board, or pool games can be quickly developed with the help of the Unity 3D game engine.

Complete Access To Free And Pro 

Unity is accessible in both free and professional forms with various highlights. You'll select the free adaptation and get the highlights of the essential components. Besides, you can utilize professional transformation to construct high-end games using highlights like highlight playback, 3D composition booster, sound channel, etc. You can opt for a free or pro-business plan based on your requirements.

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Cost of Unity-Based Blockchain Game

The introduction of the revolutionary industry empowers the gaming sector to offer earning opportunities for players worldwide. The encrypted blockchain layers make it easy for Unity game developers to add decentralized aspects and secure transaction features in Unity-based blockchain games.

If you are planning to develop a blockchain-based game using a Unity game engine, then the development cost would start from $65,000 for a basic complexity game. Further, the development cost might vary based on factors such as expertise, experience, location, game complexity, and features required.

Cost of Play To Earn Game Development on Unity Engine

The global play-to-earn market game market is projected to grow from USD 3292.73 million in 2022 to USD 8856.95 million by 2028. Unity game engine is becoming the most preferred choice for game developers to build p2e games mobile, PC, console, and web games. The cross-platform ability of the Unity game engine allows the game to grow faster and target a wider audience base.

With the Unity gaming engine, you can launch p2e games in different gaming genres like adventure, action, racing, and card-based games. Integrated non-fungible tokens add up earning opportunities for players worldwide.

For a basic complexity, P2E unity-based 3D game, the development cost starts from $42,000 and can increase based on the game project. However, the cost of play to earn game development greatly depends upon cost-driving factors and can go upto $100k based on game type, expertise, location of development company, integrated features, and others.

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Cost of FPS Game Development on Unity Game

Most first-person shooter games are based on an engaging storyline, making it one of the favorite game genres for players worldwide. Integrated missions, quests, or multiplayer mode makes the game thrilling and engaging. The game developers are leveraging the Unity game engine to build FPS 3D games that offer players an immersive experience.

If you plan to build an FPS game with the Unity game engine, then the development cost is $35,000 for a basic game. Further, the game development cost might increase based on game types, complexity, and project requirements.

Game TypeGame Development Cost
Blockchain GameStarts from $65,000
Play To Earn GameStarts from $42,000
FPS GameStarts from $35,000
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Hire Unity Game Developers To Build Different Game Genres

Hire Unity game developers to build different genres using the Unity game engine. Here is the list of the game genres we built: 2D and 3D.

Action Games

Action games excite the gaming community, and building an action game platform for business can engage more players. The perfect example of action games is PubG or Free Fire.

Educational Games 

Kids, as well as adults, love to play educational games. We have already delivered educational games with multiple features like rewards after completing any target and winning real money from the game. Play-to-earn educational games are a profitable business venture.

Card Games 

The game to try your luck and win rewards, real money, or NFT. We also provide blockchain-based games where users can win NFTs that can be sold on a secondary marketplace in exchange for real money. 

Board Games 

Board games are a fun game option for every age user. Build board games on the Unity game engine to target every age audience. 

Arcade Games

Arcade games give the sense of the old school. But they are a popular game genre within the gaming community. They try to experience childhood in this era, and the demand for arcade games is high, and building an engaging 3D game increases revenue generation opportunities.

AR Games

AR and VR games have a huge craze in the gaming marketplace, and every age of game lover loves to play AR and VR games. Unity game engine can build AR and VR games that offer an immersive gaming experience. Hire Unity game developers for the development of AR games. 

Shooting Games 

There are a vast number of players who love playing shooting games. You can hire our Unity game developers to build a 3D shooting game using the Unity game engine.

Game GenreGame Development Cost
3D ActionStarts from $55,000
3D EducationalStarts from $35,000
3D CardStarts from $30,000
3D BoardStarts from $25,000
3D ArcadeStarts from $45,000
3D AR/VRStarts from $50,000
3D ShootingStarts from $40,000

Note: For estimated Unity game development cost, connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. Our team will share a customized development cost within a day or two after carefully analyzing your game project.

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Unity Game Development Cost Based On Operating System

Unity is a cross-platform gaming engine that supports more than 19 platforms, making it easy for developers to build engaging games. Further, the development cost varies based on the operating system.

Unity Game For Android

Our Unity game developers leverage their domain expertise to design and develop games for Android platforms. The support for SDKs and JDKs makes it easy for Unity game developers to build engaging games for Android mobiles and tablets.

Unity Game For IOS

Build games for the iOS platform using the Unity gaming engine. We have a dedicated team of 50+ game developers with the right expertise and hands-on experience to design games for the iOS platform.

Console or PC Games 

Leverage the cross-platform abilities of the Unity game developers to develop games for console or PC games. We have been offering our game development services for more than 13 years and are involved in designing games for the future.

Unity Developer Hourly Rate

Unity Game Developer Hourly Rate

Unity game developers in the United States charge hourly rates between $37 to $50. Annually, a Unity game developer earns $120,000 US dollars and an hourly rate of $57.69. A beginner Unity developer earns $95,000 per year, while experienced game developers make $160,000 per year.

CountryAverage Rate Per Hour

The average Unity game developer on Upwork charges:

  • Starting: $15 per hour
  • Intermediate: $32 per hour
  • Advanced: $75 per hour

Experienced Unity 3D game developers charge a higher fee for fast and quality work. We have a combination of experienced and young professionals who enable us to build and deliver 3D games that will dominate in the future.

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